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Sanlin pack is one of the leading providers of frozen food packaging machines in China. The company can supply outstanding solutions for your entire frozen food packaging machine needs.

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In China, we are professionals in manufacturing the highest quality frozen food packaging machines and delivers safely nationwide. You can find here all good quality packing machines with excellent specifications and features. Please direct message us for inquiries!

Sanlin Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Small Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Sanlin Small Snack Frozen Food Packaging Machine will help you making a presentable packaging for frozen foods. Sanlin pack is the best reliable manufacturer you can rely upon.

Rotary Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Sanlin has a complete capacity to offer well-produced Automatic rotary frozen food packaging machine. If you need these for your business, let Sanlin pack be your supplier.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

If you are looking for a reliable and long-lasting Frozen Meat Chicken Beef Pork Food Packaging Machine, Sanlin pack is the best solution.


This machine can pack a vacuum of a wide variety of frozen food, such as frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen chicken, and other foods. If you want to buy a high-quality rotary vacuum packaging machine, welcome to inquire!

Vertical Frozen Food Packing Machine with Multihead Weigher

When you need a frozen food packaging machine for your business operations, Sanlin pack is the best solution provider. With many years of experience, we are capable to provide for your needs.

Why Sanlinpack Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Sanlin pack is consists of expert and skilled engineers, staff members, and designers that allow us to produce a perfect quality Frozen Food Packaging Machine. You can depend on the Sanlin pack since they already obtained lots of quality certifications.

Sanlin pack frozen food packaging machines are manufactured by using reliable and only quality materials to make sure good quality. We also have the capacity to custom your frozen food packaging machine to make it perfect for your needs.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Frozen Food Packaging Machine Supplier

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SanlinPack Frozen Food Packaging Machine

When it comes to frozen food packaging machines, you have to be with a reliable manufacturing partner. Sanlin pack is the right place you can trust with your machinery needs. The Sanlin pack can provide affordable yet high-quality frozen food packaging machines depending on your packaging, material requirements, and budget. If you want to buy other machines, such as toffee packing machines, chili powder packing machines, pickle packing machines, rice packing machines, you can also send an inquiry to us!

Sanlin pack has supplied frozen food packaging machines for decades with outstanding features and characteristics. These machines are long-lasting, strong, FDA food-grade substrates and resist oils, water, and grease.

Sanlin pack is a famous frozen food packaging machine supplier and manufacturer headquartered in China. We can genuinely supply the highest quality frozen food packaging machines and other related machines. You are in the perfect place where you can find reliable packaging machines.

The frozen food packaging machines are cost-effective—no need for additional cost for labor. Plus, our frozen food packaging machines reduce the possibility of injuries during the process.

This incredible machine is suitable for frozen products, including snacks, potato chips, meatballs, chicken, meat, hotdog, and more. With Sanlin pack frozen food packaging machines, you can supply better services for all your customers.

At the Sanlin pack factory, we have a wide range of frozen food packaging machines such as frozen fruit packaging machines, Stainless Steel Frozen Food Packaging machines, Frozen potato chip packaging machines, and many others.

As an outstanding manufacturer, we can provide complete types of frozen food packaging. You can also send your required frozen food packaging machines, and we’ll give you an excellent one!

The ultimate FAQ guide of Frozen Food Packaging Machine

What are Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

The frozen food packaging machine machines specifically designed packaging frozen vegetables, quick-frozen dumplings, frozen steamed buns, thousand-layer oil cakes, and other frozen foods. If you want to buy frozen food packaging machines, frozen meat packaging machines, frozen fruit packaging machines, or frozen chicken packaging machines, please send an inquiry to consult us!SanLin will provide you with a one-stop packaging solution.

What are the Different Types of Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

Vertical form fills and seals: This machine is easy to use. It also has a versatile design that allows supplying a broad range of pouches. Vertical form fill and seal machines are best for pouch packing vegetables, meat, fruits, or poultry products. It can accommodate flat bottom, gussets, stand-up pouches, and more.Small Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Pre-Made Zipper Pouch Filling: Its multi-head weighing machine features high-speed and high accuracy. Thus, it can meet your production requirements. This machine is perfect for poultry, meats, and other frozen food products.Rotary Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Flow Wrapping: The flow Wrapping machine is perfect for a space constraint room and facility. It is an affordable type of machine. The product to be packed will enter and be wrapped with a film. A flow-wrapping packaging machine provides a top and bottom vertical seal. It can load 45 up to 200 products per minute.

Frozen Food Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine: Unlike other machines, vacuum packaging machines can package frozen vacuum food. If you want to vacuum pack a wide variety of frozen food, this will be your best choice.


What are the Advantages of Using Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

  • Automatic packaging system
  • Reduces manual labor costs
  • Stable and enhanced productivity
  • long-term continuous operations

What are the Packaging Materials Suitable for Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

  • PE
  • PO
  • PP
  • OPP
  • EVA
  • PVC
  • CPE
  • POPE

What are the Features of Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

  • Robust and efficient
  • Superior and excellent in wet, cold, and harsh packaging environment
  • Integrated with scales, printers, and conveyors
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Conforms to hygiene and sanitation protocols

What are the Packaging Types Offered by Frozen Food Packaging Machines?

  • Pillow bag
  • Quad Seal Bag
  • Flat Bottom Bag
  • DoyPack Bag
  • Three-side Seal Bag
  • Premade Pouch

What are the Typical Products can Frozen Food Packaging Machines Pack?

  • Meat
  • Frozen meatballs
  • Frozen dumplings
  • Frozen fruits
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Poultry products
  • Seafood
  • Frozen burritos, and more frozen products

What are the performance characteristics of the SanLin automatic frozen food packaging machine?

Pre-Made Zipper Pouch Filling Machines can do various work such as opening and closing the bag, coding, filling, and completing products output by itself.

Pre-Made Zipper Pouch Filling Machines with automated production lines to replace manual production

The part of the machine in direct contact with the material or the packaging bag is very hygienic and safe because this part is made of stainless steel or other materials that meet the food hygiene standards.

The equipment uses the most stable cam mechanical transmission technology, with a minimum failure rate that runs smoothly and low energy consumption.

It uses a high-end circuit structure to implement Mechatronics. And, it adopts imported PLC system control + touch screen HM1 man-machine interface system control, which is convenient and straightforward.

When producing packaging bags, if there is a problem opening the packaging, the machine can display the problem in real-time and stop the alarm.

Automated equipment monitoring of the Pre-Made Zipper Pouch Filling Machines will monitor all problems, control the production process, and provide information.

Keep the working place clean and save the raw materials to ensure raw material pollution.

The Pre-Made Zipper Pouch Filling Machine uses prefabricated bags of various sizes made of different materials.

The manipulator can adjust the width so that you can change the size of the pouch quickly.

The machine adopts prefabricated bags, which saves raw materials. At the same time, the bag quality requirements of this machine are meager, so the bagging rate is high.

What is the relationship between the automatic frozen food packaging line and the food industry?

Food, the rapid development of the industry, is attributed to the frozen food packaging line.

Good packaging is vital for selling frozen food.

To make frozen food better sold, Food packaging line manufacturers have made many improvements.

The frozen food packaged by the frozen food packaging line meets the regulations of the food packaging industry.

In addition, the development of the bag-type vacuum packaging line has also brought more significant effects to the food industry.

Many foods could not be packaged due to storage reasons in the past. The vacuum packaging of the bag is a perfect solution, and to a certain extent, It can extend the shelf life of frozen food.

Frozen food is particular for the packaging industry, which ordinary packaging machines can not complete.

For this, the frozen food packaging machine is an indispensable packaging machine for the development of the food industry.

Frozen food packaging machine has two types of packaging machinery equipment: manual and automatic. The automatic packaging machine has one more CNC system than the manual machine.

If you use automatic packaging machines, your company will save labor costs, increase production efficiency, and earn higher revenue.

How do frozen food packaging lines make frozen food packaging better?

With the market competition more and more fierce, product packaging has been an essential factor in people’s consumption.

The more beautifully packaged frozen food is, the more willing people are to consume it.

Therefore, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the packaging of products.

The traditional manual packaging method is inefficient, and difficult to form a unified packaging standard. More and more enterprises are beginning to purchase bag packaging machines for packaging production.

Can the Automatic Flow Frozen Food Wrap Machine pack different pouches?

Yes, It can pack more than one product, including frozen fruit Wrapping machines, frozen vegetable Wrapping machines, etc.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, People began to pay attention to production efficiency.

Flow Wrapping Frozen Food Wrapping Machine is becoming more and more popular.

Flow Wrapping Frozen Food Wrap Machine Wrapping food is speedy, which replaces the traditional Wrapping method with high production efficiency. More and more enterprises give up the conventional Wrapping methods and choose Flow Wrapping Frozen Food Wrapping Machine.

The machine has a wide range of Wrapping. It is not only suitable for pouch Wrapping of various forms of products but also has a brilliant application.

You can automatically use the man-machine interface of the machine to Wrap various pouches of different products.

It is the leader of automation in pouch Wrapping. It does not require manual work to take pouches, open, or seal pouches. And it has both efficient and beautiful Wrapping performance.

You can save human resources and material resources and reduce costs.

Automatic frozen food Wrapping machines are well-deserved all-rounders. The Wrapping objects are extensive because the materials can be replaced at wills. You can use them to wrap aluminum-plastic, paper-plastic, etc. PE composite and plastic.

Machine use most advanced electrical control system and high technology have laid a solid foundation for its high-quality Wrapping performance.

How to solve the problem that the feeder of the granule packaging machine does not feed?

  1. Turn off the power of the device and check the vibration iron connector.
  2. Open the main control box to check the vibrating iron contacts.
  3. Adjust the vibration frequency on the control panel.

What is the use of the automatic detection function of the automatic frozen food packaging machine?

When the pouch is not opened, the machine will automatically detect the condition of the pouch to save production costs.

The machine adopts imported PLC system control + touch screen HMI human-machine interface system control. It is convenient and simple.

The cam mechanical transmission technology of the machine ensures the stable operation of the equipment, and the high-end circuit structure realizes mechatronics.

What are the composition and function of the automatic frozen food packaging machine?

Key components of the machine:

The coding PLC controls the system. Opening guidance device for packing bag. A vibration device. Dust removal device. Solenoid valve. Temperature controller. Vacuum pump. Frequency converter. Output system.

The most common optional configurations:

the material measurement and filling machine. Working platform. Weight sorting scale. Material hoist.Vibrating feeder. Completed product conveying hoist. Metal detector.

What will cause to have a poor heating effect?

The machines are packaging machines equipment that achieves the purpose of packaging, sealing, printing, and other purposes by “feeding bags.”

The sealing link is the last and most critical step for the packaging machine. The key to sealing is the shrinking device. Shrinking device Heating the plastic packaging of the packaging product, Makes the film shrink-wrapped tightly around the packaged product.

Temperature is critical for the shrinking device. If the heating effect of the shrinking device is not good, it will not be able to package the product effectively. It is a very annoying question.

When we check the shrinkage device of the machine, we must pay attention to the following points:

Check whether the contact points of the shrinking device are in normal contact;

Check whether the magnetic switch on the shrinking machine is normal;

Check whether the meter is used normally;

Check whether the resistance value of each part of the shrinking machine is normal;

Whether the Shrinker heater in the machine can work normally;

How important is it to clean the automatic frozen food packaging machine?

Before using the machine, the operator needs to clean it.

Floating ash and waste should be clean up. And the essential parts, such as the heat sealing device and the ironing device, should be carefully cleaned.

Before starting the machine, you should check the power supply, switch, electrical system, operating system, and critical components. If there is any abnormality, please get in touch with a professional in time to repair it.

After the machine shuts down, you should thoroughly clean it. Some places that are not easy to clean can be blown with high-pressure air.

In addition to the daily lubrication and maintenance of the automatic frozen food packaging machine, you should replace the device with lubricating oil every half a month. And clean some old oil and oil stains before refueling.

If you did not use it for a long time, you should be fully clean and lubricated.

The maintenance work must be carried out regularly and cannot be ignored. It is related to the normal use and stable performance, which can reduce the occurrence of failures and can also effectively prolong its service life.

You should clean Floating ash and waste film materials.

How to sterilize the automatic frozen food packaging machine?

The development of packaging machine technology is widely used in various industries such as clothing, food, medicine, etc.

Food packaging has new technical requirements for the packaging industry: aseptic packaging.

This packaging technology has significantly improved food safety. As a member of the packaging industry, the automatic frozen food packaging machine is favored by large customers.

It has excellent packaging technology and high productivity. Aseptic packaging has become the new packaging technology development direction.

The work requires that the supply of water, electricity, steam, and compressed air must be completely reliable. The food that passes through the system must be sterile. When filled into the packaging container, the space environment must be sterile.

Why does the automatic frozen food packaging machine stop by itself?

The analysis of the reasons for the automatic shutdown:

Wrap the film to use up

Countermeasure: replace the new roll film

The powder hopper material is used up

Countermeasure: add material to the hopper

Motor overload protection has been activated.

Countermeasure: Check thermal relay, motor load, and mechanical overload factor

The temperature is abnormal or out of tolerance.

Countermeasure: Check the heating rod voltage and temperature sensor

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