Model RL-GD-ZK160L
Packaging materials PP/PE Laminated film PP/PE
Packaging specifications W:80-160mmL: 80-210mm
Filling range 10-500g
Speed 30-60pouches/min
Weighing accuracy ≤±1%
Drive power supply 380V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Total power 8kw
Compressed air ≥0.6m³/min
Cooling Water Cooling water:15-20℃、3 liters/min


The set of equipment is mainly composed of bag vacuum packaging machine, measuring scale or bowl conveyor, soup filling machine. It issuitable for fast food industry andfood industry. Such as beef packing, beef packing and other material quantitative packaging operations.

  • Packaging, speed, performance and stability. It enables enterprises to achieve packaging automation, thereby increasing productivity and dramatically reduce production costs as well as health personnel.
  • HMI(PLC+HMI) control systems, mechanical and electrical integration, convenient and simple to operate.
  • The width of the bags could be adjusted by electrical motor. Press the control-button could adjust the width of clips, easily operate, and save time.
  • use of high-quality parts, to ensure lasting stability of the machine.
  • rinse waterproof design, easier to clean.
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RuiAn SanLin Machinery Co.,ltd.

SanLin is specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic packaging machinery since 2005 in China. And offering packaging solution from mono machine to complete automatic packaging line.

Success by manufacturing excellence quality packaging machinery is the principle that drive SanLin forward from its establishment. With it’s quality policy, SanLin have been installing thou-sands packaging machinery in more than 50 countries around the world.

With continuously technical innovations in packaging automation. SanLin offering ideal packag-ing solution for food, fresh food & Hardware, house ware and medical items packaging, with normal seal or with shrink wrap. With manual loading or fully automatic line.

Welcome to contact us for the most ideal packaging solution for your products.

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RuiAn SanLin Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Packaging , and other supporting equipment manufacturers.
The company has a strong independent research and development capabilities, and through standardized, refined quality management system, strict quality inspection, the entire process of SPC management, to ensure that each component of high standards.

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