Model Cutting Part HZ-100
Tissue Rol (WxD) W:320mm D:1000mm
Folding (LxW) L:320mm W:320mm
Cutting Speed 5-200Pcs/min
Machine Dimensions 1800x1000x1500mm
Model packaging part HZ350
Film Roll (WxD) W:Max.350 mm D:Max.350mm
Ba g (LxW) L:60-320mm W:30-150mm
Tissue Roll Height 55mm
Wrapping Speed 5-220Pcs/min
Machine Dimensions 4600x950x1420mm


automatic tableware (knife and fork spoon, napkin) packaging machine can be combined packaging plastic knife, plastic fork, plastic spoon and napkin, toothpick (with paper sets of toothpicks), bag (salt bag, sugar bag, pepper salt bag) The This machine has the function of automatic packaging for bulk products and combination products. Container products, bagging, bagging, cutting, pillow packaging and finished product delivery, integrated packaging. This machine set napkin automatic folding, automatic cut off, automatic transmission; knife and fork spoon and other items under the automatic function.

So that after the packaging of goods to improve the moisture-proof dust performance, and improve product quality, increase the value-added products, and can play a protective role in the transport process.

  • Applicable to all kinds of spunlace non-woven fabrics, cloth, paper and other products, versatility.
  • The equipment shell and the parts involved in the product are all made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The length of the device packaging that is cut, no need to adjust the air walk, one step, save time and save the film, easy
    to operate.
  • The vertical and horizontal seals of the equipment are controlled by the independent PID temperature control system. The sealing performance is good and the watertight is not leaking. It can be equipped with ink-wheel type automatic printing date device.
  • Equipment using servo motor and PLC programming controller and touch screen joint control of production, the production
    parameters at a glance, easy to operate.
  • Equipment using three servo motor control, and fiber detection, to achieve anti-cut anti- bag, to prevent the of empty bags, saving materials.
  • Equipment design concept of advanced, compact, fast, good stability, high production efficiency, in line with national health standards.
tableware cutlery set paper napkin packing machine

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SanLin is specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic packaging machinery since 2005 in China. And offering packaging solution from mono machine to complete automatic packaging line.

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With continuously technical innovations in packaging automation. SanLin offering ideal packag-ing solution for food, fresh food & Hardware, house ware and medical items packaging, with normal seal or with shrink wrap. With manual loading or fully automatic line.

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