Automatic Individual Single Straw Packaging Machine With Printing

This machine is used to packing drinking straws in three sides sealing bag, printing function is available when using paper as packing material.

Automatic Individual Single Straw Packaging Machine With Printing Automatic Individual Single Straw Packaging Machine With Printing Automatic Individual Single Straw Packaging Machine With Printing


1、Having two colors printing device can be chosen

2、With automatic product counting function, product quantity may pre-set, once the pre-set value is reached. the machine will give an alarm. And the dam-brush will separate each set quantity packaged straw.

3、Printing, feeding, and packing can complete in one processing.

4、Packing straw length is adjustable within a certain range.


Drink Straw Diameter(mm) 5-12mm

Need change some parts.


Straw Length(mm)

Standard: 190-210mm

Extra mould: 170-260mm

By change the sealing and cutting mold, printing cylinder


Packing Model

Paper type: wrap paper

Sealing type: 3 side sealing

Paper width: 25-30mm

Production Speed With printing:300pcs/min

Without printing>400pcs/min

Printing Printing Color:Double Colour

Printing type: flexographic

Thickness of plate (Including Two-sides Glue Paper): 2.28mm+double-sided adhesive 0.1mm(3M Brand)=2.38mm

Driving motor Siemens Brand

Controlling inverter: 1.1KW Schneider

Paper Unwinding Frame 1SET

Tension adjust:Mechanical tension device, adjusted by manual

Wrap paper roller core size:3inch,4.7inch

Straw feeding hopper Material :Stainless steel frame,

Plexiglass: Adjustable to match straw length

Straw down device:induction and swing arm

Feeding model:by chain feeding

Printing Unit  

Single/Double Color

Power transmission :By chain

Between printing unit: By gear

Traction unit:1sets, rubber roller and chrome plated roller

Printing unit:Ink container, anilox roller, doctor blade, printing cylinder, rubber roller

Dry unit:1SET , by hot air, with temperature

color register:By manual

Sealing and Cutting Parts Lengthways sealing:Sealing roller-on couple,pressure adjusted by manual

Horizontal:Sealing roller-on couple,pressure adjusted by manual, with cutting knife-one couple

Material:mould steel

Conveyor Belt 1set, Synchronous reduction motor+ controller

Counter dam-brush: one set, lifting by pneumatic cylinder

Controller Counter and buzzers:1set,HUALI Brand

Controlling inverter: 1.1KW Schneider

Temperature controller:1set,KEQIANG Brand

Low-voltage electric parts: Schneider

Total Power (Kw) 1.5 (220V)
Over size (mm) 1900×1000×1600 (L×W×H)
Weight (Kg) 400

Automatic Individual Single Straw Packaging Machine With Printing

Q13. What can you do for me if this is the first time import goods from China? 

A:We have 20 years experience of international sales, we can offer your from products and related accessory, then to shipment(either to your destination port or to your warehouse), our shipping agency oversea can help you to clear the custom. 

Q14: Why choose GAODA PAPER STRAW MAKING Machine?  

A: Congratulations for BM Marking Machine had supplied its service for following typical and critical customers during development: 

1). Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Branch.   

This is the highest official academic institutions in China, it is also the authority for Science in China.  Thanks for their choice and confidence in our machine, and their approval on our Nameplate Printing Machine for Metal Plate. 

2). Full-Automation Production Line.  

A: Generally like this full-automation line request for much higher requirements than usual order, otherwise, the machine must be customized and changed according to their line. We are glad to see that our products can be well satisfied them and help to provide a good solution for their needs. 

3). Moulding and Die Steel Factory Customer 

Often these moulding had been harden, so needs to be marking with item number or similar words, then this require much higher metal printing machine than normal one. If the pneumatic printing machine is not so good enough, the words and numbers cannot be marked clearly. 

Q15: What’s your price? Does your machine can satisfy our demand & requirements? 

A: 1). You can contact us to get latest price. Please feel free to call or e-mail us, also you can scan the QR code as above for contact. 

2). We will provide you the best machine, and reasonable prices in the market. Welcome to compare all, your demands will be our goal & services. 

Q18: How does your factory do regarding quality control? 

A: Quality is priority. BM Marking people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end. 

Q19:Are you a manufacturer or just a trading company? 

A:We are not only a trading company but also a manufacturer with exporting license having many years experience. 

Q24:Can you make the machine according to my design or photo type?  

A: Yes. We have an experienced team for working out the most suitable design and production plan for the machine that you are going to book with us 

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