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Sanlin Pack knows our responsibilities as your reliable manufacturer and supplier of large equipment and machines, specifically snack packing machines. We are very professional in handling supplies of such a successful packed snack-related business.

  • Qualified manufacturer
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Your Trusty Snacks Packing Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin Pack practiced good operation of supplying our loyal clients the best quality of machines especially snacks packing machines. Trusting in Sanlin Pack is the best thing you can do to heighten the sales and rate of your running business. This snack packing machine of Sanlin Pack is widely used in food factories. It contributes a lot in terms of packing finished products. Our offered snack packing machine has a lifetime of working function for your continuous supply of packed snacks.

Sanlin Pack Snacks Packing Machine

Snacks Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack’s multi-functional pouch snack packing machine has expanded applications. It is capable of packing chips, candies, salt, coffee, and many others.

Automatic Rotary Snacks Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack recommends this as one of the simplest operating automatic rotary snacks packing machine. It is capable even in large factories.

Snacks Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack manufactures high-quality snack packing machines for pistachio that is a very convenient and common snack in every part of the world.

Why Sanlinpack Automatic Packing Machine

Choosing our recommended snack packing machine can assure you of fulfilling finished products for your business. Sanlin Pack snack packing machines can help you produce large quantities of packed snacks which are perfect for your business. It is usually being used as a useful production line of packed processing foods. A snack packing machine helps you save time and effort on packing such snack foods.

Aside from the best working operation of Sanlin Pack snack packing machines, we also ensure its satisfying outcome that is perfect for your developing business. Believe that you would have easy operation and uncomplicated processing packed snacks by using our high-quality snack packed machines. Rely on the Sanlin Pack for the best of your business

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Why Sanlin Can be a Stable Snack Packing Machine Supplier

packing machine case

Snacks Packing Machine-Sanlin Pack

Sanlin Pack packing machines are high-quality materials to help you with fewer maintenance expenses. We have high-tech equipment used when manufacturing the excellent appearance and performance of snack packing machines for the best of your rolling factories.

Sanlin Pack has been forming these large machines, specifically snack packing machines, for a long time. Considering our experiences in manufacturing high-quality snack packing machines, you can fully trust us to achieve your desired sales. Sanlin pack offers you a variety of snack packing machines.

We are your greatest provider of high-conditioned snack packing machines that are very useful in every part of packing products especially packed snacks. In the Sanlin Pack, you can strongly believe that you can get what you desire. With the help of our hardworking staff, we can provide all your needs just to give you your exact type of order.

Purchase more of our offered machines, including snack packing machines. We will give you a competitive cost on every item. Sanlin Pack is willing to make time with your inquiries and negotiate our deal with snack packing machines. Our snack packing machines are a lot of applications for packing your desired products.

Give us your project requirements, and we will process your specific orders directly. We have the latest technologies that make it possible to pack products, specifically snacks, within actual measurements quickly. Snack packing machines from Sanlin Pack grant your satisfying results.

Feel free to communicate with us if you are interested in our offered snack packing machines!

Your Trustworthy Manufacturer Of Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine

With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, Sanlin machinery specializes in manufacturing automatic high-speed snack packing machines. We also customize each packing machine according to our customer’s design.

  • Professional manufacturer of automatic high-speed snack packing machines.
  • Offers a broad range of packing machines.
  • Dedicated to supplying 100% quality and service.
  • 24/7 online service

Why Sanlin Is An Expert In Manufacturing Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing machines?

With over 20 years of experience, sanlin machinery has always been devoted to supplying high-quality products and services. We manufacture more than 50+ different machines. Sanlin machinery had sold more than 1500 sets of machines worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Send your inquiries now!!

Sanlin Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine

Sanlin machines are always assembled with the prime quality of advanced equipment. All of our devices meet the modification and pass CE certifications. Our automatic high-speed snack packing machine can also be customized in accordance with our customer’s preference and specifications.

We are very optimistic that our range of prime products and services will meet your satisfaction. Our automatic high-speed snacks packing machine are well appreciated not only by our customers but is also credible by engineers and suppliers. It is also desired by customers all around the world. We make sure that your machine operates smoothly and perfectly by testing it for straight 24 hours before we deliver it to you.

Sanlin Machinery- Your No. 1 Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine


Are you seeking a prime quality automatic high-speed snack packing machine for your business? Well, our company sanlin machinery is the right choice. We are a well-known manufacturer company with more than 50+ different machines including automatic high-speed snacks packing machine with the help of more than 80+ experienced engineers.

Our automatic high-speed snack packing machine is popular for its convenience in food product packaging like; instant noodles, biscuits, yolk-pie, and so on. Mainly, our customers buy the machine for packing Chocolate and other sweet products. The frame cases of the automatic high-speed snacks packing machine are made of high-quality steel. It also has PLC.

We specialize not only in the manufacturing of automatic high-speed snack packing machines but also in honey packing machines, vegetable packing machines, powder packing machines, automatic shrink packaging machines, and so on. All of our machines are exported worldwide, to Africa, Europe, Asia, etc. We have a very good relationship with all of our customers.

Whether you are automatic high-speed snacks packing machine wholesaler, distributor, or supplier.

 We are positive that we will meet your needs, from the quality of the machine to our customer service.

If you would like to get more information about our machine. Or if you would like to make an inquiry, then done don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and any day. Our skilled and professional sales team will be waiting for you!

We are available 24/7 to serve you and support you in your packaging machine business.

The ultimate FAQ guide to Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine

If you are looking for any information or have a question regarding our automatic high-speed chocolate packing machine, check the following FAQ.

The following FAQ contains all the information you need to know when considering getting the machine.

What is Sanlin Machinery Co., Ltd?

Sanlin company has had a team specializing in snack packing machinery for more than 20 years.

Our company has many years of manufacturing and R &D experience.

Our company has high-quality and technology Perfect after-sales service.

What is Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine?

Automatic high-speed snacks packing machine is a fully automatic high-speed machine used in the food industry to pack food products. The machine is widely used for packing sweets like all types of chocolate products.

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic High-Speed Snack Packing Machines?

  • Our automatic high-speed snack packing machine saves more than 19% cost compared to the manual packaging machine.
  • It also has a feature to merge the aluminum-plastic packaging machine and thermal contraction packaging machine to assemble.
  • It has the function of anti-moisture, dustproof, and photo negative.
  • The conveyor is stainless steel to meet food safety.
  • It saves labor costs and time.
  • PID digital temperature controller for perfect wrapping.
  • It has dual frequency converter control, bag length can also be adjusted and cut precisely.
  • Long service life; a prime quality automatic high-speed snacks packing machine serves for a very long period if maintained properly.

What are the characteristics of the automatic snacks packing machine?

    1. Sanlin snacks packing machine is advanced equipment for automatic production. You can use this instead of manual wrapping. And You can use a snack packing machine for automated packaging. You can increase the production efficiency of your factory through them. It can also reduce your production cost.
    2. Quickly change the specification of the packaging bag. The width of the bag feeding device can be automatically adjusted.
    3. High-quality accessories are used to maintain the lasting stability of the machine. There is a waterproof system to make cleaning more convenient.
    4. Imported PLC system control paired and touch screen HMI man-machine interface system control. It automatically modifies the angle value and time of pneumatic components. It is easy to operate and convenient.
    5. The most reliable cam mechanical transmission technology. Available to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly. And efficiently with a low failure rate and energy consumption.
    6. The machine has detection, information feedback functions.The detecting device stops filling or sealing. Displays the operation status in real-time. And turns off the fault alarm if there is no packaging bag
    7. Parts of the machine that come into touch with materials are coated with stainless steel. It can maintain food hygiene and safety.
    8. It comes in various packaging options and may be used to package a variety of commodities. Choose different measuring and filling devices for various ingredients.


What is the history of China’s automatic snack packing machine?

As we all know, the snack packing machine has entered China for several years. China’s automatic snack packing machine shows a good development trend from the current data.

The market space is quite broad, which gives snack packing machine manufacturers an opportunity. Of course, We also realize that there are many problems in the snack packing machine industry. China manufacturers lack a research and development force. The development of enterprises is in a small-scale and low-level state. At present, China’s high-precision snacks packing machines still rely on imports to a large extent.

Although China packaging machine products have great advantages in price, they are difficult to compete with imported equipment in performance. Therefore, China’s bag packaging enterprises should make more advanced technology and equipment efforts. And constantly improve the independent research and innovation ability of high-end equipment.

There are countless large and small snack packing manufacturers in China’s market. It leads to the problem of low-level repeated construction in China’s snack packing machine industry.  It has greatly affected the development and progress of the industry. Therefore, China’s snack packing machine industry should constantly learn from foreign advanced technology. And Improve its R & D ability. Develop a set of core technology that belongs to itself.

How about the automatic snacks packing machine market?

Nowadays, the automatic snack packing machine is widely used in the food industry. More and more food enterprises have begun to realize the changes brought by the snack packing machine to the food industry. They are more willing to use the automatic snack packing machine for packaging production.

The automatic snack packing machine is widely used in various fields, such as food packaging. It is the inevitable choice of modern industry. It takes the packaging film as the processing object and can quickly package fast-food noodles, biscuits, and other foods. It is of great significance to improve economic benefits and improve the hygienic quality of products.

Moreover, the automatic snack packing machine can automatically complete the whole packaging process. which can save the labor cost of the enterprise, reduce the possibility of food pollution in the packaging process. Improve the safety and hygiene of food packaging. In recent years, people’s income levels have been greatly improved compared with the past.

People’s requirements for quality of life are higher than before. In this case, the packaging of products is particularly important.  A good product does not have good packaging. It is also very difficult to get people’s favor.

This is an opportunity and a challenge for the packaging machine industry. An automatic snack packing machine improves the efficiency and safety of packaging. It effectively improves the packaging effect of products and reduces labor costs. It is one of the indispensable tools in the packaging industry. Snacks packing machinery research and development are moving toward high speed, multifunction, and intelligent control.

Manufacturers reduce packaging machine rejects to increase productivity. The development trend is to intellectualize further the automatic snack packing machinery. The automatic snack packing machine brings the product packaging to a new era of automation and personalization. Only mechanical equipment that satisfies market needs can fully grasp high-tech equipment and better comprehend market growth. Automatic snack packing machines may enhance the personality of goods. And improve product quality, improve the excellent image of users and businesses, and increase product sales potential.

How To Choose The Right Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine?

Before purchasing our automatic high-speed snacks packing machine, be sure to consider the following before purchasing our automatic high-speed snacks packing machine.

  • What type of products do you want to pack? Is it Chocolate, cookies, or any food products?
  • What is the size and shape of your final product?
  • Can you provide a sample of the final product to the seller? (it’s not mandatory)

Five points for attention in purchasing an automatic snack packing machine

With the continuous development of the packaging machinery industry, automatic snack packing machine also shows stronger vitality.

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for packaging quality.

The traditional packaging method is very slow to meet people’s needs, and the automatic snack packing machine solves this problem.

However, we must first buy a high-quality automatic snack packing machine to have a good packaging effect. So how can we purchase a snack packing machine?

  1. First and foremost, you must establish which kind of items the snacks are packing machine you intend to purchase will package. You can make an informed decision based on your requirements. There are many Multifunction snacks packing machines on the market. But their stability and packaging effects are worse than that of the last special machine. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a special machine as far as possible.
  1. Try to buy cost-effective products. Although China’s snacks packing machine started late, its quality is almost the same as that of imported machines. But it has more advantages in price. Now, we can buy products of the same quality as imported machines at the price of Chinese devices.
  1. As far as possible, choose an automatic snack packing machine with simple operation and complete maintenance accessories. It can effectively improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs. It is in line with the law of the enterprise’s long-term development.
  1. Try to choose a large brand of automatic snack packing machines. The packaging technology of big brand packaging machines is mature, and the quality is stable. It can complete daily work faster and more stably. It also has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low manual, low scrap rate, etc.
  1. The manufacturer of packaging machines with a “good reputation.” It would be best if you chose a supplier with good after-sales service. If you find a problem, you can contact the supplier to solve it quickly.

What Are The Main Body Parts Of Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine?

PLC touch screen

Chocolate Packing MachineThis future allows you to adjust the machine data. Like; language, speed, length of the product and so on







MoldingChocolate Packing Machine-2

  • The molding of the machine can make different dimensions according to the width and height of the product.






The Cutter

Chocolate Packing Machine-3The cutter can be customized according to the height of the final product.







Conveyor belt

Chocolate Packing Machine-4

  • According to your preference, we can arrange to make the two conveyor belts, to separate each product properly.






Middle sealing system

Chocolate Packing Machine-5










Configuration of Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine

Name Model Remark
PLC Panasonic(Japan) FP-XC40T 1PCS
Touch screen TPC7062KD
Frequency converter 1pcs
Switching power supply S-50W
Air Circuit breaker BKN-3P/32A, BKN-1P/32A

BKN-3P/32A, BKN-1P/10A

AC contactor MY-2NY
Proximity Switch TL-Q5MC1
Main motor 0.4kw


Thermocouple 3M
Action buttons YO90-22X/N/33


Action buttons YO90-11/G




Blade holder 40Cr
Automatic coding machine 1set
Machine dimension 42008*900*1520

How To Adjust Automatic High-Speed Snacks Packing Machine On The PLC?

  • When adjusting the data: depending on the length of your product, you can adjust the length of the packing bag, and you can change the data on the touch screen.
  • When adjusting speed, you can change the speed to the new speed that you want by changing the data on the screen.

Why choose an automatic snack packing machine for quantitative packaging?

  • The automatic snacks packing machine can take the packaging bag placed in the packaging machine by itself.

Weigh the products to be packaged according to the preset weight requirements.

To quickly and accurately complete the product packaging work.

Which greatly improves the packaging efficiency and packaging effect.

  • The automatic snacks packing machine is equipped with automatic detection equipment.

When the bag is not opened, it will not drop materials.

It can maximize the utilization of materials and reduce the material expenditure of enterprises.

  • The packaging effect of the automatic snacks packing machine is more exquisite.

It can effectively improve the packaging grade of products and help establish a good brand image of the enterprise.

What should I do if the snack packaging machine encounters a failure?

Analysis of common faults of automatic snacks packing machine. To boost the brand appeal. More and more companies are starting to use automatic snack packaging machines

However, many people are not familiar with the automatic snack packing machine. Hey, we are in a hurry when there is a failure, and we can not correctly handle and solve the problem.

Let’s briefly introduce several common faults of the automatic snacks packing machine.

  1. The rotary knitting of the cutter of the automatic snacks packing machine is faulty.

Possible cause of failure: damage of spinning braid or boundary problem. Solution: change one phase of spin coding input and check the wiring.

  1. The automated snacks packing machine’s cutter motor is broken. 

It may be Motor damage or frequency converter failure. Or mechanical jamming is all possible consequences of the possible defect. Check the related trouble site as a solution.

  1. The automated snacks packing machine’s bag feeding motor is broken.

Motor damage, frequency converter failure, or mechanical jamming are all possible consequences of the possible defect.

Check the related trouble site as a solution.

  1. System failure. Possible fault cause: controller self-test fault.

Solution: contact the supplier. If the fault has been eliminated, just press ESC, and the system will automatically reply to the operation screen.

In the actual production process of the packaging machine, everything has to be handled by the manufacturer. I’m afraid it will take a lot of time.

Therefore, we should also master some simple maintenance skills. We can solve some small problems by ourselves and save time.

In addition, it is also necessary to mainly maintain the machine in daily life.  It will effectively avoid the occurrence of faults.

What can be done to ensure that the bag of autonomous snack packing machines does not adhere to the device?

When we use the automatic snacks packing machine, the packaging bag is sometimes stuck on the machine and cannot be separated.

It has a great impact on our normal packaging production progress. So what are the reasons for this phenomenon? What measures should we take to solve it?

  1. This could be the cause of static electricity. The packaging bag has great static electricity, and its weight is very light.

So it often causes the phenomenon of taking double sheets. The problem can be treated with an ion bar neutralized by static electricity, which can easily separate the bag.

  1. if it is not static electricity, it may also be that the surface of the packaging bag is relatively smooth

At this time, van der Waals force will be generated. It is just as it is difficult to separate the two pieces of glass when they are pasted together.

In this case, It is more difficult to deal with. We should consider the material of the packaging bag, such as changing the packaging bag supplier.

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