Your Packing Machine Specialist In China
Your Packing Machine Specialist in China
Your Packing Machine Specialist In China
Your Packing Machine Specialist in China
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over 20 years manufacturing experience
over 50 kind of packing machine
over 80 experienced technicians
over 1500 sets of machines sold

Your Packing Machine Specialist in China

  • Over 20 years packing machine manufacturer.
  • Provide best solution for industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical supplies, industrial foods, rubber goods, sundry goods, sporting goods, etc.
  • Provide one year warranty for all of your packing machine.
  • Provide you detailed image, product video, running test video so you can check all details before shipment.

Packing Machines

SL Pillow Packing Machine
66 / minute
It operates 24 hours a day
SL Vacuum Packing Machine
210 / minute
It operates 24 hours a day
SL Rotary Liquid Packing Machine
80 / minute
It operates 24 hours a day
SL Food Packaging Machine
120 / minute
It operates 24 hours a day
Advanced Packing Machine Manufacturing

Manufacture your packing machine with our advanced equipment

Spare Parts Support

We can provide you any spare parts if any problems with your packing machine.

Packing Machine Built for These INDUSTRIES

We are developing Packing Machine for more industries

Why Sanlin is Trusted by Top Global Brands

Customer Service
7X24-hour Telephone Consulting Service is available. Reply and solution will be provided in the shortest time upon customer's service request.
R&D Capability
We have excellent R&D and design teams, fully understand the current needs and problems of the packaging industry and create more for our customers. Create greater benefits.
Precise Sales
We have designed and produced a variety of matching models to suit the actual needs of different customers. Customers have a choice of flexibility and we only recommend it to customers. The suitable equipment.
Perfect After Sale
In the face of every customer, whether it is from the maintenance, replacement of parts, or the whole installation and debugging, we are Wholeheartedly striving for regular communication with customers.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Listen to What Our Customers Say about Our Valves & Service
The machine is beautiful, smooth, and stable, and the packaging speed is also very fast. The setting of various parameters is very simple and clear through the touch screen
New Zealand
The installation and operation of the machine have a complete and detailed user manual and instruction video, It's very helpful for us to run the machine
United Kingdom
The after-sales team is very professional and can guide us to solve any problem at the first time, even though online video call, it is reassuring!

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If you need to find a professional packing machine manufacturer in China, Sanlin pack will be your first choice. We will always provide you one stop packing solution for your product.


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