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For over 10 years in the production industry, Sanlin Pack now can manufacture the best and superior quality liquid packing machine. All our machine products passed many certifications such as CE and ROHS. In the factory, there are more packaging machines available at competitive prices. To get a satisfying and reliable liquid packing machine, contact Sanlin Pack! We are ready to accommodate your needs.

Sanlin Pack Liquid Packing Machine

Liquid Packing Machine

SanLin pouch liquid packing machine suitable for automatic packing sauce and liquid and paste,such as ketchup,seasoning sauce,peanut sauch,fruit sauce,hot pot sauce,washing detergent.

Rotary Liquid Packing Machine

SanLin rotary liquid packing machine applies to: detergents, sprinkle, soy sauce, rice vinegar, juice, beverage, pot bottom material, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, bean paste and other materials automatic bagging.

Liquid Packing machine Sample

Sanlin pack liquid packing machine is perfect to use in filling and sealing any goods variants whether its food or non-food products. This machine became increasingly popular for its superior aesthetics and simplicity.

Why Sanlin Pack Liquid Packing Machine

Sanlin pack has hundreds of excellent workers, employees, and engineers to provide the high quality and the best liquid packing machines. Sanlin pack is your professional and trusted manufacturer based in China.

Our range of liquid packing machines is supplied with the best quality. We have manufactured the great liquid packing machines and other kinds of packing equipment that suit your orders.

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Why Sanlin Can Be Your No.1 Liquid Packing Machine Supplier

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SanlinPack Liquid Packing Machine

If you are searching for liquid packing machine for your brand, Sanlin Pack is the answer. As a professional manufacturer, we are now become trusted and qualified regarding producing any types of automated packing machines, including liquid packing machines.

Sanlin pack liquid packing machine is perfect to use in filling and sealing any goods variants whether its food or non-food products. This machine became increasingly popular for its superior aesthetics, simplicity, and ease of use.

If you require having an outstanding packaging machine for business, then our liquid packing machine is what you need. Sanlin Pack can accommodate all your needs in terms of packing machines, especially one-head fully automatic packing machines.

The company is dedicated to the innovation and production of packing machines since established in the industry.

So if you are a brand that markets packing machines in your own country and looking for a packing machine manufacturer, Sanlin pack can supply you with both custom and standard special packing machines. We are happy to serve our distributors and agents in the international market.

Sanlin pack`s main goal is to use our excellent packing solution to maximize your output and increase your uptime day by day.

Choosing the Sanlin pack will give you a brighter future for your business. You only get a well-manufactured liquid packing machine with better functions in every operation.

Just send us your detailed requirement and we will respond immediately.

The best FAQ for liquid packing machines

How much is a liquid packing machine?

The liquid packing machine realizes full packaging automation, and one person can manage multiple devices. Equipment, the degree of automation is very high, the efficiency is high, the output is high.

And it is straightforward to manage. It contains four main components: feeding, metering, packaging, and finished product delivery. Let’s understand the price composition of the equipment from the aspects of size, function, and configuration.

  • Device size:

There are two types of packaging machines: large and small equipment. Large-scale packaging equipment often has three models of 420/520/620. The price of the whole machine generally ranges from USD 10,000 to USD 20,000.

There are usually two models of 240/320 for small ones. And the cost of the entire machine ranges typically from USD 1,500 to USD 7,000.

In addition to the above models, there are customized enlarged models such as 730/ 830/ 1000. Since the customized enlarged models are more challenging to process and take longer.

The price is generally higher than the standard models. And the price is generally above USD 15,000.

  • Device Configuration:

The core part of the packaging machine is the host. And the host’s heart is the electrical box, which includes PLC, servo, relay, and so on. PLC and server are the key points.

Japanese brands such as Mitsubishi and Panasonic are generally used. The quality is relatively stable, and the reputation is pretty good. If you use Taiwan or domestic brands, the stability will be less. And the lifespan will be shorter, but the cost will be lower.

The price will be higher if you want to use the PLC or server of slightly high-end brands. In addition to the electric box, the metering device and the feeding device are available in various configurations. Taking the metering device of a fully automatic liquid packing machine as an example, the optional design includes ten computers, 14 computers, and a measuring cup.

The price of a 10-head computer combination scale is generally around USD 5,000- USD 1,000. A 14-head computer combination scale is 1.5-2 times that of a 10-head scale. And the price of a measuring cup is generally one-half of a 10-head scale.

  • Device function:

The primary function of the liquid packing machine is the packaging function, and it is fully automated. Still, some users have customized needs such as vacuuming, filling, punching, labeling, etc.

It is necessary to add customized equipment to the original standard solution, such as a vacuum pump, punching device, nitrogen equipment, labeling machine, etc. The prices of these configurations range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Ultimately, it is necessary to determine the functions the user wants to add to determine the overall price.

So how much is a liquid packing machine? The price of the whole set will generally be around USD 15,000- USD 29,000. But to determine a suitable plan for mung bean, rice, and other whole grains. It is necessary to choose a granule packaging machine.

If it is a corrosive material such as sauerkraut, it is essential to upgrade to 316 stainless steel. Additional configuration is required if a product like potato chips needs to be filled with nitrogen.

Some users do not have enough space in their workshops. And it is necessary to change the structure of the equipment to reduce the size. It is also non-standard customization, and the cost will be higher.

What is the power of liquid packing machine equipment?

Generally speaking, the standard food packaging equipment does not belong to the equipment with too much power. The average power is generally between 1.5-6.5, which can be satisfied by the electricity production and lines of the public workshop.

Let’s first understand how the power of the liquid packing machine is calculated. The capacity refers to total control. Because the standard vertical packaging equipment generally includes four parts, the feeding device, the metering device, the packaging machine host, and the finished product delivery.

Adding up the power of these parts is the total power of the whole device. For non-standard machines, some additional widgets are generally added. At this time, the power of the extra part also needs to be added.

So, liquid packing machines of different sizes, configurations, and functions have other powers. The power of standard equipment and customized equipment is also extra. Below we make a simple power division according to our most typical different types of equipment.

In a small liquid packing machine, the equipment size is relatively small. the output is low. the power consumption is also typical. And the total power is generally between 1.5KW-3.0KW.

In a large scale liquid packing machines, the size of the equipment is too large. There are many components, and the production capacity is relatively large. And the total power is generally between 2.5-6.5KW

For large non-standard liquid packing machines, this depends on the size of the engine and the number of devices installed.

Some user-customized mainframes are enormous, and the power consumption of the power device is high. And the installed appliances are also more. And the output is large. Generally, the total power is between 3.5-8.5KM.

Knowing the power in advance when selecting liquid packing machine equipment is necessary so that the production cost, circuit matching, and future equipment maintenance are reasonable and helpful.

What is the overall workflow of the machine? First, after the material is put into the silo, the feeding device will lift the material to a fixed height and enter the measuring equipment.

After the cloth is measured, it will drop from the feeding port to the packaging host at a bit of weight.

The host will package the material as a whole, and then The finished product conveyor is transported to the designated location. This completes the packaging from fabric to finished product.

What are the operating steps of the liquid packing machine?

  1. Turn on the power and air source, and start the equipment. Check the transverse seal temperature and make sure the safety door is closed.
  2. Equipment function test, adopt manual mode, jog test, test the horizontal seal, pull film belt, electric eye, metering device, etc., to ensure the normal function. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether there is any deviation in the film and correct the deviation after the departure.
  3. Equipment packaging parameters, including material type, target weight, error, and packaging speed. After the setting is completed, enter the main interface, and the motor is automatically packaged.
  4. After the automatic packaging starts, the machine will typically work and the collector can be placed in the finished product conveying area.

What are the operation methods of liquid packing machine?

  1. The operation method must be carried out under the training content of the manufacturer and the attached manual. Do not rely on personal judgment to operate blindly.
  2. Before the operation, You must check all performances and settings of the device correctly before running the machine.
  3. The operation method of the all-in-one machine is relatively simple, all functions and buttons are integrated into the packaging host. And the operation can be completed only on the same interface. The standard machine needs to be set separately on the two interfaces of the metering device and the packaging host.

What’re the precautions of liquid packing machine?

  1. Ensure that the use environment of the equipment must be safe, the space is sufficient. And the use environment is hygienic and dry.
  2. If the equipment fails, follow the product manual’s troubleshooting methods. If the fault cannot be solved, stop the operation immediately, contact the manufacturer for after-sales maintenance, and do not reluctantly run the machine, resulting in secondary damage.
  3. If the equipment has not been used for a long time, essential maintenance should be done before use, check the wiring, apply butter to the power parts, and clean the surface of the equipment.
  4. In the process of use, the principles of specification, science, and safety must be adhered to. Do not change the structure and circuit of the equipment without permission to avoid potential safety hazards.

What are the functions of the liquid packing machine?

These include both regular functions and custom functions. The regular functions are the feeding function, weighing function, filling process, and bag-making function. The customized functions include inflation, vacuuming, punching, package, etc.

What are the characteristics of a liquid packing machine?

First, it uses a 7-inch color touch film screen, which can be switched between Chinese, English, or multiple languages. The operation is very simple. The product is integrated from feeding, measuring, film wrapping, printing date, cutting, packaging, and finished product output, saving time.

While saving costs. The machine’s overall structure is scientific, it is very convenient to disassemble and clean. And it can even be washed directly with water.

The liquid packing machine can customize the equipment according to the actual packaging requirements to meet the production packaging requirements and solve various packaging “difficulties.”

How does the liquid packing machine realize quantitative packaging?

Most the liquid packing machines are equipped with measuring equipment. The measuring kit on the market today generally includes a container type measuring tool or a multi-head computer combination scale. This supporting system is more efficient than manual weighing. Still, the container type or ordinary electronic Scales have several significant flaws:

First, the scope of application is narrow.

The products weighed by the measuring cup-type equipment must be liquid.

Second, the weight error is significant.

The third is the low compliance rate and low efficiency, which is the consensus of all packaging machine manufacturers. The emergence of imported computerized combination scales makes everyone think

the problem can be solved quickly.

Fortunately, the country has developed rapidly, the combination scale has been gradually localized, and finally no longer depends on imports.

The fully automatic packaging equipment, which is matched with the computer combination scale produced by the country, has won the recognition and pursuit of a large number of food manufacturers for its stable performance and the price that is closer to the terminal of the domestic food industry.

The localization of the combination scale has also discouraged the machine initially by small and medium sized enterprises no longer a symbol of large enterprises and solved the problem of supporting weighing tools for food manufacturers. The actual market potential has been fully activated.

Why is the computer combination scale so powerful? The combination scales used by enterprises are multi-head combination scales. Each “head” has a sensor, which can form thousands of combinations so that the accuracy is higher, and the loss of the enterprise is lower.

Automated packaging equipment to arm its production line, thus opening a new revolution in China to reduce staff and increase efficiency, save materials and reduce consumption, and equipment management performance.

What is the development trend of liquid packing machines?

The pace of daily life and work of modern people is accelerating. And their food and appearance are getting higher and higher. In the future, businesses in the packaging industry will put forward more demands on liquid packing machines. Leisure snacks are currently the favorite food of young people and children.

How to maintain the taste, shape, and gorgeous packaging of snacks on the one hand and improve food safety and hygiene, on the other hand, are new requirements for the packaging machine industry.

According to the market’s needs and the industry’s development trend, liquid packing machines are developing with high efficiency, multiple purposes, and complete automation, thereby saving time and reducing labor and material costs. Therefore, the development trend of snack packaging machines has these characteristics:

(1) The level of intelligence is improved, and the design is diversified. Because of the wide variety of casual snacks, different snacks have different requirements for packaging.

And the packaging machine has high requirements for pertinence. For example, when packaging candy, chocolate, and other foods with sugar. Because the product has a certain degree of viscosity. It may stick to the machine during the packaging process, which will also have a particular impact on the accuracy of measurement.

The packaging machine should be made of unique materials. This problem can be avoided; there are also puffed foods; a vibration device must be added to prevent this problem because of their fragile characteristics. Some customers also require nitrogen to maintain the crispy taste of the food. And extended shelf life.

(2) Flexible packaging, a wide range of uses, multiple purpose machine. Because different snacks have different shapes and sizes. The same or different foods may have different packaging sizes and packaging bag type reverse requirements. Customers also need to consider the cost.

It is impossible to buy a machine for each snack. For this reason, a packaging machine should be suitable for different food packaging types, and the packaging materials can be changed within a specific size range. The liquid packing machine can be used for multiple purposes and is also suitable for various bag-type packaging.

(3) Conform to the concept of environmental protection and hygiene requirements. The traditional packaging equipment cannot meet various needs because the technology is not mature enough. The current automatic packaging machine can not only meet the needs of the reverse side of the packaging but also consider the requirements outside the packaging.

The current liquid packing machine summarizes the experience, improves the technical content of the device, and reduces the occurrence of problems.

liquid packing machines are developing in the direction of high automation, multi-function, and high efficiency. Intelligent packaging machines are an inevitable trend in the development of food and other industries.

Sanlin Machinery can meet all your needs for liquid packaging machine, whether it is sauce packaging machine, honey packaging machine or oil packaging machine.

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