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Sanlin Pack is professionally engaged in unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and sales of various types of Powder Packing Machines. We have strong capabilities, mature technology, and an advanced production line in providing Powder Packing Machines which surely skyrocket your business! Settle with us now!

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Sanlin Pack is a trusted and high-grade packer-manufacturing company in China. We specialized in research and development, designs, producing, and sales of high efficient packing machinery equipment. The quality of our products is ensured by our sophisticated technology and imported quality material. Sanlin Pack company follows strict quality control for stable quality products to win the trust of customers come from all over the world. Find and get the most promising Powder Packing Machine based on your business!

Sanlin Pack Powder Packing Machine

Powder Pouch packing Machine

Sanlin powder pouch packing machine is made of stainless steel which is rust-free and durable. It is designed with easy operation and maintenance. Sanlin Pack offers reliable performance machines for your business.

Rotary Powder Packing Machine-1

SanLin rotary power packing machine is CE Approved offer at a Low Price perfect for packing Powder, Grain, Granule, etc. You can use various packing materials like paper film, PE film, water-soluble film, etc.

Rotary Powder Packing Machine Sample

rotary power packing machine suitable for powder materials pesticides, veterinary drugs, dextrose, coffee powder, seasonings, additives, such as automatic measurement of packaging operations.

Why Sanlinpack Powder Packing Machine

If you`re searching for the best powder packing machine, settle with Sanlin Pack! Our products are guaranteed safe with stable performance, high efficiency, lower consumption, and more. Sanlinpack Powder Packing Machine is ideal for packing tea powder, herb powder, laundry powder, wheat powder, beans powder, and many more.

All our durable and sophisticated powder packing machines have been sold to many countries at a very competitive price. We manufacture in a professional and best way that why you can trust us. Contact us today, we have over 10 professional engineerings to support and help with your packing solution before confirming the order.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Powder Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Best Powder Packing Machine Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best powder packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China? Sanlin Pack got you covered! We offer all types of durable and safe powder packing machines perfect for your business.

Sanlin Pack powder packing machine is carefully designed by our professional technicians and engineers. These are easy to operate with low maintenance. It is made from high-grade stainless steel with stable performance, high efficiency, safety, and cleanness.

All our Sanlin Pack powder packing machine is certified with CE, ISO standards. It is ideal equipment that can be used for packing food, tea powder, herb powder, grain powder, wheat powder, granules, seeds powder, and many more.

For the finish option, we offer all types of durable and safe powder packing machines including automatic powder packing machines, washing powder packing machines, chili powder packing machines, spice powder packing machines, curry powder packing machines, etc. Plus, we can custom-made your packing machine request according to your demands and request.

In China, Sanlin Pack is popular in providing the most suitable and efficient packaging solution according to your specific requirements.

Choose Sanlin Pack as your professional packing machine manufacturer in China. Aside from powder packing machines, we also provide a wide range of products such as shrink packing machines, carton packing machines, one head fully automatic packing machines, blister packaging machines, and many more. Sanlin Pack is your one-stop-shop provider of high-quality packing machines in China!

Whether you are a brand that sells packing machines or a factory that needs a packing machine for your production line, the Sanlin pack is the best choice. We can provide all types of packing machines for your business operation.

If you`re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We have a strong and dedicated service team willing to assist your needs.

The best FAQ for powder packaging machines

What is powder packing machines?

We will find that powders are packed in bags. What are the advantages of the bagged powder packing machine? Do you want to find out about the packing machine? Then continue to look, you will find that the packaging machine is very magical equipment.

What is Paprika Packing Machine?

The term “powder packing machine” refers to any machine that packs powdered products.

According to the type of packaging, pouch powder packaging machines are classified as tiny chili powder packaging machines, automatic powder packaging machines, and rotary powder packaging machines.

Powder Packing Machine can be used to dose and pack low viscosity powders such as bone-strengthening powder, milk powder, soy milk powder, oatmeal, chili powder, and other similar produc

  •  Powder

The powder is a dry agent obtained by mixing and crushing technical drugs, a large amount of filler, and an appropriate stabilizer. Its performance requirements include fineness, stability, and powder spitting.

  • Packaging machine

A packing machine is equipment that protects and beautifies things by packaging them. The packing device may be broken down into two categories: 2 Product peripheral packaging equipment, 1 assembly line integrated production packaging

What is the scope of application of powder packaging machines?

It is ideal for packing hard-to-flow powdered products (milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, pharmaceutical powders, pesticide powders, coffee powder, condiments, etc.) into small bags.

The final product is in the form of a flat bag with three or four sealed sides. (Note that the three-sided sealing form is standard, but the four-sided sealing form requires special adjustment of the heat sealer body.)

What are the characteristics of the pouch powder packing machine?

  1. The pouch powder packing machine can make various bag shapes, such as pillow bags and vertical bags.
  2. The pouch powder packing machine comprises a simple and intelligent servo control screen. Which simplifies the whole machine’s mechanical and speed control range. It significantly improves the reliability of the whole machine. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the whole machine’s mechanical and speed control range.
  3. The pouch powder packing machine is equipped with a fault display system. Which can quickly determine the equipment’s fault cause and location and help eliminate the fault in time.
  4. The pouch powder packing machine’s longitudinal seal and transverse seal adopt a high-precision tooth shape design so that the seal is without air leakage.
  5. The packaging film’s sealing temperature and action completion time are set, achieving the product’s optimal packaging effect.
  6. It is equipped with inflation and exhaust devices, and nitrogen and carbon dioxide inflation devices can be added.
  7. Replacing the filling head can adapt to a variety of materials.

The product performance and characteristics of pouch powder packaging machines are sorted out here. Have you seen a lot of powder packaging bags in your own life? Now find out how these bags are packaged

What are the functions of powder packing machines?

 With the continuous improvement of social living standards, the requirements for food are higher and higher. The packaging industry is also developing rapidly in this environment. What are a powder packing machine’s functions, and how does it work?

  1. Powder packing machines increase worker productivity. Mechanical packing is faster than packaging, which is done by hand. The powder packing machine can produce hundreds of pieces every minute.
  2. Powder packing machines can efficiently assure package quality. Mechanical packaging can get packaging materials with consistent standards based on the packaging materials’ needs. The appropriate form and size, but hand packaging cannot be assured. This is especially essential in this case. Mechanical packaging is the only way to establish package standards and fulfill collective packaging criteria.
  3. Powder packing machines can do operations that aren’t possible with manual packing. Some packaging activities, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, and so on, can only be accomplished by mechanical packaging.

What are some of the benefits of using powder packing machines?

Suppose you want to maximize your profits in the shortest amount of time. You must guarantee that your food packaging production line functions well and that no errors occur throughout the manufacturing process. The automation level has improved in the manufacturing industry, and the scope of application is expanding.

Automatic operation is changing the action mode of the packaging process and the processing method of packaging containers and materials. The automatic control packaging system can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

The powder packing machine can significantly eliminate the errors caused by the packaging process, printing, and labeling. And powder packing machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees and reduce the consumption of energy and resources. The packing machinery industry’s manufacturing process and product transportation mode are being transformed by revolutionary automation.

The automatic control packaging system created and installed helps improve product quality and production efficiency in the packaging machines business. It also helps to eliminate processing errors and reduce labor intensity. It is very significant for the food, beverage, medical, electronics, and other industries. Automatic device and system engineering technology are becoming increasingly advanced and widely employed.

The powder packaging machine is suitable for white sugar particles, cereals, food particles, round particles, small strip particles, and other items. It is used for automatic packaging of 0.2-1000 grams of a small dose. The main packaging materials are the composite abdomen, non-woven fabric paper-plastics film, and other materials. Which are bonded at high temperatures.

The powder packing machines can automatically complete the measurement, filling, bag making, Sealing, cutting, counting, date printing, etc., fabric paper.

  1. The powder packaging machine eliminates manual packaging and automates packaging for large and small businesses. It can increase production efficiency in all industries and lowers costs.
  2. The powder packing machine can pack various ingredients, including liquids, sauces, powders, particles, and solids. Simply choose different measuring and filling devices for various ingredients.
  3. The Powder packing machines’ packing pouch may be used for prefabricated and paper bags constructed of the multi-layer composite film. It has a wide variety of uses.
  4. The Powder packing machine can Change the packing bag’s specifications quickly. The automated bag feeding device’s breadth may be modified much too readily and rapidly through the adjustment handle.
  5. Comply with the hygienic requirements for food processing machinery. Portions of the machine in touch with materials or packing bags are treated with materials that fulfill food hygiene criteria.
  6. The machine is equipped with a standard detecting device to detect whether the filling device does not fill. The heat sealing device does not seal when there is no package or the packaging bag is not opened.
  7. The amount of packing materials lost is minimal. Prefabricated packing bags are used by the machine. The product grade has improved since the packing bag design is flawless, and the sealing quality is good.
  8. Speed control using a variable frequency. The machine is equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating mechanism that can be changed freely within a given range. It can meet the demands of the manufacturing environment.
  9. The operation is simple and convenient. The electrical control system is an advanced PLC plus pod (touch screen), with a comfortable man-machine interface and simple operation.
  10. Bag manufacturing, wire feeding, labeling, dosing, filling, sealing, slitting, and counting are all done automatically by the machine.

As a packing machine, it may help the contemporary packaging industry save money while increasing efficiency.

What technological features does an automatic powder packing machine have?

  1. The powder packing machine can automatically complete all the work of measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, and so on.
  2. The control system of the powder packing machine automatically matches each action. The system has high accuracy, simple and accurate adjustment of bag-making length.
  3. The powder packing machine has a color code control system. Which can obtain complete trademark patterns and ensure the integrity of the packaging.
  4. The powder packing machine can adjust the speed and bag length. The packaging speed and bag-making length can be adjusted within the rated range without replacing parts.
  5. The design of the automatic powder packing machine adopts unique embedded Sealing, reinforced heat sealing mechanism, and intelligent temperature controller. It has a good heat balance and can adapt to various packaging materials. It has good performance, low noise, clear sealing lines, and strong sealing performance.
  6. The machine, power supply, light, and tool are integrated into the powder packing machine. It is controlled by a single-chip microprocessor and has the functions of automatic quantification, filling, and measurement error correction.
  7. High speed: Adopts screw cutting and light control technology.
  8. High Precision: Stepper motors and electronic weighing technology are used.
  9. Wide range of packaging: the same quantitative packaging machine can constantly change between 5-5000g by changing the plugs of different specifications and using the electronic scale keyboard.
  10. Wide application: powdery and granular materials with a certain fluidity can be used.
  11. Suitable for quantitative powder packaging in various packaging containers such as bags, jars, bottles, and other containers.
  12. Errors related to specific gravity and material level changes can be tracked and corrected automatically.
  13. photoelectric switch control, manual packaging only, clean and easy-to-close bag mouth
  14. Stainless steel is used for whetted parts because it is easy to clean and avoids cross-contamination.
  15. User can change the feeder to make it more user-friendly.

How to control the measurement error of the small powder packing machine?

As an indispensable piece of equipment for powder product packaging, the small powder packing machine is widely used by most users.

How does the small powder packing machine control the measurement error?

 A detailed introduction is made below.

The first is the more traditional volumetric metering, mainly used for powdery materials with relatively good fluidity. The measuring tool comprises two sanitary materials that can be pulled up and down, mainly 304 stainless steel or PTFE.

The capacity of each measuring cup is the capacity of each bag of products. Adjust the measurement size within a certain range by raising and lowering the height of the measuring cup. For materials in different states, scrapers or scrapers are used to scrape the materials in the measuring cup.

Make sure that each measuring cup is filled with the same amount. Users can meet the error requirements for most materials such as milk powder, soybean milk powder, starch, medicinal powder, coffee powder, and seasoning powder.

The second is the weighing type measurement.

The measurement accuracy of this method depends on the accuracy of the electronic scale. The main purpose is to add an electronic matching scale to the small powder packing machine.

The accuracy of general electronic scales is quite high to replace the traditional tray. The adjustment range is much larger than the traditional volumetric metering. It is very suitable for some products with high measurement accuracy.

The mainstream small powder packing machines mainly use these two measurement methods with the development of science and technology. There will be new creations.

Since its establishment, SanLin has been committed to solving technical packaging problems for most manufacturers for more than ten years. Many manufacturers do not know about packaging machines.

For us, you need to tell me what to pack. How much to pack. What is the effect of the package? We must be responsible to you with professional quality to the end, and manufacture the most suitable products for you.


How to extend the service life of the powder packing machine?

The powder packing machine can now fully automate the entire production process, including feeding, metering, bag filling, date printing, and product release, providing enterprises with superior convenience, labor-saving, and high productivity. Efficiency and accuracy, good overall design, and easy and convenient maintenance. As a result, an increasing number of powder manufacturers are choosing powder packing machines; but how to prolong the life of these machines and keep them in excellent working condition

  • The operator should be familiar with the sealing machine’s structure, performance, working principle, and operating points.
  • Pay attention to scheduled maintenance and repairs. For maintenance, in particular, we must be able to detect incidents in the production process and respond quickly to them so as not to damage production.
  • User should clean every part of the equipment every day. The inside and outside of the equipment are clean. The paint can see the natural color, and the iron can see the light so that the equipment can operate normally and safely for a long period.
  • Regularly check whether the fastening parts of the machine are loose or disconnected.
  • Check the integrity of the equipment, whether the parts and accessories are missing, and whether the safety protection device is perfect, safe, flexible, accurate, and reliable.
  • Every month, lubricating oil is necessary to apply to each fastening part. After replacing the first gearbox oil in about 50 days, the User should change the gearbox oil every 2000 hours. The oil supply should reach the center of the oil mark.
  • User should perform thorough inspection and maintenance from time to time. Remove the top of the powder packing machine, replace the severely worn bearings, replace the most worn gears and replace the damaged parts.
  • The following parts of the powder packing machine are not abnormal and do not need to be disassembled. Check each screw for slippage. When dismantling the machine, make a mark and place it in order.
  • when installing, seat it properly. When assembling, clean it strictly, dry it and then assemble it with oil. Regardless of disassembly or assembly, it is strictly forbidden to knock or smash. After installation, check the machine comprehensively: check whether all fasteners are tightened.
  • check whether the running channel of the jar is unobstructed, it is strictly forbidden to store foreign objects in the channel, and it is strictly forbidden to leave maintenance tools.
  • check whether the running direction of the motor meets the requirements. Before starting the machine, jog first and then run at low speed to check whether there is any abnormal noise in each rotating part.
  • Whether the positions of the screw, puller, guide plate, tank holder, etc., are aligned; after everything is normal, gradually increase the speed until the required speed is reached. They are rotating speed. Check whether the motor is normal after half an hour.


How should the powder packing equipment be maintained daily?

The working environment of the powder packing machine is relatively poor, and the dust pollution is serious. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the powder packing machine. If this daily maintenance work is not done well, the normal operation of the machine may be affected.

Daily maintenance method of powder packing machine

Cleaning, tightening, adjusting, and lubricating are key components of filling machines in top shape. Each machine maintenance worker should complete numerous maintenance jobs within the period given in the handbook. It should decrease component wear, remove hidden threats of malfunction, and extend the machine’s service life. Upkeep of the equipment In a typical manufacturing process, packing and machine maintenance operations are performed.

The three forms of maintenance are:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Regular maintenance
  • Special maintenance

Cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and fastening are all part of routine maintenance. Routine maintenance must be performed both during and after the machine’s operation.

Regular maintenance is the initial level of maintenance, and it entails lubricating, fastening, checking, and cleaning all vital elements.

The most significant parts of secondary maintenance tasks are inspection and adjustment. Examine the steering and braking systems and the engine, clutch, transmission, and transmission components.

The three-tiered maintenance program focuses on identifying, correcting, and balancing the wear degree of each component. You must test and check parts that impact the equipment. Then replace, modify, and troubleshoot as necessary.

Regular maintenance comprises inspecting and repairing components such as the hydraulic system, cooling system, and starting system of packing equipment.

When the packing equipment has to be out of service for a long time. You should clean it.

The daily maintenance of the machine is of great significance to ensure the normal operation of the machine. So it is very necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the self hair powder packaging machine.

Why does the automatic powder packing machine use screw metering?

The measurement of powder packing machines is generally measured by screw, and the measurement methods are different for different materials. For example, for some materials with poor fluidity, such as flour and starch, we suggest using vertically lengthened screws. So that the finished products packaged by powder packing machines have high precision and a beautiful appearance. Achieved good results.

Powder packing machines pack materials with good fluidity, such as fine salt. It is recommended to measure with a horizontal push screw. This solves the problem of measurement accuracy and the situation of dripping and leaking materials. When using screw metering in an automatic powder packing machine, it should be based on different material properties, not one size fits all.

The screw is recommended for two different materials. No matter which screws metering method is used in the powder packing machine, the effect is better than other methods. The packaging environment is greatly improved to avoid dust pollution and material cross-infection. This is the advantage of using screw metering in the powder packaging machine.

Sanlin can provide you with personalized service and customize the machine you need. You can get washing powder packing machine,spice powder packing machine,curry powder packing machine,chili powder packing machine information in Sanlin.

How to solve the poor sealing of the lower end of the automatic powder packing machine?

If the longitudinal seal is not good, make sure the glue does not stick to it when the machine is turned on. Make sure you brush it clean and keep it that way! Cleanliness is essential to this powder packing process, as is horizontal sealing.

What is the reason for the phenomenon of continuous bag cutting or partial cutting of automatic powder?

  • The position of the cutter is not adjusted properly. 2. The blade of the cutter becomes blunt.


  •  Adjust the position of the cutter.
  •  Grinding or replacing the cutter

What to do with the offset of the powder packing machine cutting?

It may be caused by the inappropriate cutting position or the falling material mechanism. If the material is cut, the knife will break.

What should I do if the automatic powder packing machine is not tightly sealed?

In general, the hot roller component of the powder packing machine has a loose seal.

  • The temperature is too high or too low due to poor thermal regulation. Solution: Depending on the type and thickness of the packaging material, select the appropriate heat seal temperature.
  • The expansion force is uneven because the pressure spring is insufficient. Adjust the pressure of each heat seal roller to get the desired results.
  • There are inconsistencies in the heat seal roller (make sure the heat seal roller is clean). Repair it or send it back.

How to adjust the length of the packaging bag of the automatic powder packing machine?

If it is a printed film with a cursor, let the cursor determine the length of the bag, and there is no need to adjust the bag length. If it is a blank film or the printed film has no cursor positioning, set the bag length ( MM) on display.

Why does the automatic powder packing electro-mechanical magnet not attract?

Internal host failure, a blown magnetic coil, a line outage, and other factors are the most common causes of this type of failure.

  • Determine whether the problem is internal or external to the host.
  • Check insurance coverage for electromagnets. Check that the electromagnet is activated, clear the mechanical blockage, and detect the internal power supply when everything is fine.

What is the reason for the phenomenon that the automatic powder packing machine does not rotate the screw, or is the measurement good or bad?

  • The material cup is eccentric, or debris in the material causes excessive resistance. Turn off the machine, remove the material cup, clean the debris or adjust the material cup position.
  • The operator changes the operating technique by pushing the bottom of the container against the outlet of the material cup.
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