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Why Sanlin Pack is a Reliable Dal Packing Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin Pack is a well-founded company with a super-advanced and complete manufacturing line. Plus, we are also able to offer a complete line of dal packing machines with excellent features and functions. In order to satisfy your demands, we present superior customizable options. Only at Sanlin Pack, we are fully dedicated to providing customers with the best quality and valuable dal packing machines. For that reason, we have been known as one of the most reliable manufacturers in China. Send us your inquiries!

Sanlin Pack Dal Packing Machine

Dal Packing Machine

Our dal packing machine is used for a presentable packing of pulses of all kinds including urad dal, moong dal, toor dal, food grains, etc.

Automatic Rotary Dal Packing Machine

Sanlin pack automatic rotary dal packing machine is simple to use and operate. This is made of stainless steel material for high endurance properties.

Dal Packing Machine

High-speed dal packing machine for  dal manufactured by Sanlin pack are made with more advanced characteristics. Send your own design ideas to our team.

Sanlin Pack Dal Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack along with our professional engineers designed dal packing machines through excellent grade raw materials. Here, you can guarantee and get premium quality machines. We can even custom your ideal designs through our advanced innovation and technology.

All the products we offer complied and passed to ISO, SGS, CE, and FDA quality standards. Sanlin pack is your most trusted manufacturer of dal packing machines in China.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Dal Packing Machine

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Your Leading Dal Packing Machine – Sanlin Pack

Are you looking for a dal packing machine for your business, then choose Sanlin Pack as your leading manufacturer. We highly offer complete lines of dal packing machines that will surely exceed your expectation and meets your demands.

Our lines of dal packing machines include automatic dal packing machines, commercial packing machines, multifunction dal packing machines, and more. At Sanlin Pack, we are consist of professional engineers and staff ready to help you discover the best machine for your brand.

With the Sanlin pack dal packing machine, packaging your products with efficacy and more precision will be now possible. These high-performance and durable dal packing machine is able to reduce your work volume and the labor cost.  Thus, our dal packing machine is energy-saver and automatic in spite of performing excellent functions of filling and sealing.

These dal packing machines from Sanlin Pack are capable to seal all types of products such as chips, sachets, tablets, gloves, and more.

At Sanlin Pack, you get to choose from wide variants of dal packing machines with different colors, features, capacities, qualities, and sizes. Plus, these are easy to use and certified by SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO, etc.

We can customize dal packing machines based on your requirements and given samples. And even offer OEM services to attain your full satisfaction.  Sanlin pack is also capable to personalize your orders with your own brand name for effective promotion.

Choosing Sanlin Pack as your trusted manufacturer will provide you assurance for fast delivery, competitive pricing, and excellent services.

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What’s the principle of the dal packing machine?

A dal packaging machine that automatically completes a series of operations for prefabricated bags, bag opening, metering filling, filling, and sealing, referred to as a dal packing machine; system, sealing device, and electrical control system;

the core transmission of the machine adopts a chain and cam mechanism, the main engine is mainly controlled by decentralized information and the centralized news of the main shaft, and the internal equipment of the machine is equipped with automatic coding, detection, automatic frequency conversion, and speed regulation and other devices.

It can automatically adjust the speed according to the production needs of the enterprise. Suppose it encounters problems such as failing to open bags or feed materials. In that case, the automatic detection function of the dal packing machine can automatically detect abnormalities and stop working to avoid safety. Accidents or waste of packaging products can effectively save the production cost of enterprises.

What are the performance characteristics of a dal packing machine?

  1. The automatic dal packing machine adopts a PLC control system and is equipped with a touch screen man-machine interface system, which is easy to operate; uses a frequency conversion speed regulation device, which can adjust the speed within the specified range; has automatic detection function; the mechanical device is safe when the working air pressure is abnormal, Or when the heating tube fails, it will alarm.
  1. Wide range of bag types, not only suitable for flat bags but also stand-up bags; the bag holder can store many packaging bags, the quality requirements for bags are low, and the rate of bag separation and bag loading is high; by adjusting each group of machine clips The width is suitable for different prefabricated bag specifications, which is easy to operate and saves time.
  1. Use materials that meet food hygiene standards, such as stainless steel, as the parts that come into contact with materials or packaging materials to ensure their safety and hygiene.

Currently, the demand for dal packing machines is growing at an annual rate of 12%. My country’s dal packing machinery products are multiplying at an average yearly rate of more than 30%. The update speed of dal packing machinery is breakneck.

Continuous production requires dal packing machinery to become an automated production line that consists of a series of dal packaging machinery, conveyors, linkages, automatic storage, and automatic detection devices. Mechanical automation mainly applies automation technology in the production process, optimizes the production process, and speeds up the processing exchange and flow speed of production, thereby improving the efficiency of packaging work.

The level of automation technology greatly impacts the development of the entire machinery manufacturing industry. For example, the use of Fieldbus technology in the entire packaging process of medicines replaces complex manual operations with a series of automated machinery, making production accurate and reliable, and reducing resources. Waste, improved production efficiency, accelerated industrial development, and automatic dal packing machine has also become the current mainstream dal packing machinery.

What problems often occur in the use of dal packing machines? So how to deal with it?

The whole machine does not work. 


  • Low voltage.
  • blown fuse.
  • Travel switch misplaced
  • Pump or motor stuck.
  • The vacuum delayer plug-in is loose or damaged

Method of exclusion:

  • Use a voltage regulator, replace the fuse
  • Adjust the position of the travel switch
  • Find out the cause of the failure respectively, insert the delay device or replace it

The vacuum degree cannot be pumped up. 


  • Vacuum pump reverse. 
  • Vacuum solenoid valve not working.
  • Whether the vacuum pump oil is sufficient or needs to be replaced.

Method of exclusion:

  • Swap any two of the motor phase wires
  • Check valve control wiring, repair or replace solenoid valve
  • The vacuum degree cannot be pumped up.

Poor sealing quality. 


  • Sealed voltage selector switch not open or damaged. 
  • Sealing voltage fluctuation or improper voltage selection.
  • Poor contact at the line connection. 
  • Sealing time is too long or too short. Sealing air bag is leaking or damaged

Method of exclusion:

  • Turn the selector switch to the proper position or repair the switch.
  • Eliminate voltage fluctuation factors and select appropriate sealing voltage repair, tighten
  •  Adjust sealing time Repair or replace airbags Repair or replace solenoid valve

The vacuum cover cannot be opened. 


  • Delayer insert damaged or moved. 
  • Bleed solenoid valve not working

Method of exclusion:

  • Replacing a plug-in or Delayer.
  • Check control circuit, repair or replace solenoid valve

What are the technical characteristics of dal packing machine?

  • Sealed on three sides, continuous packing.
  • The measurement adopts a volume measuring cup, and the size is adjustable.
  • It can automatically complete the functions of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, hot pressing batch numbers, and so on.
  • We are using PLC to control the bag length.
  • Intelligent cursor positioning, automatic photoelectric tracking correction function, accurate cutting, stable performance, and easy adjustment.
  • It has a fault alarm function, and faults are automatically displayed on the operation interface, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • It has the function of automatic stop without film and automatic stop when there is no material.
  • Rotary multi-station continuous filling, high-speed and stable, the maximum speed can reach 100 bottles/min, suitable for small specifications, Mass production.
  • Bottles of different sizes must be replaced with accessories, including bottle feeding screws, positioning turntables, and unloading funnels.
  • Different materials may require other filling heads, such as rotating measuring cups, servo screws, multi-head groups collective name etc.
  • It can automatically complete the automatic transportation of products, quantitative vehicle, quantitative measurement, automatic filling, and mechanical.
  • Bag making, sealing and cutting, printing production date, and other functions. Servo motor drives heat-sealing pull film. stable
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • The high sensitivity electric eye can automatically track and locate the printing cursor. When packaging materials with color codes,Get the full logo pattern. PLC control can be easily set on the touch screen panel, adjust packaging parameters, and intuitively display raw materials.
  • It has the functions of fault self-alarm, self-shutdown, and self-diagnosis, and it is safe to use.
  • Simple and easy to maintain.
  • PID digital temperature control, the sealing temperature deviation is about 1 degree Celsius.

How to properly clean the dal packing machine?

  • The exhaust filter of the dal packing machine should be replaced in time except for the fatigue inspection of each bearing, tension, and spring. Suppose the temperature of the pump rises significantly. In that case, the motor’s current reaches or exceeds the rated current, and the pump’s exhaust port produces an oil fume.The exhaust filter should be installed to see if it is blocked. If it is blocked, it should be replaced in time. In addition, an exhaust pressure gauge can be installed at the filling hole of the pump of the dal packing machine to check whether the filter is blocked. When the pressure exceeds 0.6bar, the exhaust filter can be replaced.
  • Clean the suction filter of the dal packing machine. The suction filter should be kept clean to prevent a pumping speed drop. The suction filter is a coarse filter to prevent magazines with larger particles. The main operation steps are: after stopping the pump, first unscrew the suction nozzle joint from the suction nozzle, then loosen the four screws on the suction nozzle, and take out the suction filter in the suction nozzle, and place it in the cleaning solution. Clean it with medium (diesel or kerosene), then dry it, wipe the plane of the suction nozzle, put the suction filter into the suction nozzle, and then tighten the suction nozzle with four screws.
  • Clean the suction valve disc of the dal packaging machine. When there is leakage from the suction nozzle of thedal packing machine, put the suction valve flap in the suction nozzle into the cleaning solution to clean it, and blow it off with an air compressor to ensure that it is installed in the suction nozzle clean and flat.

How to repaired Dal packing machine failure ?

  1. Transmission failure

Transmission failure is manifested in system failure, loss of synchronization of mechanism operation, etc. This kind of failure is generally caused by improper operation and the loosening of fasteners due to equipment vibration. Once the failure occurs, it often causes significant damage to the equipment and extended downtime. Therefore, it must firmly prevent such losses from occurring.

The measures are mainly to strictly enforce the operating procedures, strengthen equipment maintenance and pre-repair, and eliminate faults in the bud.

  1. Product missing fault

Due to the adaptability of the raw materials for conveying and packaging and the product itself, the equipment did not stop during the packaging process. Still, the packaged products were missing or increased. You should adjust the coordination between matching and actions to a synchronization state. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the equipment’s working principle, be good at adjustment, and make regular corrections to achieve practical work before the frequency of failures.

  1. Packaging raw and auxiliary materials and product delivery failures

Failures mainly include failures in which the product is blocked in the conveying channel. In addition to the reasons for the original and auxiliary materials mentioned above, the reasons for this type of failure include improper adjustment of the channel size of the equipment and dirt in the running channel. After a fault occurs, the equipment can automatically control the shutdown and perform manual operations, during which there are safety risks.

It is impossible to eliminate such failures, so strengthen equipment maintenance and pre-repair, improve equipment adjustment accuracy, and improve the operational level of employees.

How long is the maintenance cycle of the dal packing machine?

A dal packing machine is a process of subsequent packaging. With the development of automation technology and the increase in labor costs, many manufacturers have to choose dal packing machines to improve production efficiency and save labor costs. Quick. Maintenance of dal packing machines is essential.

Once a month:

  1. Grab the cartridge suction nozzle by purging the cartridge feeding system with compressed air to ensure lubrication and ensure that there is no noticeable dust or impurities.
  2. Check the cam orientation of the feeding system for cracks or voids.
  3. Press the manual button, check the emergency stop button in the control system, and check whether the switch is effective and controllable. Turn off the device.
  4. Check the origami system manual for the dal packing machine. The motor conveyor belt has no cracks, gaps, missing teeth, and sliding teeth.
  5. Check the box conveyor of the box feeding system. The visual inspection plan has no cracks, fissures, missing teeth, or slippage.
  6. Pneumatically purge the electrical control panel to keep it clean and regular to ensure proper and secure wiring posts, grounding, and fixtures. This shows that there are no missing, damaged cables, and the door locks fine. Intact and reliable.

Once a year:

  1. Check whether the bottle feeding and pouring system’s chain plate is lubricated well and whether it has a noticeable effect. Remove mechanical wear and broken teeth.
  2. Is the bearing sleeve of the bearing intact? Does it work smoothly, and is there any abnormal noise?
  3. Check whether the transmission chain of the dal packing machine is seriously worn or replaces the lubricating oil.
  4. Take it apart to see if the cam position of the box grab in the box inlet system is well lubricated and if there is any noticeable wear or noise.
  5. Check whether the push rod drive belt slips and whether the sliding bearings and sliding guides are worn in the box feeding system manual.


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