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We manufacture extended options of meat packaging machines. Sanlin Pack can show your selections and we will immediately handle your purchased machines. We have full assistance for simply operating our offered meat packaging machine. You can operate it without hassle.

Be with our company, as your leading manufacturer of high-quality meat packaging machines. We are willing to give you the satisfying quality of our meatpacking machines. We have manufactured meat packing machines that are suitable in hotels, buildings, plants, and even for your small business.

You will surely not regret your conclusion, choosing Sanlin Pack as your manufacturer. We have full experience and expertise forming excellent conditions for machines including meat packaging machines. We made it with the intention that we can give your business incomparable results.

Sanlin Pack has assigned staff to answer all your inquiries and to do every procedure of your purchased meat packaging machines. We have full-time sales staff whom you can trust your details for customizing your meat packaging machine. We are united with hardworking employees that can assure your order is received on time.

Please keep on touching the Sanlin Pack machine and equipment products for your updated and modernized design and functions for the best of your business. We can update you and get notified if you are interested in our introduced meat packaging machine.

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The best meat packaging machine faq

What is a meat packaging machine?

 Meat packaging machines is a machine for packing meat.  After vacuum packaging, meat has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and moisture-proof. Meat packaging machines is a common vacuum packaging equipment. Many meat enterprises use vacuum packaging. Many foods need to use other gases instead of air based on vacuum packaging. The working model of the meat packaging machine is to put the product into the bag. And put the bag into the vacuum chamber for vacuum sealing. We will add an inflation function to the equipment if you need it. There is an air hole in the vacuum chamber. And the air pipe connected with the air hole extends to the external air source of the machine.  Customers can prepare by themselves. We will set up procedures to require single-cycle air extraction and inflation.  You can also cycle many times according to the customer’s product needs.  Therefore, if customers have ventilation requirements, they can communicate with our sales staff and add this inflation function.

What determines the shelf life of an automatic Meat packaging machine?

Vacuum packaging is a common form of packaging in food packaging.  The purpose of vacuum packaging is to prolong the shelf life of food. In the process of food packaging, vacuum packaging is not enough. Let’s talk about the factors that determine the shelf life. The packaging machine chooses different packaging methods according to other foods. Different vacuum packaging methods also determine their shelf life.  For example, vacuum packaged products need high-temperature anti-virus after packaging.  The products that are not suitable for high temperatures will adopt pasteurization.  This depends on the product characteristics.  

For example, the shelf life of modified air fresh packaging is shorter than that vacuum packaging.  Vacuum modified modified modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging not only pursues the shelf life of food but also pursues the original flavor of food. Such as clean vegetable products, after packaging, it can show a green that ordinary vacuum packaging can not achieve.  The fresh-keeping lock products packaged with a modified atmosphere are generally stored in the refrigerated cabinet. Which can also prolong the shelf life of food. Automatic meat packaging machines uses materials with good barriers when packaging food. If packaging materials with poor barrier performance are used. The shelf life of products will be greatly shortened.

 After the product is packaged by the packing machine, it is necessary to carry out food anti-virus work.  The commonly used anti-virus methods are mainly low temperature and high temperature.  The low temperature usually refers to pasteurization. This anti-virus method was invented by the French Pasteur company in 1865. It is mainly used for the anti-virus of some products afraid of high temperatures, such as milk and pickles.   High-temperature anti-virus usually refers to 121-degree high-temperature anti-virus.  This method is usually widely used. Roast chicken, roast duck, soy sauce, corn, zongzi, and other products adopt high-temperature anti-virus technology to prolong the shelf life.  With the continuous progress of science and technology, many packaging machinery manufacturers have a little technical levels.

There are differences in quality, details, and built-in treatment of food packaging machinery and equipment. At this time, the integrity of the whole machine must be carefully checked. Rough equipment is not recommended. If you don’t pay attention to the external details, the interior may be bad. Good equipment must be of good internal and external quality. The shelf life of an automatic potato chip packaging machine is determined by many aspects, not controlled by an automatic potato chip packaging machine. The main factor determining the shelf life of an automatic potato chip packaging machine depends on the product’s characteristics. We can select supporting equipment according to product characteristics in terms of equipment selection.

Why use a meatpacking machine to pack meat?

Vacuum-packed meat can prevent products from deteriorating in and preventing moisture and dust.  Now the industry is very concerned about the hygiene of products. Therefore, using meat packaging machines for vacuum packaging is particularly important.

How to choose meat packaging machines?

 Only when we master our actual needs can we have a clear vision.We can have a clear direction. If the desired the effect is to pack a lot of materials, we should choose equipment with strong compatibility.  If more professional packaging is needed, we should choose special equipment according to the packaging material, scope, and effect.  In addition, when purchasing food packaging machinery, we should take high-cost performance as the basic principle of purchase.

What are the characteristics of the Performance of the automatic meat packaging machine?

In the food industry, We often need to use packaging machines. Most of the snacks to eat need expanded packaging to avoid damage during transportation. The packaging of expanded food needs the corresponding chip foods packaging machine.

  • Simple to use. The meat packaging machine

is controlled by a Siemens PLC from Germany. It is equipped with a touch screen electrical control system and a user-friendly interface.

  • Speed control using a variable frequency.

The machine uses a variable frequency speed regulating system. It can allow thespeed to be altered flexibly within a set range.

  • Automatic detecting function.

If there is a packaging problem with the bag, the machine will automatically detect the problem. It will stop if problems are found. This saves material and saves you production costs.

If the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails, the safety mechanism will sound an alert.

  • Bag storage devices with a horizontal bag

delivery mode can store more packing bags with minimal quality requirements. It also can be separated into bags.

  • The bag width is controlled by a motor. 

You can modify the width of each set of clamps just by pressing the control button. This is easy to use and saves time

  • Environmental friendly

prevent material pollution. Certain foreign engineered plastic bearings are utilized without refueling. To eliminate manufacturing environment pollution, use an oil-free vacuum pump.

  • Packaging material loss is minimal. The

machine uses premade packing bags with packaging bag designs and superior sealing quality.

  • Meet the food processing industry’s sanitary criteria.

The packing bag may be used for multi-layer composite film and PE, PP, and other materials. It has a wide variety of applications. Puffed food: Meat, candy, pistachios, raisins, peanuts, and biscuits can all be packaged using this automatic chip food packaging machine!

How to operate the automatic meat packaging Machine?

Automatic meat packaging machines have beenwidely used in the industry. Only with correct and reasonable operation can it increase its performance and reduce the occurrence of faults. To give full play to the role of the automatic meat packaging machine. Let’s take you to know how to operate the meatpacking machine correctly?

  • Before the operation of the automatic meat

packaging machine. You need to remove the head, movement, lead screw, and other components. You need carefully clean the rice scale and oil stain on the movement and lead screw. And then dry and reinstall Startup and run for 1-2 minutes. You should add the raw ingredients to the feed port one time. Stop feeding and perform friction preheating when around a handful of raw materials may fill the ring groove of the screw shaft head.  When the standby head’s temperature rises, the pressure in the machine cavity rises. And the spray hole starts to spit, so add it again. The feeding amount should be progressively raised because the machine cavity temperature and pressure have not yet reached normal levels.

  • To prevent the spiral groove from becoming

clogged during operation, you should feed continuously and uniformly and dry the materials. Do not immediately shut down the machine if the spiral groove is blocked. After you’ve stopped feeding it, run it for a while until you get a burnt smell. This avoids damage to the spray head and screw bushing Do not forcefully strike the nozzle and spiral shaft sleeves if they cannot be removed. They can be taken from the machine and heating for a short time in a fire. Then you can separate it.

  • When manufactured goods cannot be sprayed

from the spray hole during the first stage of operation.  It is frequently due to the nozzle’s high temperature.  The cause for this is that the raw materials are excessively dry. Foreign matter is lodged in the spiral groove, or the feeding is disrupted.  Find out the reason according to different conditions and eliminate the fault After stopping the feeding. Let the machine idle for 1 minute and stop the machine after discharging all the materials in the machine. Then remove the nozzle and spiral sleeve while it is hot. And punch out the spiral shaft, remove the residue in the extruder, and dredge the spray hole for reuse.

How to maintain an automatic meat packaging machine?

Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the automatic meat packaging machine. The methods are as follows:

  • The meatpacking machine shall be used in an environment where the temperature is – 10 ℃ – 50 ℃. And the relative humidity is no more than 85%. The surrounding air is free of corrosive gas, dust, and explosion hazards.
  • The impurity filter must be removed and cleaned regularly.
  • After 2-3 months of continuous operation, open the rear cover. Lubricate the sliding parts and switch bosses and each connecting and moving part on the heating rod, based on the service condition.
  • To avoid the sealing quality, keep the heating strip and silica gel strip clean and clear of foreign matter.
  • Insulation is provided by the second layer of paste on the heating rod and under the heating plate.  If it is damaged, it must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid a short circuit.
  • Users are responsible for providing their own working and inflating air sources. The automatic meat packaging machine’s working pressure is set to 0.3MPa, which is more appropriate.  If there aren’t any unusual conditions, don’t make too many adjustments.
  • The automatic chip packing equipment may not be positioned diagonally, hit, or placed on the ground for handling.
  • 肉类自动包装机必须安装可靠的接地装置。
  • 全自动肉类包装机有警示指示灯提醒操作者。正确和安全地操作它。如遇紧急情况,请立即关闭电源。
  • 运行中通电前通风关闭电源前,先放气。食物是千家万户  不可或缺的必需品。随着时代的变迁,食品的纯手工包装也向机械包装转变。
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