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Sanlin pack is the top grocery packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a wide selection of grocery packing machines. Sanlin pack can manufacture an excellent grocery packing machine that will improve your business capacity.

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Sanlin pack is committed to manufacturing and supplying different types of packing machines like grocery packing machines for 10 years. We are manufacturing grocery packing machines in a professional and best way to ensure the quality of your grocery packing machine. Sanlin pack is one of the trusted manufacturers with great innovation. Sanlin Pack assures you one-stop supplying grocery packing machines. We also give solutions to any problem with our imported grocery packing machines being sold. You can count on the full guidance of our staff for your inquiries and questions, especially about our grocery packing machines.

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Sanlin Pack Grocery Packing Machine

Automatic Pillow Grocery Packing Machine

Full automatic pillow grocery packing machine are very useful especially when coating and sealing the packed products, perfect for your business.

Thermoforming Vacuum Grocery Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack produces qualified thermoforming vacuum grocery packing machine with outstanding functions for the best of your factory.

Heat Shrink Grocery Packing Machine

This heat shrink grocery packing machine operates customized voltage. Sanlin Pack gives your suitable machine for your packed business.

Powder Grocery Packing Machine

We manufacture powder grocery packing machine with an uncomplicated way of operating and processing the packed products.

Liquid Grocery Packing Machine.jpg

Sanlin Pack offers you the best operating liquid grocery packing machine as your production line of specific products packed factories. 

Food Grocery Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack  food grocery packing machine for supermarkets has a stable performance that satisfies your packed grocery business.

Vertical Grocery Packing Machine

This vertical grocery grocery packing machine is the most reliable machine that is accurate to packed various applicable products with a secure seal.

Rotary Liquid Grocery Packing Machine

This rotary liquid grocery packing machine is very in demand for most large factories of processed grocery products. The Sanlin Pack can introduce you to the best one.

Rotary Powder Grocery Packing Machine

We manufactured and offer our flexible rotary powder grocery packing machines. It is available in different voltage according to your final applications and product needs.

Rotary Food Grocery Packing Machine

Our rotary food grocery packing machines are suitable for various product packaging applicable for any size and weight. We made excellent functions made with certified materials.

Rotary Grocery Vacuum Packing Machine

Sanlin pack specializes in manufacturing packing rotary grocery vacuum machines.If you want to have a winning rotary grocery vacuum machine to pack your goods well, you are in the best place.

Why Sanlin Pack Grocery Packing Machine

Sanlin pack is a kind of grocery packing machine full of the capability to offer a desirable grocery packing machine and the different types of packing machines. Our grocery packing machines obtain the best record in the packing machine industry.

Sanlin pack grocery packing machines are one of the hassle-free packing machines which are perfect for those who export the groceries product. The Sanlin pack grocery packing machine allows you to have great packaging for your products.

Regarding a grocery packing machine, you can inquire with us anytime!

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Why Sanlin Can Be Your No.1 Grocery Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack Grocery Packing Machine

Sanlin pack is involved in providing a high-durable packing machine such as the grocery packing machines. We are exposed to this industry as the well-known supplier and manufacturer of grocery packing machines that are perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

Using the Sanlin pack grocery packing machines absolutely gives a positive benefit for business and most of all for the business owner. It tends to package well your products without wasting any effort, time, and cost.

The Sanlin pack grocery packing machine will improve safety in working areas, which means that you can lessen any possible injuries for workers. With the Sanlin pack grocery packing machine, you don’t need to hassle in packing your goods.

The groceries products need to be safe from any possible damage that is made by dust and moisture,  that’s why you need to have safe packaging. And we recommend using the Sanlin pack grocery packing machine for you to have better product packaging.

Sanlin pack grocery packing machines come in different capacities depending on your needs. It also can be an automatic or non-automatic machine. You can get a grocery packing machine with your exact details at Sanlin pack.

If ever you need a grocery packing machine, you may check at Sanlin pack. Sanlin pack is a kind of company formed by skilled and well-trained employees. At Sanlin pack you guarantee that you can get a 100% quality product.

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The best FAQ for grocery packing machines


How to select the right grocery packing machine?

Focus on the versatility of machinery and can be used to the packaging demands of diverse kinds of commodities. If it is used in the food industry, it also needs to meet the food safety and hygiene standards. It cleans easily, and not pollute the food;

Reasonable and reliable control of the conditions required for product packaging, such as temperature, pressure, time, measurement, speed, etc.,

If it is a long-term process of a single product, it is recommended to use special purpose machinery. Suppose you need to pack products of various types and specifications simultaneously. In that case, it is recommended to use a multiple functional automatic grocery packing machines, which can complete multiple packaging operations, increase efficiency, save labor and decrease spaces.

we should determine what the product we are going to package is.

Attempt to select a grocery packing machine brand manufacturer that provides high quality assurance and has a long history.

If you have plans to visit the factory, please focus on the whole machine, specially the details of the machine; the quality of the machine always depends on the details. So it is better to test the machine with real samples.

Regarding after-sales service, a good reputation should be given on time, especially for food production enterprises. You need to select a hot sales after-sales machine factory.

Researching commodities packaging equipment may be a nice proposal.

Try to choose a system with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, and a full continuous dosing system, which can improve the packaging rate and reduce the labor cost of the enterprise’s long-term development.

grocery packing machines’ daily maintenance process requirements include machine cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and anti-corrosion processes.

How to use the grocery packing machine?

The operator only needs to press the run button, and the packaging machine starts bagging and frequency conversion feeding. When the set weight is reached, it will be pumped and sealed, and the packaging bag will fall off. Then send the bag and pack it.

What are the advantages of grocery packing machines?

  1. 1. This grocery packing machineis a set of machine, electricity, light, and instrument controlled by a single chip and has the functions of quantification, filling, and adjustment of measurement errors;
  2. The speed is fast: the use of screw cutting and light control technology;
  3. You can adjust the vibration amplitude of the feeding motor and the vibration motor by switching control. The whole screw can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
  4. grocery packing machinefeeding, stop;
  5. Soft connection between the screw and the barrel and the silo, easy to disassemble; there is a valve and a forward and reverse switch at the lower end of the barrel, which is convenient for cleaning;
  6. The feeding height is determined according to user requirements and working space. The grocery packing machinecan move freely, and feeding is fast, safe, and reliable.
  7. The silo of the grocery packing machineis equipped with a vibration motor to make the material enter the screw.

Regular maintenance includes one, two, and three levels; and special maintenance includes seasonal maintenance and maintenance stops.

What are the technical features of grocery packing machines?

Equipped with different filling mechanisms, it can realize the packaging of powder, granule, liquid, sauce, and other materials.

Lapel bag-making mechanism, the bag is flat and beautiful; the bag shape is a back-sealed pillow bag, which is suitable for a wide range.

grocery packing machines cut, seal, bag, and continuously pack plastic films.

When there is a lack of film or material during the packaging process of the grocery packing machine, the packaging machine will alarm. The operator only needs to add the full roll of film when the film runs out.

The grocery packing machine is easy to operate, stable, and high in accuracy. Significant savings in labor costs. It has been successfully used in the large-scale petrochemical industry for a long time.

What is the scope of application of the grocery packing machine?

The grocery packing machine replaces manual packaging. It realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium sized enterprises. Grab will automatically take out the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure the signal to the measuring device, and blank, seal, and output.

According to product packaging requirements, customers can also add complex functions, such as door opening and emergency stop, automatic card insertion, abnormal discharge, and other detailed tasks. The whole packaging process does not require manual operations, effectively improving your company’s production efficiency. It saves labor costs and management costs and dramatically reduces costs.

What are the working processes of the grocery packing machine?

After the grocery packing machine enters the running state, the weighing control system under the control of the computer opens the feeding door and starts feeding. Quit rapid feeding, continue slow feeding;

Material door, the material enters the packaging bag, close the discharge door of the weighing hopper after the material is discharged.

Release the bag clamping machine after unloading the material. And the packaging bag falls; after the packaging bag falls, it is sewn and transmitted to the next station. This cycle continue to operate.

A computer precisely controls the entire working process of the grocery packing machine. Compared with manual operation, this process is more continuous and precise.

What is the working principle of a grocery packing machine?

The unequal distance and conical screw are used for compression feeding, and the gas in the powder is physically squeezed and discharged using the differential speed of the two spirals. When the predetermined compression ratio is reached, the pressure valve opens and enters the feeding screw directly fed into the packaging by the pile-shaped feeding screw. In the bag, the material packing density is reached.

What are the common faults of grocery packing machines?

How to do the daily maintenance of the grocery packing machine?

  1. You must ensure that the inside and outside of the computer instrument box are clean and dry;
  2. Check whether the terminals of the grocery packing machineare loose or fall off.
  3. Ensure that the circuit and gas path of the grocery packing machineis unblocked. The two-piece pressure regulating valve is clean and cannot store water;
  4. The mechanical part of the grocery packing machine: the transmission and moving parts must be checked, tightened, refueled, and maintained within a week of use for the newly installed new machinery;
  5. In the future, the grocery packing machinemust be regularly inspected and maintained every month;

The staff of each shift must clean the grocery packing machine on-site when they get off work and perform dust removal, water discharge, and power off. And gas cut-off of the grocery packing machine equipment before leaving their jobs.

How to reflect the expandability of grocery packing machines?

  1. The automatic bag feeding and bagging mechanism can be selected when the grocery packing machineis packaged in open paper pockets.
  2. Different feeding methods (screw or gravity feeding) are adopted for materials with different characteristics to maximize the packaging speed and accuracy.

3.It is equipped with a tiny dust removal fan.

  1. After installing automatic conveying and sealing, You can realize coding, boxing, bundling, palletizing, lifting, and other equipment, fully automatic packaging.

How is the development of grocery packing machines?

With the efforts of technology and market development, industry technology has become increasingly advanced. The technical strength has become higher and higher.

The industry norms have become more and more promising.

And the entire packaging market has begun to mature, especially with the development of grocery packing machines in recent years. Quickly, this is well-proven in the market.



There are still many problems in grocery packing machines’ technical and industrial development. They are not mature enough in some places. Still, with the market’s maturity, grocery packing machines have a lot of room for growth. In addition to the enormous development space, competition among various grocery packing machine manufacturers is fierce, giving each manufacturer a reason and sense of urgency to develop grocery packing machine technology.

Now the development of grocery packing machines is very rapid, the existing problems are gradually reduced. And the control of the market and products is getting increasingly in place.

It has brought great benefits to every enterprise. And it has an excellent reputation in various enterprises. Whether the grocery packing machine is good or not has been fully verified in the market.

Although the road ahead is very bumpy and tortuous, domestic grocery packing machine manufacturers have never slackened. It is precise because of various pressures that the development of grocery packing machines is promoted. Moreover, the current conditions and policies are very favorable for development.

This is an opportunity, so we must seize the opportunity and work hard. Suppose the current speed of action can be maintained in the future. In that case, it is believed that domestic grocery packing machines will reach the international top-level shortly. And it has become a piece of modern packaging equipment at home and abroad.

The fast-paced life drives everything around, and the grocery packing machinery industry is no exception. The production efficiency of food packaging has become an essential measure for enterprises. Because it can reduce the cost of the product and meet the delivery time.


To comply with the development trend of the times, manufacturers of packaging machinery are increasingly paying more attention to developing fast and low-cost packaging equipment. The packaging equipment is developing towards small, flexible, multiple purpose, and high efficiency.

Automation technology accounts for only 30% of packaging machinery design. It now accounts for more than 50%—of the extensive use of micro computer design.

mechatronics control to achieve packaging machinery automation. There are three purposes. One is to accelerate production efficiency;

the other is to strength the flexibility and flexibility of equipment. And the third is to enhance the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions. That is, to use robotic arms to complete the packaging process.

Today, automated operation procedures have been adopted to more advanced packaging systems, such as the application of PLC equipment and data collection systems. To ensure high water chase productivity, automatic detection and automation systems are essential. In the future, technologies like industrial machines, intelligent control, image sensing technology, and new technologies will be widely adopted in commodity and packaging machinery. Food and packaging machinery will become increasingly automated and save energy.

What are the problems restricting the rapid development of the grocery packing machine manufacturing industry?

My country’s grocery packing machinery started late. After more than 20 years of development, my country’s packaging machinery has been among top ten companies in this machinery fields. It provides a sufficient guarantee for the rapid growth of my country’s packaging industry. It meets the needs of the domestic market, and some products are also exported.


The domestic packaging machinery industry is in a low-level stage. Some complete sets of packaging equipment with high content still rely on imports to meet domestic demand. This over reliance has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of my country’s packaging industry.

And it has put some domestic uncompetitive packaging machinery enterprises in an endangered situation. Therefore, experts point out the low-level development of packaging machinery. It will affect the rapid growth of the entire packaging industry. So efforts must be made to improve its backwardness.

The pure problems of my country’s packaging machinery manufacturing industry are: first, the lack of overall macro planning;

But the lack of capital investment, the investment used by enterprises for research and development accounts for less than 1% of the average sales; third, there is a lack of professional and technical personnel.

The above are the problems that restrict the development of the grocery packing machine manufacturing industry. How do we solve these problems?

In terms of product structure, we should be oriented market. Change the current situation of low-tech content and low-level competition, eliminate several low efficiency, high-consumption, low-grade, low value added, intensive labor products, and strive to develop and produce low-cost products.

Consumption, production, and sales of large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products. Regarding packaging function, industrial and agricultural products should be refined and diversified. And packaging machinery products should develop towards the polarized direction of product multi-function and single high-speed.


Food and grocery packing machines must break through three significant problems in the development.

Although the future of the domestic packaging machinery market is bright, stand-alone automation, poor stability and reliability, an unsightly appearance, and short life has also got bad reviews for domestic packaging machinery products.

In the development of grocery packing machines, it is necessary to break. Through the three significant safety problems: detection, motion control, and flexible technology. These three problems are detailed below.


Safety detection technology

Safety is the main keyword in any industry, especially in packaging. The manifestation of pharmaceutical safety in packaging machinery is not only limited to the scope of simple physical parameters but also pays attention to factors such as drug color and raw materials. The scope of application of grocery packing machinery is expanding. It constantly puts forward new requirements for machinery manufacturers and automation product suppliers.

Motion Control Technology

Motion control technology in China develops fast. Still, the development momentum in the packaging machinery field is apparently weak.

The role of motion control products and technologies in packaging machinery aims to realize precise location manipulation and strait speed synchronization requirements.

The motion control technology is a critical factor in distinguishing high-end, medium-end, and low-end packaging machinery, and it is also the technical support for upgrading China’s packaging machinery.

Flexible production

To settle down the competitive competition in this atmosphere , enterprises with high reputation have shorter and shorter product replacement cycles.

It is easily known that the production of cosmetics can commonly fluctuate every three years or even every quarter. And the production range is relatively wide, so high requirements are placed on the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery.

That is, the sustainability of packaging machinery must be much stronger than the product’s sustainability. Because only in this way can it meet the demands of the commodity production economy.

The principle of agility should be taken three aspects into concern: agility of quantity, the agility of build, and agility of provision.

Safety detection technology, motion control technology, and flexible production are the three major problems to be solved by grocery packing machines. After solving the above three issues, the grocery packing machine can develop better and better.

What is the development direction of grocery packing machines?

grocery packing machines are packaging machines for various industries. grocery packing machines are also a significant category in the packaging machine industry.

They are widely used in the food and chemical industries. The development of grocery packing machines is generally okay at present. Still, with market diversification, it can be affirmed that the future development of grocery packing machines will be diversified.

With the improvement of life, people’s lives are improving. The comparable products have become more and more. The products that need to use grocery packing machines have also become more and more.

So grocery packing machines have more room for development. However, many problems follow.

The products that the current grocery packing machine can package are relatively simple. Therefore, grocery packing machines need to increase the types of packaging to become more and more suitable for this market.

Modularizing structural design standards require a lot of heavy work for traditional industrial design if a new design model is introduced. The use of new equipment will significantly increase the cost.

Therefore, the future design should adopt a standardized and modular design concept and fully use the original modules for design. You can convert it into a new model quickly. And You can control the price of the new model within a reasonable range.


grocery packing machines generally use programmable controllers, which do not have the powerful functions of industrial computers (pcs). For most traditional mechanical control equipment, plc is suitable. Because of the limited number of control parameters required, so many places still use this control method.

For example, torque control uses a mechanical clutch to protect the motor. However, with the improvement of equipment automation, more and more controlled computer equipment is used.

The number of sensing, detection, control, and actuating elements applied to the equipment is very large. At this point, the plc cannot manage and control many parameters, and an industrial PC would be a good choice.


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