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Sanlin Pack is your knowledgeable manufacturer and supplier of vegetable packing machines in China. We have the best capability to offer a high-end vegetable packing machine that will make your business grow. Sanlin pack is your one-stop solution for your vegetable packing machine needs.

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Sanlin Pack makes possible the perfect finished packed vegetable for your large business and factories. We are your solid source of effective vegetable packing machines. Sanlin Pack has a worthy background in manufacturing great machines and equipment, specifically vegetable packing machines. We are sourcing our loyal clients the upgraded and high-conditioned vegetable packing machine.

Sanlin Pack Vegetable Packing Machine

Pillow Vegetable Packing Machine

This type of packing machine is the most reliable machine that is accurate to pack vegetable products with a secure seal.

Automatic Vegetable Packing Machine

The Sanlin pack automatic vegetable packing machine has a stable performance that can offer reliable packaging to your business.

Vegetable Packing Machine

For vegetable salad products, we have the best packing solution. Sanlin pack can provide a trusted packing machine.

Why Sanlinpack Vegetable Packing Machine

Your Sanlin Pack manufacturer of plenty of packing machines like vegetable packing machines. Sanlin pack is responsible enough to manage your orders in an uncomplicated way. We offer negotiable prices for your total quantity of orders. We never disappoint our clients by providing you with the best, and effective vegetable packing machines.

Sanlin Pack assures you that we can provide you a one-stop solution for your vegetable packing machines. You can count on us for full guidance about your inquiries and questions, especially about our vegetable packing machines.

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Why Sanlin Can be an Outstanding Vegetable Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack Vegetable Packing Machine  

As your leading vegetable packing machine manufacturer, we keep our good name in supplying our customers with the excellent condition of machines. You can surely have original quality with vegetable packing machines from the Sanlin Pack. It is designed with easy operating buttons and controllers.

Sanlin pack vegetable packing machines are safe. It allows you to produce a quality appearance of the packaging. The Sanlin pack vegetable packing machine will never affect the freshness of the vegetable. Besides, it will remain healthy.

Sanlin Pack experienced successful sourcing high-quality vegetable packing machines in different business industries. We have been providing even large factories and production lines of vegetables with our vegetable packing machines. We provide the best kind of machine products, especially vegetable packing machines.

We have professional engineers who are giving full effort into creating high-quality vegetable packing machines. Sanlin Pack is composed of expert workers. You can trust the outstanding results of operating vegetable packing machines for your business.

Sanlin Pack always provides updated and upgradable vegetable packing machines. We use quality control machines to make sure the quality of every machine. At Sanlin Pack, your ordered vegetable packing machines are always in excellent condition.

Our great understanding of the manufacturing of vegetable packing machines is being applied. Well-trained sales staff are 24/7, ready to give feedback to your questions and any inquiries.

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The ultimate FAQ guide of Automatic Vegetable Packing Machine

What is a vegetable packing machine??

Vegetable packing machines are automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machines. It is suitable for automatic heat shrinkable packaging of green vegetables, garlic seedlings, fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other products.

What is the purpose of vegetable packing machines?

Our vegetable packing machine is mainly used in business.

You can use the vegetable packing machine to improve the production efficiency of your factory.

It can pack different types of vegetables into different types of boxes.

What are the advantages of using a vegetable packing machine?

When you use the vegetable packing machine, you will find many benefits

The following are the main advantages of using a vegetable packing machine

  • Cost-saving

Compared with labor, it takes too much time to pack vegetables. Using vegetable packing machines for automatic packaging saves a lot of personnel costs

  • improve work efficiency

Manual packaging needs to waste a lot of time. Using vegetable packing machines can carry out high-speed automatic packaging and improve work efficiency

  • Easy to use and maintain

Using the vegetable packaging machine is a very simple thing. You just need to follow the instructions.

It is especially important to build a vegetable packaging line because it can perform most functions.

Vegetable packaging comprises a servo motor and a programmable touch screen. Which greatly improves the machine’s control accuracy, speed regulation size, quantity, and intelligence level. Make the bag, cutting length, heat sealing temperature, and other parameters more accurately locked

  • It can pack many different vegetables

Using the vegetable packing machine can meet your requirements for different packaging kinds of vegetables,

You can pack different kinds of vegetables by using the control program provided by us

  • Realize mass production

Having mastered all the production factors, you can easily package vegetables on a large scale.

Using the automatic vegetable packaging machine, you will save time and money in packing vegetables.

You don’t need to spend too much labor, and the machine can be packaged at one time.

What are the advantages of vegetable packing machines?

· The vegetable packing machine is controlled by a single-chip microcontroller and motor. It is a highly automated machine. As a result, the vegetable packing machine’s operation is safe and dependable, and establishing settings is straightforward and convenient.

· The vegetable packing machine’s transmission mechanism is simple and reliable. It can perform one-step placement, packing, and sealing. Its packaging efficiency is very high.

· The positioning and shutdown functions are included in the vegetable packaging machine. It has high accuracy and automatically stops when it encounters an error.

· The waste rate of vegetable packaging mac machines is minimal. An automated detecting device prevents Empty bags from entering the sealing and cutting process. Which will immediately halt and pick them up, improving quality while decreasing packaging film waste.

· The vegetable packaging machine’s packing environment is sanitary and dependable. In the whole packing process, there is no need for manual involvement. Furthermore, all materials that come into touch with the equipment and components are stainless steel.

· The packaging possibilities are many, and the adjusting mechanism is adjustable. The vegetable packaging machine can package Potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, rapeseed, and other commodities. And it comes in a variety of specifications, shapes, and quality levels.

· The equipment for packing vegetables is frequently Utilised. Food, daily necessities, tools, stationery, toys, and other products can be packaged.

· Because it is controlled by software as a whole. The benefits of using a vegetable packing machine are numerous. It is functional, practical, economical, intelligent, and high-tech. It can adapt its function and enhance its technology according to the demands of different markets.

Its application not only propels the vegetable packing machine industry forward but also encourages the growth of other industries. It improves our quality of life and brightens the vegetable packing machine industry and the production and processing industry’s futures.

What are the disadvantages of vegetable packing machines?

The vegetable packing machine also has some shortcomings that can not be ignored.

Here are some disadvantages you may encounter when using the vegetable packing machine

  • high investment cost

When you buy a vegetable packing machine, you need to consider the cost performance of input and output. The cost of buying a vegetable packaging machine is relatively high.

You also need to prepare a large amount of warehouse space to install the machine, which increases the cost.

In addition, you may need to train your workers to run the machine

  • low portability.

The vegetable packing machine has a large volume, is heavyweight, and has low portability.

The larger the machine, the higher the automation level, and the worse the portability.

  • Safety of vegetable packing machine

When you see the prompt on the touch screen, you quickly find the problem

Generally, the vegetable packing machine will provide an emergency shutdown button. When an emergency occurs, you can turn off the emergency button. Which will stop the machine immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and production.

How to adjust the vegetable packing machine?

If you adjust the data, you can change the data on the touch screen. The length of the packing bag can be adjusted according to the length of the product. When you want to adjust the speed, you can change the data on the touch screen. The cutter is customized according to width and height. You need to confirm the height of the product. If you need to link the production line with other machines, you can prepare two sets of conveyor belts to separate each product.

Failure and maintenance of vegetable packing machine

When the vegetable packing machine is used for a long time. It may appear to be some mechanical and electrical faults.

We put forward some corresponding solutions and maintenance schemes for vegetable packing machines.

The sealing of the vegetable packing machine is not firm

The most common fault of the sealing machine is that the seal is not firm. We provide you with solutions to common problems

  • The sealing of the bag cannot be sealed.

· The vegetable packing machine’s heat sealing temperature cannot reach or exceed the material’s specified temperature.

If the composite bag is lined with OPP and the entire thickness of the bag is 80-90 M, The heat sealing temperature must be 170 180 °C. If the material is PE and the overall thickness is 85-100 m, the heat sealing temperature must be 170 180 °C. It’s best to keep the temperature between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius. The heat sealing temperature must rise with the bag’s thickness to ensure heat sealing quality and speed.

· The vegetable packaging machine’s heat sealing speed is too rapid, and the mouth cannot be properly sealed.

It is also connected to the sealing machine’s speed. The traction roller is sent to cold pressing during cooling treatment. If the speed is too rapid, the seal is not heated. Which clearly does not fulfill quality standards.

· The pressure of the cold-pressed rubber tire of the vegetable packing machine is too high or too low.

Only the pressure between them is moderate. It can be well heat-sealed. The pressure can be adjusted by a spring.

  • The bag cannot be completely sealed

· The heat sealing temperature of the vegetable packing machine is not enough or too high.

It is easy to solve the problem by increasing or decreasing the heat sealing temperature.

· The surfaces of the two heat sealing blades beneath the vegetable packing machine’s knife sealing point are not very flat.

Thermocouples are commonly used to monitor temperature changes, and the heat sealing device has three screws. The blade is strengthened by the middle screw, which supports the wire. Pressure springs and washers are commonly used on the other two screws. This structure is primarily utilized to control the heat sealing knife’s pressure.

· The skew in the middle screw and an improper pressure spring on the heat sealing knife.

The remedy is to re-calibrate the position of the vegetable packing machine’s central screw to be horizontal. The pressure spring should be adjusted if the upper and lower heat sealing knives are imbalanced. The heat sealing knife will fall when the spring is withdrawn. The heat sealing knife will rise upward when the bottom blade’s spring is tightened.

  • The fuse of the vegetable packing machine is blown

The sealing machine of the vegetable packaging machine will make a “squeak” sound at the beginning, which can not work normally.

Even the fuse on the fuse is abnormal. When solving this fault, first check whether the power supply is normal. Then cut off the power supply to check whether the power supply is damaged. Then check the fault of the circuit or motor to eliminate the problem of a motor short circuit Usually.

When the motor of the vegetable packing machine is short-circuited, if there is current in the fuse, the winding will be blown out, resulting in the fuse blowing.

Another possible cause of this failure is that the fuse size is too small. You can solve the problem by trying to replace it with a fuse that can carry more power.

  • “squeak” sound of vegetable packing machine

The fault of the “squeak” sound during the operation of the vegetable packing machine usually occurs in the operation process of the sealing machine. The “squeak” sound often appears suddenly, and then it will be found that the sealing speed is uneven. It results in the poor quality of packaging bag sealing embossing line of vegetable packing machine, which affects the appearance quality of products.

· If it often occurs. This phenomenon is mostly caused by mechanical damage or serious wear and poor lubrication.

First, find the fault location through sound inspection to solve this problem. Disassemble the back of the protective plate of the vegetable packaging machine, find out which gearbox the “squeak” sound comes from, and then remove the parts one by one.

If it is found that the lubricating grease in the gearbox is missing and there is no major fault in the gear, the cause of the fault is lack of oil. Then, add lubricating grease to the gearbox, add lubricating oil to the same specification, and tighten the screws to recover. After startup, the “squeak” will generally disappear, and the seal will become normal.

· If the joint is loose, seriously worn, and unclean at high temperatures, there is dirt on the surface. It can not be well synchronized with the traction wheel during the working process of the vegetable packing machine, and sometimes a “squeak” is sent out.

Its solution is to first compress the spring by hand. Then put one end of the high-temperature area on the rubber wheel. On the other hand, leaning against another rubber wheelset, the governor ran at low speed. Then start it and install it automatically in the high-temperature area.

· The DC motor and motor make the “squeak” sound. It may be that the motor-bearing oil of the vegetable packing machine is insufficient.

In this case, the burr should be removed and lubricated. In general, the sound can be eliminated.

  • The sealing temperature of the vegetable packing machine is out of control

The sealing temperature of the vegetable packaging machine is out of control, which means that the thermometer shows failure and cannot control the temperature. It results in unsteady heat sealing temperature and poor sealing.

The main reason for this failure is that the thermometer broke. In addition, the thermocouple may also be damaged so that the induced temperature cannot be transmitted to the thermometer normally.

The solution is to repair or replace the damaged devices and replace them with devices of the same model and specification. The heat sealing pressure is unequal. The pressure may be constant as long as the heat sealing knife’s pressure spring is adjusted. At the same time, the heat sealing knife’s pressure contact surface on the vegetable packing machine should be kept clean and clear of dirt.

Another problem is the composite material’s performance, which includes poor heat sealing quality and a shift in heat sealing coefficient, resulting in temperature inconsistency.

  • The speed of the vegetable packing machine is inconsistent

The phenomenon of the inconsistent speed of vegetable packing machines is also common. You can try tightening the screws to tighten all the connections of the vegetable packing machine. Furthermore, the primary motor is dependent on the carbon brush’s contact and functioning. The sealing machine will also stop.

If the carbon brush is severely worn and the ring is not in full contact, the friction performance is poor. Replace the carbon brush with a new one of the same type.

  • sealing failure of vegetable packing machine

The look and the uneven trail of the vegetable packing machine’s sealing foam. Although it does not cause the packing to leak, it detracts from the attractiveness of the package and degrades the product’s appearance.

The apparatus has been in use for a long time, and dirt such as high-temperature dust and plastic dust is attached. The high-temperature area of the vegetable packaging machine is not clean, smooth, and uneven, resulting in uneven heat insulation.

it is best to replace the cold pressing rubber wheel Because it can ensure the beautiful shape of the bag,

How to maintain vegetable packing machines?

the mechanical part of the vegetable packing machine

  • After the vegetable packing machine has been tested and is up and running. The user should operate it at medium speed for 24 hours before switching to high speed.
  • The new vegetable packing machine will be used for about one month. The operation and maintenance personnel should adjust the transmission chain and belt. And adjusted every two months;
  • The vegetable packing machine’s transverse sealing main drive gear shall be maintained every two months and added with grease.
  • The vertical cover plate of the vegetable packing machine should be cleaned twice a week. And the longitudinal seal should be lubricated at the same time;
  • For the vegetable packing machine’s tooth tension adjustment and application method, please refer to the gearbox manual.
  • The operator of the vegetable packing machine shall regularly check whether the fasteners, racks, sprockets, chains, and other components work normally.
  • The vegetable packing machine should always wipe the cover, worktable, and other external surfaces to keep the machine clean.

the electrical part of the vegetable packing machine

  • The operator should always check the head of the vegetable packing machine for looseness;
  • Frequently check the photoelectric switch of the vegetable packaging machine. Always examine and clean the photoelectric switch if there is dust near it and it is prone to failure;
  • Regularly use the soft gauze soaked in alcohol cleaner to clean the surface of the horizontal sealing slip ring of the vegetable packing machine and remove the toner on the surface. The power supply must be cut off for cleaning.
  • Nonprofessional managers are forbidden to open the electrical components of the vegetable packing machine. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

What is the process flow of vegetable packing machines?

Process of vegetable packing machine: the film is rolled into a cylinder by the bag forming machine. The material conveying mechanism of pushing material, the packaging material will be packaged into packaging. The film pulling roller and the forming brush will be clamped and pushed forward. When the longitudinal seam is sealed, the vertical sealing mechanism will complete the transverse sealing and cutting process.


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