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Sanlin Pack is the largest rotary packing machine manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We provide a huge range of rotary packing machines with full certifications.

  • Wide range of rotary packing machine models
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Your Professional Rotary Packing Machine Manufacturer

In China, Sanlin Pack is professional in manufacturing packing machine including rotary packing machine. Here in Sanlin Pack we can offer a full range of rotary packing machine services from product drawing to the testing products. Sanlin Pack is your go-to manufacturer for rotary packing machine.

Sanlin Pack Rotary Packing Machine

Rotary Liquid Packing Machine

Sanlin rotary packing machine for liquid is made from stainless-steel materials. We can customize rotary packing machines based on your requirements.

Rotary Power Packing Machine

We offer a fully stainless-steel power rotary packing machine to meet your needs. Our automatic stainless-steel rotary packing machine can be customized.

Rotary Solid,Irregular Material Packing Machine

We manufacture a wide range of rotary solid,irregular material packing machine for your business. Contact us for more information about this machine.

Rotary Food Vacuum Packing Machine

Sanlin pack specializes in manufacturing packing rotary food vacuum machines.If you want to have a winning rotary food vacuum machine, you are in the best place.

Rotary Packing Bags Vacuum Packing Machine

The Sanlin pack rotary packing bags vacuum packing machine truly increase efficiency. It can produce a good kind of packaging that absolutely prevents any surface damage.

Rotary Packing Machine Sample-1

Sanlin rotary packing machine is made from stainless-steel materials. We can customize rotary packing machines based on your requirements.

Why Sanlinpack Rotary Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is capable to provide you top-quality rotary packing machine at very competitive prices. Even during peak seasons, Sanlin Pack can always deliver your order on-time.

In Sanlin, you can find custom and standard design of rotary packing machine. Sanlin Pack has a professional engineering team that can develop and design cost-effective and outstanding rotary packing machine to meet your needs.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Rotary Packing Machine Supplier

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SanlinPack Rotary Packing Machine

If you want to import high-quality rotary packing machines for your business, Sanlin Pack is the right solution. Sanlin Pack is a leading Chinese supplier and manufacturer of high-end packing machines just like the Sanlin rotary packing machine.

In China, Sanlin Pack is the biggest rotary packing machine manufacturer. We are engaged in producing and marketing different types of Sanlin rotary packing machines such as vacuum packing machines, flow wrapping machines, vertical packing machine fitting, big bag rotary packing machines, and so much more.

Depending on your requirements, we can produce a rotary packing machine according to your design. Just send us your specifications and the Sanlin Pack engineering and designing team can do the job.

There are many packing productions can Sanlin rotary packing machines can do. Sanlin rotary packing machine is widely used for packing powder, liquid, spout bag, food, grain, powder, and many more products.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, we consistently do our best to become the best rotary packing machine manufacturer and supplier. And besides, the Sanlin Pack rotary packing machine is highly appreciated by many industries in different countries.

Being one of the best rotary packing machines, Sanlin Pack offers a wide option of rotary packing machine designs for your reference. All of the Sanlin rotary packing machines is guaranteed high-quality, reliable performance, and unique designs.

Sanlin Pack can be your reliable rotary packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We can fully support your business!

You can contact us anytime for inquiries.

What is a Rotary Packing Machine?

Fig. 1 Rotary Packing Machine
Fig. 1 Rotary Packing Machine

These are types of packing machine that delivers a circular pattern of motion. It is also known as heat sealers.

Rotary packing machines allow you to have faster and easier production. It primarily helps in filling and sealing different containers packed with various products.

It can be a great help in packaging liquids, granules, solid, or powder products into pouches, sachets, bottles, and other packaging types.

A rotary packing machine has a number of filling heads. Sometimes, it is available in 25 or more filling heads. Rotary packing machines are high-speed machines to meet every production requirement.

By using a rotary packing machine, you can fill or pack numerous numbers of containers per minute.

A rotary packing machine has more capacity compared to other packing machines. Because of that, more big manufacturing companies chose to use rotary packing machines.

Most rotary machines have a distinctive characteristic in their filling zone – the rotating platform. The rotating platform is the starting point of the packing process. Because of its circular platform, it is packing different products become easy and quick. All the products that undergo in this machine have been through this step:

  • Fabrication
  • Cleaning
  • Filling
  • Sealing
  • Combining
  • Labeling
  • Overwrapping
  • Palletizing

More thriving industries use rotary packing machines because of their high efficiency. Rotary packing machines are widely used by different industries.

Where Can You Use a Rotary Packing Machine?

Fig. 2 Rotary Packing Machine
Fig. 2 Rotary Packing Machine

You can use a rotary packing machine depending on the products to be packed. Most industries or workshops that require high-speed packaging uses rotary packing machines.

Because of their compact structure, rotary packing machines are becoming more popular today. Industries that use this machine includes:

  • Textile industry
  • Brewing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Cement industry
  • Oil and beverage industry
  • Food industry

What is Rotary Packing Machines Used For?

Most industries used rotary packing machines for:

Precise Packing. A rotary packing machine offers precise packing for medical and brewing industries. It can pack a wide range of products with accurate quantity because of its optimal performance.

A rotary packing machine can accommodate low and high viscous liquid products. Thus, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals for packing tablets and medicines in a range of container materials.

Sealing of Packaging. Sealing is very critical in any industry such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and more. A rotary packing machine can provide airtight packaging using a vacuum method. Thus, it can help in protecting the products from contaminants while prolonging their shelf life.

A rotary packing machine can seal different plastic materials such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, and more. By using this machine, you can ensure a tight capping and airtight seal. It can also provide labeling features and heat seals for verification or safety standards.

Leak Proof Packaging. A rotary packing machine is an ideal solution to providing a leak-proof filling. It is most applicable for liquid products. Products such as:

  • Cleaning detergents
  • Drugs
  • Edible oils
  • Adhesives
  • Bottled water
  • Sodas, and more

They can be packed accurately without any leakage.

Different Materials. Most rotary packing machines are great for packaging solid products, liquid products, edible, and non-edible products. This machine comes with a vacuum rotary to pack powders, granules, snacks, and more solid products. A rotary packing machine is also used for packing a broad range of processes foods.

Aside from that, a typical rotary packing machine can pack products of different sizes and container shapes. It can provide laminated packages, stand-up pouches, or flat pouches.

What Packaging Materials Can a Rotary Packing Machine Use?

A rotary packing machine can use a wide range of packing materials such as:

  • Paperboard is commonly used for secondary packaging. It can pack products such as juice cartons, frozen food boxes, and more. It offers maximum protection and durability compared to other paper packaging materials.
  • HDPE or LDP plastics. A rotary packing machine can use high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene plastic materials. It is more rigid and can offer moisture resistance. These materials are widely used for packaging cooking oil, milk, cleaning detergents, and more. It can also be used for packaging auto parts, tools, items, and more.
  • Many industries worldwide are using aluminum bottles and cans. A rotary packing machine can use aluminum for packaging different cosmetics, medicals, and beverages products. These materials are good because of their moisture and sunlight protection. Most aluminum packaging materials are suitable for effervescent tablets and aerospace cans.
  • Glass materials. A rotary packing machine can also use glass materials for packaging personal care, home décor items, cosmetics, and more products. It is also used for packaging non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks in many beverage industries.

What Product Materials Can a Rotary Packing Machine Use?

Fig. 3 Rotary Packing Machine Used for Packing a Wide Range of Products
Fig. 3 Rotary Packing Machine Used for Packing a Wide Range of Products

As an addition to packaging materials, a rotary packing machine can pack different product materials such as:

  • Solid materials. Rotary packing machines can pack solid material products such as puffed food, sugar, beans, snacks, pet foods, cheese, and more. It can also pack solid cleaning detergents such as a bar of soaps, and more.
  • Granular materials. Rotary packing machines can pack different granule materials such as fertilizers, powder medicines, coffee, grains, flavors, spices, seeds, raw materials, and more. It can pack into pouches, sachets, or jars.
  • Liquid or Saucy Materials. Rotary machines can pack a wide range of liquid products with different viscosity. It can pack reactive, non-reactive, non-flowing, or flowing liquid products. Aside from that, it is also suitable for packing creamy and foamy products. It includes edible liquids such as:
    • Soy sauce
    • Milk
    • Sauces
    • Yogurt
    • Vinegar
    • Drinks
    • Peanut butter
    • Jam; and more foods
    • Shampoos
    • Dishwasher gel
    • Lotions
    • Face wash
    • Detergents, and other cleaning liquid products

What are the Advantages of Using a Rotary Packing Machine?

Some of the advantages of using a rotary packing machine is listed below.

  1. Reliable Packing

A rotary packing machine can provide an ergonomic and high-quality packing. This machine can open, fill, and seal different bags and pouch automatically and efficiently. Most of rotary packing machines are high-speed. Thus, it can fill any pouch or bag consistently in its rotary platform.

Typically, a rotary packing machine features an automatic weighing equipment. Rest assured that you can guarantee accurate measurements on your product to be packed. Hence, increasing your production capacity.

  1. Easy to Operate

Rotary packing machines are easy and convenient to use. Most of these machines feature automatic operational settings. These machines are integrated with touch screen control panel to make it easier to use. That is why, rotary packing machines are more popular today than manual packaging.

Rotary can be used even if you are a beginner. You can use and operate it without needing a training. You just need to know the amount of materials and timing that can be completed in one cycle.

  1. Offers Flexibility and Versatility

Rotary packing machines can pack different products such as powders, pastes, solid, liquid, granular, strips, and more. You can also use different materials for your packaging. A rotary packing machine can use different packaging materials such as glass, foil, aluminum, plastics, films, and more. As an addition, these machines can provide beautiful packaging for your product.

Aside from that, rotary packing machines can use premade bags for packaging. It ensures a reliable sealing and packaging to meet your packaging requirements. Thus, making in more popular in many industries.

  1. Adjustable and Customizable

If you use a rotary packing machine, you can adjust its operation. It is very flexible and convenient to use. Whether you will pack products with a range of sizes, models, or natures, rotary packing machine can make your work easier.

You can also customize this machine’s capacity, filling heads, and speed according to your requirements. You can also modify the width of the bag or container if you desired. Automation level of a rotary machine is also adjustable.

  1. Perfect for small spaces

Because of its circular design, it can provide an ergonomic design for you. Compared to in-line machines, a rotary packing design can occupy less floor space. Thus, making it ideal for business or facilities with small spaces.

  1. Fast Changeover

A rotary packing machine can quick changeover from one type of bag to another. It can accommodate quad seal pouches, gusseted pouch, doypack pouch, stand-up pouch, sachet, pillow bag, stick pouch, 3 or 4 sided pouch, and more.

What are the Features of a Rotary Packing Machine?

Some features of a rotary packing machine is listed below:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low-noise operation
  • Made from stable frame and superior quality materials
  • Conformed to food safety standards and GMP requirements
  • Good hygiene packaging
  • Vacuum effect to make the packed products less prone to flatulence and leakage
  • Automatic bag feeding, automatic metering, automatic blanking, automatic heat sealing, and more automatic features

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Rotary Packing Machine?

Though rotary packing machines have a lot of advantages, it also comes with drawbacks and disadvantages. Here are cons of using a rotary packing machine:

  1. Limitations

Sometimes, rotary packing machines cannot adopt both filler and weigher equipment. Because of its limitation, it can be hard for you to choose the right machine for your production needs. You may need rotary packing machine with multi-weigher option for packaging beans, rice, and other granular products.

On the other hand, you may also need rotary packing machines with auger fillers for packing powder products. Therefore, you may need two or more rotary packaging machine types at the same time.

  1. Costs More for Small Businesses

Rotary packing machines are worth the price for big business. However, small businesses may find it more expensive investment. Rotary packing machines cost more than in-line packing machine.

The price of a rotary packing machine varies in different specifications.

What are the Parts of a Rotary Packing Machine?

Rotary packing machines are consists of parts like:

  • Coding machine
  • PLC control system
  • Rotary bin
  • Dust collecting device
  • Rotating conveyor belt
  • Auto temperature controller
  • Vacuum pump
  • Bag opening device
  • Weight measurement scale
  • Feeding device

However, most rotary packing machines has a wide range of design for different purposes. Some machines have the following parts:

  • Feeding device for passing of powder products in the rotary bin
  • Main transmission device with transmission gear, reducer, and upper beam
  • Power supply system
  • Dust removal plate
  • Weighing sensor
  • Bag-dropping mechanism
  • Solenoid valve
  • Fast parameter settings
  • Optical electric color mark tracking with high sensitivity
  • Driving system
  • Touch screen panel
  • Driving system

What are the Functions of a Rotary Packing Machine?

A rotary packing machine facilitates the following functions:

  • Bag opening
  • Filling
  • Cutting
  • Sealing
  • Date printing
  • Scrape collection

What are the Types of Rotary Packing Machine?

Rotary packing machines differs on each types according to your purpose. The number of rotary packing machine types varies on its applications and automation levels.

Type of Rotary Packing Machine based on Automation Levels

  1. Semi-automatic rotary packing machines. These machines work faster than any manual and in-line packaging. It can support medium and small-scale production.
  2. Fully-automated rotary packing machines. These machines are unmanned and can eliminate the need of manual labor. It works with higher speed and accuracy. Fully-automated rotary packing machines are the best options.

Types of Rotary Packing Machines based on Applications

  1. Multi-Head Rotary Packing Machine

It is widely used for packing flake-type and weighing filing strip products. Typically, it can pack puff foods, frozen foods, snacks, and more. These machines includes working platform, multi-head weigher, and Z-conveyor.

The product to be packed will be fed in the multi-head top during the operation. Mostly, this machine features a computer weigher that indicates the material weight in the hopper. It can help in distributing, mix-weighing, and filling bags.

Most multi-head rotary packing machine applies the principle “no fill, no seal”. Thus, avoiding waste materials.

For the safety, this machine will stop its operation when it detects abnormal air pressure.

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