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Sanlin Pack is your skilled manufacturer especially when it comes to the best quality of huge machines such as biscuit packing machines. Providing you limitless advantages of biscuit packing machines is our goal for your business.

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Sanlin Pack is your solid supplier of high-quality biscuit packing machines. We also proudly recommend our valuable biscuit packing machines to different companies all over the world. Our biscuit packing machine is very useful especially in factories and production lines because it can produce the best-finished products for your business. Many business owners prefer Sanlin Pack as a supplier of operating business packing machines.

Sanlin Pack Biscuit Packing Machine

Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack made this small fully automatic biscuit packing machine with multi-functional performance. It can form pouches, bags, and many other packagings.

Automatic Rotary Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack formed this automatic rotary biscuit packing machine with high-quality materials for its endless performance.

Automatic Pillow Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack has supplied pillow biscuit packing machines throughout the countries. You can also inquire about yours here.

Why Sanlinpack Biscuit Packing Machine

Choosing Sanlin Pack as your continuous source of biscuit packing machines is the best resolution for your running business. We are glad to work with you all the time. Sanlin Pack biscuit packing machines are very commonly used especially in the large factories of biscuits. We guarantee the enduring operation of our offered biscuit packing machines.

So if you desire to have advantageous equipment and machines specifically biscuit packing machines for your production line and business, Sanlin Pack can provide you the best one. Only Sanlin Pack can give you gratifying outcomes by the use of our introduced biscuit packing machines.

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Why Sanlin Can be an Outstanding Biscuit Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack Biscuit Packing Machines

Sanlin Pack biscuit packing machines are highly made up of excellent materials that make their durability last. We manufacture various categories of biscuit packing machines that are capable of every packed biscuit you desire. You can depend on Sanlin Pack, your machines being used for the improvement of your biscuit business.

We are conducting a total biscuit packing machine examination before we import it to our beloved clients all over the world. You can fully trust our services and the qualities of our deal biscuit packing machines. We made it with the assurance that you would have hassle-free operating our biscuit packing machines.

Biscuit packing machines by Sanlin Pack is the exact machine you rather used to have a fulfilling finish product for your business. We only supply high-quality biscuit packing machines for most of the benefit of our customers. Sanlin Pack makes sure of the features and compositions of our biscuit packing machines. 

Sanlin Pack never fails the expectations of our clients. Instead, they got satisfied and ordered repeatedly on Sanlin Pack machines and equipment for production lines. You can also experience such satisfaction when you prefer Sanlin Pack biscuit packing machines for your business.

We have full-time teams who are always ready to listen to your demands and requests just to give your desired biscuit packing machine. We are your professional biscuit packing machine manufacturer that entirely supports your growing business. We said machine functions perfectly to produce you perfect results.

We introduced to you a top-selling small fully automatic biscuit packing machine, laminated film biscuit packing machine, automatic horizontal biscuit packing machine, multi-functional collecting biscuit packing machine, electronic biscuit granule packing machine, flow wrap biscuit packing machine, original full biscuit packing machine.

We also have a biscuit sachet packing sealing machine, double layer round biscuit packing machine, vertical automatic granule biscuit packing machine, weighing biscuit packing machine, individual biscuit packing machine, and many other types of biscuit packing machines. Choose your desire.

Send us your inquiries and we will take care of them directly!

The best FAQ of  biscuit packing machine


 How to choose a biscuit packing machine?

China’s packaging machines began in the 1970s. China’s packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry.

The supply of packaging machines in China has been able to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Some high-quality packaging machines are sold to various countries. So let’s learn how to choose a biscuit packing machine.

Biscuit packing machine selection guide:

  1. You must first know the biscuit size when buying the biscuit packing machine.
  2. High-cost performance is the primary principle. Currently, the quality of packaging machines produced in China has been greatly improved, especially pillow packaging machines. Since many experts have been imported, you can fully purchase the quality of imported machines at the price of domestic machines. Only buy the right stuff, not the expensive stuff.
  3. Try to choose a brand packaging machine company with a long history; the quality is guaranteed. Choose models with mature technology and stable quality to make packaging faster and more stable, with low energy consumption, manual work, and scrap rate. Packaging machines are consumables. Buying low-quality machines determine that useless packaging films will accumulate every day in daily production in the future, and the number is not small.
  4. When there is an on-site inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to the big aspects and the details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Bring a sample testing machine as much as possible.
  5. In terms of after-sales service, there must be a good reputation. The after-sales service is timely and timely. It is especially important for food processing enterprises. If there is a problem in the production process of the packaging machine that you cannot solve in time, just like a moon cake enterprise only has a production period of two months a year, you may cause a loss.
  6. you can give biscuit packing machines trusted by peers priority.
  7. Try to choose a machine with simple operation and maintenance, complete parts, and automatic continuous feeding, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.
  8. Look for professional custom design manufacturers to design production lines according to product characteristics, materials, and site conditions for custom packaging films.
  9. Select packaging machine manufacturers with perfect training physique, and conduct systematic operation training for operators, improving work efficiency.

The above is how to choose a biscuit packing machine. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!

What are the characteristics of the structure of the biscuit packing machine?

1) Double frequency conversion control, the bag length can be cut immediately, no need to adjust the idling, one step, saving time and film.

2) Text-type human-machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting.

3) The fault self-diagnosis function and display are clear at a glance.

4) Through high-sensitivity photometric tracking, the sealing position is more accurate.

5) Temperature-independent PID control, suitable for coating various materials.

6) Positioning stop function, no knife, no film.

7) The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

8) All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade, and never falls behind.

​ What is the difference between a vertical roller machine and a plywood biscuit packing machine?

When consumers buy a biscuit packing machine, manufacturers often ask, do you want to buy a vertical roller machine? Or a plywood biscuit packing machine?

So what is a vertical roller biscuit packing machine? What is a plywood biscuit packing machine? Today we’ll cover the differences between these two machines.

Both of these two machines belong to the roll film biscuit packing machine. The vertical roller biscuit packing machine has obvious advantages in making liquid materials such as liquid soy sauce. In contrast, the plywood biscuit packing machine has more advantages in making powder particles and other materials because the plywood biscuits packaging machine has more advantages. Packaging machines are less expensive, and consumers can afford the leakage of powder particles.

  1. Sealed form

The plywood biscuit packing machine adopts surface contact sealing. The pressure distribution of each point on the four sides of the bag is uniform (the sealing pressure of each point of the bag is different, and it is not obvious when the machine is first purchased. With the increase in the machine’s service life, this point will be increasingly prominent), which will result in a product with lower compressibility and an increased likelihood of air leaks in the bag during long-distance transportation.

Vertical Roller Biscuit packing machine uses line contact sealing. Line (point) contact sealing can ensure that the temperature and pressure of the rollers are stable during bag making, the rollers run at an average speed, and the sealing pressure of each point on the four sides of the biscuit packing machine is the same. 

The pressure is evenly distributed at each point on the bag when pressed. When the product is subjected to the same pressure, the surface contact type has a greater probability of penetration than the line contact type.

  1. Packaging form

The plywood biscuit packing machine only needs a pair of plywood when making three-side sealed products. Still, when making four-side sealed products, one product needs a pair of plywood, which is inconvenient to adjust when changing products.

 In addition, splints and scissors are pulled tens of thousands of times a day. Due to the particularity of the fixing method, the screws of the splint on the fixing frame will be loose, resulting in the dislocation of the concave splint. 

When the convex splint is closed, the scissors will not cut the product, the packaged product will be unqualified, and the damage speed of the splint will be increased (the splint is in a rigid contact state) and defect rate.

Vertical roller machines do not have this problem. A pair of rollers for anyone /three/four/side sealing products between 1-60g can meet production requirements. 

The cutting, sealing, and incision design is reasonable, and the operation is stable and reliable. Automatic bearings fix the rollers, and the natural circular rotation is carried out during production. There is no problem caused by the long-term production of the plywood biscuit packing machine.

  1. Heating method

The plywood biscuit packing machine adopts the conduction (contact) heating method, which cannot be completely cut off when the heater’s power supply is cut off, and the control is difficult.

When the heater power is cut off (the heater and the roller are separated), the heating source, the (indirect) heating mode during the hot pressing process of the vertical roller table machine, can be completely cut off, so the temperature drift is small, generally within the range of ±1°C. Packaging materials have high requirements for temperature stability. Due to the different inner layer materials of the packaging material, the melting point temperature is also different. However, the melting point temperature has the advantage of being a fixed value.

  1. Transmission method

A camshaft drives the plywood biscuit packing machine, and the cam of this machine works tens of thousands of times a day under huge resistance. Even with a slight change in angle, each link works abnormally. Therefore, the power comes from one shaft and the cam on the shaft. The space is small, the maintenance is unchanged, and the failure rate is high.

The chain drive of the vertical roller biscuit packing machine has the advantages of small relative transmission resistance, high working efficiency, reliable transmission, high efficiency, and high reliability.


How to extend the service life of the biscuit packing machine?


 The life of the biscuit packing machine is often related to human operation. To prolong the life of the packaging machine equipment, you must know how to maintain and maintain it. Then let’s learn how to extend the service life of the biscuit packing machine! How to extend the life of the biscuit packing machine?

  1. Regularly check the screws of the biscuit packing machine equipment

When inspecting the biscuit packing machine equipment, it is easy to ignore the screws. Still, if a screw is loose, the normal operation of the packaging machine equipment is also in danger. Therefore, you should check the screws of the packaging machine equipment regularly. If there are loose screws, they need to be tightened immediately.

  1. Check the power wiring of the biscuit packing machine equipment

Before using the packaging machine equipment, you must check the power wiring of the packaging machine equipment to ensure good operation.

  1. Regularly check the components of the biscuit packing machine

Whether the components of the packaging machine equipment are reversely connected and whether the components are faulty is one of the reasons why the packaging machine equipment cannot work normally.

  1. Pay attention to the waterproofing of the biscuit packing machine equipment

Usually, pay attention to the waterproofing of packaging machine equipment, especially in the rainy season in southern cities, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof so as not to corrode the packaging machine equipment.

  1. When the biscuit packing machine is closed, pay attention to the position of the drying roller

When the packaging machine equipment is stopped, be sure to pay attention to the position of the drying roller to observe. The two drying rollers of the packaging machine are not in the protruding position, which will cause the burning of the packaged products. In severe cases, you will damage the packaging machine equipment.

  1. Pay attention when adding oil to the biscuit packing machine

When adding household oil to the packaging machine equipment, please do not drip the oil on the transmission belt. Doing so can cause the drive belt of the packaging machine equipment to become brittle or lost, resulting in belt failure.

  1. you should shut down the biscuit packing machine equipment immediately if it finds a fault

When a failure of the packaging machine equipment is found, you must press the stop button immediately or turn off the power supply and voltage directly to check and solve the cause of the failure of the packaging machine equipment.

  1. The failure of the biscuit packing machine cannot be handled by itself, and you must contact the manufacturer in time

When the packaging machine fails and cannot be dealt with by yourself, do not disassemble it for maintenance; call the manufacturer to report it in time, and ask the manufacturer to send a technician to repair it.

The biscuit packing machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity, suitable for food and non-food packaging of different specifications. Unbranded packaging materials and high-speed packaging of webs with pre-printed logos. 

In the manufacture of packaging materials, due to errors between the lugs printed on the packaging material, elongation and mechanical transfer of the packaging material, etc., the prescribed seals and cut-off positions of the packaging material may deviate from the correct position, causing mistakes.

The packaging design must consider automatic positioning to eliminate errors and achieve proper sealing and cutting. The design of a continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system is completed according to the positioning marks on the packaging materials. According to the working mode of error compensation, a continuous photoelectric positioning system can be divided into positive and negative transformation types, braking types, and two transmission system synchronization types.

How to maintain the biscuit packing machine?

The biscuit packing machine is also a product often used in many industries. Its price is also relatively high, so if you want to use it for longer, you must do a good job in its maintenance.

I believe there are still many people who do not know how to maintain it. On this issue, I will give you a brief introduction. If you want to know, please read it together.

The maintenance of the biscuit packing machine is also very important for enterprises because if you do not pay attention to this work, it will often fail. It will seriously affect the efficiency of the work, so to avoid this It is recommended to clean it once a week. 

You also need to ensure that the light pipe is clean before the machine works. Because the biscuit packing machine is used for a long time, a lot of solid dust will accumulate inside, which will make a lot of noise during use, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. 

When there is insufficient suction and poor smoke exhaust, what we have to do is to first turn off the power and then remove the air inlet and outlet ducts on the biscuit packing machine. At this time, you can remove the dust inside and then put the biscuit packing machine on. Turn the packaging machine upside down, pull out the fan blades until it is clean, and install the fan. The transmission system is equivalent to the human hands and feet. 

The transmission system directly affects the equipment’s normal operation and service life, so it is also necessary to maintain this aspect.

In the maintenance of the biscuit packing machine, it is necessary to check the lubricating oil in it in time. It must be added in time if it is found to be insufficient. 

Only if you do these things well will you be able to use them for longer. Therefore, the maintenance of the biscuit packing machine is still very important, and I hope everyone will pay attention to it. Now is the time if you haven’t put this work on the agenda. 

If there is still something you don’t understand, you can call us for consultation. 

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the path of professional development. With a strong technical force, advanced equipment at home and abroad, innovative concepts, rich manufacturing experience, and complete product varieties. It has become a national key biscuit packing machine manufacturing industry’s backbone. Because of the complete variety of products, novel styles, and reasonable prices, it has attracted a lot of customers. 

If you have time, you can log on to the company’s official website to learn about the specific situation to be more at ease when cooperating.

The above article contains some maintenance methods for the biscuit packing machine that Sanlin introduced. I wonder if you have learned it. Today’s knowledge points are here for you. 

I hope today’s content can be of some help to the relevant people. If you still don’t understand anything, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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