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The Sanlin shampoo packing machine has accurate measurement and tight sealing. According to the packaging size/material, you can choose to buy a shampoo packaging machine. Shampoo packing machine welcome to inquire.

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The company is committed to quality-oriented, service-oriented purposes. Sanlin’s shampoo packaging machines are constantly innovating and upgrading to provide customers with products with excellent value for money. Sanlin Packaging has been insisting on researching and developing shampoo packaging machines to provide customers with satisfactory shampoo packaging machine solutions

Sanlin Pack Shampoo Packing Machine

Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine

Shampoo Pouch Packing Machine is designed for automatic packaging of shampoo, honey, syrup and other uniform materials.The packaging speed is fast, the bag shape is flat, exquisite and beautiful.

Shampoo Packing Machine

Automatic Shampoo Packing Machine can be used for paper-plastic lamination, plastic-plastic lamination, aluminum-plastic lamination, PE lamination, etc., with low loss of packaging materials, using prefabricated packaging bags, packaging bag patterns, and good sealing quality.

Why Sanlinpack Shampoo Packing Machine

Sanlin shampoo packing machine is designed to ensure that it is suitable for different industries. It is very convenient to adjust, operate and maintain when in use. It can be used together with various automatic metering equipment at home and abroad.

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Why Sanlin Can Be a Shampoo Packing Machine Supplier

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What is the development status of shampoo packing machines?

With the development of packaging, shampoo packing machines have also developed rapidly. Currently, the shampoo packing machine industry has entered a period of product structure adjustment and improvement of innovation capabilities. Some shampoo packing machines have filled the gap and can meet the domestic market’s needs. Products are also exported. However, on the whole, it is big but not strong, the quality is not high, the independent innovation ability is weak, and the competitiveness is not strong. Compared with the advanced level, there is still a big gap.

The shampoo packing machine can adapt to various packaging materials and guarantee requirements to meet the market’s needs. Make the shampoo packing machine have good diversity and flexibility, improve the degree of automation, and use many microcomputer technologies and core programs. Make the packaging more beautiful, standardized, and accurate, increase the rate, saving workforce and material resources, and improve production efficiency. Really realize the production line of packaging. Made a significant contribution to modern industry.

What is the quality condition of the shampoo packing machine?

First of all, it needs to meet all the work requirements on the product. Some manufacturers’ packaging equipment can pack the entire process in the market. Still, some manufacturers are just some simple machines that can only meet the requirements of one packaging process, This type of product also has a certain market. Still, it cannot be regarded as high-quality packaging equipment.

Therefore, the high quality of the shampoo packing machine must meet this requirement. Of course, a piece of good packaging equipment also depends on its control system. There will be great differences in the operation of this equipment by users. Some equipment is very simple to operate because the program controls the whole process. Yes, as long as the user presses the operation key, it can work, but some devices also need to be manually completed. Different work procedures need to be manually operated.

Naturally, such shampoo packing machines are relatively poor in quality. Different quality will have different requirements for use. Some users have relatively higher requirements for packaging and, at the same time, have a large amount of packaging. Naturally, for this type of user, will It is necessary to use high-quality equipment, and some users have smaller packaging quantities. The quality can be relatively reduced when purchasing this product to reduce investment costs.

What impact has the shampoo packing machine brought to the packaging industry?

The development of science and technology has brought earth-shaking changes in various industries and promoted the generation and development of new processes, which means that the personalized development of packaging is possible. Ensure that the personalized packaging designed by the user enterprise can be efficiently inherited in the actual production and realize the high standard requirements of the user enterprise for the product. The shampoo packing machine can also realize the instantaneous selection of combinations from many counting combinations through computer precision calculation to provide users concerning solve the counting problems of user enterprises in production, and the packaged products show the strength and quality of enterprise users.

Technology has driven the development of shampoo packing machines, enabling them to have a wide range of applications and a broad market space. Shampoo packing machines bring product packaging to the era of automation and personalization. The practice has proved that only the equipment that meets the market demand is the equipment that truly masters high-tech and the equipment that understands the development of the market better. The shampoo packing machine can highlight the product’s personality, improve the product’s grade, and enhance the good image. It is such good equipment.

What are the uses of shampoo packing machines?

The shampoo packing machine is a fully automatic pre-made bag packaging machine. It is suitable for users with many bag types, large packaging capacity, and small product batches. It can meet the commonly used three-side sealing and realize hanging hole bags and stand-up bags outside the four-side sealing bags. Special-shaped bags and other special bag-type packaging; switching bag types is simple and fast; changing different metering devices can meet different product packaging.

What are the characteristics of a shampoo packing machine?

Easy to operate: PLC control, man-machine interface

Frequency conversion speed regulation: The shampoo packaging machine adopts a frequency conversion regulation device, which can freely adjust the speed within the specified range

Convenient adjustment of bag width: The shampoo packing machine is controlled by a motor, and you can adjust 8 sets of machine clips synchronously with one key;

Avoid polluting the production environment: The shampoo packing machine adopts an oil-free vacuum pump, which meets the food hygiene standards;

Zipper opening mechanism: The shampoo packaging machine is designed according to the characteristics of the zipper pocket, and the opening rate is high (invention patent);

Easy to clean: The shampoo packing machine countertop is washable.

Alarm device: low air pressure in shampoo packaging machine, alarm prompt; abnormal sealing temperature, alarm prompt.

Intelligent and flexible control:

Most foreign machines track and adjust various parameters of the machine through the intelligent control instrument and menu software on the touch screen.

The electronic display shows the cutting bag length, packaging speed, filling net content and packaging output at a glance. Standard color code tracking photoelectric system to ensure the correct printing pattern of packaging products.

In addition, the machine can also carry out on-line status monitoring and fault diagnosis analysis for the working process. Once a problem occurs, it automatically stops and displays the cause of the failure and how to fix it.

What are the optional functions of the shampoo packing machine?

  • Vacuum chamber size can be customized
  • The inflatable function can be added
  • Can be customized as concave type, slope type
  • Power supply 220/380V optional
  • Can add mould, packaging and moulding
  • Computer board and mechanical panel optional
  • Vacuum pump optional 20 types, 63 types, 100 types, 160 types, 200 types.

What are the accessories of shampoo packaging machine?

  • The shampoo packaging machine is made of stainless steel, which improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment.
  • The shampoo packing machine adopts a combined mold, which is easy to replace and multi-purpose. The mold has water cooling function.
  • The shampoo packaging machine adopts SMC pneumatic components, with stable performance and long service life.
  • The shampoo packing machine uses a brand vacuum pump with high ultimate vacuum and excellent performance.
  • The shampoo packaging machine adopts the servo motor with reliable performance and easy operation, PLC and touch screen, controlled by Schneider Electric.
  • The shampoo packing machine adopts photoelectric tracking, and can be packaged with color cover film or light film to reduce costs and improve product quality.
  • The shampoo packing machine can be equipped with an automatic coding system as required.
  • The shampoo packing machine adopts a special stainless steel clip chain, which is suitable for the stretching and forming of soft and hard films of various thicknesses for special packaging.
  • The shampoo packing machine adopts advanced cross-cutting and longitudinal-cutting system, which is easy to replace and operate, and is equipped with a corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental hygiene.
  • The structure design of shampoo packaging machine is standardized and modularized.
  • When using one packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the modular design of the original model can quickly change the specification or convert to other packaging models in a short time, and provide different metering systems. enough space.

How does the shampoo packing machine operate?

1.install the packaging film

Fix the packaging film matched with the bag maker on the bracket according to the instruction manual of the shampoo packing machine, and pass it out from the bottom of the bag maker through the guide roller to complete the installation. During this process, it should be noted that the front and back sides of the packaging roll film and the film width are compatible with the former’s specifications.

2. turn on the power switch

After confirming that the equipment is connected correctly, turn on the power switch, and pay attention to the grounding of the equipment and whether there are foreign objects in the material outlet of the equipment to prevent damage to the shampoo packing machine when the machine is turned on.

3. Set the parameters of the shampoo packing machine

After the power is turned on, enter the touch screen operation interface, and set the packaging parameters such as temperature, film pulling time, sealing time, sealing speed, filling capacity value and other packaging parameters according to the instructions of the shampoo packing machine and the function menu to ensure the normal use of the shampoo packing machine.

4.Empty machine debugging and running

When ready, start the machine, adjust the corresponding packaging parameters according to the bag-making effect, and observe the set sealing temperature. If the temperature is overheated, it can be appropriately reduced until the ideal bag-making effect. If the shampoo packing machine makes abnormal noise during operation, the shampoo packing machine should be shut down immediately. Start after inspection and maintenance.

What are the precautions for the use of shampoo packing machines?

  1. Before each startup, it is necessary to check and observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine;
  2. When the shampoo packing machine is in operation, it is forbidden for the body, hands, head and hair to contact the working parts;
  3. When the shampoo packing machine is in operation, it is forbidden to handle tools to prevent the sealing knife seat, and do not touch the horizontal and vertical sealing rollers with the handle. Otherwise, it will;
  4. During the normal operation of the machine, it is forbidden to switch the operation button frequently, and it is forbidden to change the parameter setting value at will;
  5. Foreign matter must not be mixed in the packaging process; otherwise, it may cause material blocking, inaccuracy or damage to the machine parts;
  6. The storage piston of the shampoo packing machine and the sealing ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder need to be replaced in time.

What is the development trend of shampoo packing machine?

The shampoo packing machine is intuitive and simple to operate; serving the market, meeting new challenges, and better pursuit are necessary.

The packaging styles of the shampoo packing machine are diversified, such as back sealing, gusseting, even bag, punching, etc. The precipitation of technical strength, the pursuit of rapidity, and the need to be affirmed by the market are wonderful.

In the constant market changes, the shampoo packing machine must constantly find a new development direction, quickly find the driving force to move forward, express itself in the progress of the times, and exert its strength in the progress of the times.

Improving the quality of life has made the shampoo packing machine have more suitors. It is precisely in this way that the shampoo packing machine deeply understands the importance of its existence and the importance of development.

The microcomputer packaging controller of the shampoo packing machine has a good man-machine dialogue mode so that the speed, bag length, and tangent position detection can be directly displayed on the interface. Technology has given packaging machines more development opportunities. The efforts of packaging machines are the requirements of the times and the market.

In the face of development, packaging machinery has its strategy. In the constant challenges, packaging opportunities make more efforts to seize new knowledge and absorb high technology.

The shampoo packing machine goes deep into the bottom layer of the market and is closer to the demand. The market’s trust allows the shampoo packing machine to better find its dream.

The packaging effect of the shampoo packing machine is good, and the development efficiency is fast.

Packaging machines are always eager for progress and rapid growth, and high-tech support has given packaging machines more courage to develop.

The shampoo packing machine produces bag making, sealing, packaging, and printing the date at one time. The working environment is clean and noisy. Meeting the market’s needs makes the shampoo packing machine’s progress more efficient.

The shampoo packing machine industry is a trend that can be expected, and we must seize the opportunity.

The development of science and technology has brought colorful life to our society, full of opportunities and challenges affecting our living conditions.

The emergence of shampoo packing machines is naturally the result of modern technology. It combines the needs of social development and meets the needs of different markets. It plays a very important role in the modern packaging machinery industry and is inseparable from our lives.

Shampoo packing machines use airtight vacuuming for packaging products in packaging bags. The realization of this packaging effect has attracted widespread attention from the very beginning.

With the continuous maturity of technology, the application range of shampoo packing machines has become more extensive, and many industries have realized the real effect.

Since the shampoo packing machine, the development of the food industry has also broken the original bottleneck, and various vacuum packaging makes people no longer have to worry about perishable products.

It is precise because of this that there are a variety of foods in the supermarket, which allows us to increase the range of choices so that consumers can buy with confidence, and people can store them for a long time after purchasing.

Shampoo packing machines have been popularized in the food industry. It can be seen that the appearance of shampoo packing machines has changed our lives and added bright colours to our lives.

The function of the shampoo packing machine is not only applied to the food industry but also has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries.

This particularly good packaging effect makes the shampoo packing machine so popular in the packaging industry in a short time.

The use of shampoo packing machines has promoted the development speed of the shampoo packing machinery industry and has also driven the sales of other products, allowing modern technology to replace manual operations, and has made great contributions to the development of mechanization in word.

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