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Sanlin pack is the top manufacturer and supplier of sugar packing machines. We have full capability to support your sugar packing machine needs. If you need a high-quality sugar packing machine for your production, a Sanlin pack is the best solution for you.

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Sanlin pack can supply numerous sugar packing machines in different markets. We are manufacturing in a solid way to ensure the superior quality of your sugar packing machine. And we are capable of offering our packing machines worldwide. Sanlin packs always choose reliable materials to use in the manufacturing process.

If you are going to import sugar packing machines, you can always count on the Sanlin pack. We will give the best kind of sugar packing machines!

Sanlin Pack Sugar Packing Machine

Sugar Packing Machine

Sanlin pack can manufacture a desirable vertical type of sugar packing machine. You can find an ideal packing machine from the Sanlin pack.

Automatic Rotary Sugar Packing Machine

With Sanlin pack automatic rotary sugar packing machine can improve your product packaging. This is perfect for your sugar business.

Sugar Packing Machine

Sanlin pack high-speed sugar packing machine is the most preferable one. Check at the Sanlin pack if you need this kind of machine.

Why Sanlinpack Sugar Packing Machine

Sanlin pack is the most recommended sugar packing machine manufacturer and supplier that is located in China. We are the kind of company that works with skilled and excellent employees. Sanlin packs always provide a trustworthy and reliable service for every customer.

The Sanlin pack sugar packing machine is a popular packing machine for those who handled a sugar business-related. You can guarantee the best products with the help of the Sanlin pack sugar packing machine. You can send us your ideal sugar packing machine!

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Automatic Packing Machine Supplier

packing machine case

SanlinPack Sugar Packing Machine

Sanlin pack is an exposed manufacturer that manufactures a high-durable sugar packing machine. We can provide an outstanding solution for any packing machines problem especially in terms of sugar packing machines.

Packing products is the most popular in this industry. Choosing a great kind of packing machine will bring you to a higher level. Sanlin pack sugar packing machines can help you to produce high-end packaging for your sugar products.

Sanlin pack sugar packing machine comes in different types like automatic sugar packing machine, vertical type sugar packing machine, 4 side sugar packing machine, small sugar packing machine, multifunction sugar packing machine, high-speed sugar packing machine, and so on.

Having the best kind of packaging will make your products more presentable for your customer’s eye. Sanlin pack sugar packing machines can provide the best packaging which makes them the most popular machines to attract customers.

As a professional supplier, we not only supply a sugar packing machine, we also supply a rice packing machine, potato chips packing machine, grocery packing machine, biscuit packing machine, chocolate packing machine, diaper packing machine, and more.

We are able to customize a sugar packing machine by following your own idea. Sanlin pack truly provides a desirable sugar packing machine and that’s what makes us the top manufacturer and supplier in the packing machine industry.

If you are planning to import a reliable sugar packing machine, inquire about us today!

How to choose a suitable sugar packing machine?

High-cost performance is the first principle. The high-cost performance of sugar packing machinery is based on the reduction of labour costs compared with the enterprise, which can help customers achieve more incredible benefits.

Quality is an important guarantee. Now the quality of sugar packing machinery is guaranteed, divided into imported and domestic products, both of which have advantages.

Perfect after-sales service “in the circle” must have a good reputation—timely after-sales service. And can have the relevant product knowledge and use training.

As far as possible, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the accessories are complete, which can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the labour cost, which is suitable for the enterprise’s long-term development.

Action function of each station of the sugar packing machine

Under the control of PLC, the equipment is mainly driven by the motor to drive the reducer. Through various sensors, connecting rods, cams, switch numbers, and control commands, the function of each part of the packaging machine is completed according to the parameters set in advance:

Work station sequence: 1 take the bag, two print the date, three open the bag and blow, 4 fill 1, 4 fill 2, 5 shapes, six seals, seven finished product output.

Is the change in the world pattern beneficial to developing my country’s sugar packing machinery?

Due to the rapid development trend of the food-related industry in the past few years, the sugar packing machinery industry has maintained a high annual growth rate for a long time. It has continued to expand in the market. Based on the current demand performance in the commodity market, it shows that the development of the sugar packing machinery industry is also facing the need for diversified development.

Such development proves that the industry needs new technical performance to support the development needs of major domestic enterprises. . Judging from the fact that my country’s sugar packing machinery maintains a high-speed growth rate of 16% every day, the relevant production processes in many industries in the national economy have prominent application performance of this equipment.

From the beginning, the performance of promoting consumption and reflecting value has grown. It has become a dependent industry in the development process of various industries in the market. It has a new performance in stabilizing and affecting the development of many industries. Therefore, the requirements for commodity packaging have also increased.

At the same time, the diversification, quality, and individual performance of food packaging require sugar packing machinery to improve the adaptability and efficiency of equipment packaging and the improvement of quality.

Now, the development pattern and orientation of the sugar packing machinery industry has a new performance with the changes in the development needs of the market economy, but what cannot be changed is that there are still certain contradictions between them.

The capital structure of this industry is relatively simple, the structure is relatively scattered, and most of the major enterprises block technology, which leads to the overall production of low-tech products in terms of technology and even more serious among enterprises.

The lack of high-tech talents has led to the slow development of enterprises and industries. My country has now become one of the world’s fastest-growing markets in the packaging industry, and it ranks among the best in the development speed of packaging machinery.

It has become a particularly important existence in packaging production and packaging machinery manufacturers in the world. It may become the world center of packaging machinery manufacturing and sales, and these performances will bring huge opportunities for the development of enterprises.

Naturally, opportunities and challenges come together. With the development in the market and the trend of high-end technology development, I hope that my country’s sugar packing machinery industry can go further and become more stable.

What are the reasons for the sugar packing machine to stop by itself?

There are four reasons:

  • The packaging film is used up.
  • The powder feeding hopper material is used up.
  • The motor overload protection has been activated.
  • The temperature is abnormal or out of tolerance.
  1. Wrap the film to use up

Countermeasure: Replace with new roll film

  1. The powder hopper material is used up

Countermeasure: Add material to the upper hopper

  1. Motor overload protection has been activated

Countermeasure: Check thermal relay, motor load, and mechanical overload factor

  1. The temperature is abnormal or out of tolerance

Countermeasure: Check the heating rod voltage and temperature sensor

What are the treatment methods for the deviation of the packaging film of the sugar packing machine?

  • Reason 1: The wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight

Suppose the wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight. In that case, it will make it difficult to walk in when the packaging film passes by, or it will not be able to walk in, which will cause the packaging film to deviate from the running track and cause bagging.

The solution is to slowly adjust the wheel at the middle sealing position until the packaging film runs smoothly.

Middle seal position

  • Reason 2: The wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too loose

This is not only when the wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight but also if it is too loose. Because the pressure of the packaging film is not enough due to the loose wheel during the operation, it will go to the ground when walking. Running down or up, the packaging film cannot run smoothly.

The solution is: slowly adjust the wheel until it runs smoothly.

  • Reason 3: There is a problem with the bag maker

If the bag maker is not adjusted properly, this may happen. Because the bag maker is crooked or the bag maker is adjusted too large or too small, the packaging film will slowly deviate from the running track during operation, resulting in running. Membrane.

Solution: adjust the bag maker’s size and correct the bag maker’s position.

bag maker

  • Reason 4: The paper tray is loose

If the paper rack is loose, the packaging film will be slack, and the slack will run around. If the angle of the paper rack is not set properly, the film will not move well, causing the packaging film to deviate from the running track.

How to maintain a sugar packing machine?

Regularly lubricate the meshing parts of each gear, and stick to it to see the effect.

Do not drip oil on the drive belt when lubricating the sugar packing machine.

The reducer of the sugar packing machine is an important part of the equipment.

The reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil. After the first 300 hours of operation, clean the interior and replace it with new oil.

After that, change the oil every 2500 hours of operation. This phenomenon remains unchanged. Yes, it must be implemented carefully.

What are the benefits of doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the packaging machine?

During the maintenance process of the packaging machine, the staff can better understand the machine so that they can operate the packaging machine more proficiently so that the packaging productivity can be greatly improved in the normal packaging process.

At the same time, when there is a problem with the packaging machine, the problem can be found faster, and the repair time of the machine can be accelerated.

Frequent maintenance of packaging machinery can reduce the mechanical damage it produces in the packaging process, thereby extending the service life of packaging machinery and reducing the cost of packaging production.

In the process of maintenance, the staff can find the fault of the packaging machine in time, which can better avoid the injury of people or other things caused by the machine during the packaging process and improve its safety.

The daily maintenance of the packaging machinery can reduce the harmful substances produced during work and improve the hygiene and safety of the packaging materials.

Before using the packaging machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the equipment’s power supply. The power cord can be picked up to see if the insulation on the surface is hardened, cracked, embrittled, or dropped. If you keep using it, the electrical components of the sugar packing machine will be burnt due to moisture. If moisture is detected, use hot air to slowly dry the affected area. If the situation is more serious, you need to use a professional dehumidifier to dehumidify the electrical components.

If it is not used for a long time, you must wipe the entire body of the machine, apply anti-rust oil on the smooth surface of the machine, and then cover it with a cloth.

What are the safety warnings for the work of sugar packing machines?

  1. The fan blade is above the furnace’s depth, about 40 cm from the outlet and entrance. The fan blade is installed to be concave upward (not protruding from the surface inside the furnace), open the high-temperature resistant curtain, from the furnace inlet or outlet Looking at the direction head-on, the fan blades are invisible.
  2. Inside the heating furnace (inner wall), the side wall where the infrared heating tube is installed is equipped with iron mesh isolation (open the high-temperature resistant cloth curtain, look up from the direction of the furnace inlet or outlet, only the protective net can be seen but the heating tube cannot be seen) ;
  3. When the machine is powered on, the heating tube in the furnace starts to heat, which can be heated to 150 ℃ or even higher according to the use requirements. The fan of the packaging machine also runs at the same time to uniform the furnace temperature. When shutting down, the heating tube is powered off, and the fan continues to run to dissipate heat and cool down before shutting down.
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