No.1 Chilli Powder Packing Machine Supplier in China

Sanlin Pack specialized in manufacturing and marketing chilli powder packing machine in China. We have been manufacturing chilli powder packing machines for 10 years. Sanlin Pack has a large manufacturing capacity of up to 1000 pieces of chilli powder packing machine each day.

  • Professional R&D team
  • Over 10 years in manufacturing chilli powder packing machine
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Why Sanlin Pack is a Trusted Manufacturer of Chilli Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin chilli powder packing machine obtained an excellent reputation in many industries around the world. Sanlin Pack does offer ODM and OEM services for many known companies and factories in China. Most of the Sanlin Pack products including chilli powder packing machines get many certifications like CE, UL, RoHS, etc.

Sanlin Pack Chilli Powder Packing Machine

Chili Powder Packing Machine

These packing machines adopt a high-intelligence weighing controller and high-precision sensor. Our automatic chilli powder packing machine assures stable performance and high measurement accuracy.

Automatic Rotary Chili Powder Packing Machine

Our brand new automatic rotary chilli powder packing machine can automatically complete all packaging processes like bag-making, measuring, filling, printing date, sealing, etc.

Chili Powder Packing Machine Sample

Whether you need an automatic and semi-automatic packing machine for chilli powder, you can find it all from Sanlin Pack. Actually, we offer different models for packing machine.

Sanlin Pack Chilli Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is a leading chilli powder packing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Thousands of standard chilli powder packing machines can be found in Sanlin, available in multiple sizes and designs. Sanli Pack has a lot of available designs for this packing machine.

If you count on us as your no.1 supplier in China, we promise to fully support your business. We offer a one-stop chilli powder packing machine and other packing machines to fit for intended applications.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Vacuum Packaging Machines Supplier

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Chilli Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is more than 10 years of manufacturing and distributing chilli powder packing machines worldwide. More and more factories and companies have relied on the Sanlin Pack chilli powder packing machine to support their business.

Sanlin Pack manufacturing factory in China offers a great deal for chilli powder packing machines. We have a huge range of packing machines for chilli powder, available in many designs and sizes to support your business.

Whether you need an automatic and semi-automatic packing machine for chilli powder, you can find it all from Sanlin Pack. Actually, we offer different models for the Sanlin Pack chilli powder packing machine. It includes a vertical chilli powder packing machine, semi-auto screw packing machine, multi-function packing machine, stand-up pouch packing machine, and so on.

No matter what you need for your chilli powder packing machine requirements, our team can accommodate your needs. Sanlin Pack can customize your chilli powder packing machine according to your designs. Just send us your preferred specifications and we can do the job.

Sanlin Pack chilli powder packing machine is suitable not only for chilli powders but also for all kinds of powder such as sesame powder, bean powder, small granule, washing powder, spice, seasoning, and many more.

Moreover, our Sanlin Pack chilli powder packing machine offers great features to your applications. Our packing machine for chilli powder is easy to maintain and has reliable performance.

Sanlin Pack is an ISO-certified packing machine manufacturer in China. We specialized in marketing and producing various packing machines for chilli powder.

Sanlin Pack is your trusted powder packing machine manufacturer in China. Through the years, we are professionally inventing and supplying all kinds of powder machines like chilli powder packing machines, washing powder packing machines, automatic powder packing machines, spice powder packing machines, and many more.

Whether you need a chilli powder packing machine and other packing machines for your business, Sanlin Pack is always the best choice. Along with our latest technology and expert team of engineers and designers, we are able to produce excellent quality packing machines for chilli powder.

Sanlin Pack can quick up the delivery process within 10 days. And also, we double-check the quality of our packing machines to last longer and achieve your satisfaction.

For more information about our products and services, please reach out to our team now!

FAQ about paprika packaging machine


Why is the chilli powder packing machine developing so rapidly?

At present, packaged products are highly welcomed in the market. As we all know, packing products develop so fast because of the emergence of packing machines.

In the past two years, we have seen a variety of commodities that cannot be completed by manual operations. They are all made with mechanical equipment.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the packing of products. A good product must have good packing. People’s demand for packing machines is also increasing. Some people want to pack products with eco-friendly materials, and some want to fill products with beautiful patterns.

The automatic chilli powder packaging machine is welcomed by everyone because of its high quality and high-cost performance.

Few companies purchase manual production for simple packing. So, the chilli powder packing machine has made people realize its benefits. In production and use, it brings more convenience. And it is also conducive to the development of the commodity industry and the progress of society.

How do chilli powder packing machine manufacturers gain the trust of customers?

The enterprise has developed rapidly, and the chilli powder packing machine has played an important role in people’s life.

Suppose the manufacturer wants to win the competition in the market. In that case, they must meet customer needs and help customers solve problems.

Manufacturers should also increase the quality of their packing machines and improve their R & D capabilities.

There is a considerable problem in developing the chilli powder packing machine industry. This is not conducive to the healthy development of China’s chilli powder packing machine.

Therefore, the chilli powder packing machine manufacturers must use continuous innovation, independent R & D, and upgrade key technologies.

What are the characteristics of automatic chili powder packaging machine?

  • First:  easy to operate. It’s simple to use a PLC control system with a touch screen man-machine interface.
  • second: it is employ speed regulator by frequency conversion. It can flexibly change the speed within a predetermined range.
  • third: no feeding or heat sealing is performed when the bag is unopened or unfinished. It allows the bag to be reused, eliminating material waste and saving the user production costs.
  • Fourth: The safety device that generates warnings and prompts if the working pressure is abnormal or the heating tube malfunctions.
  • Fifth: The bag storage device can store more packaging bags in the horizontal bag delivery method. It reduces the quality requirements of the bags. And it has a higher bag separation rate and bag filling rate.
  • sixth: The motor controls the width of the adjustment bag. Press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each set of machine clamps. Which is easy to operate and saves time.
  • seventh: it can reduce material pollution without requiring refueling by utilizing some imported engineered plastic bearings. The eighth point is to use oil-free vacuum pumps to avoid polluting the manufacturing environment.
  • ninth: is using a zipper opening mechanism specifically developed for zipper opening features. It prevents distortion and damage to the zipper opening.
  • tenth: the hinge opening mechanism is specially designed for the characteristics of the hinge opening .it can avoid deformation or damage to the opening.
  • eleventh: it can minimize packaging material loss. The machine improves product quality by using pre-made packaging bags with accurate packaging patterns and good sealing quality.

What are the precautions for the use of automatic chili powder packing machine?

Precautions for using automatic chilli powder packaging machine:

  1. Check the area around the machine for irregularities before each start.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to bring or touch the body to the moving parts while the machine is running!
  3. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or tools into the closed toolbox while the machine is running!
  4. It is strictly forbidden to make frequent changes to the machine’s control keys during normal operation.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to work at high speed for a long time.
  6. It is forbidden for two or more partners to operate the machine’s various keys and mechanisms. the power supply must be cut off during maintenance and repair work.


What are the advantages of chili powder packing machines compared to manual packaging?

Chilli powder packing machines provide a machine with high quality and adaptable flexibility. For companies and enterprises, it is very important to ensure the quality of the product before they decide to purchase.

The advantages of the automatic chilli powder packing machine are as follows:

Improve the productivity of labor. Utilizing an automatic chilli powder packing machine is faster than a manual machine. Manual packaging need takes a long time.

The chilli powder packing machine’s quality is very important.

The chilli powder packing machine can fulfill the packaging products’ needs which manual machines can not fulfill.

It can perform tasks that seem to be impossible to implement with manually packing.

Some packing procedures include vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body packaging, and others. It can only be accomplished using packaging machines.

It has the potential to lower labor intensity and enhance working conditions. Manual packing has a very high labor intensity.

Safer than manual packaging.

Products with significant dust, toxic products, and irritating products endanger employees’ health.

Using packaging machines can be avoided. It can effectively protect the environment from pollution.

It can lower packing costs while also lowering storage and shipping costs.

Using a automatic packing machine to compress and package loose materials such as cotton, tobacco leaves, and other items. It may drastically reduce the volume and hence the cost of packaging. Simultaneously, because the bulk is considerably decreased, storage capacity is saved, and storage costs are lowered, making transportation easier.

It can dependably ensure the product’s cleanliness. According to the Sanitation Law, some items cannot be packed manually, such as food. Because they would contaminate the product. Machine packaging eliminates direct human contact with food and medicines, maintaining hygiene.

How to choose the chili powder packing machine correctly?


We cannot do without the chilli powder packing machine when packaging chilli powder, especially in today’s brutally competitive economic society. Some People who buy packaging machines do not know the machine. The following is a detailed explanation for you. How to choose the chilli powder packaging machine:

First, you need to determine what packaging bag to pack chilli powder. Because there are many types of packaging machine bags. You can only play the role of the machine if you find a packaging bag suitable for your own products.

Second. In recent years, the quality of packaging machines made in China has substantially increased, particularly for tiny chilli powder packaging machines. Our packaging machine industry has developed for so many years. It can already meet the needs of most users.

Third, We need high-quality packaging machines. Many people think that it doesn’t matter if there are a few waste bags. But in fact, it will be a lot of waste.

If you purchase low-quality machines, the number of packaging films discarded in daily production will be significant in the future. So it’s important to choose stable quality which consumes low energy and labor cost but improves the work efficiency.

Fourth, it is necessary to conduct on-the-spot inspections. Bring the products you want to pack for a test machine.

You can check the stability of the machine. And you can find many small problems. The problems are very small, but they may bring unexpected troubles if you don’t pay attention. And these problems need to be solved by the manufacturer.

Fifth, it is critical for food processing companies to identify manufacturers with a high reputation and great after-sales support.

Many items have a manufacturing duration of only a few months every year. The damage might be calculated if an issue with the packing machine cannot be remedied promptly. As a result, selecting a solid aftermarket packaging machine well-liked by its peers is critical.

You should choose a machine with easy operation and maintenance, full accessories, and an automatic continuous feeding mechanism. And can increase packing efficiency and reduce labor costs as much as feasible.

Sanlin Machinery can provide you with professional chili powder packaging machinery as well as a series of complete information consultation and after-sales service.


What is the progress of China’s chili powder packing machines?


China’s chilli powder packing machine is currently developing rapidly. However, many Chinese companies have major shortcomings. Some manufacturers cannot adapt to changes in the situation. Some manufacturers’ technical resources are not concentrated enough.

Some china’s manufacturers lack awareness of the competition. And Their products are made by imitating other machines.

These are bad for China’s packaging market competition. Therefore, to achieve a breakthrough in China’s chilli powder packing machine, we must start from independent R&D.


How to do the daily maintenance and inspection of the chili powder packing machine?

In the intelligent packaging machine industry, many parts are high-tech, and they need to be carefully maintained during use. You should pay attention to the use of packaging machine instruments. Mechanical instrument debugging personnel must go through the manufacturer before debugging the packaging machine. Personnel must be able to master the various functions of the instrument.

You should also pay special attention to some details when using The chilli powder packing machine. You should pay attention to daily maintenance, clean, and check whether the circuit is loose.

Within one week of utilizing the newly installed machinery, the transmission and moving components must be examined, tightened, refueled, and protected. It must also be maintained monthly in the future.

It is usually necessary to perform basic maintenance on the chilli powder packing machine:

  1. Check the screws of all parts on time to avoid loosening.
  2. Look for watertight electrical components resistant to moisture, corrosion, and rodents. To avoid electrical failures, keep the inside of the electrical panel and the terminals clean.

3 The two heat sealing rollers on the packaging machine must be open while the machine is stopped. It can avoid scalding the packaging materials.

Does the automatic chili powder packing machine have an automatic filling function?

Yes, the automatic chilli powder packing machine has an automatic filling function.

The chilli powder packing machine has automatic quantitative, automatic filling, and automatic adjustment of measurement error.

The machine is stable and reliable, with high precision and low noise.

In addition, it is highly flexible and can meet flexible production requirements. It is only necessary to replace the metering screw assembly to realize different packaging requirements and specifications of different materials. It only takes about 10 minutes and will not affect the normal operation of the entire production line of the enterprise.

The chilli powder packing machine equipment realizes the quantitative filling of materials. the precision, packing speed, and efficiency of packaging also are good.

The high-precision automatic chilli powder packing machine can complete the functions of bagging, canning, and rolling (screw) glands.

The touch screen computer screen displays the working status and operation instructions, which is simple and intuitive.

What is the reason for the failure of the automatic chili powder packing machine?

the reason for the failure of the automatic chilli powder packing machine.

  1. Check the touch screen for errors. if there is an error, please follow the prompt to deal with it accordingly
  2. Check whether the touch screen is connected to the PLC.
  3. Press the “Working Method” button to enter the “Working Method” page to see if the test is inactive. If so, press the Quiz button to cancel the situation.
  4. If the printing machine can only complete one cycle, please check whether the machine is turned on. If opened, it will damage the KM5 touch sensor in the boxed electrical control cabinet.
  5. Use a multimeter to check whether the three-phase input voltage and neutral line are normal.

The film section of the fully automated paprika packaging machine does not operate.

  1. Check to see if the membrane switch is in the wrong position.
  2. Follow the instructions if you have difficulty with the touch screen.
  3. Check for damage to the touch sensor, the drive motor, and the chain if it has fallen or broken.

Chilli powder packing machine cannot make bags of the same length

The film timing belt does not exert pressure on the forming tube ;

The film timing belt is dirty or soiled by something else. It can be cleaned with alcohol or sanded. Replace it with a new timing belt if the tape is too worn.

After the automatic chilli powder packing machine is started, the cutter does not move.

  1. Enter the working mode and check whether the cutter is disabled.
  2. Check whether the cutter start and cutter times are set correctly.
  3. After the liquid level is closed, check whether the sensor above the cylinder has a signal.
  4. Check whether the solenoid valve (including coil and circuit) and cylinder are damaged.

The automatic chilli powder packing machine heating tube does not heat

  1. Check that the correct temperature is selected on the thermostat.
  2. If the temperature display shows characters and flashes, insert the plug if the thermocouple is not turned on.
  3. Check whether the heating tube is connected to the power supply and whether the joint is in good contact. The heating tube is connected to the power supply. If the heating tube does not heat, the heating tube should be replaced.
  4. Check whether the horizontal seal circuit breaker and the longitudinal seal are maintained or damaged. Check whether the solid-state relay in the circuit is damaged.
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