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Sanlin provided high-quality banana chips packing and puffed food packing machines. Sanlin banana chip packaging machine is precise and efficient, stable and reliable, and has a strong technical level. It is easy to maintain and has a high degree of visualization and intelligent operation. Factory direct sales warranty for one-year Professional skills are not recognized to improve after-sales service.

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Pouch banana Chips Packing Machine supply from stock, fast speed, high efficiency. We have professional R&D team, good service. Sanlin can provide one-stop packaging solutions.

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TheRotary Banana Chips Packing Machine adopts touch screen control, automatic detection of machine faults, simple operation and convenient adjustment.

Sanlin Pack banana Chips Packing Machine

In the past, manual packaging of banana chips was not only inefficient, but also had a high labor cost, making it impossible to achieve high-efficiency production.

The Sanlin banana chip packaging machine has high speed and high efficiency to meet all your needs for banana chip packaging.

Sanlin is committed to providing stable and cost-effective packaging machinery. The industry has recognized the strength and product quality of Sanlin Packaging. Welcome to consult us about buying a banana chip packaging machine!

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The Best FAQ for Banana Chips Packing Machine

How to choose a suitable Banana Chips Packing Machine?

High-cost performance is the first principle. The high-cost performance of Banana Chips Packing Machinery is based on the reduction of labour costs compared with the enterprise, which can help customers achieve more incredible benefits.

At this moment, the quality of china packaging machines has been dramatically optimized than previous time, especially Banana Chips Packing Machines.

Its proportion of exports takes substantial place, so the quality of imported machines can be buy at the price of china equipment.

Select a household packaging machine enterprise to maintain quality.

Select machines with mature technology and stable quality to make packaging faster and more durable, lower energy waste, reduce labour, and lower rejection rate.

If on-site inspection, pay attention to the prominent aspects, but also pay attention to the small details. These often determine the quality of the whole machine. Try this machine out with as many samples as you can.

For after-sales service, “Circle” should be prestigious. Timely after-sales service, on-call.

Use a reliable Banana Chips Packing Machine.

Quality is an important guarantee. Now the quality of Banana Chips Packing Machinery is guaranteed, divided into imported and china products, both of which have advantages.

Perfect after-sales service “in the circle” must have a good reputation—timely after-sales service. And can have the relevant product knowledge and use training.

As far as possible, the operation and maintenance are simple, and the accessories are complete, which can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the labour cost, which is suitable for the enterprise’s long-term development.

Action function of each station of the Banana Chips Packing Machine

Under the control of PLC, the equipment is mainly driven by the motor to drive the reducer. Through various sensors, connecting rods, cams, switch numbers, and control commands, the function of each part of the packaging machine is completed according to the parameters set in advance:

Work station sequence: 1 take the bag, two print the date, three open the bag and blow, 4 fill 1, 4 fill 2, 5 shapes, six seals, seven finished product output.

How will china Banana Chips Packing Machine develop?

In the past decades, china packing machinery has developed well. However, the types of Banana Chips Packing Machinery are still mainly continuous Banana Chips Packing Machines, modified atmosphere packaging machines, vacuum sealing machines, food evacuation machines, and single and double-chamber Banana Chips Packing Machines. To meet the market’s needs, we are striving to get out of the situation of a large number of products but low technical content and develop in the direction of multi-function, modularization, intelligence, and high precision.

  Because since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of china economy has also driven the demand for related food packaging, providing valuable development opportunities for Banana Chips Packing Machine manufacturers. The market prospect is worthy of optimism. The quality of food packaging directly affects its quality grade and market price. Although food packaging does not determine its inherent quality, good packaging can enhance its value and prolong its shelf life.

1. High productivity

  The productivity of Banana Chips Packing Machines has developed from a few pieces per minute to 10 pieces, and the productivity of thermoforming-filling-sealing machines can reach more than 500 pieces/min.

  2. Automation

  For example, the 500 double-chamber Banana Chips Packing Machine has the capacity of vacuuming, sealing, printing, and cooling instantly. It is often applied for packing tea, peanuts, shrimp, corn, and other foods.

  3. Single multi-function

  The multi-function is realized on a single machine, and the scope of use can be easily expanded.

To realize the multi-function of a single machine, a modular design must be adopted. Through the transformation and combination of functional modules, it becomes a diverse type of Banana Chips Packing Machine suitable for various packing materials, packing items, and packing demands.

The representative products are the mandrel wheel multi-station bag-making Banana Chips Packing Machine produced by the Hesser factory affiliated with the German BOSCH company. Its bag making, weighing, filling, vacuuming, sealing, and other functions can be completed on a single machine…

  4. Composition of the production line

  When more and more functions are required, concentrating all functions on a single machine will make the structure very complex and inconvenient to operate and maintain. Production line.

  5. apply new  high technologies

In the packing method, a large proportion of inflatable packing is applied ,rather than vacuum packaging, and the research on inflatable parts, packaging elements, and inflatable packing machines is tightly integrated; in control technology, more computer technology, and microelectronic technology is employed;

In sealing applications Heat pipe and cold sealing technology, advanced devices are supposed to also be installed directly on Banana Chips Packing Machines, for instance,computer-controlled high-precision combination scales for coarse-grained components; on rotary or Banana Chips Packing Machines, advanced high-speed circular arc surface cam indexing is used machinery, etc.

Is the change in the world pattern beneficial to developing China Banana Chips Packing Machinery?

Due to the rapid development trend of the food-related industry in the past few years, the Banana Chips Packing Machinery industry has maintained a high annual growth rate for a long time. It has continued to expand in the market. Based on the current demand performance in the commodity market, it shows that the development of the Banana Chips Packing Machinery industry is also facing the need for diversified development.

Such development proves that the industry needs new technical performance to support the development needs of major china enterprises. . Judging from the fact that China Banana Chips Packing Machinery maintains a high-speed growth rate of 16% every day, the relevant production processes in many industries in the national economy have prominent application performance of this equipment.

From the beginning, the performance of promoting consumption and reflecting value has grown. It has become a dependent industry in the development process of various industries in the market. It has a new performance in stabilizing and affecting the development of many industries. Therefore, the requirements for commodity packaging have also increased.

At the same time, the diversification, quality, and individual performance of food packaging require Banana Chips Packing Machinery to improve the adaptability and efficiency of equipment packaging and the improvement of quality.

Now, the development pattern and orientation of the Banana Chips Packing Machinery industry has a new performance with the changes in the development needs of the market economy, but what cannot be changed is that there are still certain contradictions between them.

The capital structure of this industry is relatively simple, the structure is relatively scattered, and most of the major enterprises block technology, which leads to the overall production of low-tech products in terms of technology and even more serious among enterprises.

The lack of high-tech talents has led to the slow development of enterprises and industries. China has now become one of the world’s fastest-growing markets in the packaging industry, and it ranks among the best in the development speed of banana chips packing machine

It has become a particularly important existence in packaging production and banana chips packing machine manufacturers in the world. It may become the world center of banana chips packing machine manufacturing and sales, and these performances will bring huge opportunities for the development of enterprises.

Naturally, opportunities and challenges come together. With the development in the market and the trend of high-end technology development, I hope that my country’s Banana Chips Packing Machinery industry can go further and become more stable.

What are the reasons for the Banana Chips Packing Machine to stop by itself?

There are four reasons:

  • The packaging film is used up.
  • The powder feeding hopper material is used up.
  • The motor overload protection has been activated.
  • The temperature is abnormal or out of tolerance.
  1. Wrap the film to use up

Countermeasure: Replace with new roll film

  1. The powder hopper material is used up

Countermeasure: Add material to the upper hopper

  1. Motor overload protection has been activated

Countermeasure: Check thermal relay, motor load, and mechanical overload factor

  1. The temperature is abnormal or out of tolerance

Countermeasure: Check the heating rod voltage and temperature sensor

What are the common faults of Banana Chips Packing Machines? How to solve it?

The vacuum pump not working or making severe noise may be due to the following reasons:
1. The power supply is out of phase, or the fuse is open. Solution: Check the power supply line or replace the fuse.
2. The vacuum pump is reversed; the solution: is power commutation.
3. The main contact point of the IC is in poor contact; the solution: adjust or replace it with a new one
4. ISJ normally closed contact is bad, solution: adjust or replace
The vacuum pump does not stop over time: the reason is that the ISJ goes wrong; the solution: overhaul or replace
1. If The vacuum pump of Banana Chips Packing Machine oil is too little or polluted, the solution: refuel or change the oil
2. If The vacuum pump of Banana Chips Packing Machine is smoking or leaking, the solution: is clean the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter with a new one, and check the check valve.
3. The gas path is not tightly closed; the solution: check the gas path and eliminate the leakage
4.There may be the following reason for incomplete vacuum or no vacuum.
The packaging bag is leaking; the solution: replace the new packaging bag

The reason why the banana chips packing machine does not have heat sealing

1. The nickel-chromium skin is burnt. The solution: replace it with a new one
2. The heat sealing circuit line is loose, and the circuit is broken. Solution: Tighten and reconnect
3. The main contact of 2C is in poor contact. The solution: adjust or replace

Insufficient sealing strength of banana chips packing machine

1. The temperature-time adjustment is too low and too short; the solution: readjust
2. The vacuum time adjustment is too short; the solution: readjust it to make it ≤-0.08Mpa
3. The heat sealing air chamber is broken; the solution: replace it with a new one

What is the reason for the failure of banana chips packing machine?

Reason 1: The wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight

Suppose the wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight. In that case, it will make it difficult to walk in when the packaging film passes by, or it will not be able to walk in, which will cause the packaging film to deviate from the running track and cause bagging.

The solution is to slowly adjust the wheel at the middle sealing position until the packaging film runs smoothly.

Reason 2: the wheel clamp at the middle sealing position of the banana chips packing machine is too loose

This is not only when the wheel clamp at the middle sealing position is too tight but also if it is too loose. Because the pressure of the packaging film is not enough due to the loose wheel during the operation, it will go to the ground when walking. Running down or up, the packaging film cannot run smoothly.

The solution is: slowly adjust the wheel until it runs smoothly.

Reason 3: there is a problem with the bag making machine of the banana chips packing machine

If the bag maker is not adjusted properly, this may happen. Because the bag maker is crooked or the bag maker is adjusted too large or too small, the packaging film will slowly deviate from the running track during operation, resulting in running. Membrane.

Solution: adjust the bag maker’s size and correct the bag maker’s position.

Reason 4: the paper tray of banana chips packing machine is loose

If the paper rack is loose, the packaging film will be slack, and the slack will run around. If the angle of the paper rack is not set properly, the film will not move well, causing the packaging film to deviate from the running track.

How to carry out the daily maintenance and cleaning of the Banana Chips Packing Machine?

Regularly lubricate the meshing parts of each gear, and stick to it to see the effect.

Do not drip oil on the drive belt when lubricating the Banana Chips Packing Machine.

The reducer of the Banana Chips Packing Machine is an important part of the equipment.

The reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil. After the first 300 hours of operation, clean the interior and replace it with new oil.

After that, change the oil every 2500 hours of operation. This phenomenon remains unchanged. Yes, it must be implemented carefully.

maintenance work

Before employing the Banana Chips Packing Machine, it is essential to check the screws of all components, and there must be no looseness. Or the common operation of the e3ntire machine will be influenced. To make sure that the inner part of the electric control box and the wiring terminals keep tidy to refrain electrical faults, after the shutdown, the two hot air heaters should be in the open place to stop the packaging materials from being scalded.

Lubrication work

It is necessary to regularly lubricate the gear meshes, the oil filling holes of the bearing with seats, and the moving parts for lubrication. Once per shift, the reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil.

cleaning job

After the banana chips packing machine is shut down, the metering part should be cleaned in time, and the hot air body should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the sealing lines of the finished packaged products are clear. To prolong service life, colleagues should also regularly deal with the dust in the electric control box to refrain electrical defects ,for instance, simple circuits or poor contact.

The sealed main drive gear should be regularly maintained every 2-3 months.

Before use, it must be strictly operated following the operation manual. If there is a fault, please seek professional solutions. Do not repair it without permission to avoid accidents.

What are the benefits of doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the banana chips packing machine?

During the maintenance process of the banana chips packing machine, the staff can better understand the machine so that they can operate the banana chips packing machine more proficiently so that the packaging productivity can be greatly improved in the normal packaging process.

At the same time, when there is a problem with the banana chips packing machine, the problem can be found faster, and the repair time of the machine can be accelerated.

Frequent maintenance of banana chips packing machine can reduce the mechanical damage it produces in the packaging process, thereby extending the service life of banana chips packing machine and reducing the cost of packaging production.

In the process of maintenance, the staff can find the fault of the banana chips packing machine in time, which can better avoid the injury of people or other things caused by the machine during the packaging process and improve its safety.

The daily maintenance of the banana chips packing machine can reduce the harmful substances produced during work and improve the hygiene and safety of the packaging materials.

Before using the banana chips packing machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the equipment’s power supply. The power cord can be picked up to see if the insulation on the surface is hardened, cracked, embrittled, or dropped. If you keep using it, the electrical components of the Banana Chips Packing Machine will be burnt due to moisture. If moisture is detected, use hot air to slowly dry the affected area. If the situation is more serious, you need to use a professional dehumidifier to dehumidify the electrical components.

If it is not used for a long time, you must wipe the entire body of the machine, apply anti-rust oil on the smooth surface of the machine, and then cover it with a cloth.

What are the safety warnings for the work of Banana Chips Packing Machines?

The Banana Chips Packing Machine is a major manufacturing industry in china. The Banana Chips Packing Machine has powerful functions, stable performance, wide adaptability, simple and convenient operation, and adopts an intelligent human-machine interface. Different parameter settings are convenient and quick to use.

The demand for packaging is great, so the working intensity of Banana Chips Packing Machines is also very large. Therefore, for manufacturers, correct operation and maintenance are the keys to prolonging the life of the equipment. Here are a few things to pay attention to when using Banana Chips Packing Machines.

Each Banana Chips Packing Machine is regularly inspected, cleaned, and lubricated for maintenance. At the same time, heat dissipation and ventilation must be done well. Do not place the Banana Chips Packing Machine in high temperature, humidity, and dirty use, which can not only prevent the product from being damaged or contaminated and prevent equipment performance from being affected.

The seal will leak or be unstable when the temperature is too low. The maintenance approaches is to lower the speed, heighten the temperature, and take place of the film’s elements.

In the process of packaging and production of Banana Chips Packing Machine, because the device for sealing and cutting film is high temperature, it is not allowed to touch the hot sealing wheel,

 sealing mould and moving parts at will to prevent burns. It is also forbidden to put your hair, gloves, and clothing into the moving parts of the Banana Chips Packing Machine so as not to be involved in accidents.

The air pressure goes wrong, the cylinder swing rod gets loose, the heating temperature is low, and the heat seal is fault.

Before the relevant start-up personnel is ready to start the work, they should check whether the power supply and fastening parts of the Banana Chips Packing Machine are abnormal and clean up the utensils and sundries on the table so as not to damage the machine or affect the subsequent production and packaging.

  1. The fan blade is above the furnace’s depth, about 40 cm from the outlet and entrance. The fan blade is installed to be concave upward (not protruding from the surface inside the furnace), open the high-temperature resistant curtain, from the furnace inlet or outlet Looking at the direction head-on, the fan blades are invisible.
  2. Inside the heating furnace (inner wall), the side wall where the infrared heating tube is installed is equipped with iron mesh isolation (open the high-temperature resistant cloth curtain, look up from the direction of the furnace inlet or outlet, only the protective net can be seen but the heating tube cannot be seen) ;
  3. When the machine is powered on, the heating tube in the furnace starts to heat, which can be heated to 150 ℃ or even higher according to the use requirements. The fan of the banana chips packing machine also runs at the same time to uniform the furnace temperature. When shutting down, the heating tube is powered off, and the fan continues to run to dissipate heat and cool down before shutting down.
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