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Our company is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of machinery and equipment such as seed packaging machines. It is a comprehensive trading company with a strong financial foundation and a good business environment.Sanlin has promoted the seed packaging machine to all parts of the world and won the recognition and trust of the industry.

Sanlin Pack Seed Packing Machine

Fully automatic seed packing machine

The seed packing machine is suitable for packing corn seeds, vegetable seeds, watermelon seeds, soybeans, rice, grain and other granular products.

pouch seed packing machine

Sanlin seed packaging machine integrates bag making, filling, sealing, printing and counting; it is widely used in the packaging of granular materials such as seeds; PLC control components are all international famous brand products with reliable performance;

Why Sanlinpack Seed Packing Machine

Sanlin seed packing machine has reliable quality and complete specifications, reflecting the professional technical level and good after-sales service.The horizontal seal and vertical seal are pneumatically controlled, and the action is stable and reliable.

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Why Sanlin Can Be a Seed Packing Machine Supplier

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How to use the seed packing machine?

  1. Installation

Before turning on the power, it must be confirmed that the mechanical position and electrical connection are installed correctly.

Color-coded sensors, external sensors, etc., are installed in the correct positions.

  1. Operation

After inputting the start signal, the seed packing machine enters the packaging operation state.

When the emergency stop signal is input, the seed packing machine stops immediately, the screen shows that it is in the emergency stop state, and the other buttons do not respond.

After inputting the position stop signal, the seed packing machine’s cutter shaft rotates to the open position and stops.

After inputting the jog bag pull signal, the seed packing machine is in the bag pull state until the jog bag pull signal is canceled.

After inputting the jog sealing signal, the seed packing machine seals until the jog sealing signal is canceled.

  1. Color mark identification control

When there is a color mark on the film, the color mark identification control is set to the enabled state, and the color mark identification sensor is used for alignment. However, a warning will appear if no patch instruction is entered within the effective range of patch recognition. In this case, the film can be mounted again after expanding the effective range of color mark recognition.

What are the characteristics of a seed packing machine?

As a kind of packaging equipment with the excellent technology and stable characteristics, the seed packing machine has the following excellent characteristics and advantages:

The new dual display surface metrology verification is a high-precision, experienced digital measurement and control technology, and the packaging accuracy and reliability are very good.

The total amount of information and the total number of packages can be displayed, making the actual operation easier and more convenient.

It has the functions of the active set of main parameters, active adjustment of fluctuations, deviation alarm, and self-diagnosis of common faults.

Reduce the damage to raw materials and packaging materials and can actively store data and information to ensure the continuity of production.

It has a wide range of quantitative analysis and high precision and can be lifted and down with the transport sewing machine on the countertop. It only needs one machine and is very efficient.

Imported sensors and pneumatic electric actuators are used, and the mechanical equipment is personalized, which is conducive to the maintenance and has no environmental pollution.

It can be equipped with automatic hot coding software, automatic sewing package, automatic thread breaking and other functions.

The preset communication socket can complete data communication with the host computer software.

A complete prevention system ensures the yield and does not waste packaging consumables and materials;

The main body of the whole set of equipment is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of materials;

Some imported engineering plastics are used; no need to refuel and reduce pollution to materials;

Using the PLC control system, the operation is simple. The spiral disc runs smoothly, has low noise, and does not damage the raw materials. It adopts a precise counting control device with an accuracy rate of 100%. The equipment can realize automatic arrangement, automatic measurement, filling, packing, conveying, sorting and packing of materials. The number of product packaging can be adjusted at will, the number of packaging bags can be controlled by itself, the number of packaging can be automatically displayed, and the machine’s workload can be easily counted. The equipment has a reliable safety protection function (safety protection devices are installed in all dangerous parts). The machine has automatic detection of no material and lack of material. When there is no or no material, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm. Each feeder in the equipment can be arbitrary. On or off to facilitate production needs.

What should I do if the seed packing machine encounters problems?

The bag packing machine does not work or has a serious noise

If The power supply phase is missing, or the fuse is open, check the power supply line or replace the fused core

The vacuum pump is reversed, and the power is commutated

If The main contact point of the IC is in poor contact, adjust or replace it with a new one

ISJ normally closed contact is not good. Good adjustment or replacement

The seed packing machine is over time, the ISJ does not work, and the maintenance or replacement cannot reach the ultimate vacuum degree.

The vacuum pump oil is too small or polluted for a long time and should be refueled or changed.

If The vacuum pump is smoking or leaking, check the gas path and eliminate the leak

The air circuit is not closed tightly, the maintenance or cleaning is not exhausted, or there is no vacuum.

Clean the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter, and check the check valve

Check the gas path to eliminate leakage

Air leakage in the packaging bag

There is no vacuum in the heat-sealed air chamber during vacuum

The sealing gasket on the 1DT iron core or the sealing ring in the magnetic cover leaks

Insufficient sealing strength

The temperature-time adjustment is too low and too short

The vacuum time adjustment is too short

The heat sealing air chamber is broken

The temperature-time adjustment is too high and too long


Overhaul or replacement (if the heat sealing delay is too long, the power supply should be cut off in time).

What are the classifications of seed packing machines?

There are many different types of packaging machines, and different types are also divided into many types according to different classification methods. Generally, the classification is not too complicated under normal circumstances. Generally, they are mainly divided into two categories. The two types will have different usage and operations, fully automatic and semi-automatic.


The fully automatic method of use is generally relatively simple because the labor force is very small; the machine’s automatic bag feeding, automatic measurement, automatic bagging, automatic bag transfer, automatic bag sewing, and this series of operations are not required. Manpower these can be done independently by the automatic packaging machine. It is more convenient to operate, while the semi-automatic packaging machine is less convenient than the automatic one. Still, it will also perform automatic measurement and automatic bagging. Still, the bag needs to be added manually in the process. It also needs to manually move the bag, manually hold the pocket for packaging, etc., which is a little more troublesome than fully automatic.


There are other classification types of packaging machines, which are divided into three categories according to the different physical properties of materials. Gravity feeding packaging machine: granular materials with good flowability and small moisture content. Auger feeding: generally used for metering and packaging of powder. Belt feeding: generally used for a block or granular belt and has a wide range of applications. If it is divided according to packaging specifications: small packaging, conventional packaging, ton packaging, etc.

What are the application areas of the seed packing machine?

Technology has given packaging a new look. Among them, the bag-type packaging machine realizes packaging automation for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other enterprises. The operator only needs to place hundreds of bags in the bag-taking part of the equipment at one time, and the mechanical grip of the equipment will automatically take out the bags and arrange them. Date printing, bag opening, signal metering to the metering device, blanking, sealing, and output.

In addition, the bag-feeding packaging machine can also be used for multiple purposes.

What are the packaging conditions for the seed packing machine?


  1. The packaging bag must be treated with antistatic treatment, and there must be no moisture, moisture, water droplets and other foreign objects in the bag and the environment.
  1. There is no adhesion phenomenon caused by printing between the bags, and the surface of the bags maintains a good smoothness.
  1. The bag width error should be less than ±1.5MM, and the bag length error should be less than ±2MM.
  1. The cutting part of the bag should be flat and vertical and maintain a right angle, and the two ends of the bag should be well sealed.
  1. The thickness of the bag should be one to one, maintain a certain hardness, and the packaging bag should not have any abnormality such as twists or turns.
  1. The material in the packaging bag should be less than 20MM below the mechanical gripping bag to ensure the sealing quality
What are the working procedures for the seed packing machine?

To bag – coding – opening bag – filling/tapping – reserved station – reserved station – heat sealing – cooling/output.

What are the common sealing methods of seed packing machines?

There are roughly the following types of packaging and sealing methods:

  1. Back-sealing packaging method (using pillow packaging machine or vertical packaging machine)
  1. Four-side sealing packaging method (using the vertical machine, bagging machine or sealing machine)
  1. Three-side sealing packaging method (vertical packaging machine is used)
  1. Blister packaging method (using a blister packaging machine, the packaging effect is like a toothbrush you have seen)
  1. Triangular bag packaging method (using vertical packaging machine)
  1. Heat shrink packaging method (using heat shrink packaging machine + heat shrink furnace)
  1. Boxed sealing method (using a boxed machine or manual packaging)
  1. Self-adhesive bag packaging method (using a bagging machine, the self-adhesive bag packaging effect is like red envelopes and envelopes)
  1. Packaging method of the gusseted bag
  1. Four-side ironing packaging method
  1. Bottle cap (using filling machine + capping and twisting machine)
  1. Manual packaging method (generally refers to the packaging effect that cannot be completed by the machine and needs to be completed manually).

What are the precautions during the use of seed packing machines?

The packaging machines produced by seed packing machine manufacturers are equipped with electrical control components. Do not directly wash the body otherwise the electrical control components will be damaged;

Use power and air sources that comply with equipment regulations;

Before disassembling and cleaning the equipment, be sure to turn off the air source and power supply;

After the power switch is turned off, some circuits in the electrical control still have voltage.

Equip the seed packing machine with a power socket with a ground wire so that the machine must be well grounded to avoid electric shock.

Before each start, check and observe whether there is an abnormality around the machine;

Touching moving parts with the body, hands and head is strictly prohibited when the machine is running!

Extending hands and tools into the sealed tool holder when the machine is running is strictly prohibited!


How to avoid the failure of the seed packing machine?

The specific measures to avoid the failure of seed packing machines are as follows:

Use strictly by the instructions.

The seed packing machine does not need too many people to take care of; it has the advantage of automatic work, there is no very complicated setting and operation, it only needs to meet the needs of the working environment; please set and adjust according to the instructions to avoid inappropriate operations.

Overloading must be avoided.

To avoid the failure of the seed packing machine during use, it is recommended to make reasonable work arrangements without any overload and work process; otherwise, it will lead to very serious failures.

What are the precautions for daily maintenance of seed packing machines?


Notes on daily protection of seed packing machine:

The box’s upper part of the box is equipped with an oil gauge, which should be filled with oil once before starting, and can be increased in the middle according to the temperature rise of each bearing and the working conditions.

The oil of the seed packing machine needs to be stored in the worm gearbox for a long time. The oil level is so high that the worm gear completely penetrates the oil. If it is used frequently, the oil should be replaced regularly. An oil plug is at the bottom of the worm gearbox for oil drainage.

When refueling the machine, do not let the oil spill out of the cup, let alone flow on the ground and around the machine. Because the oil easily contaminates materials and affects product quality.

Check the parts of the seed packing machine regularly, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolt, bearing and other moving parts on the lubricating block are sensitive to rolling and wear, and correct errors in time; do not use it logically.

The equipment should be used in a dry and clean room and not in places where the air contains acids and other corrosive gases.

When the seed packing machine is in use or stopped, the drum should be taken out for cleaning, brushed off the remaining powder in the barrel, and then installed correctly to prepare for the next use.

If the downtime is long, the entire body of the seed packing machine needs to be scrubbed clean, and the lubricating surface of the machine parts is coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth.

The fully automatic seed packing machine is equipped with electrical control components, do not directly flush the body otherwise the electrical control components will be damaged, and there will be an electrical shock;

Meet the power and air source specified by the equipment;

Before removing the equipment, be sure to turn off the air source and power supply;

Install a grounded power socket for the packaging machine so that the machine is well-grounded and avoids electric shock.

Some circuits in the electrical controller still have voltage after the power switch is turned off, so be sure to unplug the power cord when troubleshooting control circuits.

​The seed packing machine adopts a PLC control system and a pneumatic system with self-checking faults. We focus on relevant matters to ensure the efficiency and safety of production.

How to maintain the seed packing machine?


In the process of use, firstly operate in strict accordance with the instructions for use, add oil properly and strictly prohibit reversing to prevent the oil from being sprayed backward due to reversal, which will affect the normal operation of the machine.

The machinery should be cleaned daily to ensure the packaging machine is clean and tidy, especially for packaging machines used in the food field to ensure that the packaged products meet national food safety standards.

Regularly add lubricating oil to the mechanical parts of the bag-type packaging machine to ensure that the bag-type packaging machine can run freely, reduce the loss caused by friction, and improve the service life of the bag-type packaging machine.

Always check whether there are sundries on the sealing varnish of the hot-pressing frame and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing quality; regularly check whether the machinery and equipment are grounded smoothly to ensure the safe use of electricity and the personal safety of operators.

Before each start-up, the bag-feeding packaging machine must be checked to ensure that the machine’s power supply, switch, electrical system, and operating system can work normally and all parts are intact and not loose.

In the process of use, first of all, operate in strict accordance with the instructions for use, add oil properly and strictly prohibit reversing to prevent reverse oil spraying and affecting the normal operation of the machine.


  1. Always check whether there are sundries on the sealing varnish of the hot-pressing frame and whether it is flat to ensure sealing quality; regularly check whether the machinery and equipment are grounded smoothly to ensure the safe use of electricity and personal safety of operators.
  1. The seed packing machineshould be cleaned daily to ensure that the packaging machine is clean and tidy, especially for packaging machines used in the food field to ensure that the packaged products meet the national food safety standards.
  1. Regularly add lubricating oil to the mechanical parts of the bag-type packaging machine to ensure that the bag-type packaging machine can run freely, reduce the loss caused by friction, and improve the service life of the bag-type packaging machine.
  1. Once any failure of the seed packing machineis found, the power supply should be turned off in time, and the cover should be opened after all the internal gas is released, and then the voltage will be turned off; check the cause, eliminate the failure, and arrange for professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

What are the benefits of using a seed packing machine for a business?

Green environmental protection is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Equipment in all walks of life has also begun to be transformed into green environmental protection machinery, taking the green route. The production process of the seed packing machine is stable, low noise, convenient, high production efficiency and fast production speed. Adding the green concept makes the seed packing machine simple but not simple. The development trend of packaging machines is to help companies save costs and reduce waste.

The green packaging machine covers many levels. First, high production efficiency is the most direct manifestation, and production efficiency is the basis for the survival of enterprises. Therefore, improving the production efficiency of packaging machinery is crucial for enterprises. Secondly, the production process must be low noise and environmentally friendly, which is also the basic requirement of modern production machinery. In the end, it is the control of production costs and trying to get the maximum production value with the least capital investment.

Of course, we can’t make this the ultimate goal, but we should put our vision in the longer term and make the advantages more obvious. Green and environmentally friendly, bringing seed packing machines into a new era of development.

The rise of the packaging industry has given packaging machinery a broad space for development as the main packaging equipment. With the introduction of the concept of green environmental protection, packaging machinery should also adapt to this trend and transition to green packaging machinery.

What impact has the seed packing machine brought to the food processing industry?

Nowadays, many people love to buy food online. In addition to fresh food, some cooked food products are also very popular among consumers. Foodies are always unable to resist the temptation of delicious food. This is widely used in a piece of technical equipment – vacuum packaging. It can be said that without the application of vacuum packaging technology, many foods cannot be operated and sold from offline to online, and the market value of seed packing machines is irreplaceably important.


In recent years, China’s food packaging machinery industry has gradually developed into one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic pillar industries in China’s national economy. With the development of various food industries, people’s requirements for food safety have also increased, which has prompted the development of the vacuum packaging industry.

In the market, many products need to be vacuum-preserved, especially food, which needs to use the vacuum to slow down the decay of the product and retain the moisture of the product. The bag-type packaging machine was born to meet the demand, which is why it can quickly occupy the market after it was launched.

It should be said that the seed packing machine is relatively young equipment. After being tempered by the market, it has also made great progress. Higher vacuum, the ability to fill with other gases, and the deepening of automation are undoubtedly not feedback on consumer demand. As Chinese companies also diversify the types of vacuum packaging equipment, more and more equipment appears in front of consumers to meet their different needs of consumers.

Bring the gospel to the seed packing machine for the food industry.

Vacuum packaging can be seen everywhere in our lives; especially food packaging is often used. Vacuum packaging technology is a packaging technology with relatively high technical content, which requires the use of specially designed bag-feeding packaging machines for packaging. Nowadays, vacuum packaging is the most common packaging method for food packaging, which is also the gospel brought by technological progress to the food industry.

At the same time, the food industry is undoubtedly a very strong economic part of the world with high investment, so the food packaging industry is a fairly large market. This industry is also the largest buyer of seed packing machinery, with a share of nearly 70%. Therefore, the development of the seed packing machine industry must take a long-term development path.

Vacuum packaging is very simple to understand. It is to use a vacuum pump to extract the air in the packaging to achieve an oxygen-free environment, which can fundamentally prevent the rot and deterioration of the product, thereby achieving long-term preservation of the product. This packaging method is not only easy to operate but also relatively inexpensive, so it quickly occupied the market.

After years of development, the seed packing machine has become more and more perfect. The improvement of the new vacuum pump technology and the whole-process control of the numerical control technology make the vacuum packaging more reliable and reliable. Many Chinese companies focusing on seed packing machinery are also working hard on seed packing machines. They have launched more and more vacuum packaging equipment to meet the various needs of enterprises and markets.

In today’s developing society, vacuum packaging technology will inevitably go further. Although it has become the trend of food packaging technology, vacuum packaging technology also needs to accelerate its development. The progress of science and technology is the primary productive force, and only through continuous improvement can we always walk at the forefront of the times.

For a long time, the development trend has been rising steadily. Currently, the common bag-feeding packaging machines on the market are semi-automatic vacuum equipment. Just press the vacuum cover to complete the vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling and exhausting process. To establish a new packaging machinery system with diversification, generalization and multi-function integration, we must first focus on solving the big problems of combination and mechatronics, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future.

With the development and application of high-efficiency and multi-functional bag-feeding packaging machines and packaging materials with excellent barrier properties, as well as the combination of vacuum packaging and physical and chemical methods such as inflation, radiation, freezing, oxygen absorbers, and ethylene absorbers, the It will achieve better storage and preservation effect.

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