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Why Sanlin Pack is a Trusted Manufacturer of Food Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is your trusted Food Packing Machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We possess modern and sophisticated facilities and machinery lines, allow us to produce the latest and advanced designs of Food Packing Machine. Our extensive lines of Food Packing Machine includes dry food packing machine, frozen food packaging machine, coffee food packaging machine, and more. Always rely on packaging machine manufacturer expert – Sanlin Pack! Message us today.

Sanlin Pack Food Packing Machine

Pouch Food Packing Machine

Sanlin pack offers a wide range of high-quality pouch food packing machine for foods. Sanlin Pack provides complete OEM and reliable after-sales service.

Pillow Food Packing Machine

Sanlin pillow food packing machine is carefully designed by our skilled engineers.It can automatically finish making-bag, sealing, cutting, metering, filling and counting.

Vacuum Food Packing Machine

Our vacuum food packing machine has a one touch screen control type, easy to operate. Sanlin Pack is specialized in manufacturing the best food packing machine for you.

Rotary Food Packing Machine

We manufacture a wide range of rotary food packing machine that features a simple design and high-performance screw feeder, feeding equipment, weighing hoppers and electronic control system. and more.

Rotary Food Vacuum Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack rotary food vacuum packing machinee is manufacture with the function of auto-filling, measuring, bag forming, code printing, sealing, and cutting. It is made with high precision touch screen display.

Rotary Packing Bags Vacuum Packing Machine

We provides a comprehensive system solution for your food packaging machine needs. We own professional manufacturing equipment as well as a full range of technical support and after-sale service.

Sanlin Pack Food Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is a professional food packing machine manufacturer with profound experience and history in this industry. We consist of a dedicated and skilled team professionally engaged in unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and sales of various types of food packing machines.

For your satisfaction, we offer fully customize food packing machines based on your specific demands and requirements. Send your inquiry today!

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Vacuum Packaging Machines Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Leading Food Packing Machine Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best food packing machine? Sanlin Pack is the best choice. We provide a wide range of food packing machines with stable and great performance.

Our cost-effective, easy-to-operate Sanlin Pack food packaging machines are perfect for company or factory that wants to manage their packaging processes smoothly and perfectly. Whether for the first time or to the bigger producer looking for more efficiency and productivity of their products, Sanlin Pack food packaging machines are the suitable equipment for your business.

You can use our series of high-quality food packing machines in packing different types of food like dry foods, coffee, nuts, beans, frozen food, chocolates, snacks, rice, vegetables and fruits, and so on.

Sanlin Pack carefully designed food packaging machines that apply to various industries hotels, garment shops, food & beverage factory, restaurant, etc. It is structured with high-grade stainless steel and other superior quality raw materials to ensure durability and long-lasting quality. The mechanical design and transmission system of Sanlin food packaging machines are simple, the operating system is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

As a professional food packing machine manufacturer, we provide all types of it at a very competitive price including dry food packing machine, frozen food packaging machine, rice packing machine, chocolate packing machine, snacks packing machine, and so on. We also offer custom-made food packing machines with your specific idea and requirements. Just send your request and we will handle the best process.

In China, Sanlin Pack is famous for providing the most promising quality of food packaging machines. Our company has a perfect management mechanism, a strong workforce, mature technology, and a first-class manufacturing team.

We possess a complete production line with a whole operation system consisting of machine design, development, production, installation, and service. You can rely on our capabilities and facility because we obtained the IS09000 quality certificate and CE certificate. Throughout the years, we consistently deliver sincere service and superior quality of our food packing machines, that’s why many customers trust us and our machines have won the honor and reputation among customers worldwide.

Our engineering team is composed of more than 10 people, and we develop new equipment and machines to keep up-to-date with market demands and ever-changing technology.

Aside from food packing machine manufacturers, we also offer a broad range of products such as pillow packing machines, pouch packing machines, vacuum packaging machines, powder packing machines, and many more. In short, Sanlin Pack is your one-stop-shop packaging machine provider in China.

Enhance your brand and business with Sanlin Pack. Cooperate now to satisfy your needs!

Food Packing Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you a food supplier who needs a food packing machine for your business? Having a thorough understanding of the product before purchasing can help you purchase the right one.

This article will provide you with all the needed information about food packing machines. From materials, its different types, and advantages, this guide can provide you with the best details.

Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Food Packing Machine?

Food Packaging Machine
Food Packaging Machine

As its name implies, a food packing machine is used to pack different types of foods.

Food packing machines depend on different types of food to be packed.

The packing style of a food packing machine is also according to the food’s shelf life.

There are different types of food packing machines for packaging various food products.

What are the Types of a Food Packing Machine?

Different Types of a Food Packing Machine
Different Types of a Food Packing Machine

Below are the different types of food packing machines.

1. Food Vacuum Packaging Machine. Food vacuum packaging machine is a cost-effective and efficient way of food packaging.

By vacuum packaging, the air is removed to keep the food in its fresh state. If the air is removed from the packaging, the aerobic microorganisms that cause food spoilation can hardly be immobilized or thrive.

Using a food vacuum packaging machine will extend the food’s shelf life. It makes the food suitable for cold display and freezer storage.

2. Bagging Machines. Bagging machines are a popular type of food packing machine. Using a bagging machine, the foods are packed in a pouch, sack, or bag.

It is commonly used for packaging sugar, milk powder, cereals, and other powdered foods.

3. Bundling Food Packaging Equipment. Most food supplier chooses to use bundling food packaging equipment. It allows a large food quantity to be stored before packaging it in a single bundle.

It is also referred to as a banding machine. It is also used for packing stick candies, individually packed hotdogs, and other small items that need to be bundled together.

4. Biscuit Packing Machine. A biscuit packing machine is used together with a digital temperature controller. It helps in maintaining the right temperature during the packaging process.

Biscuit packing machines allow the food to maintain its freshness. The packaged products using a biscuit packing machine are monitored through the automatic feed counter.

The automatic feed counter allows food suppliers for easy factory output monitoring.

5. Capping Machines. Capping machines are widely used for drinks and food syrup products. It is used along with other types of food packaging machines.

Its function is to place an air-tight cap to close bottled foods. Capping machines are mostly found in a soda-manufacturing company.

6. Accumulation Machinery. Accumulation machinery works together with a capping machine. This type of machine allows organized and systematic food packaging by aligning the bottles.

A piece of accumulation machinery is mostly used by bottled water and soda companies.

7. Closing Machines. Closing machines are widely used by food factories around the world. It functions by tying metal wires for pouch or bag enclosure.

What are the Main Features of a Food Packing Machine?

Features of a Food Packing Machine
Features of a Food Packing Machine

1. Efficient. A food packing machine provides efficiency in making, filling, and sealing. At the same time, it is also used for cutting, heating, and printing data.

2. Intelligent Function. The bag length and packing speed are both adjustable. It has a display panel to set your desired speed.

3. Characteristics. A food packing machine is available in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation. It offers safe operation and film-saving.

4. Convenient and Easy to Use. Food packing machines offer labor-saving and low-loss. It is also easy to use and maintain.

How Much Does a Food Packing Machine Cost?

OEMODM Food Packing Machine
OEM/ODM Food Packing Machine

The price of a food packing machine depends on many factors and variables including:

1. Functionality. The price of the food packing machines varies on their capabilities. For example, automatic and manual food packing machines have different prices. Factors like speed also affect the price of a food packing machine.

2. Mechanical Components. Manual food packing machines usually have fewer computer-controlled components. It also has lesser moving parts and complicated components. Meanwhile, automatic food packing machines are programmed to run automatically. Thus, automatic food packing machines are more expensive than manual.

3. Capabilities. High-end food packing machines are expected to have a higher price.

Typically, a food packing machine costs around $10,000 up to $65,000.

What are the Advantages of a Food Packing Machine?

Fully Automatic Food Packing Machine
Fully Automatic Food Packing Machine
  • Food packing machines are available in standard or customized features.
  • Convenient to use, high accuracy, and high-precision process repeatability.
  • Stainless steel construction that conforms to food hygiene and safety environment.
  • High-speed weighing
  • Variable speed control
  • Cost-saving and labor-saving

What are the Packaging Types Options of a Food Packing Machine?

Pouch Food Packing Machine
Pouch Food Packing Machine

Food packing machines can provide the following packaging types:

  • 3 or 4 sides flat sachet
  • Doypack
  • Top spout sachet
  • Pouches
  • Bottles
  • Bags
  • Special-shaped bags
  • Stand bag
  • Zipper bag
  • Flat bag

What Packaging Materials Can You Use in a Food Packing Machine?

You can use different materials such as:

  • PE compound materials
  • Aluminum foil
  • Single-PE
  • CPP composite materials; and more

What is the Filling Speed of a Food Packing Machine?

The filling speed of a food packing machine depends on the packaging type and packaging size.

How are Food Packing Machines Constructed?

Structure of a Food Packing Machine
Structure of a Food Packing Machine

A food packing machine is commonly built using stainless steel 304 and 316 materials.

Most food packing machines have different capacities, power, sizes, weight capacity, and more.

It is also composed of different parts such as platform, combination weigher, Z-type conveyor, vibration feeder, collection table, and more.

Different types of food packing machines are built according to international standards. Since these machines are used in a wide range of food and beverage industries, they should conform to hygiene and safety standards.

What are the Typical Applications of a Food Packing Machine?

Applications of a Food Packing Machine
Applications of a Food Packing Machine

A food packing machine is usually used for packing different types of foods like candies, peanuts, biscuits, chocolates, chips, preserved fruit, snacks, coffee, tea, and more.

It is also used for packaging fresh fruits and frozen foods like meat, seafood, and more.

Most food packing machines are also used for packaging water bottles, sodas, and more.


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