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  • PLC control
  • Pure electric work
  • New machines
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel
  • Automatic bag opening, measuring, filling, shaping and sealing are completed at once.
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Why Sanlin Tobacco Packing Machine Can gain favor by customers?

The Tobacco Packing Machine is an economical fully automatic vertical packing machine designed for pouch packaging.The electronic scale of the tobacco packing machine has high measurement accuracy and fast speed.

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Why Sanlin Can Be The Prestigious Tobacco Packing Machine supplier?

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What is the significance of the existence of tobacco packing machine?

The existence of tobacco packing machine has solved many problems for everyone.

The tobacco packing machine industry has already had a development trend in China in recent decades.

Although it has made great progress in development, it has greatly improved product categories and equipment performance. The existence of the packaging machine has first seen a considerable change in the quality of the product packaging.

The technology has given the production and uses the performance of the tobacco packing machine. The tobacco packing machine has achieved its level in terms of the quality of the packaging products.

The packaged products will never have any problems such as inaccurate sealing, loopholes, air leakage, etc., which is also an important issue for enterprise production.


China’s comprehensive level has continuously improved in these years of development, and its influence has become increasingly important.

In the continuous development of the social economy, people’s living standards are also constantly improving, which has led to the prosperity and development of the sales market. There are many companies in the sales market. Because of the large number of companies, we cannot understand each.

To be truly familiar with people, every enterprise needs to carry out publicity and promotion. The publicity and promotion methods that everyone sees are not only on TV, the Internet, radio, etc. These methods are very direct and convenient.

But it has to pay a high price to make publicity and promotion, so for small and medium-sized enterprises, a common means of publicity is to design a promotional color page belonging to their own company, send it to rapid printing, and produce more products.

More and more promotional color pages are distributed to let more and more people know that this method can achieve results and save money.

In terms of the total output of the tobacco packing machine, the previous manual packaging, and regardless of the quality of the packaged products, the speed of the tobacco packing machine is also relatively slow, so the total output of the product is always unable to go up, which has a considerable impact on the sales of the company. Affected, the problem of the existence of tobacco packing machine has been completely solved.

The automation of tobacco packing machine machinery is far faster than the manual speed, so the work efficiency is high, so it is said that tobacco packing machine determine the total output for the enterprise. This problem.

The tobacco packing machine can make the enterprise’s production simpler and more convenient to operate, improve the enterprise’s work efficiency and product quality to a large extent, and reduce the loss of various resources in the enterprise’s production. Costs have brought more and more economic benefits to the development of the enterprise, improved the enterprise’s competitive advantage, and allowed the enterprise to achieve rapid development.

What parts does a tobacco packing machine generally consist of?

  1. Power part; 2. Transmission mechanism; 3. Control system; 4. Body or frame; 5. Packaging work execution mechanism.
  2. Power part

The power part is the motive force of mechanical work, usually an electric motor in modern industrial production. A combustion engine or other power machinery is used in some cases.

  1. Transmission mechanism

The transmission mechanism plays the role of transmitting power and motion. It is mainly composed of transmission parts, such as gears, cams, sprockets (chains), belts, screws, worms and worms, etc. It can be designed for continuous, intermittent or variable speed transmission according to needs. Persuade undress.

  1. Control system
  2. Body or rack

The fuselage (or frame) is the rigid frame of the entire packaging machine, and almost all the equipment and mechanisms are installed on its working surface or inside. Therefore, the fuselage must have sufficient rigidity and reliable stability. The basin puts the machine’s center of gravity in a low state. However, attention should also be paid to reducing the machine’s support and floor space.

  1. Packaging work execution agency

The packaging action of packaging machinery is completed by the working mechanism, which is the core part of the packaging action. Most of the more complex packaging actions are realized by strict movable mechanical components or manipulators, often a combination of mechanical, electrical or photoelectric effect elements. Application and rules match.

What is the general workflow of the packaging machine?

As a member of the current intelligent and automated equipment, modern automatic packaging machines have played an important role in packaging pharmaceuticals, food and other fields.

This series of equipment is measured and controlled by digital technology, and the packaging accuracy and stability are good;

when a fault occurs, it can alarm and stop in time to reduce the loss of materials and packaging materials and can automatically store data at the same time to ensure the continuity of production;

the equipment is made of stainless steel, in line with the national GMP standard to ensure that the materials are not contaminated during the packaging process; the design of the automatic packaging machine is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

The workflow of the packaging machine can be roughly summarized as: “packaging material – formed by the film former – horizontal sealing and heat sealing, typing and tearing – cutting – vertical sealing and heat synthesis.”

The measurement is automatically completed in this process. Bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch numbers, cutting and counting a series of packaging work automatically complete the packaging of fine-grained materials.

Operation process:

Put into the package→ vacuum degassing → electric heating sealing → degassing→ studio rises→sending out the finished product.


First, place the package on the working platform, lay the opening of the packaging bag on the silicone rubber strip, and press the bag’s opening with the bag’s pressure strip.

Turn on the power supply, select the heating temperature, and adjust the air extraction and heating time. After closing the lid, the packaging machine can automatically complete a series of continuous actions of air extraction, sealing, cooling and covering;

after the lid is closed, the air packaging machine can automatically complete a series of consecutive actions of pumping, sealing and cooling together.

What are the product features of the tobacco packing machine?

The studio, platform and frame are all made of 3042B stainless steel that meets the strict requirements of the national standard GB9177-2004. The platen and studio are all made of 5mm stainless steel, and the frame body is made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel to prevent welding and deformation.


The studio adopts a new type of silicone sealing gasket, which avoids the phenomenon of the poor sealing effect of other manufacturers;


The new connecting rod is made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful but also has corrosion resistance and is not easy to deform;


The electrical system adopts domestic advanced electrical control, and the failure rate is low;


The vacuum pump adopts the German original Puxu 100 pump, the vacuum degree is less than or equal to 200pa, and the pumping speed of the vacuum pump is 100m3//h;

The shutter structure is used, which is not only beautiful but also beneficial to the heat dissipation of the equipment; the independent electrical box structure is used to effectively protect the electrical system;


Dachang high-power vacuum solenoid valve is used to ensure stable operation of the vacuum solenoid valve during high-frequency use;


The heating strip adopts the direct connection type, the sealing is more beautiful, eliminates the phenomenon of ignition during work, and prolongs the service life of the heating strip;

The control panel is externally placed to prevent water from flowing into the electrical box and affecting the electrical appliance;

Working efficiency: 3-4 times/min.

Filling time, sealing time, bag length and width, inner bag length, sealing line position, etc., can be adjusted.

Fast packaging, two groups of electronic weighing, high accuracy.

The temperature regulator controls the sealing temperature, ensuring the smooth sealing of each package and improving the yield.

The operation interface adopts a PLC program to control the overall flow action, the electronic scale interface display is simple and convenient, and the man-machine separation improves the efficiency.

A nitrogen flushing function can be added.

The structure is simple, the layout is reasonable, intelligent, and technological, and the gold content is high.

The packaging has high stability and a simple appearance, and the packaging effect is higher than manual packaging.

Automatic protection and manual detection functions can be equipped to mark the production date and other multi-functional integration; 10. Each person can manage more than ten units of this machine, which greatly reduces labor costs.

The tobacco packing machine is suitable for packaging bags of various shapes.

The simplified transmission system greatly reduces the failure rate and the enterprise’s maintenance cost.

Increase production and reduce costs. It can improve production technology, improve product output and quality, and effectively save costs and achieve profits.

Realize the software of the control and improve the function.

Through torque compensation, stall prevention and restart, the non-trip operation is realized; the quality of the produced products is stable, and the efficiency is improved.

How to reflect the measurement accuracy control of tobacco packing machine?


  1. The electronic scale of the tobacco packing machine has high measurement accuracy and fast speed.
  2. Automatic shaping and external light adjustment are convenient.
  3. PLC control

Debugging is simple and easy to operate.

  1. Pure electric work

It is more convenient to use without an air source.

New machines

  1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel

Cleaning is easier and more convenient.

  1. Automatic bag opening, measuring, filling, shaping and sealing are completed at once.

What are the uses of tobacco packing machine?

  1. Adjust the opening and closing of the bucket door at any time according to the characteristics of the food

The use of the tobacco packing machine includes the adjustment of the bucket door, and the characteristics of each food that needs to be processed are inconsistent. The packaging machine adjusts the opening and closing speed of the bucket door according to the characteristics of the food to avoid the food volume being too large, the bucket door will destroy the overall integrity, or the small food will get stuck in the gap of the bucket door.

  1. One-stop complete process from product input to output

The tobacco packing machine’s uses include the display of automation; the unpackaged food is placed at the entrance of the equipment. Once it is started, it can automatically enter the processing part, and the packaging machine completes the weighing and packaging process. After a series of actions, the packaging machine will automatically print the new production date, and all the processes are completed in one go.

  1. Increase the degree of weighing food grams as much as possible

The use of the tobacco packing machine also includes the degree of weighing, and the error will be kept at about one gram, which will not cause a great interference to the number of grams of the food. The packaging machine completes the automatic sorting and weighing of food so that there is no need to worry about uneven weighing, ensuring that the entire production process is carried out in an orderly atmosphere.



Every product needs packaging. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more products are pouring into the shopping mall. If you have a certain understanding of the maintenance of packaging machinery, you can make the standard error of each product accurate. It is a very suitable packaging machine for enterprises to realize a series of operational processes such as automatic bag making, packaging design, cutting, sealing, coding, etc.

 What is the reason why the tobacco packing machine is not tightly sealed when it is working?


The market is developing day by day, and tobacco packing machine are also changing day by day. In the past, manual methods were used or semi-automatic, and manual feeding of bags was inseparable from manual labor. Now it is completely different. This tobacco packing machine can complete all the work independently, from feeding, unloading, bag making, or bagging, filling, sealing, a series of independent completion, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost, but the equipment will also have failures What if the tobacco packing machine is not tightly sealed while working? What is the reason? Let’s take a look together.

Suppose the tobacco packing machine is not tightly sealed. In that case, it will waste materials because it is a powder material, which is easy to spread and pollute the automatic powder packaging machine equipment and workshop environment. This is not worth the loss. If it is found that the tobacco packing machine is not tightly sealed, the operator must have a certain knowledge base for operating the equipment. For your safety, do not operate blindly; check whether the packaging container complies with the relevant regulations, and remove the fake and inferior packaging containers. Then you can try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat sealing temperature.

When the tobacco packing machine encounters a failure, the first thing to do is to calm down and carefully find the cause of the failure. If you don’t have the technical ability and don’t disassemble and install the parts and equipment, it may not be worth the loss.

How to deal with the loud noise of the tobacco packing machine?

  1. The vacuum pump is not fixed well or loose, resulting in vibration noise. At this time, we need to re-fix or tighten.


  1. The vacuum pump is short of oil, and the vacuum pump oil is one of the important media when the vacuum pump is working. When it is missing or polluted, it will affect the normal performance of the vacuum pump, resulting in the problem of loud noise. At this time, we need to add or replace the vacuum pump oil.


  1. When the coupling of the vacuum pump is worn, abnormal sound and noise will also occur. The corresponding solution is to replace the coupling.


  1. If the air release solenoid valve is damaged, abnormal sound and noise will also occur. At this time, we need to replace the bleed solenoid valve.


  1. If it is a three-phase electric tobacco packing machine, when we connect the wiring, if the phase sequence is reversed, there will also be a lot of noise and a problem of not vacuuming. At this time, we need to adjust the phase sequence and re-hot line.

What is the daily maintenance and maintenance work of the tobacco packing machine?

Before the tobacco packing machine, first, observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine.

When the tobacco packing machine is running, do not bring your body, hands and head close to or touch the running parts. Do not switch the operation buttons frequently when the tobacco packing machine is running. Two or more people operate the tobacco packing machine simultaneously, turn on the power during maintenance and maintenance, and operate the machine at ultra-high speed for a long time. These are all incorrect operation methods. Improper operation methods can cause damage to the tobacco packing machine or shorten its service life.

It is also necessary to ensure that the hygienic conditions of food are qualified and to maintain a dry and clean production environment. The packaging machine is cleaned immediately after use. On the one hand, it also ensures the cleanliness of the food and the environmental conditions for safe production; on the other hand, it also prolongs the machine’s service life.



The tobacco packing machine attaches great importance to the reliable grounding system when refitting, and the power plug of the machine equipment should be connected to the knife switch or the leakage protection switch as much as possible. There is no need to choose a power socket to prevent dryness in the production workshop, safety accidents and damage to machinery and equipment.

The tobacco packing machine should be selected in a natural environment of -10°C-50°C and a very high ambient humidity of not less than 85%. Because the relative humidity of the air will damage the electrical components in the machinery and equipment, reducing the service life of the machinery and equipment.

When choosing a tobacco packing machine, professional and technical personnel must carry out appropriate learning and training because after the machinery and equipment are completed and put into production, the professional and technical personnel of the automatic control system will adjust and change the machinery and equipment without training. If the manual mode is not good, it may cause the machine equipment to be unable to drive and the automatic control system to be turbulent.

To ensure the stable operation of the mechanical pump of the tobacco packing machine, the amount of oil should be checked frequently. The stable oil level should be at 2/3 of the oil mark. When there is ice or oil in the mechanical pump, and it is afraid of the dark, the oil polluted by the environment should be drained. New oil should be added (generally, it should be replaced once every three months, and special oil for mechanical pumps is required, which will cause great damage to the pump. Short cycle).

Add grease to the tobacco packing machine and run smoothly for 90 days.

Disinfect and sterilize the tobacco packing machine every day to prevent the remaining objects in the tobacco packing machine from withering the weathered layer, which is more in line with the regulations of food hygiene and safety.

It should be checked whether there is residue on the protective cloth and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing quality of the machine and equipment.

How does the packaging machine develop?

The competition is for better positioning; the competition is for better innovation of packaging machinery; the competition is for packaging machinery to leapfrog a higher peak of development. Packaging machinery makes competition a state, makes competition a trend and allows the spirit of unyielding to compose a new chapter in the development of the packaging machinery market with its competition in the development of the machinery market.


The endless competition plan has injected new blood and ideas into the development of the packaging machinery market. Packaging machinery proposes that the old-fashioned can no longer meet the current market needs and customer requirements. The road of innovation is imperative; let innovation give packaging Greater development space for machinery, use its new development concept to build a new stage for the development of packaging machinery, and build unique packaging machinery to prove it with its actions.


The competition of technology and the contest of strength are all to better promote the advancement of tobacco packing machinery. Competition is a good friend of the development of tobacco packing machinery. It constantly urges the advancement of packaging machinery. The pursuit of higher and better is the development of packaging machinery. The new concept, the pursuit of higher, let the tobacco packing machinery stand out in the wave of competition.


The wave of competition promotes the emergence of tobacco packing machinery; the competition gives tobacco packing machinery more courage and motivation to pursue higher, tobacco packing machinery makes competition sound the gun of innovation and allows competition to write new stories for the development of the machinery market on the road to the development of packaging machinery development chapter. Competition is a state of the development of tobacco packing machinery, and competition is a good weapon for the advancement of tobacco packing machinery.

From the important application of packaging machinery and equipment in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, its importance is fully demonstrated and closely related to the development of the entire industrial production. Diversified packaging machinery and equipment can better meet the great demand and safety. sexual demands.

So when we choose packaging machinery and equipment, how do we generally need to correctly choose packaging machinery and equipment? From the user’s point of view, it is the choice of domestic cost-effective packaging machinery and equipment.

The quality of domestic packaging machinery and equipment such as those produced by Xinghuo has made greater progress than before, keeping pace with imported machines.

The development of the current market is accelerating, and our economy and life are changing all the time. Now all kinds of products on the market must be packaged by packaging machinery and equipment before they can be sold. The packaging machinery and equipment may have dazzled consumers, so how should users choose packaging machinery and equipment correctly? Speaking of which, reliable manufacturers are indispensable, optimizing customer production efficiency and saving later investment.






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