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Sanlin pack is a top supplier that can supply a desirable sauce packaging machine. We have well-trained workers that can design a one-of-a-kind sauce packaging machine. Sanlin pack is a trustworthy manufacturer that has the capacity to provide different types of packaging machines. Contact us now!

Sanlin Pack Sauce Packaging Machine

Sauce Packaging Machine

We, the Sanlin Pack can manufacture and supply different models and kinds of packing machines all for you. If you want this type of machine that can fit even in a small space, this small sauce packing machine is best for you.

Automatic Rotary Sauce Packaging Machine

In Sanlin Pack, we produce rotary sauce packaging machine. It is suitable for packing goods like sauce, lotion, oil, and all types of liquid products. If you want to have this kind of packing machine, Sanlin Pack is the key.

Professional Sauce Packaging Machine Supplier

The sauce packaging machine allows to pack more various paste or liquid stuff like food, chemicals, cosmetics, and other liquid products. If you want this type of packing machine for your business, then Sanlin Pack can make it for you.

Why Sanlin Sauce Packaging Machine

Sauce packaging machines are truly made with strong materials. Sanlin packs always select the best kind of materials to make sure the durability and longevity of the machines can last long. 

Sanlin pack can be your best partner for your production that can produce a high-end sauce packaging machine. We always prioritize your inquiries to give you satisfying products as well as services. Whenever you need a high-quality packing machine like a sauce packaging machine, we are your great option.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Sauce Packaging Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack Sauce Packaging Machine

If you need a sauce packaging machine for your production, Sanlin pack is happy to provide that. We have a finished product to offer for your urgent orders of sauce packaging machines. At the Sanlin pack, you can always get a machine, including the sauce packaging machine.

The Sanlin pack sauce packaging machine is perfect for those who manufacture or produce sauce products. If you want to have fast operations in packing your products, you must use the Sanlin pack sauce packaging machines.

It comes in different types like automatic sauce packaging machines, honey sauce packaging machines, small pouch sauce packaging machines, and more.

Sanlin pack, sauce packaging machines, allowed to pack more than the hands. Using our sauce packaging machines allows for lessening the errors in packaging procedures. The sanlin pack sauce packaging machine enables you to have a great packaging solution.

Aside from sauce packing machines, Sanlin pack also manufactures different packing machines like grocery packing machines, rice packing machines, vegetable packing machines, food packing machines, biscuits packing machines, and many more.

Sanlin pack is a professional manufacturer of sauce packaging machines. We have been in the manufacturing industry for more than 10 years now. It allows us to be more confident in introducing our packing machines product nationwide.

If you have questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

The ultimate FAQ guide of Sauce Packaging Machine

What is a sauce packaging machine?

The sauce packaging machine is mainly designed for filling thick and granular sauce-like materials. It is widely used in sauce packagings such as chili sauce, spicy sauce, spicy sauce, beef sauce, Douchi, and Pixian Douchi.

The packaging method can be selected. Generally speaking, three-side sealing is more common.

If you don’t like the three-sided sealing technique, you can change the machine’s mold to four-sided or rear sealing.

There is also the way of the incision. Users can freely choose whether to cut flat or serrated. The code can also be printed after the packaging, measurement, and sealing are completed.

What exactly is the function of the sauce packaging machine?

It is suitable for automatic packaging machines of sauce materials in food. Examples are pesticides, shower gels, jams, tomato paste, honey, and other materials.

The sauce packaging machine is mainly used in food and chain catering enterprises.

What are the advantages of a sauce packaging machine?

A good sauce packaging opportunity brings unexpected benefits to an enterprise.

As enterprises, they hope to gain more benefits under certain investments. Most enterprises are using mechanized production. It can indeed bring production efficiency to enterprises. As mechanized equipment in the packaging industry, automatic packaging machine for sauce has great responsibility and a long way to go.

Automatic packaging machine for sauce is widely used in food, daily chemical, and other industries. It can package sauce products in different industries.

What is the function of the automatic sauce packaging machine?

  • It can perform all of the work in the packaging process, including measuring, bag creation, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and batch numbering.
  • The automatic control system automatically matches all actions, with high accuracy, simple and accurate adjustment of bag making length;
  • It has a color code control system, which can obtain complete trademark patterns and ensure the integrity of packaging;
  • It can adjust the speed and bag length. Without replacing parts, the package speed and bag manufacturing length may be changed within the specified range;
  • It has a novel integrated sealing system, a strengthened heat sealing mechanism, and an intelligent temperature controller. It has an excellent thermal balance and may be used with various packing materials. It offers a good sealing performance, minimal noise, clear sealing lines, and a robust seal.


What is the maintenance method of the sauce packaging machine?

Sauce packaging machines primarily package granular paste items like chili sauce and bean paste. As a result, maintenance focuses primarily on keeping the equipment and working area clean and sanitary. It can minimize direct or indirect contamination of the products.

All sections of the sauce packaging machine should be filled once before starting up. With more lubricant applied according to the temperature rise and operation. Replace the oil every three months if it is often used. The bottom of the standard has an oil plug that may be used to drain the oil.

When filling the sauce packing machine, make sure the oil does not spill out of the cup. You cannot less pour around the machine and into the ground. Because oil has a high potential for polluting materials and lowering product quality.

For the maintenance details of the whole machine

Once a month, the sauce packaging machine must be examined to verify if the parts spin flexibly and wear. If a flaw is discovered, it must be rectified promptly and not utilized unwillingly. If it has been out of operation for a long period, the sauce packaging machine must be wiped and cleaned. The machine’s smooth surface must be treated with antirust oil and covered with a cloth canopy for the next usage.

After stopping the packaging machine, it must clean and brush the residual powder in the bucket and then reinstall it properly. Prepare for the next time you utilize it.

If the sauce packaging machine’s gear shaft moves, adjust the M10 screw behind the bearing frame to the proper position. Then you need to adjust the clearance so that the bearing does not make noise. And turn the belt pulley by hand, and make sure the tightness is correct. The sauce packaging machine may be harmed if it is too tight or loose.

What is the difference between pouch sauce packaging machines and bag-feeding sauce packaging machines?

In everyday life, the sauce packaging machine is widely applied. Home and business are common. There are many demands for the sauce packaging machine. More people see the business opportunities in this industry.

The bag-feeding sauce packaging materials’ feeding cylinder is located on the inner side of the bag maker. The pouch sauce packaging machine and filling materials are done vertically from top to bottom.

The bag-feeding sauce packaging machine packages while creating bags, whereas the pouch sauce packaging machine packages using premade sauce packaging bags.

Another way is the bag-feeding sauce packaging machine packages while creating bags. The pouch sauce packaging machine packages using premade sauce packaging bags.

Product features of bag-feeding sauce packaging machine:

  • All stainless steel exterior decoration meets the requirements of GMP.
  • Provide safety protection to meet the requirements of enterprise safety management. The operation is safe, and the enterprise can use it safely.
  • It has the function of setting the automatic alarm of output and automatically displaying the running speed of packaging. The computer controller is a product of Chuang. The CPU core chip is selected and powered by the imported switching power supply. Therefore, all functions adopt key operations and digital displays.
  • The vertical sauce packaging machine can set the bag length by computer without changing the gear and adjusting the bag length. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of various products. When changing products, it can be used at any time without resetting.
  • The vertical sauce packaging machine has high accuracy. The error is within 0.5mm within 50-100 bags/min speed range.
  • An intelligent temperature controller provides perfect temperature control and a beautiful, flat seal.
  • It is optional to configure a rotary code printer to print batch numbers and shelf life in 1-3 rows. Metering can be completed automatically by the packing machine and metering arrangement. Automatically completes feeding, filling, bagging, date printing, inflation (exhaust), finished product conveyance, and counting.
  • Customers can have pillow bags and hanging bags tailored to their specifications.

Product features of sauce packaging machine:

  • Feeding, bag manufacture, coding, bag opening, quantitative measurement, filling, heat sealing, and final product output are all completely automated.
  • The sauce packaging machine is automatic production equipment that replaces manual packaging. It allows enterprises to automate packaging, boost production efficiency, and reduce production costs significantly.
  • It is easy to use since it is controlled by an imported PLC system and a touch screen. This machine adopts stable cam mechanical transmission technology. It can ensure reliable equipment operation, low failure rate, and low energy consumption.
  • The sauce packaging machine has the functions of automatic detection and information feedback. The detecting device will not fill or seal if there is no packaging bag. Packaging materials and raw materials should be saved, and packaging facilities should be environmentally friendly.
  • The sauce has a wide range of packaging, which can be used for packaging: various liquid and sauce body materials. Just select different metering and filling devices according to different materials. The sauce packing bag can be used for different purposes. It can be used in single-layer PE, PE composite material, CPP composite material, and aluminum foil.
  • The amount of sauce packing materials that are lost is minimal. Prefabricated bags are used by the machine. The packing bag has a flawless pattern and high sealing quality. It can increase the product grade,
  • It can easily and quickly change the sauce packing bag’s specifications and the manipulator device’s width. Which is simple, time-saving, and labor-saving.
  • The bag storage device can store more bags in horizontal bag feeding mode. It has lower bag quality requirements and a high bag separation and loading rate.

What is the flow of the automatic sauce packaging machine?

  1. Bag loading: detaches the bag from the top and delivers it to the machine clamp. The bag is supplied to the machine clamp. There is no bag warning, implying that employment and labor intensity will be reduced.
  2. Ribbon detection: a shutdown alert when the ribbon is out. The touch screen display guarantees proper bag coding. Printing manufacturing date.
  3. Check the bag: open it for inspection, but don’t open it or drop the object to prevent material loss.
  4. Material filling: identification of materials that have not been filled, heat-packed, or sealed, resulting in squandered bags.
  5. Heat sealing: a warning will sound if the temperature rises over a certain level.
  6. Make sure the seal is perfect before cooling, shaping, or discharging.

What is the hardware design of the automatic positioning system of the bag feeding sauce packaging machine?

  1. Application of photoelectric signal sensor

A signal sensor is a device for signal transmission with light as the medium. The signal sensor is installed in front of the heat sealing device of the sauce packaging machine.

The CPU converts the signal into the pulse signals that the operation of the stepping motor through the software function. Its main function is to monitor the whole system in real-time. When the signal sensor receives the signal, it will transmit it to the CPU.

CPU will complete the real-time monitoring of the whole system and the operation and transmission of relevant data.

  1. Control of stepping motor

The hardware interface of the single-chip microcomputer of the motor is limited. The stepping control adopts the hardware distribution mode rather than the software distribution. It can improve the accuracy of the system. The stepping motor’s operation, stop, and movement speed is controlled by the pin output pulse frequency of the single-chip microcomputer.

Its sauce packaging machine has played an important role in today’s economic market circle. The enterprises producing packaging equipment are gradually increasing. The more you want to own new things, the stronger your desire.

It can be said that it is difficult to change the appearance of sauce packing machinery in the market. We should consider every aspect, which may face unexpected problems in planning, technology, etc. When these problems arise, we should have the energy to solve them.

Enterprises should strive to improve the quality of sauce packaging machines. Only in this way will enterprises develop rapidly. As long as it does so, the enterprise obtains higher benefits.

What are the advantages of quantitative packaging for bag-feeding sauce packaging machines?

The sauce packaging machine represents packaging machinery moving towards science and technology. It has a quick, efficient, consistent, and good impact. And it has a high level of practicability, a broad application range, and quantitative packing.

It is a major selling point of bag-feeding sauce packaging machines. It can be said to be the best choice to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Let’s go through the advantages of quantitative packaging for bag-feeding sauce packaging machines to better grasp how they function.

Quantitative packaging of bag-type sauce packaging machines may provide a quantitative standard for things of the same specification. That makes them not only more appealing and uniform.

When packaging products, the bag feeding sauce packing machine has “bag feeding” and “quantitative” characteristics. “Bag feeding” means that the equipment can pack the products by placing the bags in advance and taking the bags by themselves. “Quantitative” refers to a setting.

It may weigh the items to be packed according to the predetermined weight specifications using its weighing equipment. It will cease feeding and go on to the next phase once the packing criteria are completed.

The benefit of quantitative packaging is that it may maximize material use. It saves resources for businesses and improves packing efficiency and product quality. It also makes the product packaging work more simple and fast.

It facilitates the operation of production personnel and improves work efficiency. And it avoids the problem of defective products caused by uneven packaging and improves the stability of production. Quantitative packing for sauce packing machines provides several advantages, as demonstrated.

Sanlin Machinery provides you with professional sauce packing machine products and services, which is well known in Asia.

What are the four principles for choosing a pouch sauce packaging machine?

Selecting a pouch sauce packing machine appropriate for your goods’ packaging is crucial. Here are some guidelines for making a decision.

To meet the requirements of the packaging process, with good adaptability to the materials and containers chosen for sauce food. It has good quality and production efficiency. And it has advanced technology, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, and ease of use and maintenance.

Take into account the adaptability of machinery, which can meet the packaging needs of various sauces and foods. Food safety standards are met, easy to clean, and not contaminate food.

Packaging machinery must control temperature, pressure, time, measurement, and speed. If you want to produce a product for a long time, you’d better choose specialized packaging machinery. This way, you can pack your product more efficiently.

When producing products of multiple varieties, types, and specifications, you can select the multifunctional automatic sauce packaging machine. A single machine may do several packing tasks, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, and reducing floor space. Workplace conditions should be improved, and labor intensity should be reduced.

What should I do if I can’t seal when using the bag-type sauce filling machine?

When we use the sauce filling machine for packaging production, we sometimes encounter the machine’s inability to seal. What are the reasons for this? I will summarize and sort out the causes of such problems and now share them with you, hoping to benefit you.

First, you need to check whether the heat sealing switch panel is turned on or the power supply is not turned on. If it cannot be sealed suddenly during use. In that case, the components may be damaged, or the power connection of the heating element may be disconnected.

Then you need to check whether there is a problem with the control panel and whether the set value of heating time is correct. There is something wrong with the control component, and the heating time relay is damaged.

If the sauce packaging machine can not be sealed, there may be a problem with the solenoid valve.

How to operate the sauce packing machine?

The sauce packaging machine is simple to operate and can be adjusted according to the actual production situation. The sealing effect of the sauce packaging machine is very good, and the sealing is more firm after sealing. The multipurpose sauce packaging machine combines many technologies and may be utilized anywhere along the manufacturing process. Ability to work on one’s own.

The sauce packaging machine offers consistent performance, a wide range of configurations, and is easy to maintain. The sauce packaging machine has been entirely automated, resulting in increased production efficiency and a significant increase in speed.

The operation method of the sauce packaging machine

The air pump of the sauce packaging machine is mainly used to fill the sauce that needs to be filled. Without an air pump, it’s not good to choose a sauce packaging machine. And it cannot see what cleaning materials are used in the filling part, whether the measurement is standard, and whether there is water dripping in the sealing.

sauce is processed by a pouch sauce packaging machine. Some of its functional parameters are as follows:

  • pouch sauce packaging machine, also known as an automatic sauce packaging machine, is a packaging machine specially designed for automatic packaging of liquid, paste, and some dense materials. Applicable: (jam, jam, etc.)
  • Full automatic packaging is adopted. The speed is about 60 bags per minute (adjustable), the accuracy is 1.5% / bag, and the packaging efficiency is high.
    The film size of the standard machine is 0.08 mm thick and 320 mm wide. It can be matched with various assembly line equipment with high cooperation.
  • The whole sauce packaging machine is made of stainless steel and composite materials. It can be easily and reliably adjusted by quantitative filling, direct heat sealing and cutting, packaging bag size, packaging weight, and sealing and cutting temperature through a high-level balance tank or self-priming pump.

Production date printing and packaging can realize three-sided sealing, four-sided, or back sealing, providing users with different packaging options. Bagged chili sauce packaging machine as high-precision equipment, reliable quality!


How to maintain the sauce packaging machine correctly?

  • Precautions for maintenance of sauce packaging machine

With the development of sauce packaging machines, labor costs have been reduced. Large, medium and small enterprises can use it. When it comes to equipment, we should master its maintenance methods. Want to know the maintenance method of automatic packaging machines?

  1. In rainstorm season, pay attention to some electrical appliances’ waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and insect prevention. The electrical control cabinet and junction box shall be kept clean to prevent electrical equipment failure.
  2. Regularly check the screws at each position of the packaging machine to prevent the risk of loosening.
  3. Regularly add oil to gear joints, oil injection holes with pedestal bearings, and various fitness parts of the packaging machine.
  4. When the sauce packaging mechanism is closed, the two drying rollers should be in an extended position to prevent the packaged products from being burnt.
  5. When adding grease, it should not be ignored. Once oil drips onto the drive belt of the drive system, it may cause the drive belt to embrittle or deviate.

When the sauce packaging machine works normally, we cannot operate the automatic packaging machine at will. And we cannot switch various operation buttons and change the setting of internal parameters.

If these figures are replaced, it will greatly impact the next job, and there will be various problems, so these aspects must be carefully controlled. All kinds of equipment are becoming more and more advanced. Pay attention to the specific situation in the process of using the equipment.

When operating the equipment at ordinary times, more than two people cannot operate various buttons and mechanisms simultaneously. To do a good job in daily maintenance, we must do a good job in maintenance on time. If there are some problems, you must learn to pass.

  • Selection principle when using lubricating oil

There are two kinds of lubricants used in mechanical equipment: lubricating oil and grease.

Generally, lubricating oil components include a sliding guide rail, guide rod, gear drive, chain drive, screw drive, and sliding bearing. The commonly used lubricating oil is mainly engine oil (engine oil), and the viscosity is expressed in numbers.

The higher the viscosity, the higher the value. Hj-10, 20, 30, and 40 lubricants are often used in machinery and equipment for food processing. The following principles should be considered when selecting lubricating oil for the sauce packaging machine:

  1. When the rotating speed or sliding speed of the sauce packaging machine is high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil selected should be small;
  2. No. 10 or No. 20 engine oil should be used for the parts of the sauce packaging machine moving at different speeds and frequently starting, stopping, or reversing, and No. 30 engine oil is generally used in summer;
  3. In addition to the above two principles, the matching accuracy and surface finish of the friction surface of the sauce packaging machine should also be considered. If the fit clearance is large and the rough surface, choose the lubricating oil with higher viscosity. Otherwise, use the lubricating oil with lower viscosity.
  •  Selection principle of lubricating grease

When the sauce packaging machine uses grease, it does not need to change the grease frequently, and the sealing is simple.In addition to cobalt-based grease and lithium-based grease, common greases include calcium and sodium-based grease.

  1. When selecting grease for the sauce packaging machine, the working temperature of parts during friction shall be mainly considered;
  2. Calcium based grease is generally used when the operating temperature of the sauce packaging machine is lower than 110 ℃;
  3. Generally, when the working temperature of the sauce packaging machine is higher than 110 ℃, sodium grease shall be used.

How should we clean the sauce packaging machine?

  • Cleaning is the most important thing to maintain the sauce packaging machine, so the equipment should be simply cleaned after each use. The main cleaning place is the place in close contact with the materials, which can reduce the failure of the sauce packaging machine and avoid the pollution of the materials.
  • In addition to the routine cleaning after each use, the sauce packaging machine needs to be cleaned every other month. When cleaning, be careful not to let water directly contact the circuit part. Otherwise, the circuit of the liquid filling machine will be damaged.
  • After the work, keep the pipeline clean, disinfect and sterilize every day, and rinse with water.
  • Pay attention to moisture filter and oil mist filter. If there is too much water in the water filter, please drain it in time. If the oil mist filter is short of oil, please pay attention to refueling in time.
  • During operation, pay attention to whether all parts of the sauce packaging machine rotate or rise and fall unsteadily. If this is the case and it is not serious, it can be repaired after the work is completed. If it is serious, stop the work immediately and carry out maintenance.
  • Please do not move the emergency stop switch when the sauce packaging machine is working. Otherwise, the program will be damaged.
  • During each inspection, check whether the vulnerable parts of the equipment are damaged. If damaged, replace them in time.

What are the Troubleshooting skills of sauce packaging machines?

Many people feel headaches and helpless in the face of equipment failure. Will it become an unsolvable situation if you know the common diagnostic methods? I repair thousands of equipment every year.

Then, several troubleshooting skills for the automatic sauce packaging machine. Let’s have a look!

How to troubleshoot the sauce packaging machine

The abnormal sound generated by moving parts

  • Insufficient lubricating oil.
  • Loose screws lead to part offset.

When the liquid supply is insufficient or large

  • The connecting rod screw is loose.
  • There is foreign matter in the valve.

The liquid supply pipe of the sauce packaging machine has air or poor sealing.

  • The pressing pad of the crank slider is not pressed.

The bag becomes longer, shorter, and unstable.

  • If the screw of the bag taking pliers is loose, there is an oil stain, or the rubber pad is worn, clean it with household detergent.
  • The automatic sauce packing machine is not adjusted properly.

The thermal cover is seriously damaged.

  • Replace the nonstick cloth or adjust the position of the nonstick cloth
  • Check whether the rubber pad of the automatic sauce packaging machine is damaged. If it is damaged, please replace it.

The horizontal sealing of bags is abnormal, and there is insufficient compressive strength after cutting continuous bags and heat sealing.

  • Foreign matters shall be removed immediately.
  • Check whether the Teflon heat shield on the copper block is loose.
  • Replace the rubber pad of the push plate in time.
  • The thickness of the plastic film is about 80 microns.
  • Adjust the pressure of the cross seal copper block.
  • Check whether there are scars on the blade of the transverse sealing copper block of the automatic sauce packaging machine.

The above describes several troubleshooting skills of the  sauce packaging machine. If you can treat the symptoms, please call the manufacturer of our company immediately. Our company’s automatic sauce packaging machine is widely used for packaging various liquid materials without gas.

Therefore, please order the necessary manufacturers quickly, or come to our company to select the equipment required for the prototype. We welcome to cooperate with you. If you need to know more, you can pay attention to us at any time!

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