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The Sachet packaging machine has a reasonable structure, adopts intelligent control, self-detection of running status, Chinese display, and a high degree of automation.Welcome to consult!

  • The sachet packaging machine adopts PLC control.
  • The bag size is accurate.
  • The measurement precision is high.
  • The machine runs smoothly and is more suitable for 24-hour continuous operation.
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Sanlin’s leading sachet packaging technology has always been praised by the industry. The company provides the model, specification, brand, price, quotation and detailed description of the sachet packaging machine. The pouch packaging machine is affordable and customized by the manufacturer.

Why is Sanlin Sachet Packing Machine popular?

Among many forms of packaging, sachet packing machine is a very popular form of packaging, is also a very widely used in the market. Sachet packing machine can complete three side sealing, four side sealing, back sealing, different shape bag shape, can be granular, powder quantitative packaging.

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Why Sanlin Can Be The Famous Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturer?

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What are the characteristics and applications of sachet packing machine?

Food creation allows us to obtain more delicious food and enrich our lives. It will also become the direction of future sachet packing machine efforts. As far as packaging and equipment are concerned, the product’s functionality is guaranteed, and its shelf life is enhanced. Food packaging timing can meet all the needs of everyone, bringing healthy food to everyone.


The sachet packing machine is developed using advanced technology based on the original packaging machine. The sachet packing machine has a good design, simple operation and high precision.

It is suitable for bag packaging of all kinds of vermicelli. The sachet packing machine is made of stainless steel and is controlled by a microcomputer with a high degree of automation.

It integrates the processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, coding, cutting and counting. The control system, motor, and optoelectronic components are selected from brands to ensure the stable function of the equipment.

Accurate measurement, simple operation, high degree of automation and stable performance. This is a very good packaging machine.


Focusing on improving its market and strength, the sachet packing machine has a more reasonable production and organization for developing its packaging machine, so it has more new development characteristics.

Pay attention to the needs of the future market and consumers so that the sachet packing machine can better produce products and develop in the direction of energy-saving, environmental protection and green, to be more characters in this process, and bring you in the development process. More convenience, so that food products can be better sold in the market, bringing you more sales.

What parts does a food packaging line generally consist of?



The composition type of the food packaging line is based on the user’s product requirements. For example, in the mineral water packaging line, the components are a bottle unscrambler, sleeve labeling machine, dryer, labeling machine, sorting machine, unpacking, packing, The carton sealer, and the baler behind it. Other functions of other components can be added and assembled according to user requirements.


The food packaging line is used in the packaging of in-line group products. The components include detectors, sleeve labeling equipment, transportation equipment, packing equipment, etc. Other component functions can also be added and assembled according to user requirements.



What are the main features of the manipulator design of the sachet packing machine?


The advancement of science and technology makes shopping malls put forward higher requirements for packaging technology and equipment.

Today, the competition for sachet packing machine is becoming more intense. Packaging equipment with high automation, intelligence, multi-function, high energy efficiency and low consumption is increasingly favored by the industry.

So far, new sachet packing machine have required simplicity, high productivity, better matching and more automation. Let’s understand the main features of the manipulator design of the sachet packing machine;


First, each manipulator is controlled by its computer. To complete the complex packaging action, the packaging machine needs to be completed by multiple robots. When the packaging action is completed, the robot arm completes the action under the computer-controlled camera’s information and supervision according to the computer program’s instructions to ensure the packaging quality.



Second, it has high-resolution material and thickness. In the packaging process, it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials. Therefore, in the design of packaging machinery, computer-controlled cameras and detectors are often used to distinguish the thickness and material changes of packaging materials. .

The development of the camera enables it to view and recognize the pictures it has taken and display them on display. Currently, the rotational speed of the machine cannot be changed during processing. In the future, the speed can be changed according to the identified material changes so that the work can be controlled in good condition, the packaging process can be completed in a very short time, and the automatic cleaning, automatic disinfection and automatic cleaning can be completed.


What are the energy-saving and full automation advantages of the sachet packing machine production process?


  1. Fully automatic vacuum technology, improve product brightness, reduce bubbles, boiling and anti-bubble.


  1. Controllable thick paste can fully reduce the thickness of the plate.


  1. Steel belt full chain drive can improve the service life and flatness of steel belt and mesh belt (driven by conveyor belt), as well as the flatness of powder belt.


  1. The natural aging system is actively transferred to the low-temperature aging system.



  1. The drying box adopts multi-layer drying, which improves the heat utilization rate, and adds the waste heat recycling device of the steam heat exchanger, which is more energy-saving.


  1. The closed programming operation is adopted from the raw material to the vermicelli of the machine to the finished product.


  1. There is no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and health.


  1. Technological process: preheating→screw mixing (constant temperature storage)→vacuum mixing→scraper blanking→steaming (steam)→cooling→separation→normal temperature aging→low temperature aging (cold storage)→straight cutting→low temperature strong wind forming Drying→cooling (cooling air)→isometric cross-cutting→packaging.

How do we ensure the good operation and maintenance of the sachet packing machine?

Frequent cleaning of the sachet packing machine can ensure the normal operation of the sachet packing machine. The cleaning frequency of the sachet packing machine should be carried out simultaneously as the daily cleaning work. After cleaning the sachet packing machine, the validity period of storage is 72 hours.

After the validity period is exceeded, it should be cleaned again before use. The cleaning tool that automatically repairs the sachet packing machine can be cleaned with an ordinary towel and wiped with a towel with detergent and water. Remind everyone that the power should be turned off during the washing process.

To prevent accidents. Wipe the surface of the sachet packing machine with clean water, and wipe the dirt on it. If there is stubborn dirt, wipe it with detergent. Paying attention to the daily cleaning of the sachet packing machine can effectively prolong the use time of the sachet packing machine.

For daily maintenance, such as sachet packing machine, before running the sachet packing machine, it is recommended that you must check whether the components of the strapping machine and the photocell are in good condition and also ensure that the position of the reflector is correct.

There is no dust on the surface. , If there is any deviation in the placement, it needs to be adjusted immediately, and if there is dust, it needs to be cleaned up. Regularly check whether the screws of some parts that are often displaced and mechanically moved are loose, and tighten them if necessary.

If there are any missing screws or nuts, they need to be replaced in time. Parts that are often displaced need to be checked regularly and lubricated. Before each operation of the sachet packing machine, the maintenance of the automatic sachet packing machine needs to check whether there are sundries or foreign objects in the conveyor rail which need to be removed in time.

If there are dust deposits, use compressed air to remove the dust.

sachet packing machine complete useful packaging. Packaging can be based on the requirements of the packaged items to obtain packaging with consistent specifications, but manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.


It can replace manual packaging. Such as skin packaging, isobaric filling, vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, and another packaging.


Reduce the rest intensity and change the rest conditions. The rest intensity of manual packaging is larger. Manual packaging of bulky and heavy products consumes sales and is not safe.


It is beneficial for workers to rest and protect the health of certain products that are seriously affected by hand-packing.


The human body has a strong immune system and needs to take care of and regulate its self-correcting mechanism in normal times. More careful attention to the staff is required for the sachet packing machine to work properly and maintain good function.

So what is a machine? It’s not just a combination of steel; it’s a child needing care. The machine’s life depends not only on the quality of the machine but also on the acquired protection.


Cleaning, fastening, smoothing, conditioning and anti-corrosion are the key points of packaging machine protection. In the daily production process, machine protection personnel should strictly follow the protection manual and protection procedures of the machine packaging equipment to carry out various protection work, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate hidden dangers, and prolong the machine’s service life. Packing Machine.


The protection is divided into daily protection, regular protection (including first-level protection, second-level protection and third-level protection), and special protection (including seasonal protection and outage protection).



Routine protection focuses on cleaning, smoothing, tightening and testing and requires routine protection during and after machine operation.


The primary protection is based on conventional protection; the first job content is smoothing, tightening and viewing the relevant parts and cleaning.


Secondary protection focuses on viewing and adjustment. See Engine, Clutch, Transmission, Transmission Components, Steering and Brake Components.


The third level of protection is mainly to detect, adjust, eliminate hidden dangers, and balance the wear degree of each component. Diagnose and view parts that may affect the function of the equipment and parts with symptoms of failure, and then perform necessary replacements, adjustments and troubleshooting.


It is necessary to add lubricating oil to the mechanical parts after the equipment normally works for about three months to ensure that the sachet packing machine can run freely, reducing the loss caused by friction and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Before using the automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine, the equipment needs to be tested to ensure that the equipment’s power supply, switch, electrical system, and operating system can work normally. Because of the control part of the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine, The PLC programmable system is adopted, so the detection function takes only a few minutes. It will not affect the daily production capacity of the working product.

Cleaning work to meet the food hygiene standards, the equipment should be cleaned every day to ensure the cleanliness of the sachet packing machine. Due to the food packaging may have highly corrosive ingredients such as acid, alkali, and salt in the product. , Timely cleaning work can not only improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment but also increase the service life of the equipment.

The “heart” part of the sachet packing machine is also a vacuum pump. When using the equipment, ensure the vacuum pump oil is at 2/3 or 3/4 of the oil window. Too much oil will cause oil injection events. Occurs, polluting the packaging, and too little oil will reduce the vacuum pump’s service life and damage the pump.

Always check whether there are sundries on the isolation cloth of the heating strip and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing quality; once the equipment is installed and debugged, do not move the equipment frequently, and communicate with the technicians when moving the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.



What is the main working principle of the sachet packing machine?

  1. Molding

The base film needs to be heated before forming. To improve productivity and realize rapid prototyping, there is a preheating zone so that the bottom film has a certain temperature before forming. The heating temperature varies depending on the thickness and material of the base film.

  1. Heat sealing

The upper film covers the bottom film of the tray filled with the material as it enters the heat sealing zone.

The heat-sealing area is provided with a heat-sealing template driven by a cylinder, a heating tube is arranged on the heat-sealing template, and a temperature control element control the heating temperature of the heating tube.

The top and tray bottom films are heat-pressed and sealed by a heat-sealing template. Users can install vacuum and inflatable devices in the heat-sealing area according to their needs to realize inflatable vacuum packaging.

  1. Slitting

After heat sealing, neatly aligned packs are formed, but these packs are joined together, and they must go into the cutting area to be cut crosswise and lengthwise to obtain individual finished packs.

  1. Thin-film traction system

The film pulling system mainly includes a chain clip conveying device, film guiding device and so on.

The longitudinal sides of the sachet packing machine are respectively equipped with a long chain, and each chain pitch is equipped with elastic clips. The transmission of the bottom membrane depends on the clamping and traction of the chain clips on both sides.

The whole process of the bottom film, from importing to packaging, cutting, and outputting, is clamped with clips. Due to the large number of clips distributed longitudinally on the chain, the bottom film can be transported horizontally. The base film remains flat even during molding and filling.

When the bottom of the pin of the clip is subjected to an upward force, the clip rises and compresses the spring through the fastener. At this point, there is a gap between the rounded end of the clip and the top surface of the deck, enough to insert the edge of the film. When the force on the bottom of the pin of the clip is removed, the clip is reset by the spring force to clamp the membrane.

What are the main configurations of the sachet packing machine?

  1. Rotary system for filling bags: mainly processed and assembled from 304 stainless steel processing parts, precision casting 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, plastic bearings, engineering plastic rollers, and other materials that meet the hygiene standards of food packaging; to ensure food hygiene, equipment Safe and reliable work and long service life;
  2. Vacuum sealing system: the material of the turntable is made of stainless steel, the vacuum chamber material is made of stainless steel, and the vacuum cover is made of high-hardness engineering plastics.

Under the premise of meeting the hygiene standards and safety strength of packaging machinery, the weight is reduced, and the motor power is saved;

other main components It is assembled with 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, plastic bearings, and other components; the system rotates continuously at a constant speed to ensure the quality of packaging and sealing;

  1. Transmission system: use a constant-speed constant-torque variable frequency motor to control the two rotating systems uniformly, thus achieving the purpose of accuracy, coordination, and high speed. The transmission system is fully mechanical cam control; the transmission cam and gears are made of 20GrMnTi carburizing, quenching, fine grinding, and other processing techniques to ensure the operation accuracy and service life of the equipment.
  2. Control system: Germany Siemens high-end components (main components including PLC, touch screen, frequency converter) are used to ensure smooth, safe, and accurate equipment control.
  3. Pneumatic components: mainly use the components of German Siemens \ Japanese SMC.
  4. Vacuum pump: The equipment is equipped with two German BUSCH100 and two vacuum pumps, respectively, used for primary and secondary vacuuming.
  5. Reserved workstations: The equipment reserves several workstations. According to the different needs of customers, different equipment can be placed (for example, coding, shaking, adding liquid, etc.).
  6. Feeding and feeding: Different feeding methods can be selected according to different product characteristics and customer-specific requirements (multi-head computer combination scale, screw measuring machine, scraper measuring machine, working platform, filling machine)

What are the air blowing and opening mechanisms of the sachet packing machine?

  1. Technical field

The utility model relates to a bag-feeding automatic packaging machine that can automatically pack granular, block, pulp, or liquid materials such as candies, medicines, beverages, seeds, etc., in particular to a bag-feeding type automatic packaging machine. The bag opening mechanism of the automatic packaging machine.

  1. Background technology


The opening process is completed by the bag opening mechanism (opening the opening of the four-side sealed bag), the upper bag opening mechanism (opening the upper part of the four-side sealed bag), and the lower bag opening mechanism (opening, the lower part of the four-side sealed bag).

Because some four-side sealing bags, especially the self-supporting bags, have a deeper and wider lower part, the lower part is generally not opened completely, which reduces the filling amount of materials and makes the packaging not meet the relevant requirements.

  1. Contents of utility model

This utility model aims to overcome the deficiencies mentioned earlier and provide a blowing bag opening mechanism for a sachet packing machine that can fully open the lower part of the four-side sealing bag.

The purpose of this utility model is achieved through the following technical solutions: A blowing and bag-opening mechanism for a sachet packing machine, a fixed plate installed on top of the support of the packaging machine, and a lifting cylinder installed on the fixed plate.

The lower part is connected with the moving platen; a cylinder is installed on the moving platen, a swing arm is connected to the upper part of the cylinder, the lower part of the swing arm is equipped with an outer bag clamp rotating shaft and an outer bag clamp gear, the outer bag clamp rotating shaft is connected with an outer bag clamp, an outer bag clamp.

The side of the clip gear meshes with the inner bag clip gear, the inner bag clip gear is equipped with the inner bag clip rotating shaft, and the inner bag clip rotating shaft is connected with the inner bag clip; In the block, an air blowing nozzle is arranged between the outer bag clip and the inner bag clip and passing through the support block, and trachea is arranged on the air blowing nozzle.

After the structure of the utility model is adopted, the inside of the four-side sealing bag is inflated through the air-blowing nozzle and the trachea so that the lower part can be fully opened and expanded so that there is enough space for feeding materials, thus satisfying the filling requirements of materials and improving the quality of packaging. The work efficiency has been significantly improved. It is especially suitable for opening the lower part of the stand-up pouch.

How about the development trend of sachet packing machine?

The sachet packing machine comprises a vacuum system, an air pumping and sealing system, a heat-pressing sealing system, and an electrical control system. The external extraction packaging machine automatically seals the packaging bag after it is drawn into a low vacuum.

Due to the high degree of vacuum in the bag, there is very little residual air, which inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria and avoids oxidation, mildew and spoilage of items.

At the same time, for some soft items, after being packaged by the sachet packing machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage.


For a long time, the development trend of sachet packing machine has shown a steady rise. Currently, the common sachet packing machine on the market are semi-automatic vacuum equipment. Just press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the whole process of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling and exhausting. . To establish a new system of packaging machinery with diversification, generalization and multi-function integration, we must first focus on solving the big problems of combination and mechatronics, which is undoubtedly an important development direction in the future.


Nowadays, packaging machinery and equipment development has moved towards a comprehensive upgrading stage. This stage has a distinctive feature, that is, a large number of modern electronic technologies, microelectronic technologies, high-precision technologies, edge technologies, etc., which are used in civilian industries, are widely used to effectively improve The level of reliability and safety of packaging machinery and equipment and its production lines.


In terms of packaging methods, a large number of sachet packing machine use inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging and closely combine inflatable components, packaging materials and packaging machine research; in control technology, more computer technology and microelectronics technology are used;

However, due to the lack of advanced equipment technology, there are still many deficiencies in our country’s bag-feeding packaging machines. We must increase the speed of technological innovation and narrow the gap within the industry. After several years of development, the market sales of pouch packaging machines have improved, but improvement is not enough.

To increase sales, we need to fully occupy China’s market share of pouch packaging machines. To promote the economic development of our country. The improvement in the market volume shows that the market demand is constantly increasing, which is a good opportunity for China’s bag-type packaging machine. Therefore, the bag-type packaging machine should speed up the pace of innovative products to meet the market’s needs.


Now the packaging industry has entered a new stage of development. With the rapid development of various industries, the packaging machinery industry will also speed up the pace of development, bringing splendidness to human life now, and human beings are slowly adapting to it.

Existing life, with the development of the sachet packing machine, will be fully integrated into human life; at that time, the sachet packing machine will enter a new stage of development; the premise is that we must keep up with the pace of social development and continue to innovate To meet the needs of the market.


In this way, food packaging materials and packaging technology are entering a new stage of development. The key point will be the multi-functional and high-fictionalization of packaging materials for sachet packing machine. China’s demand for microwave food, snack food, frozen food and other convenience food continues to increase, which will directly drive the demand for related food packaging so that China’s sachet packing machinery industry can continue to increase for a long time.


At the same time, consumers’ requirements for food and its packaging are constantly evolving. Among them, high security occupies the first place. Food is becoming more and more stringent, from sachet packing machine equipment packaging materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to label processing. Therefore, the industry must attach great importance to and vigorously develop sachet packing machinery that meets safety and hygiene requirements.


Now, the research and development of sachet packing machinery and sachet packing machine are developing in the direction of high speed, multi-function and intelligent control to meet market demand. To meet the delivery time requirements and reduce the cost of process circulation, the future sachet packing machinery and sachet packing machine equipment need to be produced at high speed.

At the same time, for some products, the packaging machinery is required to be connected with the production machinery, and continuous operation or multi-head operation can also be used. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the scrap rate and failure rate to improve the normal production rate. The development trend is to make the sachet packing machine packaging machinery more intelligent.



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