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Sanlin Pack is your one-stop-shop provider of honey packaging machines in China. We provide the best quality honey packaging machines with great performance, high reliability, and functions.

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Why Sanlin Pack is a Reliable Honey Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin Pack is a well-equipped factory with complete production advanced equipment and a strong workforce. Our team of experts is dedicated enough to deliver excellent products and services to customers worldwide. We use the latest and mature technology so we can improve the quality of our products consistently and be updated on the market trends and meet customer requirements.

Sanlin Pack Honey Packaging Machine

Honey Packaging Machine

Our pouch honey packaging machine is created with a compact and versatile structure. It delivers excellent packaging speed, high yield, and perfect for mass production of honey packaging application.

Automatic Rotary Honey Packaging Machine

This machine finishes the whole method of feeding, weighing, bag making, date printing, labeling. Sanlin guarantees the first-class quality honey packaging machine perfect for your business.

Honey Packaging machine Sample

High-accuracy Honey Packaging Machine is a multifunction maachine with an excellent bag making, wrapping, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting in one of the function, auto-complete all the packaging process.

Sanlin Pack Honey Packaging Machine

Sanlin Pack Honey Packaging Machine is manufactured using advanced materials and the latest machinery lines. You can find and get the most satisfying honey packaging machine at very cost-effective rates. It offers high accuracy, the best performance, high-speed cutting and sealing, accurate date printer, provides safe and efficient production and reliable quality.

This machine is designed with enhanced heat sealing organization, clear sealing texture, firm sealing, unique embedded sealing, and can auto-complete all the packaging processes. Sanlin Pack Honey Packaging Machine is widely used for various industries. Many famous brands and factories trust Sanlin Pack Honey Packaging Machine, will you be the next?

Honey Packaging Machine

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Honey Packaging Machine Supplier

packing machine case

Sanlin Pack– Premier Honey Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging machines. If you need Sanlin machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging machines. 

If you need pillow packaging machines, pouch packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, food packaging machines, and other packaging machines. Please contact us. We will do our best to serve you!

For more than 10 years, Sanlin Pack has manufactured and supplied top-notch quality honey packaging machines. We are committed and dedicated to producing honey packaging machines offered at a very economical price.
Sanlin Pack honey packaging machine is durable equipment used in packing honey products. It is also suitable for packing liquid products such as syrup, jam, peanut butter, sesame paste, salad dressing, and packaging.
It delivers excellent packaging speed, high yield, and high precision and is perfect for mass production of honey packaging applications. Sanlin Pack can surely provide the best solution for your business needs.
Moreover, Sanlin Pack honey packaging machine is structured with high-grade stainless steel and other high-quality raw materials. It is accordant with the European CE standard trusted by many clients worldwide.
As a professional food machinery equipment producer, we can produce a wide range of honey packaging products. We offer an automatic honey filling packaging machine, small pouch honey packing machine, CE automatic honey packing machine, etc.
We provide full customization of your honey packaging machine requirement according to your design or idea. Depending on your applications, machine dimension, design, features, and other functions, Sanlin Pack is capable of manufacturing it. Just send your requirements right away, and we will produce a Sanlin Pack honey packaging machine for you.
All our Sanlin Pack honey packaging machines can finish all the work automatically, including forming bags, measuring, material filling, sealing, weighing, counting, date code printing, etc.
Sanlin Pack has a strong R&D team engaged in the development, research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of honey packaging machines. Our sales and service team is professional and trained to meet your requests and demands.
Aside from the honey packaging machine, we also offer powder packing machines, liquid packing machines
, food packaging machines, pouch packing machines, and other packing machines. Sanlin Pack is your one-stop-shop provider of packing machines in China.

Please contact us now and know what we offer if you’re interested.

The ultimate FAQ guide to honey Packaging Machine

What are automatic honey packaging machines?

The honey packaging machine is fully automatic packaging equipment. It is constructed of stainless steel and has excellent polishing, corrosion, and heat resistant properties. The sanitary problems of liquid packaging can also be well dealt with. Stainless steel is easy to clean and is not easy to breed bacteria.

It is a very suitable choice to solve the sanitary problems in the production process. Machine automatic filling design, rapid blanking, high efficiency and intelligence, automatic metering, blanking, sealing, and packaging.

small pouch honey packaging machine

What are the benefits of using a honey packaging machine?

 Easy to use

  • Automated by measurement, blanking, sealing, slitting, counting, batch number printing, and other operations.

improve work efficiency

  • The production of packaging machines in the Chinese market may reach up to 120-240 bags per minute, which is many times more than the output of handcrafted items in the 1980s.

Easy to use and maintain

  • Using the honey packaging machine is a very simple thing. You just need to follow the instructions.
  • Especially when you build a honey packaging line, it will become easier because it can perform most functions.

Packaging a variety of different honey

  • It can meet your requirements for different packaging kinds of honey. You can set the bag length and packaging capacity by yourself, which can be diversified more accurately according to your needs. Different kinds of honey can be packaged using the control program provided by us.

What is the Advantage of honey packaging machines?

  • The machine’s high level of automation is due to a single-chip microcontroller and motor. As a result, the honey packaging machine’s operation is safe and dependable, and establishing settings is straightforward and convenient.
  • The transmission mechanism is simple and reliable, allowing it to not only discharge, package, and seal honey in one step but also to increase packaging efficiency.
  • Positioning and shutdown are features. During continuous shrinkage sealing and cutting, not only is the final package sealing and cutting technique typically exact, but the sealing and cutting knife also does not attach to the packaging film.
  • Honey packaging machines have a low waste rate. An automated detecting device is installed in the transmission system, which prevents the empty bag from entering the sealing, improving quality and reducing packaging film waste.
  • Honey packaging machines have a sanitary and dependable packaging environment. In the whole packing process, there is no need for manual involvement. Furthermore, all materials that come into touch with the equipment and components are stainless steel, and the transmission shaft is refueling-free.
  • The adjustment mechanism is adaptable, and the packing options are extensive. The honey packaging machine can package items with diverse specifications, forms, and qualities, such as biscuits, potato chips, paper towels, soap, hardware products, cartons, etc.
  • Honey packaging machines are commonly utilized. It may be used to package food, daily essentials, medication, tools, stationery, toys, and other items.
  • The honey packaging machine is energy-saving, power-saving, and efficient. It can adjust its function and improve its technology according to the needs of different markets because it is controlled by software, which can retain its advantages and keep pace with the times. The advantages of the honey packaging machine are remarkable. It is functional, practical, economical, intelligent, and high-tech.
  • Its application makes the honey packaging machine industry develop a big step forward and promotes the development of other industries. It provides great convenience for our life and also makes the future of the honey packaging machine industry and production and processing industry look forward to

How about the market for honey packaging machines?

With the development of packaging technology, to meet the packaging needs of the honey market, packaging machines R & D and production enterprises have launched a variety of packaging machines with different functions. While pursuing packaging quality, the appearance and sense of the value of packaging have also become factors that consumers pay attention to.

Honey packaging machine equipment can further reduce the packaging cost. This is the reason why honey packaging enterprises favor honey packaging machines. The production of enterprises is directly linked to the cost, and the new low-cost production and high-quality equipment will be paid attention to.

Industry insiders said that the market share of domestic honey packaging machines is currently growing. There will be a shadow of honey packaging machines in more fields in the future, and the market prospect of honey packaging machines is broad.

Sanlin Machinery is a professional honey packaging machine manufacturer in China, with more than twenty years of experience in the field.

Safety of the honey packaging machines

When you see the prompt on the touch screen, you quickly find the problem

Honey packaging machine generally provides an emergency shutdown button. When an emergency occurs, you can turn off the emergency button, which will stop the machine immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and production

How to adjust the honey packaging machine?

  • Installation consumables: put the wrapping paper on the support rod, connect it to the former, and test whether the machine is normal.
  • Connect the organ: connect the vacuum machine, and the power supply is better to connect to the wall socket.
  • Set the panel parameters: set the bag length and temperature parameters and the quantitative capacity of the filling machine.
  • Place the material: put the material into the liquid container and press start.
  • Automatic packaging: the machine automatically measures, blanking, sealing, and packaging at one time.

What are the operating procedures and methods of honey packaging machines?

  • Before using the honey packaging machine, we must strictly connect the ground wire and drain. The water and dust in the air storage tank, water, and micro mist separator of the air compressor. At the same time, when the packaging machine is working, the water shall be drained regularly according to the pneumatic two-piece.
  • When the honey packaging machine normally works, put hard objects into the longitudinal and transverse cutting mechanisms. It is strictly prohibited to use other objects to touch the film drawing roller to avoid damage to the equipment and danger.
  • To prevent the silicone rubber strips from being damaged and affecting the sealing quality, they must not be scratched or touched by sharp objects. The Teflon tape on the silicone rubber strip must be replaced regularly to ensure the sealing quality of the honey packaging machine’s packaged products and reduce the damage rate.
  • No dust, oil stain, water, and other substances are allowed on the packaging film. When the film is about to be used up, stop the machine in time and install a new film. The front end can be bonded with the end of the rolled film with adhesive tape. During bonding, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging film pattern to improve the film’s utilization rate.
  • When the honey packaging machine works, the finished bag should naturally fall onto the sliding plate by its own weight. It should not be touched by hands or other items. After falling and cooling, the finished bag shall be held for 2 ~ 3S. It shall not be squeezed or impacted immediately to avoid leakage.
  • The quality of packaging film has a significant influence on the sealing quality. Users must pay attention to the manufacturer’s film quality criteria while choosing packaging film. Packaging film of poor quality (e.g., uneven thickness, low composite strength, poor heat-sealing performance, etc.) must be promptly returned to the film factory and treated correctly.
  • The proximity switch and liquid supply solenoid valve are not allowed to be energized for a long time to prevent overheating and burning (generally not more than 20min). If the commissioning time is too long, cover the head of the proximity switch with a soft object and remove it during normal operation.
  • When the power supply voltage instantaneously exceeds 242v or is lower than 198v, the honey packaging machine may produce abnormal phenomena due to unstable voltage. You should immediately press the “stop” key, press the “power” switch, check the power supply quality, and install a voltage stabilizing device if necessary. The interval between each shutdown and the next startup shall not be less than 10s.
  • Before daily work, the moving friction surface on the cross seal cutting mechanism must be wiped, and the dirt on it must be removed. And an appropriate amount of lubricating oil must be filled on the sliding shaft of the cross seal cutting mechanism. All sliding and rotating parts shall be filled with lubricating oil regularly.
  • When adjusting the air source pressure every time, the two-piece pneumatic pressure regulating knob must be first turned to the closed position. You should open the pressure regulating knob until the pressure of the air storage tank of the air compressor is greater than or equal to 0.7MPa. And you should adjust it to the working pressure of the packaging machine of 0.65Mpa.
  • Regularly wipe the dirt on the surface of the shaper and each guide roller with a soft cloth, and the oil stain and liquid mark on the film pulling roller must also be wiped clean.
  • When the room temperature is lower than + 10 ℃, it is not suitable to start the machine to prevent cylinder damage and misoperation. If the cylinder leaks or fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

How to solve the fault of the honey packaging machine?

Problems in the mechanical part

Reasons for film deviation 

  • Adjust the inclination of the guide roller
  • Adjust the position of both ends of the guide roller to make it horizontal and tangent to the former

The solution to film deviation

  • Adjust the packaging film to the middle of the film roller
  • Adjust the position of both ends of the guide roller to make it horizontal and tangent to the former

Reasons for uneven film length

  • There are liquid materials and dust on the surface of the packaging film and the shaper in contact with it.
  • Insufficient clamping force of film drawing roller
  • There are liquid materials on the surface of the film drawing roller
  • The transfer moving parts of the film pulling mechanism are not flexible
  • The fasteners in the film pulling mechanism are loose, and the film pulling rollers are not parallel
  • Low air pressure
  • Large damping change

The solution to uneven film length

  • Wipe clean
  • Move the position of the clamping cylinder rod forward to increase the clamping force.
  • Wipe clean
  • Add lubricating oil to all rotating parts
  • Fasten the loose fasteners and make the film pulling roller parallel
  • Adjust the air pressure to 0.65Mpa and tighten the screws of the membrane roller brake wheel;
  • Adjust the position of the belt clamp; Adjust the brace ruler

Reasons for the insufficient liquid supply

  • The sensitivity of the proximity switch is too high
  • The position of the proximity switch is too close to the packaging film

The solution to the insufficient liquid supply

  • Reduce the sensitivity of the proximity switch
  • Adjust the position of the proximity switch so that it can detect the liquid level

The reason why the solenoid valve of the honey packaging machine keeps turning off

  • The liquid contains solid impurities.
  • The position of the proximity switch is too far away from the packaging film.

Solution of honey packaging machine solenoid valve closing continuously

  • Open the solenoid valve to remove impurities in the valve; Inlet plus filter
  • Adjust the position of the proximity switch so that it can detect the liquid level

Reasons for failure of longitudinal sealing

  • Low longitudinal seal temperature
  • Insufficient air pressure

The solution to the failure of longitudinal sealing

  • Increase the longitudinal seal temperature
  • Adjust the pressure to 0.65Mpa

Causes of longitudinal seal rupture

  • High longitudinal seal temperature
  • Failure of PTFE tape of the longitudinal head or liquid supply outer sleeve

Solution of longitudinal seal rupture

  • Reduce the longitudinal seal temperature
  • Replace PTFE tape

Reasons for partial sealing failure of longitudinal sealing

  • The longitudinal head shall not swing in the vertical direction
  • Failure of silicone rubber strip of liquid supply outer sleeve
  • Poor perpendicularity of longitudinal head

Solution of partial sealing failure of longitudinal sealing

  • Adjust the screw at the inner end of the longitudinal seal support
  • Replace the silicone rubber strip
  • Adjust the verticality of the longitudinal seal support

Reasons why the horizontal seal can not be sealed

  • Low cross seal temperature
  • Insufficient air pressure
  • The temperature of the packaged liquid is too low

The solution to the problem of non sealing

  • Increase the transverse seal temperature
  • Adjust the air pressure to 0.65Mpa
  • The liquid temperature shall meet the specified requirements

Causes of leakage of the transverse seal

  • The sealing edge of the transverse seal head is not parallel to the plane of the transverse seal base.
  • There is no gap after adjusting the plane of the sealing edge of the transverse seal head and the transverse seal base.

Reasons for partial leakage and sticking of machine’s transverse seal

  • Failure of PTFE tape at the crosshead or cross base
  • Failure of silicone rubber strip of the transverse seal base

Solution of partial leakage and sticking bag in transverse sealing

  • Replace PTFE tape
  • Replace the silicone rubber strip

Problems in the pneumatic part of the honey packaging machine

Reasons for slow action of the air cylinder and weak film pulling

  • Low cylinder pressure
  • High water content in the pipeline system
  • The solenoid valve port is blocked
  • Ambient temperature below + 10 ℃
  • Cylinder damage
  • Air leakage of solenoid valve

The solution of slow action of the cylinder and weak film pulling

  • Adjust the air pressure to 0.65Mpa
  • Remove the water in the air compressor, cooler, water separator, and pneumatic duplex, and repair or replace the solenoid valve.
  • Increase ambient temperature
  • Replace the cylinder
  • Replace the solenoid valve

Reasons for no response to power-on

  • The power line is broken, or the power line socket is in poor contact

Solution of no response when switching on the power supply

  • Replace the power cord and plug it firmly after cleaning

The reason why the body is electrified and often powered off

  • The ground wire is missed or in poor contact
  • Electric leakage of electric heating pipe or insufficient insulation strength
  • The packing media penetrates the longitudinal and transverse sealing snakeskin connecting pipe. There is liquid in the lead section of the electric heating pipe, causing a short circuit or electric leakage.

Solution body electrified and often powered off

  • Army General grounding wire
  • Replace the electric heating pipe
  • Make waterproof treatment after wiping

Reasons for uneven film drawing and large and small bags

  • The sensitivity of the photoelectric switch is not adjusted well or is not in the color code detection area
  • There is dust at the lens of the photoelectric switch
  • The film pulling speed is too fast, and the photoelectric switch does not detect the excellent mark

The solution to uneven film drawing and large and small bags

  • Readjust
  • Timely cleaning
  • Adjust the speed regulating joint of the film drawing cylinder to control the film drawing speed

Reasons for abnormal action of the honey packaging machine or individual actions

  • Insufficient air pressure
  • If individual actions do not move, the corresponding indicator light does not light up — U5 or U6 is damaged.
  • If individual actions do not move, the corresponding indicator light is on — the connection wire is in poor contact.

The solution to abnormal action or individual action

  • Adjust the air pressure to 0.65Mpa
  • Replace accessories
  • Check the connecting wire to make it contact reliably

 Reasons for the large difference between the display value and the set value of the longitudinal seal or transverse seal temperature controller

  • The electric heating tube or thermocouple is damaged
  • A good contact of thermocouple connecting wire

The solution to the large difference between the display value and the set value of the longitudinal seal or transverse seal temperature controller

  • replace
  • Reconnect and weld firmly

Reasons for unclear hot code printing

  • The hot code switch is not turned on
  • Temperature adjustment too

The solution to unclear hot code printing

  • Turn on the hot code switch
  • Increase heating time

The hot code printing is overheated and even the film is leaked.

  • Print head temperature too high

Solution of overheating and even leakage of film in hot code printing

  • Reduce heating time

Reasons for lagging behind or leading the color code of finished bags

  • Improper position of photoelectric switch

The solution to the lagging or leading color code of the finished bag

  • Adjust the position of the photoelectric switch

Reasons for the abnormal liquid supply

  • There is liquid or dirt on the detection surface of the proximity switch
  • The proximity switch is damp and cannot work normally

The solution to the abnormal liquid supply

  • Clean up
  • Dry properly and remove moisture before reuse

Causes of control failure

  • Check whether the power supply voltage is within the required range
  • Too close to a large interference source

The solution to control failure

  • Shall conform to AC220 + 10% v
  • Keep away from large interference sources
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