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Sanlin is committed to creating excellent garlic packaging machines. The garlic packing machine can automatically complete lifting, arranging, feeding, weighing, bag forming, filling and sewing, bagging and bottling with bags.Welcome to buy!

  • The sealing heats up quickly, and the imported Teflon non-stick bag is used by spraying.
  • The metering method adopts screw blanking, which is easy to adjust and accurate in metering.
  • The packaging range of bag width is 25-130mm, and the maximum and minimum bag width span can reach 105mm.
  • The production workshop and environmental requirements are not high, and the floor area is small (length 1300*width 685*height 1705mm).
  • Long service life, low machine failure rate and simple maintenance.
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Sanlin is a food packaging machinery company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company has complete technical and management personnel and complete machining equipment. Using advanced technology and components, the product design is novel.

Why Sanlin's Garlic Packing Machine is Reputable?

The advantages of Sanlin’s garlic packaging machine are obvious.

High efficiency: This machine has fast packaging speed and high yield, which can save labour to a great extent.

Advanced functions: empty bag detection function, which can save packaging costs to the greatest extent.

Reliable quality: the sealing is firm and beautiful, making your products more advanced.

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Why Sanlin Can Be The Famous Garlic Packing Machine supplier?

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What is the development trend of garlic packing machines in my country?

Twenty years ago, my country’s vacuum packaging machine market was still blank. Many packaging manufacturers did not know much about this new type of packaging equipment, nor were they willing to accept it. In recent years, with the development of the economy and technology, people have used more and more machinery and gradually discovered the benefits of vacuum packaging machines. Therefore, vacuum packaging machines have also been widely used in my country, especially garlic packing machines. Usage of.


Now, vacuum packaging machines are developing in the direction of being small, flexible, and multi-purpose. There are many applications of vacuum packaging machines in the food industry. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention is paid to the packaging of products. In addition, food has a relatively short shelf life and can easily deteriorate. If you use a vacuum packaging machine for packaging, you can Effectively prolong the storage rate of food and increase its freshness.


The development of the food industry has led to the development of vacuum packaging machines, making vacuum machines a leader. In addition to being widely used in the food industry, vacuum packaging machines have been widely used in electronic products, precision instruments, rare metals, and other industries. The items packaged by the vacuum packaging machine have a beautiful appearance, compact structure, and high efficiency, which can effectively prevent oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten, rot, moisture, and so on.


Recently, the development of vacuum packaging machines in my country has been rapid and extended to various industries. Many manufacturers have begun to produce in large quantities. Despite this, the market space is still relatively large. We should further develop new vacuum packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and further develop the domestic market.

What are the advantages of garlic packing machines?

The wrapping paper part of the frame adopts a self-weight motor pressing paper feeding structure, the feeding length of the wrapping paper is doubled, and the bag is flat and has a good edge.

◆ The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, which can automatically track and locate the colour code of the packaging bag, and easily complete the operation and adjustment of bag-making with fast speed, stable operation and low noise.

◆ Advanced PLC control system, the bilingual display screen in Chinese and English. The packing speed and bag-making length can be adjusted steplessly within a certain range without changing parts.

◆garlic packing machines (quantitative blanking) adopts vibrating count-type measurement, which is accurate for the packaged materials with uniform density and meets the measurement standards.

The whole body is made of 304 stainless steel (with certificate), and the stainless steel reaches 1.5 thickness.

The man-machine interface adopts Siemens, the centralized control of the large screen is simple and convenient, and the parameters and each function switch can be quickly adjusted in the interface.

One-piece design The longitudinal seal adopts single coaxial action, and the center point of the seal does not deviate under unstable air pressure, the film is well deflected, and there are no wearing parts.

Intelligent photoelectric control device to ensure complete packaging and bag-making patterns. The pull belt is positioned by color code, and the machine’s motor adopts a high-quality servo motor, strong power, and quiet noise floor.

The sealing heats up quickly, and the imported Teflon non-stick bag is used by spraying.

The metering method adopts screw blanking, which is easy to adjust and accurate in metering.

The packaging range of bag width is 25-130mm, and the maximum and minimum bag width span can reach 105mm.

The production workshop and environmental requirements are not high, and the floor area is small (length 1300*width 685*height 1705mm).

Long service life, low machine failure rate and simple maintenance.

What types of bags are suitable for garlic packing machines?

PLC controller is easy to operate: large-screen display, easy to operate and easy to learn, using multi-function digital inverter to control speed, PLC programmable control system. The more advanced operation, easier adjustment and maintenance.

Automatic operation: early warning and fault alarms make operation and operation reliable and maintenance more convenient.


The machine has a wide range of applications: it can be used for the packaging of liquids, sauces, granules, powders, irregular blocks and other materials, and can be used for prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite films, single-layer PE, PP and other materials. application.


High efficiency: This machine has fast packaging speed and high yield, which can save labour to a great extent.

Advanced functions: empty bag detection function, which can save packaging costs to the greatest extent.

Reliable quality: the sealing is firm and beautiful, making your products more advanced.

What is the versatility of garlic packing machines?

A wide range of packaging Although it is not uncommon in the packaging machinery industry, such a versatile and multiple faceted machine as a garlic packing machines is indeed rare. It is not only suitable for bag packaging of various forms of products but also highly intelligent. The application of human-machine interface is designed for it, and the various bags are automatically packaged for different products with technology.

It is the leader in automation in bag packaging. It does not require manual work to take bags, open bags, seal bags, etc., and has both efficient and beautiful packaging performance, saving manpower and material resources and reducing costs. It has a wide range of users.

Packaging machines are well-deserved all-rounders. Because the packaging materials of the garlic packing machines can be replaced at will, such as PE composite, plastic, aluminum plastic, paper-plastic, etc., the packaging objects are very wide. In terms of state, liquids, lumps, granules, powders, etc., can be automatically packaged by garlic packing machines.

The most advanced electrical control system and high technology application have laid a solid foundation for its high-quality packaging performance. The sealing quality far exceeds manual operation, and the beautiful packaging design allows the garlic packing machines to improve the external value of the product.

What do you need to know when choosing a garlic packing machines?

Choose a garlic packing machines or a double-chamber vacuum packaging machine: A garlic packing machines: is economical and cost-effective. Double-chamber vacuum packaging machine: high work efficiency, saving manpower, one person can do the work of two people; on the surface, the price of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a little higher, but if the output is large, it will save more money if the account is calculated.

Second, the vacuuming method: external vacuum packaging machine: there is no vacuum chamber, and the vacuuming and sealing are completed by inserting the suction nozzle into the packaging bag. The characteristics of this machine are not limited by the space of the vacuum chamber, especially when the product is large; it is more economical.


Internal pumping vacuum packaging machine: there is a vacuum chamber, and the product packaging bag is smaller than the vacuum chamber; the working method is to put the packaging bag inside the vacuum chamber and close the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuuming sealing. Thoroughly, a good vacuum effect can be achieved in a relatively short period. The seal quality is good. The external pumping vacuum packaging machine is generally used to pack relatively large objects because internal pumping costs are too high.


Third, the choice of vacuum pump: the core component of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump, which is beyond doubt. The value of the vacuum pump can generally account for 25% of the total value of the equipment. What kind of vacuum pump to choose? If you ignore the price factor, if you are rich, of course, the bigger, the better, it is better to import 160, huh, of course. The vacuum pumps of regular manufacturers are configured according to the size of the vacuum chamber.

Third, vacuum chamber requirements: transparent cover, ordinary steel plate, thickened steel plate; when the vacuum packaging machine is evacuated, the pressure difference between the inside and the outside is very large. The internal pressure during vacuum can reach 200bra (the inlet pump can reach 50bra). The pressure difference between the inside and outside is about 500 times.

Fifth, the choice of vacuum packaging machine shell:


Currently, the shells of vacuum packaging machines on the market are generally divided into stainless steel and carbon steel spray. Carbon steel spray is easy to rust; it may rust as long as paint peels. If rust has bacteria, then the point of vacuuming is lost. Therefore, if the working environment is relatively humid or used for food packaging, it is recommended to choose all stainless steel materials. If the working environment is better and dry, any kind of material will do. It must be explained here that there are many types of stainless steel. SUS304 stainless steel is stainless steel for equipment. Users must ask the manufacturer to write this index into the contract when purchasing equipment; otherwise, different stainless steel materials will vary greatly.

Sixth, the choice of the control panel of the vacuum packaging machine: Currently, the control panel on the market is roughly divided into two categories: relay control and computer version control.

Relay control: The principle is relatively simple and is an early control method. The point is that it is easy to find the problem when something goes wrong. When replacing, only individual parts need to be replaced, and the price is relatively low.

Computer version control: The so-called computer version control is an improved circuit version with digital tube display and membrane button control. The overall control is packaged in a small control box, so the waterproof and dustproof performance is better. Contactless contact for longer life. Of course, the disadvantage is the high maintenance cost.




What are the precautions for replacing the vacuum pump of the garlic packing machines?

  1. Voltage: When replacing the vacuum pump, the voltage of the replacement vacuum pump should be the same as the voltage of the original vacuum pump. Domestic vacuum pumps have two specifications, 220V and 380V, and export products need to be customized for local voltage.


  1. Brand: When replacing, it is better to use the original brand vacuum pump to replace, which has avoided the phenomenon of incompatibility. When changing to a different brand, consult the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer.


  1. Vacuum pump efficiency: There are 20 pumps, 40 pumps, 63 pumps, or 100 pumps and 200 pumps in the configuration of the vacuum packaging machine. If the pump is replaced from a small pump to a large pump, the diameter of the vacuum pump is different, and the control part is also different. If it is changing from multiple small pumps to large pumps, then change even more.

What are the common faults of garlic packing machines? How to solve it?

What should I do if there is air in the bag when vacuuming the garlic packing machines?

It may be that the vacuum degree of the vacuum packaging machine does not meet the requirements. This may happen. Some packages have higher requirements for the vacuum degree. If the pump of the vacuum machine is small and the vacuuming time is short, it cannot meet the water content. Packaging requirements.

The vacuum packaging machine lacks maintenance. The vacuum packaging equipment needs maintenance in the daily use process to ensure the machine’s good performance for a long time. However, if the vacuum machine works too long, a small amount of water may be pumped into the vacuum pump, causing oil pollution. Thereby, The vacuum required for the packaging cannot be achieved.

Another reason is non-faulty; there are small air bubbles in the packaging bag, and the vacuum packaging machine only extracts the air outside the air bubbles. This phenomenon is natural, and the bag will disappear naturally after being placed for some time.

What should I do when the vacuum packaging machine does not vacuum, or the vacuum degree is not high?

Check whether the vacuum pump is reversed, check whether the rotation direction of the vacuum pump is consistent with the arrow clicked on the vacuum pump, and it must be adjusted correctly;

When using the garlic packing machines you just purchased, the plane between the upper cover and the lower cover of the vacuum chamber may not be gentle enough. We need to apply a little force when covering the vacuum chamber to make the upper cover of the vacuum chamber fit with the panel;

If the travel switch is not in place, adjust the position of the limit piece of the travel switch.

If the time relay is out of control, replace it.

The air release valve is not closed tightly, resulting in leakage. Check the air release solenoid valve and valve core (rubber) for wear, contamination, or misaligned spool center.

Check whether there is leakage or looseness in each part of the phase-detection pipeline.

What should I do if the heat sealing quality is not good?

Check whether the mouth of the packaging bag is clean, and avoid contamination on the seal.

Check whether the nickel-chromium belt works normally and whether there is a short or open circuit.

Whether the heat-sealing temperature and heat-sealing time are properly selected.

Check the hot-pressed bladder for leaks.

The heat seal solenoid valve is not working properly.


How to ensure the better development of our products?

Automation first: We all know that no matter what kind of machine we are now, we require a higher degree of automation to ensure our products’ packaging efficiency. The improvement of the automation degree of vacuum equipment can not only improve the production and packaging efficiency but can also ensure food safety. General vacuum equipment is packaging equipment that integrates vacuuming and heat sealing. Therefore, we can save labor costs only by improving automation in production.


Improvement of functions: The general vacuum equipment is vacuuming and heat sealing. While performing these two tasks, we can improve its other functions, such as weighing, coding, billing, and other functions. Our products The more functions, the more it can help our product packaging. We can also carry out packaging for different packaging products because we have different types of packaging machines for different products.


We all know that the packaging equipment can work synchronously with the production line, and the vacuum packaging machines we design can also be produced. Now many foreign or domestic packaging of fresh vegetables or fresh fruits can also be produced, which can effectively guarantee The freshness of our products during production and packaging.


Adopt new production technology: you think our machines can be inflated now because there are some fragile products, we will be fragile in product packaging, so we need to add nitrogen, to ensure that we The product is not fragile after packaging.

What convenience does the garlic packing machines bring to the food industry?


Nowadays, most food companies are inseparable from garlic packing machinesry, and garlic packing machinesry has also made many improvements to meet the food industry’s hygiene standards. The application of garlic packing machines satisfies the high-efficiency and hygienic packaging needs of the food industry and profoundly impacts the food industry.

The number of packaging in food production enterprises is very large, and it is difficult to use general packaging machines to meet the packaging needs of enterprises. garlic packing machines stand out among many packaging machines with better packaging technology and high production efficiency.

From a structural point of view, garlic packing machines can be divided into two types: manual and automatic. These two packaging methods are different from automatic ones, but the automatic garlic packing machines has one more set than the manual type of garlic packing machines.

The automatic garlic packing machines can automatically complete the packaging process and save labour costs by relying on the cooperation of this numerical control system and the robotic arm. The garlic packing machines packs items very quickly and accurately. Its touch screen can display not only information but also control it.

The operation is simple and convenient, and the learning cost is extremely low. Of course, when we operate the touch screen. It can only be operated with fingers and cannot be operated with sharp objects so as not to damage the touch screen of the packaging machine.

As a big country of food production and consumption, my country’s food industry has been in a stage of rapid development, and the application of garlic packing machines conforms to this development law and promotes the food industry to forge ahead towards a faster and better tomorrow.


How will the garlic packing machines develop in the future?

  1. Mechatronics
  2. multiple functional integration

Adopt new technology to establish a new system of automatic, diversified and multiple functional integrated packaging machinery

The technological development trend of garlic packing machinesry is mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, multiple functional single machine, multiple functional production line, and new technologies. In addition, with the progress of packaging research from a single technology to a combination of processing, the field of packaging technology should be extended to the processing field, and food processing and packaging equipment that integrates packaging and processing should be developed.


  1. Adapt to the requirements of the international market, develop and design green packaging machinery

After joining the WTO, the competition in the international packaging machinery industry has become increasingly fierce, and foreign green trade barriers have put forward higher requirements for the garlic packing machinesry industry. Therefore, the traditional packaging machinery design and development model must be changed. In its whole life cycle (design, processing and manufacturing, assembly, use, maintenance and post-disposal process), it has no or minimal impact on the environment, low resource consumption, easy recycling and other “green features” to improve the packaging machinery in my country. Core competitiveness.

Key raw materials, including printing inks, and their suppliers’ catalogues, should be put on record to supervise and control mass-produced food packaging/container products so that consumers can buy products that are safe and secure because the food and medicine that millions of consumers consume every day must use flexible plastic packaging materials that can not only protect the contents from viruses and germs but also require the flexible plastic packaging materials themselves to comply with safety and hygiene regulations to avoid packaging materials. Contaminate the packaged food and medicine, so ensuring the hygiene and safety of food packaging is a top priority.

As a member of the packaging machine industry, garlic packing machines are widely used in commodity packaging in various industries such as food packaging and clothing packaging. It is in line with the current development concept of automation, intelligence, multi-function and green environmental protection of packaging machinery.


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