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Sanlin Pack has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in producing and distributing bread packing machines for customers all over the world. All our machines have high quality perfect for your packaging applications. Contact now!

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Why Sanlin Pack is a Trusted Manufacturer of Bread Packing Machine

In China, Sanlin Pack is your dependable bread packing machine supplier and manufacturer. We owned sophisticated and modern machinery lines, allow our team to supply advanced and the latest designs of bread packing machines. Always count on expert machine manufacturer- Sanlin Pack! Contact us today.

Sanlin Pack Bread Packing Machine

Automatic Bread Packing Machine

Sanlin pack highly offers a wide collection of high-quality Automatic Bread Packing Machine. These give presentable packaging for bread.

Pillow Bread Packing Machine

Our pillow bread packing machine is manufactured with additional high-accuracy functions. Thus, constructed with excellent materials to ensure durability

Bread Packing Machine

SanLin Pack bread packing machine is perfect for packing bread, cookies, and so on. If you want find bread packing machine,Sanlin pack is your right manufacturer!

Sanlin Pack Bread Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is a professional bread packing machine supplier and manufacturer. We have profound history and experience in the industry, make us become well-known manufacturer recently. The company is composed of a skilled and committed team that integrates into unique designing, R&D, production, and marketing of bread packing machines.

For customers’ satisfaction, we highly offer custom bread packing machines according to your specific requirements. Be one of our satisfied customers!

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Bread Packing Machine Manufacturer

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Sanlin Pack – Leading Bread Packing Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin Pack has rich history and experience in manufacturing wide variants of bread packing machines and supplying premium efforts for global customers. Plus, in Sanlin Pack, you can guarantee we will provide you outstanding customer satisfaction levels through our products and services.

Also, we widely export bread packing machines to overseas countries. We provide superior quality bread packing machines to thousands of foreign customers from Europe, Asia, America, and other countries. We are now enjoying a good reputation as we have become a trusted partner of global customers.

Our bread packing machine is available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. This is a high-speed machine fully feeding, distributing, and pillow type packing bread-like pocket bread, sliced bread, bread bun, pita bread, pocket bread, and more. This automatic and small sealing machine is made with stainless steel to ensure long-lasting quality.

Being a professional manufacturer in China, we are dedicated to providing customers with superior quality products and valuable efforts. One of our goals is to support your business and brand by doing our best. All machine products at Sanlin Pack are offered at competitive prices and certified by UL, CE, ad ISO safety standards.

Whether you’re a distributor, importer, or retailer of bread packing machines, choose Sanlin Pack as your trusted manufacturer! We offer the outstanding services you deserve. We are also your best choice for excellent OEM services.

If you want more detailed information about our bread packing machine, directly message us!

FAQ about bread packing machine

What are bread packing machines?

The automatic bread packing machine is a particular packaging machine for bread packing. It is an original category of food packaging.

What are the advantages of the bread packing machine?

The bread packaging machine has done well in the packaging machinery sector. It has cutting-edge packaging technology as well as well-built equipment and powerful features.

There are also many leading features and technologies. To sum up, the bread packing machine for packaging has the following eight benefits.

  • The machine has a microcomputer, a single chip, and a stepping motor to control the high level of automation. As a result, it is safe and reliable, and the setting parameters are simple and convenient.
  • The bread packaging machine’s transmission mechanism is simple and reliable. It allows performing discharging, packing, sealing, and cutting in a single step while also increasing packing efficiency.
  • The positioning and shutdown functions are included in the bread packing machine. The final package sealing and cutting precision is rather precise. The sealing and cutting knife does not stick to the packing film.
  • The bread packaging process produces very little waste.

There is an automated detection procedure in transmission operation during the process to decrease packaging film waste. For instance, if this mechanism detects an empty bag, it can instantly detect and take it away.

  • The bread packing machine’s packaging environment is hygienic and dependable. The entire packing process requires no user involvement. All components in touch with the equipment are stainless steel, including the transmission shaft, which is oil-free.
  • The bread packing machine has a versatile adjustment system and a large packaging range, allowing it to package bread of varying specifications.
  • The bread packing machine is energy-saving, power-saving, high efficiency, and can be adjusted. It can be upgraded according to the needs of various markets. Functionality, economy, intelligence, and advanced technology are benefits of the bread packing machine.
  • Its application propels the packing machinery business forward and encourages the growth of other industries. It provides significant convenience in our lives and gives the packaging machinery industry. And it production processors reason to be optimistic about the future.

How does the bread packing machine work?

The bread packing machine sets the size of the packaging film in advance according to the product to be packaged. As the main packing material, plastic film is used, and sometimes film based on paper and aluminum foil is used.

The film is fed out from the feed roll of the bread packing machine. And it formed into a cylindrical bag in the bag maker part. The packaged product in the cylindrical film continues to move forward at a certain interval by pressing the conveyor belt up and down.

The end sealing (top sealing) device heats the film between the packed object. At the same time, it is cut by a cutting machine, and the packing process is completed. The bread packaging machine continuously performs the series mentioned above of operations.

What are the precautions for the operation of the bread packing machine?

  • Before using a bread packing machine, you should fully understand safety rules and operation methods.
  • Untrained and unauthorized personnel are not allowed to use the bread packing machine.
  • Before starting, make sure that no tools or utensils are placed on all machine surfaces.
  • The power supply of the bread packing machine is not turned off. And the interior of the machine or electrical facilities must not be touched.
  • The operator of the bread packaging machine shall not leave the area of the machine during operation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to touch the hot sealing wheel, sealing mold, and moving parts during the operation of the bread packaging machine.
  • Inspection and maintenance of electrical control circuits must be completed by electrical professionals.
  • Equipment maintenance operators regularly check and maintain the equipment “required power outage and tagging lock machine”. Carried out and record it.
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