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Sanlin Pack offers fully automated chips packing machine. We offer the best quality chip packing machines at a competitive price and fast delivery.

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Why Sanlin Pack is a Reliable Chips Packing Machine Manufacturer

Here in Sanlin Pack, we are equipped with full production equipment and facilities. We are also taking advantage of the latest technology so we can innovate and improve the quality of our products continuously. We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to providing customers with excellent services to skyrocket your business.

Sanlin Pack Chips Packing Machine

Chips Packing Machine

Our multifunction ouch chip packing machines are equipped with an easy control touch screen, multi-head weigher, high-speed cutting and sealing, accurate date printer.

Automatic Rotary Chips Packing Machine

We offer a broad collection of high accuracy automatic rotary chip packing machines that are widely used for packing potato chips.

Chips Packing Machine

At Sanlin Pack, you can purchase potato chip bag packing machines. It can give you high-end performance and optimal characteristics.

Sanlin Pack Chips Packing Machine

Our chips packing machine features adjustable packing bag sizes. It also offers high-speed, high accuracy, best performance, and reliable quality. We manufacture chips packing machines that are fully automatic.

Aside from that, Sanlin Pack chips packing machines are made from premium-grade raw materials. These are guaranteed high-quality and durability. These are also widely used for different industries. Surely, Sanlin Pack chips packing machines is your best choice!

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Packing Solution for Your Product

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Food Packing Solution
powder packing
Powder Packing Solution
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Tea Packing Solution
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Liquid Packing Solution
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Biscuit Packing Solution
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Wet Wipes Packaging Solution
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Diaper Packing Solution
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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Chips Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Leading Chips Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

For many years, Sanlin Pack has been the trusted manufacturer of chip packing machines in China. Throughout the years of operating in this field, we have gained a vast and broad knowledge about providing customers with value, integrity, and worth quality products.

In China, Sanlin Pack manufactures a broad range of chip packing machines. Our wide range of chips packing machines in our stock will surely meet your requirements. Choose chips packing machines that will suit your requirements.

If you do not find the right chip packing machines in our stock, you can personalize your orders through our OEM services. You can send your details to us so we can work with your final design. We can also customize your chips packing machine order with your logo to promote your brand.

Our chips packing machines can produce vertical or pillow type bags such as stick bags, triangle bags, pillows with T Euro holes, linking bags, etc. It automatically functions in feeding, discharging, inflating, counting, date printing, filling, and bag making. It features fast speed and high-efficiency packing.

Aside from that, our chips packing machines are integrated with the computer control system. It is also equipped with a huge touch screen display and a human-machine interface so you can use it easily and efficiently.

Additionally, Sanlin Pack manufacture chips packing machines that feature accurate positioning and a servo film conveyor system. It also has a horizontal seal servo control to give you an excellent, reliable, and best performance.

Our chips packing machines are widely used for packing a wide range of chips such as potato chips, banana chips, corn chips, and more. Sanlin Pack can surely provide the best solution for your business needs.

Sanlin Pack is well-equipped with advanced technology and a complete production line. With our modern facilities, you can assure that we can provide your chips packing machine orders on time. You can also guarantee a world-class quality chip packing machine.

At Sanlin Pack, we have a strong R&D team that specializes in the development, research, design, production, sales, and service of chip packing machines. Sanlin Pack is also dedicated to providing customers with innovative chip packing machines.

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