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Why Sanlin Pack is a Reliable Chips Packing Machine Manufacturer

Here in Sanlin Pack, we are equipped with full production equipment and facilities. We are also taking advantage of the latest technology so we can innovate and improve the quality of our products continuously. We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to providing customers with excellent services to skyrocket your business.

Sanlin Pack Chips Packing Machine

Chips Packing Machine

Our multifunction ouch chip packing machines are equipped with an easy control touch screen, multi-head weigher, high-speed cutting and sealing, accurate date printer.

Automatic Rotary Chips Packing Machine

We offer a broad collection of high accuracy automatic rotary chip packing machines that are widely used for packing potato chips.

Chips Packing Machine

At Sanlin Pack, you can purchase potato chip bag packing machines. It can give you high-end performance and optimal characteristics.

Sanlin Pack Chips Packing Machine

Our chips packing machine features adjustable packing bag sizes. It also offers high-speed, high accuracy, best performance, and reliable quality. We manufacture chips packing machines that are fully automatic.

Aside from that, Sanlin Pack chips packing machines are made from premium-grade raw materials. These are guaranteed high-quality and durability. These are also widely used for different industries. Surely, Sanlin Pack chips packing machines is your best choice!

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Chips Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Leading Chips Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

For many years, Sanlin Pack has been the trusted manufacturer of chip packing machines in China. Throughout the years of operating in this field, we have gained a vast and broad knowledge about providing customers with value, integrity, and worth quality products.

In China, Sanlin Pack manufactures a broad range of chip packing machines. Our wide range of chips packing machines in our stock will surely meet your requirements. Choose chips packing machines that will suit your requirements.

If you do not find the right chip packing machines in our stock, you can personalize your orders through our OEM services. You can send your details to us so we can work with your final design. We can also customize your chips packing machine order with your logo to promote your brand.

Our chips packing machines can produce vertical or pillow type bags such as stick bags, triangle bags, pillows with T Euro holes, linking bags, etc. It automatically functions in feeding, discharging, inflating, counting, date printing, filling, and bag making. It features fast speed and high-efficiency packing.

Aside from that, our chips packing machines are integrated with the computer control system. It is also equipped with a huge touch screen display and a human-machine interface so you can use it easily and efficiently.

Additionally, Sanlin Pack manufacture chips packing machines that feature accurate positioning and a servo film conveyor system. It also has a horizontal seal servo control to give you an excellent, reliable, and best performance.

Our chips packing machines are widely used for packing a wide range of chips such as potato chips, banana chips, corn chips, and more. Sanlin Pack can surely provide the best solution for your business needs.

Sanlin Pack is well-equipped with advanced technology and a complete production line. With our modern facilities, you can assure that we can provide your chips packing machine orders on time. You can also guarantee a world-class quality chip packing machine.

At Sanlin Pack, we have a strong R&D team that specializes in the development, research, design, production, sales, and service of chip packing machines. Sanlin Pack is also dedicated to providing customers with innovative chip packing machines.

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What is a chips packing machine

The appearance and molding parts of the chips packing machine are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and conforms to the standard. The automatic chips packing machine has self-checking functions such as no bag alarm and no filling alarm, which saves bags and improves work efficiency. And accurate measurement, reliable quality, durable.

The chips packing machine has a large scope of packaging. It can pack liquid, sauce, powder, granules, and solid materials. It only needs to choose different metering and filling devices according to other materials.

What are the advantages of the chips packing machine?

The times are getting more and more progress, science and technology are developing rapidly, and professional and appropriate chips packing machine equipment can make profits for enterprises at high speed, reduce costs for enterprises, improve work efficiency, and bring great convenience to work.

As the name implies, the chips packing machine is special equipment for packaging products. The chips packing machine can solve the actual problems for enterprises.

The chips packing machine is easy to operate in practice. The equipment uses colorful Chinese and English industrial touch screens. After setting the main packaging parameters according to different product specifications, the motor control system can adjust the bag width to a suitable size. The actual operation of the chips packaging machine key is simple and convenient.

It can be practically operated within five minutes of learning and training. Secondly, the work efficiency of contemporary manual packaging products is low, and the product loss is large, especially in difficult recruitment and high labor costs. The chips packing machine is in line with current national conditions and saves costs for enterprises.

Professional purchase of chips packing machine equipment needs to understand the application range of the equipment, order suitable equipment according to the actual situation, and give play to the practical value of chips packing machine equipment. The chips packing machine has an extremely wide range of applications, low packaging material loss, and uses prefabricated packaging bags with perfect packaging bag patterns and good sealing quality, thereby improving the product grade.

The oil-free vacuum pump is used for chips packing machines to avoid pollution of the production environment. Some use imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to refuel, reduce pollution to materials; safety device when the working air pressure is abnormal, or the heating tube is faulty, it will alarm.

Frequency conversion speed regulation, use frequency conversion regulation for chips packing machines Speed device, You can adjust the speed freely within the specified range. Horizontal bag feeding method, the bag storage can store more bags, lower requirements for bag quality, high bag separation, and bag loading rate; motor control is used to adjust bag width, and You can change each group of machine clamps at the same time by pressing the control button. Width, easy to operate and save time;

The loss of packaging materials is low. This machine uses prefabricated packaging bags with perfect packaging bag patterns and good sealing quality, thus improving the product grade; Packaging of granules, powders, irregular blocks, and other materials; packaging bags are widely applicable and can be applied to prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite films, silica, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP, and other materials; Automatic detection function, if the bag is unopened, no material is added, no heat sealing, you can reuse the bag, and no material is wasted, saving the production cost for the user.

What are the precautions for the chips packing machine?

Before the operation of the chips packing machine, the technical personnel of the manufacturer or the personnel who have undergone sufficient safety training for the production equipment such as this machine and have been certified must carry out the installation and adjustment before the operation of the equipment.

Workers should wear safe clothing to prevent their clothes or hair from being caught in the machinery and wear shoes that are safe to work on. Before running the whole set of chips packing machines, please confirm the tightening state of the main body of the device and the mounting bolts and nuts. Otherwise, it may cause personal injury, equipment damage, and damage to surrounding walls or floors.

When performing the manual or inching operation, etc., check the surrounding safety conditions. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, press the emergency stop button immediately to stop the operation of the equipment.

In addition, do not touch high-temperature parts such as bearings and wear heat-resistant protective equipment when contact is required for operation adjustment.

When the chips packing machine runs continuously, do not adjust the various parts of the device during continuous operation. This is very dangerous. During the process, close the safety cover and safety guard.

Otherwise, the moving parts may be involved, causing personal injury. Injury accident. The correct operation is to operate with the door or cover of the internal energized part such as the touch panel and the power connection box closed.

During the continuous process of the chips packing machine, if you find that the machine makes abnormal sounds or produces vibrations and other strange phenomena, please press the emergency stop button immediately to stop the operation and start it after eliminating the cause.

When inspecting and maintaining the internal energized parts such as the touch screen and the power connection box, please open the door and cover the chips packing machine to the minimum required. Be careful not to touch energized parts during operation. Non-electrical operators are not allowed to do this work.

When cleaning with solvents, etc., pay attention to ventilation, and work after confirming that the ambient temperature does not exceed the ignition point. Solvents are usually designated as dangerous goods. Please do not remove the interlocks and warning signs set up to ensure safety under the guidance of professionals.

When the hygiene of the packaged object is required, please carry out the contact part and the packaged thing. Flushing of its adjacent regions, etc., prevents foreign matter from mixing in from the structural elements of the machine’s upper part.

What are the common faults of chips packing machine equipment?

Some manufacturer technicians said that if the film material is offset in the equipment and the adjustment of the film roll position and the tension balance bar are ineffective, You can solve this problem by adjusting the angle of the upper triangle plate. In addition, if the upper film material deviates from the clamping chain, You can change the upper triangle plate clockwise; the lower film material differs from the clamping chain and adjusts the upper triangle plate counterclockwise.

Shrinker heats up slowly or fails to rise to higher temperatures. What is the reason for this situation? It is reported that the line of the heater is that the main power line passes through a magnetic switch to the electric heating tube, so when the shrinking machine heats up slowly or cannot rise to a higher temperature, you should first check whether the contacts of the magnetic switch are normal. Generally speaking, if each step is connected but the line or electric heat If the tube is still abnormal, the heater needs to be replaced.

The packaged product has a low degree of vacuum. The vacuum degree of the product mainly depends on the vacuum pump. When such a problem occurs, the user should check whether the vacuum pump oil is contaminated. If it is infected, the vacuum pump oil needs to be replaced.

The seal is uneven or not. This failure is related to whether the heating time is adjusted well and whether there are impurities on the heating isolation cloth. The user needs to change the heating time and heating temperature. Suppose there is an attachment on the heating isolation cloth. In that case, it should be cleaned and replaced in time to prevent the normal work from being affected.

The chips packaging machine is noisy. Suppose the vacuum pump emits the sound of the chips packaging machine. In that case, the exhaust filter may be blocked or installed in an incorrect location. Repair the vacuum pump, clean or change the exhaust filter and install it correctly, check the solenoid valve for air leakage, find the cause and eliminate the cause.

The chips packaging machine does not deflate. It should be that the pressurizing valve of the chips packaging machine is damaged or blocked, or the pressurized air circuit is not smooth at the same time.

Treatment method: Straighten the pressure path, and replace or clean the pressure valve.

Oil leakage from the vacuum pump of the chips packaging machine. The vacuum pump has been used for too long for other reasons. First, check the leakage point to determine the oil leakage point. If the coupling nut is loose, tighten it; if the gasket fails, replace it with a new spare part; if the pump body has cracks, the lubricating oil in the oil chamber can be drained and cleaned. After removing rust and leaking points, use 704 glue to bond. If you can’t solve it yourself, contact the manufacturer for processing.

Packaging machinery does not outgas. The relay is damaged during the cooling time; the bleed valve circuit is shorted; the bleed valve is stuck or burned out.

Solution: replace the relay; find and connect the air release valve circuit; remove and clean or replace. If you cannot solve it by yourself, please get in touch with the manufacturer.

The loss of any part of the automatic chips packaging machine may affect the complete operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, more maintenance and timely treatment can maintain its work efficiency in the event of failure.

How to maintain the chips packing machine?

You should select the chips packing machine in a natural environment of -10°C-50°C and extreme ambient humidity of not less than 85%. Because the relative humidity of the air will damage the electrical components in the machinery and equipment, reducing the service life of the machinery and equipment. Check the machine at least once a month to check whether all transmission parts, moving parts, and fasteners are loose; if so, restore and lock them. Do a comprehensive inspection of the machine every six months to check whether the transmission parts, moving parts, and wearing pieces have abrasives. If worn, they should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine and equipment.

In addition to considering the chips packing machine’s mechanical equipment during maintenance, we must pay attention to every part when maintaining the chips packing machine daily. In addition, another point is very critical, that is, the cleaning of the chips packing machine after each use.

Disinfect the machinery and equipment at the end of each day to prevent the remaining objects in the chips packing machine from withering the weathered layer, which is more in line with food hygiene and safety regulations. You should test the chips packing machine before and after work every day. Whether there is residue on each station of the equipment and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing quality of the equipment.


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