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Sanlin Pack can manufacture extended quantities of our high-quality spice powder packing machines for you. We can support your entire supply of spice powder packing machines for your business. We have a wide type of spice powder packing machines that are suitable in every application of your packaging products.

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Sanlin Pack provides all standards of spice powder packing machines. We became a great manufacturer in China for we manufacture the best quality and outstanding customer service for a long time. Sanlin Pack has been your expert supplier of modern machines and equipment such as spice powder packing machines which is the best for your spices-related business. Our offered spice powder packing machine is made up of durable materials for its lifetime operations.

Sanlin Pack Spice Powder Packing Machine

Spice Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack manufactures new conditioned multi-functional spice powder machines with secure packaging. It is applicable on packaging food spices.

Automatic Rotary Spice Powder Packing Machine

We designed the automatic rotary spice powder packing machine with a simple structure and agreeable preservation for a long time operation.

Spice Powder Packing Machine Sample

We are always open for your inquiries and questions especially about spice powder packing machines. We can look for your desired spice powder packing machines

Why Sanlin Pack Spice Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is your veteran manufacturer and supplier of large machines such as spice powder packing machines which are perfect for your starting business. We have a lot of options you can select from our lists. You can choose what you think is suitable for your powder-packed business. Even if it is condiments, chemicals, or beverages, we have the perfect type of machine for that.

If you are looking for a beneficial quality spice powder packing machine for your business, Sanlin Pack can provide you everything. We can give you cost-effective spice powder packing machines. We are a type of partner in a business that really provides you with satisfying offered products. Contact us now, so we can quickly process your orders.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Spice Powder Packing Machine Supplier

packing machine case

Sanlin Pack Spice Powder Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack is your trustworthy supplier of high-standard equipment and machines. We highly introduced to you some of the best-selling powder packing machines, including spice powder packing machines. It comprises high-quality components to form the best operating spice powder packing machine.

The spice powder packing machine is effectively used in any part of packing powdered products, especially for your business. Each type listed above has its own capacity and sizes that are accurate to your applications. Better send us your desired products you will use for starting a business, and we will look for the best one for you.

Sanlin Pack is your stable supplier, ensuring our customers’ advantages from our introduced spice powder packing machine.We are very responsible for sourcing our loyal clients the best of the best products we deal with.

Keep communicating with us for more updates and information about owning your purchased spice powder packing machine and other related products. We have negotiable prices for our recommended types of spice powder packing machines for the improvement of sales of your business.

We operate secure product analysis for the best of your received orders, especially of spice powder packing machines. You will be fulfilled if you choose the Sanlin Pack manufacturer. All of our presented spice powder packing machines are in excellent condition that operates fluently without complications.

We assure of the safe packaging and transporting of such heavy-duty machines. You can see how great the Sanlin Pack is in manufacturing valuable machines being used in businesses. Providing your needs in doing the process of orders is our expertise.

We are always open to your inquiries and questions, especially about spice powder packing machines. We can look for your desired spice powder packing machines and handle your requirement without hassle.

Contact or email us now if you are interested in our offered spice powder packing machines!

The ultimate FAQ guide of spice powder Packaging Machine

What is a spice powder packing machine?

Spice powder packing machines is a devices for packing spice powder.

It is suitable for the independent packaging of spice powder products.

It is highly automated and productive. And, You can use it for quantitative packaging.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, various manufacturing industries have stepped into the trend of automation and intelligence.

Technology is developing rapidly.

Various industries have the trend of automation and intelligence.

In the chemical industry, the spice powder packing machine complies with the trend of the times. It continues to develop, change and update.

What is the development status of spice powder packing machines?

With the development of packaging, spice powder packing machines have also developed rapidly. Currently, the spice powder packing machine industry has entered a period of product structure adjustment and improvement of innovation capabilities. Some spice powder packing machines have filled the gap and can meet the domestic market’s needs. Products are also exported. However, on the whole, it is big but not strong, the quality is not high, the independent innovation ability is weak, and the competitiveness is not strong. Compared with the advanced level, there is still a big gap.

It can adapt to various packaging materials and guarantee requirements to meet the market’s needs. Make the spice powder packing machine have good diversity and flexibility, improve the degree of automation, and use many microcomputer technologies and core programs. Make the packaging more beautiful, standardized, and accurate, increase the rate, saving workforce and material resources, and improve production efficiency. Really realize the production line of packaging. Made a significant contribution to modern industry.

Sanlin Machinery steadily supplies various kinds of spice powder packing machines and provides professional services.

How to buy a spice powder packing machine?

  • What is good for you

When choosing an automatic spice powder packing machine, we must choose according to the items to be packaged. For example, if your company wants to package chemicals, you should pay attention to anti-corrosion and explosion protection.

If you want to load grease items, you don’t have to think too much about this problem. Therefore, We need to choose different machines to pack different packaging items.

You should choose according to the characteristics of your own goods, and don’t casually choose the high-priced powder packing machine.

  • Efficiency is an important criterion for the selection

In the modern era of efficiency, the speed of our reform and the pace of our life are accelerating.

Therefore, the acceleration of production speed is an inevitable phenomenon of social development.

The powder packing machine with high production efficiency and quick packing speed is a certain way to boost your company’s efficiency.

At the same time, if the production efficiency is 20% higher than others, it will be a very considerable income. Moreover, when many people buy a packaging machine, they hope that one piece of equipment can package all varieties.

In fact, special machines often have a better packaging effect than compatible machines. Therefore, the packaging machine can only pack 3-5 varieties. Products with large appearance differences shall be packaged separately. materials of spice powder packing machine

  • materials of spice powder packing machine

Now, the packaging machine is made of paint and stainless steel. Stainless steel is also good and bad. Generally speaking, 304 stainless steel is a good choice.

The components of the packaging machine are related to the normal operation of mechanical energy. So, when you purchase, please try to select the key components of the packaging machine to be produced in Germany, Japan, and other regions.

High-quality materials can prolong the machine’s service life and reduce the number of corrosion. Good parts can reduce the occurrence of faults.

  • Easy to clean

Cleaning the spice powder packing machine is a more troublesome thing.

If the equipment structure is more complex, you will waste a lot of energy. And the machinery may be damaged in the disassembly process.

Therefore, please choose a packaging machine that is easy to clean.

  • Company selection and after-sales

Generally speaking, select some companies with a large scale or good reputation in the industry.

Don’t choose informal manufacturers for cheap.

Companies with a good reputation have better after-sales service.

No one can guarantee that the machine will never fail.

Good after-sales service can help you solve many unnecessary problems.

What are the advantages of a spice powder packing machine?

Compared with spice powder packing machines, manual packaging has many disadvantages.

When packing, we will inhale dust, which will cause harm to our bodies. If you keep packaging products, it will affect your health—poor quality of hand-packed products.

Manual packaging efficiency is low in terms of packaging speed. More and more people are abandoning manual packaging and buying a spice powder packaging machine.

The spice powder packaging machine has many advantages over manual packaging:

  • High efficiency

The spice powder packing machine can efficiently complete all production processes. It includes feeding, metering, bagging, printing date, and product output.

This machine has very high measurement accuracy and is also very fast.

  • Reduce the labor intensity

Your employees don’t need to pack the product. Just put the product into the machine.

Manual packaging will result in the waste of powder. This will not happen if you choose spice powder packing machines.

When packaging by hand, some harmful powders are inhaled. This will affect your health.

  • Energy conservation and environmental protection

A good service quality spice powder packing machine should have an automated detecting feature.

Consequently, the machine can intelligently and automatically filter and repack those unqualified goods.

It can increase the passing rate, reduce waste, and simplify maintenance and operation.

You will drastically cut production costs.

  • Safety and health

Due to physical participation, it is impossible to prevent human contact with manufacturing commodities, which may taint the goods and make product quality difficult to maintain.

The automatic packaging machine is uninvolved in the whole process, from product feeding to final packaging. The packaging manufacturing line prevents bacterial contamination in the packaging process and gives the organization a high reputation guarantee.

What are the characteristics of a spice powder packing machine?

  • Easy to operate
  • PLC control, man-machine interface
  • Frequency conversion speed regulation
  • Using frequency conversion adjustment device, the speed can be adjusted freely within the specified range; Convenient adjustment of bag width
  • It is controlled by motor, and 8 sets of machine clips can be adjusted synchronously with just one button
  • Oil-free vacuum pump is used to avoid pollution of the production environment
  •  The parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standards
  • The zipper opening mechanism: designed according to the characteristics of the zipper bag mouth, with a high opening rate (invention patent)
  •  Easy to clean: machine Countertops are washable. Safety devises No bag or incomplete bag opening, no feeding
  • no bag or no feeding, no sealing; open door stop alarm (optional); no ribbon stop alarm; low air pressure, alarm prompt
  • abnormal sealing temperature, alarm prompt.
  • The whole machine is made of hard aluminium alloy and stainless steel, which improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment;
  • The combination mould is adopted, which is easy to replace, and one machine is multi-purpose. The mould has the function of water cooling;
  • Adopt SMC pneumatic components with stable performance and long service life;
  • Choose the brand vacuum pump with high ultimate vacuum degree and excellent performance;
  • Select servo motors with reliable performance and convenient operation, PLC and touch screen and Schneider Electric control;
  • Photoelectric tracking is adopted, and colour cover film or light film can be used for packaging to reduce costs and improve product quality;
  • Can be equipped with an automatic coding system according to needs;
  • Using a special stainless steel clamping chain, it is suitable for stretching and forming soft film and hard film of various thicknesses for special packaging;
  • Adopt advanced cross-cutting and longitudinal-cutting system, easy to replace and operate, equipped with corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental sanitation;
  • You can choose a square box, round box or another special-shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to customer products.
  • Standardization and modularization of structural design
  • When using one packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the modular design of the original model can quickly change specifications or convert to other packaging models in a short time and provide different measurement systems. Enough space.
  • High-speed packaging
  • Structural movement with high precision
  • Due to the adoption of various new technologies, such as high-precision mechanical control of multiple actions through servo motors, encoders, digital control (NC), power load control PLC, etc., the filling and measuring accuracy of the whole machine and bag-making accuracy are improved. Improve.
  • Intelligent and flexible control
  • Most foreign machines track and adjust various parameters of the machine through intelligent control instruments and menu software on the touch screen.
  • The electronic display screen shows the cutting bag length, packaging speed, net content of filling and packaging output, etc., at a glance. The standard colour mark tracking photoelectric system can guarantee the correct printing pattern of the packaged product.
  • In addition, the machine can perform online status monitoring and fault diagnosis analysis on the working process. Once a problem occurs, it will automatically stop and display the cause of the fault and its solution.
  • Packaging machine intelligent photoelectric colour mark positioning control system.
  • The heat sealer has four-way heating control, and the temperature of each sealing channel on both sides can be adjusted separately; the heat balance is good, the sealing quality is guaranteed, and it is suitable for various packaging materials.
  • The key parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, which meets the hygiene requirements of food QS and medical GMP.
  • The mechanical stepping motor pulls the film, the screen adjusts the parameters, and the operation is convenient.
  • With dual inverter control, the bag length can be set and cut immediately without needing to adjust the air travel, saving time and film.
  • It can store the parameter settings of the packaged products in arrays. When changing the packaged products, you can directly switch to normal production without re-adjusting the machine. Change packaging products, save time and film.
  • The three-level detection paper feeding mechanism ensures smooth paper feeding and a beautiful appearance;
  • The expansion function is strong, and the device can be connected to meet the needs of different products.
  • Rotary cutter, fast speed, the cutter position can be adjusted at will during machine operation, the sealing and cutting position is accurate, the incision is neat, and there is no stacking;
  • The whole machine is compact, firm, reasonable in design and concise.
  • The side-opening protective baffle with good visibility is safe to operate.
  • The special stop positioning function ensures that the heat sealer and the cutter are in the open position when the machine is stopped in any state to avoid scalding the packaging materials, materials and the heat sealing mechanism;
  • Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance.

What is the quantitative control system of the spice powder packing machine?

The quantitative system replaces the traditional manual weighing.

The quantitative control system promotes the manual to the automatic control flow.

Its operation is very simple. You can use it easily.

The system is suitable for the production link of high-precision quantitative weighing.

You can use it to precisely control the amount of spice powder.

It can not only improve production efficiency but also increase consistency and stability.

The quantitative packaging system is very good. It is an important part of the spice powder packing machine.

The spice powder packaging machine is equipped with a high-precision quantitative system.

It realizes the production process with high precision, speed, and qualified rate.

The quantitative system can be easily set on the operation display screen.

You can use it to set the feeding speed, feeding method, target value, upper and lower deviation value, and upper and lower limit material level. It can ensure the product’s small error and high precision.

A quantitative packaging system can reduce costs, save production time, improve product quality,

How to check the spice powder packing machine?

The automatic spice powder packaging machine must undergo the following inspections and changes before official use.

The inspection contents include:

  1. Whether or not the electrical connectors are secure and whether or not the fasteners are in good condition.
  2. There are any foreign objects in the hopper.
  3. Verify that the agitator and feeder rotation directions are accurate (it should be clockwise from top to bottom). Replace any two wires of the power supply if the direction is incorrect.
  4. Inspect the adjustment shaft screw for looseness.
  5. Check for concentricity between the screw and the material cup. The following is the inspection procedure.
  •  Loosen the material cup’s fastening screw and remove the material cup.
  • Do not turn the screw 90 degrees; instead, place it in the material cup and observe. If it interferes, it must be adjusted if it is not concentric.


  • Adjustment of the bracket

Hang the screw on the adjusting shaft (it looks like a hanging mouth electric bulb).sleeve the material cup on the screw every 90 degrees of rotation. And check the gap between the material cup mouth and the bracket.

If the clearance is inconsistent, you must adjust the bracket. Loosen the bracket bolt first (don’t completely loosen it, just knock the bracket with a wooden stick).

Knock the position with a large bracket gap with a wooden stick. When the screw turns to any position, it can be smoothly sleeved with the material cup, indicating that the position has been adjusted and fastened the bracket bolt.

  • Adjustment of screw height

Place the material cup on the screw and check the location of the screw’s bottom. The bottom of the material cup is roughly 2mm away from the inner border of the bottom (see the above figure).

Open the viewing glass on the right side of the hopper cover during adjustment. Loosen the adjusting shaft screw.

Uniformly fix the material cup with three material cup screws and spin the adjusting shaft by hand.

And tighten the adjusting shaft screw when the screw height is adequate.

Adjustment of scraper position when replacing the screw, the mixing scraper shall be adjusted, and the distance between the scraper and the screw is usually about 20mm (see the above figure).

When pulling up or pushing down the scraper to a suitable position, loosen the scraper screw and tighten it while adjusting it.

You should change the settings on a photoelectric switch. The sensitivity of the photoelectric switch was changed before it left the factory. If it feels inappropriate, it can be adjusted by itself.

Press the [set] key on the keyboard, rotate the screw at the rear end of the photoelectric switch with a screwdriver, and block the photoelectric switch with your hand.

At this time, the red indicator light will be on. Press the [Exit] key to the working state until the distance appropriate.


  1. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch and turn on the mixer.
  2. Press the feeder on the keyboard. The feeder starts feeding and stops automatically after reaching the upper material level.
  3. Perform quantitative calibration.
  4.  Press the clear key to unload and release it after two seconds.
  5. Place the packaging container on the scale platform and press the zero key to remove the tare weight.
  6. Press the setting key for another two seconds. The left window will display [bzj], and the right will display four short horizontal bars.

Enter the weight to be packaged and press the confirmation button.

Cover the radio and television switch and receive the material in a packaging container.

After filling, put the package on the electronic scale. The machine’s weight is stable after automatic correction several times, and it can be produced normally.

What are the optional functions of the spice powder packing machine?

Vacuum chamber size can be customized

The inflatable function can be added

Can be customized as concave type, slope type

Power supply 220/380V optional

Can add mould, packaging and moulding

Computer board and mechanical panel optional

Vacuum pump optional 20 types, 63 types, 100 types, 160 types, 200 types.

How does the spice powder packing machine operate?

  • install the packaging film

Fix the packaging film matched with the bag maker on the bracket according to the instruction manual of the spice powder packing machine, and pass it out from the bottom of the bag maker through the guide roller to complete the installation. During this process, it should be noted that the front and back sides of the packaging roll film and the film width are compatible with the former’s specifications.

  • turn on the power switch

After confirming that the equipment is connected correctly, turn on the power switch, and pay attention to the grounding of the equipment and whether there are foreign objects in the material outlet of the equipment to prevent damage to the packaging machine when the machine is turned on.

  • Set the parameters of the packaging machine

After the power is turned on, enter the touch screen operation interface, and set the packaging parameters such as temperature, film pulling time, sealing time, sealing speed, filling capacity value and other packaging parameters according to the instructions of the packaging machine and the function menu to ensure the normal use of the packaging machine.

  • Empty machine debugging and running

When ready, start the machine, adjust the corresponding packaging parameters according to the bag-making effect, and observe the set sealing temperature. If the temperature is overheated, it can be appropriately reduced until the ideal bag-making effect. If the packaging machine makes abnormal noise during operation, the packaging machine should be shut down immediately. Start after inspection and maintenance.

What are the optional functions of the spice powder packing machine?

What are the precautions for the use of spice powder packing machines?

  1. Before each startup, it is necessary to check and observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine;
  2. When the spice powder packing machine is in operation, it is forbidden for the body, hands, head and hair to contact the working parts;
  3. When the spice powder packing machine is in operation, it is forbidden to handle tools to prevent the sealing knife seat, and do not touch the horizontal and vertical sealing rollers with the handle. Otherwise, it will;
  4. During the normal operation of the machine, it is forbidden to switch the operation button frequently, and it is forbidden to change the parameter setting value at will;
  5. Foreign matter must not be mixed in the packaging process; otherwise, it may cause material blocking, inaccuracy or damage to the machine parts;
  6. The storage piston of the spice powder packing machine and the sealing ring at the lower end of the discharge cylinder need to be replaced in time.

How to maintain the automatic spice powder packing machine?

The brand-new automatic spice powder packing machine will cause loss after long-term use.

If the mechanical equipment is not properly maintained, the mechanical equipment may be worn in some cases.

Therefore, it costs a lot of money to find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, which can be avoided.

It is necessary to carry out daily maintenance of mechanical equipment. Good maintenance can greatly improve the safety and stability of mechanical equipment and make it operate normally.

Let’s take a look at the maintenance knowledge of mechanical equipment:

  • Inspection before operation of mechanical equipment

Before the operation, please confirm whether each device has fault or displacement.

  • Check whether screws and other parts are missing or loose.

Please check once a month. In particular, the fastening bolts, adjusting rods, and other moving parts of the cam in the frame are easy to loosen, which may cause damage to some parts of the machine.

  • Grease filling

Add an appropriate amount of grease to the gear, cam, and other transmission parts daily to prevent accelerated wear of parts caused by no grease.

  • Air filter (bag taking and bag opening)

An air filter is installed on the connecting pipe of bag making, bag opening, and solenoid valve control. Please check once a week and clean with an air gun if necessary. If the blockage is serious, replace it.

  • Exhaust filter (at vacuum distributor)

There are three air filter silencers in the vacuum turntable’s vacuum chamber cover in the open position. According to the service environment, it must be completely replaced every 5-7 days to prevent the air filter silencer from being blocked. When the cover is opened, the vacuum in the vacuum chamber is not completely discharged, thus damaging the cover of the vacuum chamber.

  • Reducer and cam distributor

Oil quantity: keep the oil quantity between the maximum and minimum values of the oil level mirror.

Oil change: change the oil for the first time within 7-15 days and once every 3-6 months.

  • Maintenance of vacuum pump and chiller

We should strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment. It can effectively reduce the equipment failure rate reduce the maintenance cost, and the number of spare parts. And greatly reduce the downtime and improve the economic benefits of users, which is of great significance to improve the level of equipment management further.

Why is the color code tracking of the automatic spice powder packing machine insufficient?

  1. The length setting of the electric eye tracking bag is inconsistent with the current packaging.
  2. The compensation amount needs to be changed.
  3. Color code sensitivity adjustment.
  4. The color code of the package cannot be recognized by the electric eye or disturbed by other patterns.
  5. Knife speed adjustment.
  6. The electric eye of the paper length is damaged, or the corresponding gear plate is dirty.
  7. The packaging film does not pass through each drum as required, or the movable drum is not closed.

Why is the fixed length of the automatic spice powder packing machine unstable?

If there is an error of about 1mm, it is normal.

Suppose the color mark can be cut sometimes, and sometimes it can be cut far away. In that case, the error is relatively large, even a few centimeters, indicating that the photoelectric technology has not been properly adjusted.

You can first turn off the indicator light next to the photoelectric switch. Then adjust the photoelectric alignment board to the position without a color mark.

Slowly turn on the photoelectric switch (slightly after the light is on, not too much). And then align the photoelectric lamp to check the position of the color code to see whether the indicator light is off.

If off, you can. You can start it normally. If not, you can consult the supplier and ask them to arrange professional personnel for on-site maintenance.

Why can’t the color code of the automatic spice powder packing machine be positioned?

First, confirm the size of the cursor point. The cursor size of a small packaging bag is generally 10 * 5mm, which can also be made into 10 * 10mm. Check whether the photoelectric head is fastened again. You can also check where the jitter is, ask which location, and prepare the wrong location, providing a more accurate solution.


Why is the position of the paper cutting bag of the automatic spice powder packing machine incorrect?

This situation usually occurs due to the incorrect position of the photoelectric switch (electric eye). It can be solved by readjusting the position of the photoelectric switch (electric eye).

Why are the color code positioning and photoelectric tracking compensation of automatic spice powder packing machines incorrect?


  1. There are seams and burrs on the packaging materials.
  2. There are sundries in the former, resulting in poor paper feeding.
  3. The packaging material leaks from the paper guide plate of the photoelectric switch (electric eye).
  4. The light spot of the photoelectric switch (electric eye) deviates from the color code.
  5. The sensitivity of the photoelectric switch is poor, and the light and dark movement is not used correctly.


  1. Take out unqualified packaging materials;
  2. Clean the former to make the paper feeding smooth;
  3. Insert the packaging material into the cardboard guide rail;
  4. Adjust the left and right positions of the paper guide so that the light spot is in the middle of the color code;
  5. Replace the photoelectric switch and select the light and dark switch correctly.


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