Your Reliable Rice Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

As an expert manufacturer, Sanlin Pack manufactures fully automatic and reliable quality rice packing machines that are widely used in different industries.

  • Efficient and high-quality rice packing machine
  • Wide range of rice packing machine models and types
  • Fully customized rice packing machines based on your requirements
  • Professional manufacturer for many years
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Why Sanlin Pack is a Trusted Rice Packing Machine Manufacturer

Here in Sanlin Pack, all our rice packing machines are manufactured using high-quality materials. Our rice packing machines are certified by various international quality standards. These are manufactured with high precision with its color sensors and advanced film-tension servo-controlled system. We also support customization based on your requirements. Message us now!

Sanlin Pack Rice Packing Machine

Rice Packing Machine

SanLin Pack specialize in manufacturing innovative automatic rice packing machines for filling and weighing rice granules.

Automatic Rotary Rice Packing Machine

We manufacture all types of custom design rotary rice packing machine that are perfect for packing rice with different weights.

Rice Packing Machine Sample

We manufactures rice packing machines that are great for packing rice, granules, etc. with high precision and accuracy.

Sanlin Pack Rice Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack rice packing machine offers high accuracy bagging. It also features high speed to minimize the cost and easily reach your business quota.

Our rice packing machines are also available in different customized widths and various lanes. We offer complete and full packing line services to meet your deadlines and skyrocket your business.

packing machine manufacturer in china

Packing Solution for Your Product

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Food Packing Solution
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Powder Packing Solution
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Tea Packing Solution
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Liquid Packing Solution
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Biscuit Packing Solution
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Wet Wipes Packaging Solution
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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Rice Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Premier Manufacturer of Rice Packing Machines in China

Sanlin Pack is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality rice packing machines in China. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from around the world. We supply rice packing machines to different countries from different regions in Asia, America, Europe, and more.

Here in Sanlin Pack, we have a professional staff, expert designers, and skillful engineers that are dedicated to designing and producing innovative rice packing machines. Our customer service team will also give you the best services.

At Sanlin Pack, we also have different types and models of rice packing machines. You can purchase our automatic rice bean packing machines, rice pouch packing machines, vertical rice packing machine, multi-head rice packing machines, and more.

You can also personalize your rice packing machine orders through our OEM services. We can custom-make your orders according to your design, sizes, and more. We can also incorporate your logo to promote your business and brand.

Sanlin Pack can manufacture a complete line of rice packing machines for weighing, dosing, and wrapping rice. Our rice packing machines feature a multi-head weighing system, gross weight system, and net weight systems. Thus, production level and dosing can be easily managed.

Our rice packing machines can pack various rice weights. No matter what your application requires, Sanlin Pack can manufacture rice packing machines for large and small production. We also have rice packing machines for higher-speed applications.

All our rice packing machines are manufactured using AISI 304 stainless steel premium grade raw materials. Thus, you can assure that your rice packing machines are durable, high-quality, and certified food-grade machines.

Whether you are a retailer or distributor, choose Sanlin Pack as your rice packing machine manufacturer! We offer a wide range of services and one-stop solutions to meet your expectations and application requirements.

Why Choose Sanlin Pack as Your Rice Packing Machine Manufacturer?

  • Reduced production cost
  • The flexibility of the packing system
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Experienced engineers, staff, and designers
  • OEM and ODM services
  • High-end turnkey solution
  • Full range of services

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