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As an expert manufacturer, Sanlin Pack manufactures fully automatic and reliable quality rice packing machines that are widely used in different industries.

  • Efficient and high-quality rice packing machine
  • Wide range of rice packing machine models and types
  • Fully customized rice packing machines based on your requirements
  • Professional manufacturer for many years
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Why Sanlin Pack is a Trusted Rice Packing Machine Manufacturer

Here in Sanlin Pack, all our rice packing machines are manufactured using high-quality materials. Our rice packing machines are certified by various international quality standards. These are manufactured with high precision with its color sensors and advanced film-tension servo-controlled system. We also support customization based on your requirements. Message us now!

Sanlin Pack Rice Packing Machine

Rice Packing Machine

SanLin Pack specialize in manufacturing innovative automatic rice packing machines for filling and weighing rice granules.

Automatic Rotary Rice Packing Machine

We manufacture all types of custom design rotary rice packing machine that are perfect for packing rice with different weights.

Rice Packing Machine Sample

We manufactures rice packing machines that are great for packing rice, granules, etc. with high precision and accuracy.

Sanlin Pack Rice Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack rice packing machine offers high accuracy bagging. It also features high speed to minimize the cost and easily reach your business quota.

Our rice packing machines are also available in different customized widths and various lanes. We offer complete and full packing line services to meet your deadlines and skyrocket your business.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Rice Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Premier Manufacturer of Rice Packing Machines in China

Sanlin Pack is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality rice packing machines in China. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from around the world. We supply rice packing machines to different countries from different regions in Asia, America, Europe, and more.

Here in Sanlin Pack, we have a professional staff, expert designers, and skillful engineers that are dedicated to designing and producing innovative rice packing machines. Our customer service team will also give you the best services.

At Sanlin Pack, we also have different types and models of rice packing machines. You can purchase our automatic rice bean packing machines, rice pouch packing machines, vertical rice packing machine, multi-head rice packing machines, and more.

You can also personalize your rice packing machine orders through our OEM services. We can custom-make your orders according to your design, sizes, and more. We can also incorporate your logo to promote your business and brand.

Sanlin Pack can manufacture a complete line of rice packing machines for weighing, dosing, and wrapping rice. Our rice packing machines feature a multi-head weighing system, gross weight system, and net weight systems. Thus, production level and dosing can be easily managed.

Our rice packing machines can pack various rice weights. No matter what your application requires, Sanlin Pack can manufacture rice packing machines for large and small production. We also have rice packing machines for higher-speed applications.

All our rice packing machines are manufactured using AISI 304 stainless steel premium grade raw materials. Thus, you can assure that your rice packing machines are durable, high-quality, and certified food-grade machines.

Whether you are a retailer or distributor, choose Sanlin Pack as your rice packing machine manufacturer! We offer a wide range of services and one-stop solutions to meet your expectations and application requirements.

Why Choose Sanlin Pack as Your Rice Packing Machine Manufacturer?

  • Reduced production cost
  • The flexibility of the packing system
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Experienced engineers, staff, and designers
  • OEM and ODM services
  • High-end turnkey solution
  • Full range of services

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The FAQ about the rice packing machine

What are rice packing machines?

Rice packaging machines is a machines for packaging rice. With improved living standards, more and more beautiful products appear in front of us. The level of people’s consumption has increased, and so has rice production.

Due to the excessive demand, the production speed of packaged rice producers can not meet the market’s needs.

With the emergence of rice packing machines, People have solved the rice packaging problem.

The market demand for automatic rice packing machines is very great. And the enterprises in the industry are also increasing sharply.

With the strengthening of market competition, the manufacturers of rice packing machines are also increasing. Still, Sanlin machinery has always relied on perfect service systems and high-quality equipment quality to win the market. Sanlin machinery is the choice to buy rice packing machines.

What is the future development direction of rice packing machines?


  • Manual operation level.

Variety of objects packaging. Variety of packaging bag sizes. Complex packaging machine structure. These three points determine the complex structure of the manual packaging machine. Many staff often have a nonstandard operation or even wrong operation when operating, which is caused by insufficient operation technology. So you have to train your employees to tell them to operate the machine.

  • Improve the level of automation. 

An automatic rice packing machine does not mean that all operations are automatic. Many practical operations still need human participation. Minimizing manual operation and maximizing the degree of automation is one of the problems to be solved at present.

  • Model standardization.

Different types of automatic rice packing machines have different specifications according to the packaging object.

There are no strict standards in the market. How to establish a perfect specification mechanism? How to give consumers a clear positioning? It is a general direction of automatic rice packing machines.

How about the rice packing machine market?

Today is an era of abundant material life. Therefore, to fully consider the requirements of various commodities.

When users’ requirements change, the production enterprises can timely improve the functions of the automatic rice packing machine. It can better solve the packaging difficulties of users. Help enterprises obtain economic benefits.

The automatic rice packing machine is the most advanced packaging equipment in the packaging industry. It has the most advanced packaging technology globally, which can liberate workers from heavy work and fully realize automatic production.

In the production of machines, users do not have to worry about product quality decline due to automatic operation. The automatic rice packing machine improves the production efficiency of the enterprise And fully ensures the quality of goods.

Therefore, after entering the market, the automatic rice packing machine will also win the attention of more consumers. So it will become the most popular production equipment in the market. And the products produced by it will also sell well, which creates extremely favorable conditions for the economic development of enterprises.

The automatic rice packing machine is a device fully in line with rapid development. It is a good helper for the development and growth of enterprises. With the gradual improvement of science and technology, the automatic rice packing machine actively absorbs the most advanced technology. Its various functions can be improved, recognized by users from all walks of life, and are widely used in many fields.

It can help enterprises get rid of the backward production closer mode. And it promotes gradual rapid development. Effectively promote the overall development of China’s packaging machine industry. It is making to the international level and lays the foundation for domestic packaging equipment to enter the international stage.

How do you choose the material of the rice packing machine?

The packaging materials of automatic rice packing machines are not single and unchanged. It changes with the characteristics of the packaged products. The packaging requirements of different products are different, and the naturally selected packaging bags are different.

For example, if rice contains water, you need to use waterproof and impermeable packaging materials. Rice needs to be ventilated. You need to use small holes of packaging material to keep the air flowing.

What are the characteristics of rice packing machines?

  • The procedure is simple.

It has a touch screen man-machine interface control system. You can control it via PLC.

  • Speed control using a variable frequency.

A variable frequency speed regulator controls the machine. You can adjust the speed can within a certain range.

  • Detect objects automatically.

The machine will not feed or heat seal if the bag is not opened or finished. This feature can save waste when packaging products. It can save consumers money on manufacturing.

  • Alerts when failures occur

If the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails, the safety mechanism will sound an alert.

  • You can change the Bag width.

The motor-controlled automatic rice packing machine can vary the bag width. Simple to use, you need to hold down the control button to modify the packaging width of the machine. You will increase your productivity.

  • Prevent material destruction

The rice packing machine adopts imported engineering plastic bearings without refueling. Which greatly reduces the pollution to materials.

  • reduce pollution

Follow the food processing industry’s hygiene requirements. The portions of the machine that come into touch with packing bags are made of stainless steel. It can ensure food hygiene and safety. And Using an oil-free vacuum pump avoids the pollution of packaging work to the environment.

  • Beautifully packaged

The zipper bag opening mechanism is tailored to the features of the zipper bag mouth to prevent distortion or damage.

  • Packaging material loss is minimal.

The rice packing machine is uses premade packaging bags. The packing bag design is precise, and the sealing quality is good.

What is the workflow of the rice packing machine?

Automatic rice packing machines can realize the work tasks of the whole process of product feeding, metering, sealing, embossing, and packaging. It greatly improves product packaging efficiency. The working process of the automatic rice packing machine is divided into four steps.

  • Step 1: the “bagging” process of the automatic rice packing machine

The automatic rice packing machine will automatically deliver the bags. If there are no bags, he will sound an alarm

  • Step 2: the “embossing” process of the automatic rice packing machine

The automatic rice packing machine carries out the normal coding process for the packaging bag through color band detection. If the color band is used up, the equipment will send out a warning sound to remind.

  • Step 3: the filling process of the automatic rice packing machine

After the above two processes, the automatic rice packing machine opens the packaging bag and fills in the materials. The automatic rice packaging opportunity first detects whether the packaging bag is opened in this process. If it is not opened, the material will not fall.

  • Step 4: the “heat sealing” process of automatic rice packing machine

After the materials are filled, they will enter the “heat sealing” process. The automatic rice packing machine will seal the packaging bags filled with materials at the set temperature. The heat-sealed packaging products will be cooled immediately. It ensures the beauty of sealing.

What are the benefits of using an automatic packaging machine?

Your packaging products required manual filling, sealing, printing, and other operations in the past.

You only need to use automatic rice packing machines for assembly line production.

It reduces the difficulty of work, and the probability of defective products is reduced. And it greatly saves working time and improves work efficiency. It can complete daily production activities quickly and efficiently.

Reduces the investment cost and saves this part of the investment. You can invest in other aspects, such as introducing new technologies and equipment.

How to maintain the rice packing machine?

  1. Whether all parts are complete, safe, flexible, and reliable.
  2. Whether the buttons and switches can be used normally and operated flexibly.
  3. Whether each system part machine is loose and poorly operated.
  4. The automatic rice packing machine needs to add lubricating oil once after running for about one month. And it needs to replace new oil once every two months.
  5. After the automatic rice packing machine is shut down. You need to clean and tidy the equipment;

You must maintain this machine. It has a good effect on the automatic rice packing machine’s normal use and service life extension.

 How to deal with the failure of the rice packing machine?

  • The film material is easy to offset and cannot be fed regularly when the equipment is in operation. What can you do about it?

If you adjust, the film roll position is invalid. And adjusting the tension balance bar is invalid.

The problem may be remedied by changing the angle of the upper triangular plate.

The upper triangular plate may be adjusted clockwise if the upper film material deviates from the clamping chain.

If the following film material deviates from the clamping chain, the top triangular plate can be adjusted counterclockwise.

  • why can’t it achieve a high enough temperature (above 160 °C)?

It is important to determine if the electric heater’s mainline travels via a magnetic switch and determine whether it is normal.

The behavior described above will occur if the line does not cross through one of the phases.

If the magnetic absorption switch is normal, double-check the ammeter to determine if each phase’s ohmic value matches the machine’s.

It should be a short circuit if everything is normal. Replace the heater if all phases are connected, but the circuit or electric heating tube is still irregular.

  • The electronic eye cannot identify the packaging, making it cut the packing while the machine is running. What can you do about it?

The electric eye’s detection will be hampered by the distance between the bottle bodies in cluster packing. The detecting angle of the horizontal electric eye may now be changed to an oblique angle. It can prevent work from being terminated at random.

  • The temperature of the compressor of the machine rises slowly?

There are some problems when using the packaging machine. We must master a set of troubleshooting and troubleshooting solutions.

For example, some customers encounter that the temperature rise of the full-automatic rice packing machine shrinker is relatively slow. It can not reach a relatively high temperature, such as 150 or 160 degrees Celsius. Which leads to the failure of normal sealing. What is the reason?

To solve this problem, we must first understand its structure. This heater line travels through a magnetic absorption switch before entering the electric heating tube.

It is the main power line of the automatic rice packing machine. Suppose the temperature of the shrinking machine rises slowly.

It is necessary first to detect the corresponding contacts of the magnetic absorption switch of the machine. And confirm whether it is normal.

If the situation is normal, check if the meter’s parameter values are consistent. It’s a short circuit if it’s typical. It is important to install a new heater if each phase may be linked. You need it, but the line or electric heating tube is still aberrant.

  • the abnormal film feeding of the rice packaging machine?

Rice packing machines are a popular packaging machine nowadays.

Sometimes the automatic rice packaging machine will encounter the situation.

The film material is not up to standard or displaced. Which will lead to the abnormal operation of the feeding part of the machine. It leads to defective products in the packaging process of the automatic rice packing machine.

In case of such problems, It can be achieved by adjusting the film roll in position and the tension balance

if the above methods still have film material deviation and abnormal feeding.The position of the triangular plate of the automatic rice packing machine is wrong.

It can be solved by adjusting the angle of the triangular plate. The upper film material of the automatic rice packaging machine is offset.

In that case, the triangular plate should be adjusted clockwise. The position of the lower film material is offset

the triangular plate needs to be adjusted counterclockwise. The abnormal operation can be solved according to professional guidance.

After debugging, the operation effect of the automatic rice packaging machine in this regard will be normalized.

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