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Why Sanlin Pack is a Professional Dry Fruit Packing Machine Manufacturer

Sanlin Pack is committed to developing, researching, designing, producing, and sales of dry fruit packing machines. Throughout the years, Sanlin Pack has been dedicated to giving customers a complete turnkey solution for their dry fruit packing machine needs. All our dry fruit packing machines are certified by CE, ISO, FDA, RoHS, and more international quality standards. Here in Sanlin Pack, we offer excellent services and reasonable costs. Enquire now!

Sanlin Pack Dry Fruit Packing Machine

Dry Fruit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack pouch packing machines for dry fruits are integrated with an accurate indexing device. These are also equipped with PLC for controlling operation.

Automatic Rotary Dry Fruit Packing Machine

We manufacture automatic rotary dry fruit packing machine that are very efficient in bag-making such as stick bags, pillow bags and more types of packing bags.

Dry Fruit Packing Machine

We have rich experience in manufacturing dry fruit packing machines that are 100% QC inspected, CE certified, and made from food-grade materials.

Sanlin Pack Dry Fruit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack dry fruit packing machines are customizable based on your requirements. We used advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture your dry fruit packing machines.

Here in Sanlin Pack, we export dry fruit packing machines to different countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, etc. We are known for providing good quality products and unmatched services.

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Dry Fruit Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Leading Dry Fruit Packing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

If you are looking for a reliable quality dry fruit packing machine for your business, choose Sanlin Pack as your manufacturer! We are the leading dry fruit packing machine manufacturer in China for many years. We offer high-quality yet competitive price dry fruit packing machines.

As a professional manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of dry fruit packing machines. We offer zipper pouch packing machines for dry fruit, horizontal dry fruit packing machines, dry fruit plastic vacuum packing machines, etc.

Here in Sanlin Pack, we provide customers with OEM and ODM services. We can manufacture custom-made dry fruit packing machines based on your requirements. At Sanlin Pack, we can help you find the right product for your needs.

Our dry fruit packing machines commonly packed items such as cashew nuts and almonds. It can pack a wide range of dry fruit weights. All our dry fruit packing machines are fully automatic. It has a PLC control panel and HMI touchscreen features that make it easy to use.

Aside from that, our dry fruit packing machines are made from 304 stainless steel and food-grade raw materials. Thus, you can assure that all your dry fruit packing machines are constructed with a robust feature, less power construction, and optimum performance.

By providing excellent services and the best quality, Sanlin Pack dry fruit packing machines are highly demanded in the market. All our dry fruit packing machines are checked and 100% tested to ensure their high quality and durability.

Here in Sanlin Pack, you can avail yourself of dry fruit packing machines at a competitive price. We also offer hassle-free transactions, professional services, premium quality products, and flexible MOQ. Our professional and highly skilled staff will work closely with you.

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What is a dry fruit packing machine?

On the market, dry fruit packing machines are standard packaging equipment. As for packing equipment advances, many firms entered the market. Due to the opaque information available on the Internet, many consumers are unsure how to pick.

Sanlin manufactures high-quality dry fruit packing equipment with superior performance. Because a stepper motor controls the dry fruit packing machine, the bag production accuracy is very high, meeting all customer requirements. Simultaneously, the innovative photoelectric tracking technology used by the dry fruit packing machine enables the creation of a full trademark pattern when packaging color-coded packing materials.

Because the dry fruit packing machine is used for packaging food, it is constructed of 316L stainless steel. It may help strengthen the corrosion resistance and keep the packaging clean and pollution-free. The dry fruit packing machine has an advanced system and an automated shutdown warning, allowing customers to restart production quickly.

Will beautiful packaging be more popular with consumers?


In our social life, packaging has become the most important link before commodity sales, attracting people’s attention and bringing optimistic sales prospects. Nowadays, the outer packaging of commodities pursues exquisite packaging. Modern technology has advanced, and attention has been paid to the appearance design of the packaging. The appearance of packaging should also account for a part of the sales.

he exquisite appearance of packaging mainly attracts consumers’ attention and achieves the purpose of sales. The creativity of the packaging is the key, and the mechanical equipment is added to the technological investment. It making the packaging exquisite and generous, winning the hearts and minds of consumers.

The frequency of market updates is fast, aesthetics is becoming more and more critical, and the packaging of products is of high grade. Modern packaging machines are designed in a simple and elegant process, without the previous cumbersomeness.

In addition, society calls for thrift, and we do not want products to be packaged with that kind of luxurious beauty. , More requirements product packaging is real, simple, and generous. Enterprises are pursuing to create greater benefits for themselves within the specified time.

So the packaging machine strives to meet the production requirements of the enterprise. Now the automation level is improved, and the production efficiency of the automatic packaging machine has been greatly improved. In the packaging machinery industry, the packaging process’s automation changes the packaging process’s action mode and the processing method of packaging containers and materials. Automatic control packaging systems may significantly enhance production efficiency and product quality.

In real life, there is a simple truth. The simpler and clearer things are, the easier it is to touch consumers’ heartstrings. Just imagine, we can spend the same money and time to choose the products that suit us.

How can we be happy? Why not? The appearance of packaging machines enriches our lives, brings us this pleasant enjoyment, and allows us to have simple and exquisite products in the shortest time. Therefore, good sales come from simple and exquisite packaging, that is, packing machine.


What is the future trend of the dry fruit packing machine industry?

Automatic intelligence has become a benchmark for measuring the adaptability of an industry. The sector of machines for packaging dried fruit is even more so. New dried fruit packaging technology with intelligent and autonomous features will progressively replace the old models and become the norm.

It is an efficient means of achieving sustainable growth for dry fruit packing machines firms. It is also the ultimate objective of its technical reform.

The packaging machinery sector in China is in a state of rapid expansion. Still, the sector’s progress has been hampered by the illogical industrial structure of the sector. There is still a significant gap in in-home packaging machinery compared with other nations. We also need to improve equipment technology regularly.

Packaging machines will evolve towards intelligence in the future. Greater intelligence can help further improve production efficiency and product quality. Low consumption, environmental conservation, and resource conservation will contribute to the competitiveness of the equipment market. And Chinese packaging machine manufacturers need to recognize the shortage.


What is the quality of vertical dry fruit packing machines in China?

China’s vertical dry fruit packing machine is flexible and changeable, adapting to various materials and manufacturers’ needs. Manufacturers can customize according to the different needs of users. The flexibility of the vertical dry fruit packing machine determines that the equipment has a broad space for development.

The production of most enterprises in China requires more or less a variety of sealing machinery and equipment. Most vertical dry fruit packing machines use separate sealing work, such as the sealing of some small doses of food and a separate dry fruit packaging machine. At this time, it has played a good application.

According to market feedback, this equipment is more used for simple packaging work. It is especially for small-volume packaging work, so it is foreseeable that the vertical dry fruit packing machine has a broad space for development.


The increasing demand for living in the rapidly developing Southeast Asian countries and the abundance of materials have a broad market for packaging machines. It attracts the participation of packaging machine companies in various countries.


From the global packaging machine market perspective, China has obvious geographical advantages. Chinese packaging machine manufacturers can have a good grasp of the broad market trends in Southeast Asia and the needs of the enterprise. Chinese packaging machine manufacturers have good channels for their equipment production problems. Therefore, it is also possible to make timely countermeasures and adjustments when problems occur.

China’s dry fruit packing machine manufacturing and debugging cycle is shorter due to human resource advantages and distance factors in foreign countries. So the price of China’s packaging machine is much lower than that of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Maintenance and other simple and easy operations.


How to choose a dry fruit packing machine?

As a result, some companies are interested in purchasing all items generated by a mechanical packaging machine. This type of equipment is referred to as suitable machinery. In terms of impact on packaging, the unique packaging machine outperforms the appropriate packaging machine. It is recommended to acquire no more than 3-5 items in a single packaging machine and goods with a substantial diversity of package shapes.

Select equipment with a proven track record of quality and reasonably mature technology. It creates more efficient and stable packaging that uses less energy, requires less labor, and generates less waste. If you buy low-quality equipment, the cost of accumulating waste packaging film during future production is not negligible. Businesses will pay the price for this conduct, even more so now that packaging materials are rising in price.



How to use the dry fruit packing machine?

In their manufacturing operations, users are increasingly using dried fruit packaging equipment. Dried fruit packaging is quicker than using a machine. Still, it also offers a greater filling accuracy and efficiency than human labor. However, since the dry fruit packing machine is a piece of mechanical equipment, you must use caution.

First, pay strict attention to the guidelines on the various warning signs before operating the dry fruit packing machine to prevent safety problems such as scalding and product leakage. Before beginning the equipment, it is critical to ensure that the packing machine’s interface with the metal hose is firmly connected. You should not use steel balls to clean the machine. You should use cotton things instead.

While the dry fruit packing machine is functioning, pay close attention to the condition and sound of the equipment. Simultaneously, prevent accidental contact with the object while it is in use. After completing the project, you should regularly inspect the dry fruit packing machine’s components to ensure they do not fall or become loose.

How to use the dried fruit packing machine safely?

The dry fruit packing machine is stainless steel and complies with hygiene standards. The dry fruit packing machine increases production efficiency and is very convenient. Each firm needs knowledge of running the dried fruit packaging equipment appropriately and securely. The next section discusses how to properly run the dry fruit packing machine and some safety considerations.

1. When operating the dry fruit packing machine, the operator must pay close attention to the instructions and warning signals to avoid injuries such as scorching and leaking.


2. Before beginning work, ensure that the packing machine and the metal hose interface are securely linked. You cannot clean the machine with steel balls, but only with fabric things.

3. Before transferring liquid into the barrel, make sure that the drain valve of the packaging machine is closed to prevent liquid leakage.

4. The personnel should be aware of any strange sounds from the dried fruit packing equipment throughout the workday. If there is, you should turn off the electricity before fixing it.

5 After the work is completed, check the parts of the dry fruit packing machine regularly to prevent them from falling or loosening.


Are the operating steps of the dry fruit packing machine?

Numerous customers and businesses have acquired this packaging machine due to its benefits of compact footprint, great packing results, and steady mechanical operation. You can only guarantee the packing machine’s regular functioning after the proper operation.

The operation of the dry fruit packing machine is separated into two stages: the preparation stage and the machine’s operation stage, with the preparation stage ensuring the machine’s flawless operation.

Ready to work:

1. Check whether the dry fruit packing machine has a “clean” status mark and, within the validity period, whether the equipment has a “good” status mark.

2. Open the right door of the equipment, manually roll the main motor belt, roll the distribution shaft at least twice, and examine if the equipment operates freely and without abnormal noise.

3. Install the packaging material on the paper holder arm. The center of the packaging material should be consistent with the center of the former, and the printing pattern of the packaging material should be on the outside.

4. The dry fruit packing machine’s switch-on sequence is as follows: turn on the power switch, the bag-pulling switch, and the start switch in succession, and the machine will operate without load.

5. Observe the conveyor belt to see if the belt sends the bag to the outside. If not, reverse the phase of the power plug.


1. Install the packaging material by the dry fruit packing machine’s process requirements, and draw down a point of the installed packaging material. Then raise the control lever, and transmit a signal through the non-contact switch.

2. Stop the heat sealer in the sealing state and observe whether the sealing center of the heat sealer is on the same line as the center of the pulling wheel. If not, adjust it on the same line.

3. Adjust the lower vertical sealing pressure, horizontal sealing pressure, and temperature to meet the process requirements. The temperature at which the horizontal seal is made should be somewhat greater than the temperature at which the vertical seal is made.

4. After the dry fruit packing machine adjustment is completed, take a piece of packaging material and try it out to observe the clarity of the lines on the packaging material.

5. Turn on the filling switch to start the filling operation, observe whether the horizontal seal of the bag is clamped, such as clamping, and adjust the timing of filling.

6. Turn on the light control switch, and the speed-up and speed-down indicator lights display the correction status.

7. Adjust the load till it satisfies the process criteria by loading the product into the hopper to the height of the observation window and rolling the material tray to adjust the handle.

8. Turn on the turntable clutch and adjust the feeding time so that the packaged material is just filled into the bag when the horizontal sealing is completed.

9. Collect and package eligible goods in clean containers and constantly add materials to the hopper during manufacturing to maintain the hopper’s height equal to the observation window.

10. During the production process of the dry fruit packing machine, you should continuously weigh the weight of the bag to ensure the qualified rate of the product.

11. At the end of the packaging, cut off the turntable clutch, cutter clutch, motor switch, and power switch. Then collect the remaining materials in a clean container, put them away, and clean the dry fruit packing machine.

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