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Sanlin is committed to food packaging machinery, creating high-quality oil packaging machines, and has won the appreciation and trust of a large number of customers. Welcome to inquire about related products.

◆ The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, which can automatically track and locate the colour code of the packaging bag, and easily complete the operation and adjustment of bag-making with fast speed, stable operation and low noise.

◆ Advanced PLC control system, the bilingual display screen in Chinese and English. The packing speed and bag-making length can be adjusted steplessly within a certain range without changing parts.

◆oil packaging machine (quantitative blanking) adopts vibrating count-type measurement, which is accurate for the packaged materials with uniform density and meets the measurement standards.

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Sanlin is a manufacturer of high-quality packaging machinery in China. As a company engaged in packaging machinery in China, it has been committed to the application of automation equipment in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

Why is Sanlin Oil Packaging Machine So Popular?

  • Long service life, low machine failure rate and simple maintenance.
  • The metering method adopts screw blanking, which is easy to adjust and accurate in metering.
  • The sealing heats up quickly, and the imported Teflon non-stick bag is used by spraying.
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How Can Sanlin Be The Manufacturer Of High-quality Packaging Machinery In China?

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What is the development prospect of China’s packaging machinery industry?

After more than 20 years of development, China’s packaging machinery has become one of the key industries in the machinery industry. With the continuous enhancement of China’s comprehensive national strength, China’s packaging machinery industry has also made great progress, and packaging machinery technology has improved very quickly. My country’s packaging machinery industry in China has entered a stage of rapid development, which is expected to open up the European and American international markets.

According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the data collected by the General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Commerce, the market analysis of the packaging machinery industry shows that the global demand for packaging machinery is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 5.3%. China’s packaging machinery industry has become a great potential for development.

The technology industry, but its future development trend and prospects are indeed a question worth looking forward to. According to the analysis of authoritative experts, my country’s packaging machinery industry will surely have a broad development prospect. The main reasons are as follows.

Large market demand, diversified packaging

No matter which industry, it seems that it is inseparable from packaging. Beautiful packaging can easily cause good visual effects and attract consumers. The continuous growth of packaging market demand has also led to some packaging machinery companies’ rapid development and growth.

To meet the market demand, the company has perfected a more professional packaging machinery manufacturing structure and provided different automatic packaging solutions for different enterprises at home and abroad, including food packaging, agricultural product packaging, chemical product packaging, and product packaging production lines and other packaging services.

In the face of the increasingly fierce global market competition environment, to gain a foothold in the future development, many packaging machinery industries are also developing in the direction of diversification, and the packaging technology has been continuously improved, and the performance has been continuously improved.

The level of packaging technology is improving day by day.

The so-called real gold is not afraid of fire. After the market test, it did not withdraw from the market and became more popular with consumers. The advantages of oil packaging machines have gradually emerged, leaving other machines with envy. oil packaging machines belong to the high-end packaging equipment on the market. They are more complete and diverse in function, higher efficiency, and operators. Easier to operate. With the development of oil packaging machines in recent years, their advantages have become more obvious.

The development of domestic products in recent years is inseparable from the development of oil packaging machines. The development of oil packaging machines has greatly improved the packaging quality of products and protected the performance and quality of the products themselves from being damaged. Because these products are not fragile and difficult to transport, they easily get wet and damage the essential properties of the product itself. The products packaged by the oil packaging machine can effectively avoid these situations, so the oil packaging machine is the product manufacturer. And the carrier’s first choice of tool helper.

As China continues to develop, the domestic infrastructure has been greatly improved, especially in terms of transportation. People used to say that if you want to get rich, build roads first. It is because of this that the domestic transportation facilities have been greatly improved compared to the past, which is also the reason for the rapid development of the economy.

The process of oil packaging machines realizing self-value is also the process of enterprise development, and the two complement each other. The development of a country’s economy has a great relationship with enterprises. It will make old customers more loyal to buying this product and can also attract the attention of new customers, become more interested in this product and gradually become loyal to old customers. This not only meets the needs of customers but also realizes the self-worth of the oil packaging machine, which will be the mainstream development direction of the industry in the future.

My country’s oil packaging machines started in the late 1970s. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase in foreign trade, the important role of oil packaging machines has gradually been recognized by people. It is developed step by step from the initial mechanical control to the single-chip computer to today’s PLC industrial control. The development direction of oil packaging machines is determined by market demand. Today, manufacturers require measurement accuracy and consider machine stability, speed and appearance. The development direction of oil packaging machines must be high, precise and cutting-edge.

oil packaging machinery is increasingly showing a trend of diversification and personalization. It can adapt to the packaging needs of different shapes and raw materials and improve the level of automatic control and the beauty and accuracy of packaging, which has brought higher benefits to manufacturers and customers. Production power. Only when the quality and quality of packaging machinery are strongly guaranteed can we meet the requirements of the future development of the packaging machinery industry. The advanced oil packaging machine adopts PLC industrial control, weighing module, vacuum pumping, nitrogen filling and many other modules, which can be seamlessly connected with the programmable computer controller and have excellent scalability.



What is the development direction of foreign oil packaging machines?

  1. Widely apply electronic technology and popularize heat pipe technology.

In various automatic packaging production lines abroad, electronic technology is widely used for inspection, measurement and control, such as trademark photoelectric positioning system, electronic computer-controlled weight selection machine, combined electronic weighing scale, etc.

In the packaging machine that uses plastic film for bag sealing, a hot plate is used for heating and sealing. Due to the uneven energy density of the heating element, the temperature difference during sealing can be 20 °C.

Such materials are 800 times higher, and heat pipe heating can save energy by 20%. Therefore, vigorously promote heat pipe technology, which is also one of the future development directions of domestic oil packaging machines.


  1. Develop towards unmanned operation

The packaging of the oil packaging machine should not be in contact with people, and some packaging processes need to be unmanned, but this requires solving many technical problems, such as ensuring the reliability of the work and the automatic diagnosis and elimination of faults, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the packaging process.

To increase the complex procedures of the packaging machine, it should be the direction of the packaging machine designers, and this is the fact that the domestic oil packaging machine is far less good than the foreign oil packaging machine.


  1. Generalization direction

Improve the generalization of oil packaging machines. Due to the variety of packaged foods and packaging materials, there are many varieties of corresponding packaging machines. In order to take care of the technical capabilities, equipment investment and maintenance of the production unit, the batches of packaged foods are communicated through communication. Because of its small size and many varieties, it is necessary to improve the generalization degree of packaging machines.

  1. Automatic production line is king

Now foreign oil packaging machines have started a large-scale production line model. Although this model is also available in China, it has not yet been popularized. The implementation of automatic production lines will be a great tool to improve packaging efficiency.

To sum up, the development direction of foreign oil packaging machines is the development of diversification, linkage and automatic production lines.

Why are oil packaging machines widely used?


Why has oil packaging machine equipment been widely used? This is because the packaging machine fits the needs of the market, and its quality will directly affect the quality of product packaging.

When many people buy a oil packaging machine, they pay attention to its operation efficiency and safety and hygiene, and should have the characteristics of “no time, no effort, no brain”.

In today’s social development, the time-consuming of commodity manufacturing is getting shorter and shorter, and the working speed of mechanical equipment has also been improved compared with before, which means that the development trend of commodity manufacturing rate and the effectiveness of production relationship is positively related to the growth.

In the future, what will be the development trend of oil packaging machines? With the continuous development of modernization, the whole process and method of commodity production have undergone earth-shaking changes, and gradually become formalized.

As a key step in the processing process, oil packaging machines are also increasingly automated and intelligent systems.

On the basis of considering the basic definition, the automatic oil packaging machine also closely follows the needs of the market, continues to carry out technology research and development and commodity upgrades, and gives full play to a greater effect in product packaging.

How to adjust and check the oil packaging machine correctly?

Adjustment of oil packaging machine: hang the screw on the adjustment shaft (combined with a light bulb similar to the hanging mouth), put the cup on the screw every time the screw is rotated 90°, and observe the gap between the mouth of the cup and the tray.

Inspection of oil packaging machine: 1. Loosen the fixing screw of the material cup and remove the material cup. Every time the screw is rotated 90°, insert the material cup to observe whether there is interference. If it is not concentric, it must be adjusted. If the gap is inconsistent, the bracket must be adjusted.

First loosen the bracket bolts (do not completely loosen, just use a wooden stick to knock the bracket), use a wooden stick to tap the position where the bracket has a large gap, and when the screw turns to any position, the material cup can be put on smoothly. The position has been adjusted, and the bracket bolts are tightened

  1. Before the official use, the machine should undergo the following inspections and adjustments: whether the electrical connectors are reliable, and whether the fasteners are loose.

Whether there are foreign objects in the hopper. The relevant parts of the oil packaging machine also need to be adjusted before use or when the filling part (screw) is replaced. Whether each button is valid.

Whether the rotation direction of the agitator and the feeder is correct (it should be clockwise when viewed from top to bottom). If the direction is not correct, any two wires of the power supply can be exchanged. Check if the adjusting shaft screw is loose.

  1. Whether the cup and the screw are concentric. Adjustment of the height of the screw Put the cup on the screw to observe the position of the bottom of the screw, and the bottom is about 2 mm from the inner edge of the bottom of the cup.

Adjustment of the position of the scraper When replacing the screw, the stirring scraper should be adjusted. The position of the scraper from the screw is usually about 20 mm. When adjusting, open the observation window on the right side of the hopper cover, loosen the adjustment shaft screw, fix the oil packaging machine material cup with three material cup screws evenly, hold the adjustment shaft by hand and move it up and down, when the screw height is suitable, adjust the adjustment shaft Tighten the screws.


When adjusting, loosen the scraper screw and pull up or push down the scraper screw to tighten. Adjustment of the photoelectric switch The sensitivity of the photoelectric switch has been adjusted before leaving the factory. If you feel it is not suitable, you can adjust it yourself.

How to use the oil packaging machine?

The rapid development of science and technology brings us a fast material life and unlimited production opportunities and development space. Therefore, being familiar with the correct use of oil packaging machines can help improve the packaging efficiency of our production enterprises.

  1. The oil packaging machinemust set appropriate parameters according to the packaging materials and specifications: target weight, advance, descent and motor speed. The new oil packaging machinewith a digital motor blanking method does not need to adjust the fast and slow voltage and the height of the throttle plate, which is much simpler than the previous vibrator blanking adjustment. Set a relatively large advance value, adjust the drop value to make the blanking accurate, and gradually decrease the blanking so you can quickly adjust the blanking speed and accuracy. If used with an upper bag sealer, please adjust the bag holder’s width according to the bag’s width, then set an approximate sealing temperature and time, and then use it normally. Of course, it is also important to regularly add lubricants to the active ingredients.


  1. The transmission system is an important support mechanism involved in the entire packaging process of the oil packaging machine, mainly to realize the traction of the packaging, the removal of the film, the sealing and cutting. After the reducer outputs power, the main shaft is driven by the belt drive and distributed by the main shaft to form a three-way transmission.

(1) The main shaft of the oil packaging machine drives the duplex gear through the gear and then transmits it to the gear drive shaft through the duplex gear so that the quantitative feeder rotates.

(2) The main shaft drives the output shaft of the continuously variable transmission shaft through the bevel gear. After the differential transmission, the compensation speed output by the servo motor is integrated. Then the shaft is driven to rotate through a pair of incomplete gears, thereby driving the relative rotation of the vertical sealing rollers.

(3) The main shaft of the oil packaging machine moves at a variable output speed through the eccentric sprocket mechanism of the bevel gear drive shaft, thereby driving the gear and relatively rotating through the gear and a pair of driving transverse sealing rollers. The heat sealing speed can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric value of the eccentric sprocket.

Sanlin Machinery is a professional manufacturer of oil packaging machinery and has rich experience in production and service, which is well known in the world.

What are the main structural features of the oil packaging machine?

1 The machine is compact, firm, stable, and easy to operate and maintain.

2 The machine adopts a programmable control system large touch film screen, which is intuitive and easy to understand.

3 Using servo film transport system, accurate positioning and beautiful packaging.

4 Fully automatic from measuring, filling, bag making, and date printing to product delivery at once.

5 According to customers’ needs, it has the function of single-bag, multi-bag cutting, can be equipped with a punching device, can be suitable for matching, electronic weighing system, semi-automatic feeding device, spiral powder measurement, measuring cup type measurement.

What are the precautions for the use of oil packaging machines?


  1. Before using the machine, we need to understand the functional skills of the machine in great detail, which can effectively dilute the problems we face in the future use process. It may also damage the machine and reduce its service life to achieve effective use. Therefore, before we use these machines, it is a very vital link better to understand the use and operation skills of these machines. If we cannot learn effectively, other problems may arise in the subsequent development process. If you know ahead of time, you can guard against it. In addition, we also need to know that a oil packaging machineis a machine that needs to be used in electrified areas, so there may be a certain safety factor during use. Assure.
  2. The condition of the oil packaging machinemust be carefully checked before and after use. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time. If any loose screws or nuts are found, they must be tightened in time to avoid delaying production or causing more serious failures. No problem can be forced to start the machine, and the machine can only be put into production when the machine’s performance is normal in all aspects.
  3. The oil packaging machineshould be paid attention to in a dry and clean environment to slow down the rust phenomenon of the machine. To prolong the life of the machine, if necessary, the machine needs to keep the surface clean.
  4. It is necessary to check regularly, find faults, deal with them in time, and pay attention to electricity safety.

For powder packaging machines, it must be grounded before use. Before use, please confirm whether the voltage is the same as the voltage of this machine (220v).

If you find the power cord, plug or other parts damaged, you must stop using it and ask professional personnel to replace and repair it to avoid injury.

Pay attention to safety, the internal mould of the machine has a high temperature and sharp-toothed tools, and it is not allowed to put your hands in the standby power-on state.

The blade unit is sharp; please pay attention to safety during operation and cleaning.

In case of emergency, take a photo of the red emergency stop button.

When installing parafilm, be sure to turn off the power.

If sealing for the first time, the temperature should be low to high.

Grease equipment regularly to reduce wear on parts.

Clean up after getting off work every day, especially in the depth of the lower die groove.

If there is a fault, non-professionals are not allowed to open the electric box and contact us in time.

Please wash the product immediately after use. When cleaning and disassembling parts, please ensure that the product is powered off.

Do not let children, the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities touch and use this product.

What are the common faults of oil packaging machines?

  1. When the oil packaging machineis working, the sealing is not up to standard, or the bag cannot be sealed;
  2. The sealing of the packaging bag is deformed, unsightly, and uneven;
  3. The production date is not printed, or the date cannot be printed;
  4. The spot of light is running, and it is not made into a standard bag;
  5. The back seal moves back and forth, not standard;
  6. The packaging film leaks;
  7. The packaging film cannot come down;
  8. The material hoist does not work and does not feed;
  9. The cutter cuts the bag constantly;
  10. The conveyor belt does not run
  11. Clamping material, the material cannot come down;
  12. The hopper does not work;
  13. The touch screen is not controlled.

Knife spin fault

Possible cause of failure: Spinning damage or boundary question

Solution: change the input of one-phase rotary encoder, check the wiring,

Cutter motor failure

Possible cause of failure: motor damage or inverter failure or mechanical stuck

Solution: Check the corresponding fault point

Paper feed motor failure

Possible cause of failure: motor damage or inverter failure or mechanical stuck

Solution: Check the corresponding fault point

Electric eye failure

Possible cause of failure: Check the quality of the color mark sensor or packaging film

Workaround: Replace the appropriate device

Out of paper failure

Possible cause of failure: no packaging film

Solution: Replace with new wrapping film

System failure

Possible cause of failure: controller self-check failure

The phenomenon of paper rot or horizontal seal is not strong

Reason: The knife seat is not clean, the paper or the temperature is not enough or too high

Solution: use a silicon sliding brush to remove debris from the knife holder, use a wire brush; replace the packaging film; adjust the temperature.

The vertical powder packaging machine sometimes has the phenomenon that the skin is rotten or the lateral sealing is not strong

Reason: the knife seat is not clean, the knife seat; dislocation; the temperature is not enough or too high; it may also be caused by the difference of the paper.

Solution: a silicon sliding brush decontamination knife block wire brush;

There is a situation where the thermometer cannot control the temperature or has no display.

Cause: Damaged solid state relay, damaged thermocouple, damaged heating element, damaged temperature control meter due to high or unstable voltage, or loose terminals.

Solution: replace the solid state relay, replace the thermocouple, replace the heating element, replace the temperature control meter or re-tighten the terminal.

electric eye movement,

Reason: It may be that the tensioning roller is too dirty, the electric eye does not respond or the length of the packaging bag is not set accurately.

Solution: Clean the dirt and black spots on the tensioning roller; check whether there is any problem with the color code, adjust the distance between the electric eye and the packaging film or the sensitivity knob on the electric eye, when the color code is aligned with the electric eye, the light will go out, If it is removed, it will light up; then it is to reset the bag length


What is the maintenance of the oil packaging machine?

  1. The main rotary reducer of the oil packaging machinehas been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. After two weeks of operation, new grease should be added, and the following should be added in 1-2 months.
  2. The two bearings in the filling system should be checked frequently and filled with lubricating oil.
  3. Sufficient lubricating grease should be added to the main slewing bearing and the reduction box, replenished every three months, and replaced every six months.
  4. The oil packaging machineshould be overhauled once every 12-18 months of normal operation.
  5. Before starting the machine, check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the power system, filling mechanism, control mechanism, etc. If there is any problem, it must be eliminated before filling out work.
  6. The packaging bags’ specifications should comply with the national standards, and the size should not be too large or too small. Otherwise, it will affect the bagging quality and filling speed.
  7. Check the measuring device frequently. If the bag weight is out of tolerance, it should be adjusted in time.
  8. If it is found that there is ash leakage in the filling system, it should be stopped and adjusted in time so as not to affect the flexible rotation of the main impeller shaft. It is strictly forbidden to add lubricating oil.
  9. Every time the spring plate on the weighing frame is disassembled and assembled, the dynamic measurement and calibration must be re-calibrated.
  10. At the end of the shift, it is best to empty the cement in the packaging machine.
  11. If an abnormal sound is found, stop immediately for an inspection.
  12. When the machine is turned on, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the hoarding except for the workers who insert the bag.
  13. Foreign objects are not allowed on the top of the oil packaging machine.
  14. If the packaging machine’s top is overflowing, the feeding motor should be turned off immediately.
  15. Regularly check the wear of the slip ring carbon brushes, and replace them in time when serious.

The oil packaging machine is well maintained and maintained; not only will the equipment not fail during work, but it will also increase the life of the oil packaging machine.




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