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For many years, we specialize in the production of innovative and high-technology toffee packing machines that are available at affordable prices.

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Why Sanlin Pack is a Professional Toffee Packing Machine Manufacturer

Since its establishment, Sanlin Pack is committed to the development, research, design, and production of high-quality toffee packing machines. We are also passionate about offering our customers the best turnkey packaging machine solutions. Sanlin Pack also offers customization of your toffee packing machine to meet your requirements and application needs. You can send us your details and specifications. Enquire now!

Sanlin Pack Toffee Packing Machine

Toffee Packing Machine

Our multifunction toffee packing machine comes in different types and models. It features a hopper, adjusting plates, computer version, and more.

Automatic Rotary Toffee Packing Machine

Sanlin Spherical automatic rotary toffee packing machine features high-accuracy, fully automatic, turning packing head, etc. that makes it easy to use and operate.

Toffee Packing Machine

All our automatic toffee packing machines are made from food-grade raw materials. These are also certified by international quality standards.

Sanlin Pack Toffee Packing Machines

Sanlin Pack toffee packing machine uses various multilayer heat-sealable complex films. These are fully automated toffee packing machines for pouch forming, sealing, and filling. Our toffee packing machines are widely used for different food industries.

Sanlin Pack toffee packing machines offer high strength, high accuracy, fast speed, good reliability, and the best performance. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from around the world. Send your inquiries today!

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Why Sanlin Can be a Leading Toffee Packing Machine Supplier

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Sanlin Pack – Your Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Toffee Packing Machine in China

As a professional manufacturer in China, Sanlin Pack is committed to bringing high-quality toffee packing machines. Here in Sanlin Pack, you can find great deals that will surely help your business to skyrocket. For your business, choose Sanlin Pack as your toffee packing machine manufacturer.

Sanlin Pack is a rich experienced manufacturer that offers a wide range of toffee packing machines. You can avail of our multifunction toffee packing machines, spherical lollipop wrapping machines, automatic toffee packing machines, and more.

At Sanlin Pack, we can help you find suitable toffee packing machines for you. We also offer customization of your orders. We manufacture custom-made toffee packing machines based on your requirements and application needs. Please send us your inquiry so we can give you a free quote.

Our toffee packing machines can produce a different range of bag types. It can produce daypack, three-side sealing packs, zipper bags, pouch, four-side sealing bags, and more. Sanlin Pack will surely give you optimized service and packing solutions.

Aside from that, Sanlin Pack toffee packing machines feature stable operation, high-grade performance, and a beautiful appearance. Our toffee packing machines are manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel materials. You can assure it’s high-quality and durability.

Sanlin Pack toffee packing machines also help in replacing manual packaging while increasing your production efficiency. Thus, production costs will be beneficially reduced. With its adjustable handle, you can easily change the bag size.

Additionally, our toffee packing machines are integrated with the PLC control panels. It has a touch screen operation. You can set the speed of your operation according to your production needs. Thus, Sanlin Pack toffee packing machines can help you save time.

Moreover, we manufacture toffee packing machines that can automatically print data and perform a function such as materials filling, suction bag, bag opening, finished product output, and more. Sanlin Pack toffee packing machines will surely give you a one-stop packing solution.

Whether you are a business owner, retailer, distributor, or importer looking for world-class quality toffee packing machines, Sanlin Pack is your best choice! Through providing excellent quality products, the best services, quick lead time, and competitive price, we are recognized as a no.1 manufacturer in China.

Send your inquiry for your next toffee packing machine orders today!

The ultimate FAQ guide of Toffee Packaging Machine

What kind of company is Sanlin company?

Sanlin company is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province.

Ruian City is the center of the private economic zone.

Sanlin company had a team specializing in packaging machinery for more than 20 years.

Sanlin employees have always been based on high technology, standards, and quality.

Sanlin employees take integrity management as the criterion, innovation, technology as the goal.

Sanlin employees continue to learn advanced technology and constantly innovate and develop processes.

Now, SanLin Pack manufactures a series of automatic toffee packing machines. With excellent performance, leading technology, easy operation, easy maintenance, complete functions, safety, and stability.

The products sell well in the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and other countries and regions.

We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our company and negotiate business.

What is the automatic toffee packing machine?

The traditional packaging industry requires a lot of labor. And their production efficiency is very low.

The research and development of automatic toffee packaging machines perfectly solve this problem.

The production efficiency of this machine is higher than that of manual packaging. It can save you a lot of money. And this packaging machine is suitable for different enterprises.

Automated toffee packing machines have a wide range of applications. You can use plastic composite, paper-plastic, aluminum-plastic composite, and more.

How to buy toffee packing machines?

Toffee packing machines is a commonly used packaging equipment in life.

If you buy the wrong toffee packing machine, it will affect your packing efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable automatic toffee packing machine. Before purchasing, you should know the characteristics of the toffee packing machineNow let’s Introduce some selection criteria.

Machines can package your products.

The machine can use the packaging you want.

The quality of the machine and the packing speed are fast.

The technology of the machine is advanced

The machine has a friendly operation interface

your room can accommodate this machine

The machine complies with food hygiene requirements

The machine can adjust the temperature, pressure, speed, and other conditions.

How about the toffee packaging machine market?

The number of companies that manufacture packing equipment is steadily expanding.
Changing the packing machinery on the market is indeed challenging.
We must evaluate all aspects that may encounter unanticipated challenges in planning, technology, and other areas.
When these issues come, we must be prepared to address them.
Enterprises must adapt to the packaging market through their own efforts
We must increase product quality so that the final business can reap actual benefits.Automated toffee packing machine has played a significant part in today’s economic and business circles.

Automatic toffee packing machines have high packaging efficiency and strong adaptability .it is a widely used packaging machine.

You can improve enterprises’ production quality and efficiency and significantly save costs by automatic toffee packing machines.

What is the development history of automatic toffee packing machines?

After the Industrial Revolution, machine production gradually replaced manual production.

People pay more and more attention to the packaging of products, and the packaging industry is developing faster and faster.

Your company can complete automatic packaging through an automatic toffee packaging machine.

You just put the packer in a bag and remove the bag when finished.

Then you don’t have to do anything because the automatic toffee packing machine will help you through all the steps.

So, the automatic toffee packing machine does not require any manual labor during the packing process.

It will save you time and increase productivity.

In addition, the security of your work will also increase.

Compared with manual packaging, machine packaging has better quality and faster speed.

So automatic packaging machine completely replaced manual packaging.

What are the advantages of toffee wrapping machines?

Toffee wrapping machines are the best option for companies and enterprises.

You can increase market competitiveness by machine’s broad range of applications and high efficiency.

Which also reduces labor costs and time.

Automated toffee wrapping machines have two characteristics: quantitative and bag feeding to speed up packaging production. Before the product is packed, the machine can weigh the product and position the bags ahead of time.

What are the process steps of automatic toffee packing machines?

  1. Bag loading: Remove the bag from the top, then deliver the bag to the machine
  2. Print production date
  3. Open the bag
  4. Filling materials
  5. Heat sealing
  6. Cooling and shaping

What is the composition of the automatic toffee packing machine?

The stepping control uses hardware distribution rather than software distribution to improve the system’s precision.

The pulse frequency output from the single-chip microcomputer’s interface controls the stepping motor’s operation, stop, and movement speed.

The optional primary configurations:

material measurement and filling machine.

Working platform. Weight sorting scale.

Material elevator. Vibrating feeder.

Finished product conveying elevator. And metal detector.

What are the technical parameters of the automatic toffee packing machine?:

Packaging materials:

self-standing bag, handbag

zipper bag, four-side sealing line

three-side sealing line

paper bag

Packing accuracy packing weight:

≤ 100g deviation ≤± 0.5-1g

>100g-1000g deviation ≤± 0.5%-1%

>1000g deviation ≤± 0.25%-0.5%

Power supply 3p380v50hz / 60Hz

total power 3.6kw

boundary dimension 1800 × one

thousand and six hundred × 2450mm

What is the workflow of automatic toffee packing machines?

The bag feeding machine can use a manipulator to take out and open the packaging bag automatically.

Then the machine will automatically print the production date, batch number, feed, vacuum packaging.

Ultimately realize uncrewed operation and truly realize automatic packaging.

If The range of packaging bags is 100-260 long and 60-200 wide,

the packaging efficiency is 2000-2600 bags per hour.

What are the performance characteristics of the Sanlin automatic toffee packing machine?

1. The automatic toffee packing machines adopt imported PLC control and man-machine interface. The whole process is automatic control: stable operation and simple maintenance.

2. Wide range of applications, not only suitable for flat bags.

3. The packaging bag is prefabricated.

The bag has been printed and heat-sealed. So the packaging bag has a perfect pattern, good sealing quality, and a low probability of damage.

4. To avoid the wrinkle of the seal, the automatic toffee packing machine specially designs a shaping station to make the seal flat and wrinkle-free.

5. The automatic toffee packing machine has an automatic detection function.

6. The linear motion part of the automatic toffee packing machine adopts plastic engineering bearings, which do not need to be refueled, maintenance-free, and reduce pollution.

7. The automatic toffee packing machine has a combined stuffing box, which can be easily disassembled and washed without tools.

8. The spiral rotation of the automatic toffee packing machine is adjustable, which can meet the packaging requirements of powder and granular materials.

9. The automatic toffee packing machine is manufactured according to national QS health certification needs

What is the hardware design of the automatic positioning system of the automatic toffee packing machines?

The automatic toffee packaging machine has the functions of automatic alarm, automatic shutdown, and automatic diagnosis.

Not being afraid of complex study is also the guarantee for the progress of packaging machines. Introducing advanced technology and mastering advanced technology have always played their own strength in the times.

In the packing process, we employ a photoelectric signal sensor, a device that transmits signals using light as the medium.

A photoelectric signal sensor is located in front of the packaging machine’s heat sealing unit.

The signal is converted into pulse signals by the CPU. Then it transmits the signal it gets from photoelectric to the CPU.

The control of the stepping motor in the automatic toffee packing machine is limited by the hardware interface of the single-chip microcomputer of the engine.

The stepping motor utilizes hardware distribution to increase the system’s accuracy. It results in a significant increase in system accuracy and machine productivity.

How to maintain the automatic toffee packing machine?

Their working intensity is relatively high and frequent because of the broad application of automatic toffee packing machines.

To prolong the service life and reliability of the machine, users must maintain the machine.

First of all, don’t rush to start up the automatic toffee packing machine. Check the power supply, switch, electrical system, and device’s operating system to see any abnormality.

At the same time, check whether some parts are complete or loose. If there is any abnormality, ask professional personnel to repair it in time.

Before using the automatic toffee packing machine, you need to clean the machine.

You need clean some floating ash and waste film materials and carefully clean the essential parts such as the heat sealing device.

Suppose you often use the automatic toffee packaging machine. You need to regularly clean the surface of the machine’s cross-selling rollers for dust or other impurities.

If it is not cleaned, the dirt accumulated for a long time will lead to poor heat sealing of the machine and weakening of the tension of the longitudinal sealing roller of the machine.

Therefore, users must clean and maintain it frequently.

Similarly, you should do comprehensive cleaning and maintenance after the automatic toffee packing machine is shut down.

For example, high-pressure air can be used to blow in some difficult to clean places. In addition, keep the working environment clean and tidy.

Finally, it is essential to lubricate and maintain the machine regularly to maintain the automatic toffee packing machine.

The lubricating oil should be changed for the machine every half a month. You cleaned some old oil grease before refueling.

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