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Sanlin  is your skilled manufacturer especially when it comes to the best quality of huge machines such as Ice Cream Packing Machine.In line with the tenet of “winning by quality and honesty”, the company provides customers with timely and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and negotiate.

  • Part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container is excluded, which can effectively prevent food spoilage. vacuum packaging machine,
  • The use of packaging materials with excellent barrier properties (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of the contents of the packaging, which can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and prevent secondary pollution.
  • The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been removed, which accelerates the conduction of heat, improving the thermal sterilization efficiency and avoiding the packaging container rupture due to the gas’s expansion during heating and sterilization.


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The company integrates manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. It is equipped with various processing equipment and can produce a variety of food machinery and equipment. The company has a product showroom for customers to visit. The company provides installation and commissioning, process formula, and personnel training. We can not only provide candy, bread and other production equipment that meets market demand, but also can formulate a complete set of solutions according to customer needs.

Sanlin High-quality Toast Packing Machine

Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack made this small fully automatic Toast Packing Machine with multi-functional performance. It can form pouches, bags, and many other packagings.

Automatic Rotary Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack formed this automatic rotary Toast Packing Machine with high-quality materials for its endless performance.

Automatic Pillow Biscuit Packing Machine

Sanlin Pack has supplied pillow Toast Packing Machine throughout the countries. You can also inquire about yours here.

Why Is Sanlin Toast Packing Machine So Popular?

The appearance of this equipment and all the parts in contact with the biscuits are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the appearance is clean and hygienic. The main electrical components are imported products, which are easy and reliable to operate.

The machine cover and material box are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, has high production efficiency, and is beautiful and elegant. It is an ideal equipment for the production of sandwich bread.

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Why Sanlin Can Be The Tremendous Toast Packing Machine?

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How big is the market for Toast Packing Machine?

With the rapid development of today’s Toast Packing Machine industry, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce; whether it is in the innovation ability of product packaging design or in the development of science and technology, there is fierce competition. In the fierce competition, the technology of Toast Packing Machine has become increasingly skilled, and the demand in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries is dominant. This also makes the Toast Packing Machine in increasing demand in the market.

The most notable feature of the Toast Packing Machine is its high efficiency and speed. Today’s Toast Packing Machine market has undergone profound changes, the Toast Packing Machine has gradually matured, and China has formed a relatively complete Toast Packing Machine equipment system. It already has a certain technical foundation of the Toast Packing Machine, which is very different from when the Chinese Toast Packing Machine was just starting, and the technological innovation of the Toast Packing Machine can develop for a long time. The pillow-type machine has gradually occupied the market demand of various industries. The speed of the pillow-type machine is hundreds of packages per minute, which greatly improves productivity and solves the problem of slow manual packaging. Toast Packing Machine have gradually occupied the entire market demand with high efficiency and speed.

What is the impact of price wars on Toast Packing Machine in the shopping mall?

After the baptism of time and the tempering of the market, the packaging industry has gradually matured. There are more and more types and brands of packaging equipment on the market, which facilitates the choice of customers and expands their range of choices. Toast Packing Machine are one of them.

As a typical example, in the shopping mall, in the face of huge challenges and competition, how should a large enterprise that produces Toast Packing Machine deal with it? The price war is a topic of discussion. What is the impact of the price war on Toast Packing Machine? Let’s lead us to analyze the impact of price wars on Toast Packing Machine.

When choosing a food packaging machine, most customers choose according to their needs. If the customer needs a high-tech food packaging machine, many entrepreneurs need this equipment. Still, very few manufacture this technology, leading to high prices due to insufficient supply. The effect of the brand is also the main factor affecting the price of Toast Packing Machine.

General brand products have a good guarantee, quality, perfect after-sales and good service, and the corresponding price will be high. Some customers like to pay high prices to buy safety, but in China, It is not easy for the many food packaging machine entrepreneurs to compete for the brand.

Another is the production cost. Here is an example. For example, when a customer faces two Toast Packing Machine with similar shapes and functions, but there are obvious price differences, this situation is also relatively common in today’s market. This is important.

Due to the production cost, high-priced food packaging machine manufacturers may spend more time, energy, and funds on R&D and creation.

In contrast, some manufacturers of low-priced food packaging may imitate others blindly without spending more. Therefore, the price will be significantly different. For the food packaging machine, its price war is a good countermeasure and an important factor for its comprehensive development in the market.

What is a roast packing machine?

Cost-effective products are very important. At present, the packaging machines produced by the enterprises developed in China at this stage have made great progress compared with our China before, especially the Toast Packing Machine’s research on the trade currency of export products is getting better and better, so for domestic packaging machines You can buy the quality of imported packaging machines with only the price information, so high-cost performance is very important, not just price and quality.

In addition, it is also forbidden to put your hair, gloves and clothing into the moving parts of the pillow wrapping machine so as not to be involved in an accident. After that, the user must regularly check, clean and lubricate each packing box.

Second, from the perspective of bag width and bag length, general Toast Packing Machine are pre-prepared for unified packaging, while Toast Packing Machine use instant cut-and-go, highly sensitive eye-colour marking tracking function and will not seal Empty or oblique cutting, so they can effectively save the time of setting parameters, and no packaging film is required, and the packaging effect is beautiful. What will be mentioned later is that the Toast Packing Machine adopts positioning type sealing and cutting during packaging, which is both precise and firm, which can prevent the film from sticking to the blade and the waste of the film.

Good quality and stability: The structure of the Toast Packing Machine must be in a normal state to work and use normally. In this regard, to ensure that the equipment can be packaged normally for a long time, it is required that you ensure the structure of the selected equipment. And has good structural stability and can maintain structural stability during use. This is the pillow charter.

In addition, since the device for sealing and slicing is at high temperature in the packaging production process, users cannot freely touch the heating sealing wheel, sealing mould and moving parts to avoid burns. Hair, gloves and clothing should also be prevented from getting into the moving parts of the pillow wrapping machine to prevent accidents after being rolled. After all, users also need to check, clean and lubricate each packaging machine regularly.

Let’s look at the working principle of the Toast Packing Machine: When they are oxidized and decomposed in the air, they will generate heat, especially Aluminum powder, especially in a CO2 environment. The factory analyzes the development characteristics and current situation of the pillow machine.

The packaging problem of food enterprises has also attracted people’s attention. So how should Chinese food packaging machinery companies seize the opportunity to develop vertical and Toast Packing Machinery products?

How to install a roast packing machine?


  1. This automatic data processing tablet packaging machine can be installed with rubber wheels under the machine base, which can be moved.


  1. Full-time personnel training, operation and maintenance are required.


  1. According to the important position of the grounding sign, connect the data information technology to the grounding wire.


  1. The machine should be kept clean and tidy.


  1. Before the machine is produced, lubricating oil must be added to each part of the machine.


  1. When the machine leaves the factory, the lubricating oil of the transmission oil meter must be filled before production.


  1. Through the design of the information system of the oil-free air compressor, it is recommended to use the oil-free air compressor.


  1. The learning pressure of forming, heat sealing, indentation and other parts should not be too large. Otherwise, it will affect the service life of the enterprise management information network. There should be about 1mm of the pad to make the indentation. We should start floating space.


What are the characteristics of food vacuum packaging machinery?


  1. Part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container is excluded, which can effectively prevent food spoilage. vacuum packaging machine,
  2. The use of packaging materials with excellent barrier properties (air tightness) and strict sealing technology and requirements can effectively prevent the exchange of the contents of the packaging, which can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and prevent secondary pollution.
  3. The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been removed, which accelerates the conduction of heat, improving the thermal sterilization efficiency and avoiding the packaging container rupture due to the gas’s expansion during heating and sterilization.



What are the precautions for Toast Packing Machine?

Place the machine in a level place, do not allow the machine to be tilted or bumped; check whether the machine is damaged to avoid injury caused by damage to the machine; check the power configuration used by the machine.

Read the instructions to avoid misoperation; the following is the use process of the small household vacuum packaging machine: When using, open the side cover of the small household vacuum machine, inject the distributed vacuum pump oil into the vacuum pump, and add it to the observation glass hole 2/3 place; connect the power supply, you can buy another power protector to protect the circuit;


use the computer board on the vacuum packaging machine to set parameters, set the vacuum time, heating temperature, sealing time; first set according to the characteristics of the product Vacuum time, set the sealing temperature and sealing time according to the packaging material of the product; place the product flat on the sealing strip in the vacuum chamber, and keep the sealing strip clean so as not to affect the degree of sealing.

Press down the vacuum cover of the vacuum chamber, and the machine operates according to the set parameters; when the vacuum sealing procedure is completed, it enters the cooling and deflation time, and the atmosphere in the vacuum chamber returns to normal, indicating that the vacuum sealing of the product is completed.

The machine’s cleaning method of the fully enclosed compressor refrigeration system is similar to that of household appliances. The cleaning of the fully enclosed system is as follows: before cleaning, release the water in the system pipeline, and check the colour and smell of the oil to clarify the degree of pollution of the system.

How will the servo application of the Toast Packing Machine develop?


  1. Integration At present, more and more new high switching frequency power semiconductor devices are used in the output device of the servo control system, which integrates input isolation, energy consumption braking, over temperature, over-voltage, over current protection, fault diagnosis and other functions integrated into a small module. The performance of the same control unit can be changed as long as the system parameters are set through the software. It can not only use the sensors configured by the motor to form a semi-closed-loop adjustment system but also connect external sensors such as position, speed, and torque to form a high-precision full-closed-loop adjustment system.



  1. The digitization of the servo system is the premise of its intelligence.  The parameter tuning of the closed-loop regulation system is an important link to ensure the system’s performance, which requires a lot of time and energy. The servo unit with a self-tuning function automatically sets system parameters through multiple trial runs to achieve system optimization.


3.Field bus is a digital communication technology applied in production to realize bidirectional, serial and multi-node communication between field equipment and control equipment. Field bus is widely used in the servo system, information exchange transmission between servo system and other peripheral devices, such as human-machine interface HMI, programmable controller PLC with motion function, etc. There are various types of field buses such as PROFINET, Mod bus-TCP, EtherCAT, CANopen, link, etc. These communication protocols provide the possibility for multi-axis real-time synchronous control. They are integrated through some servo drives so the system can realize distributed and open interconnection and high reliability.


  1. Simplify. By simplifying some components, reducing The waste of resources is conducive to environmental protection. “Easy” means that the software programming and operation of the servo system are developed and designed from the user’s point of view.

How to maintain the roast packing machine? How to maintain it?

roast packing machine is widely used, mainly for packing biscuits, ice cream, bread, instant noodles and other industrial products. The equipment category belongs to the Toast Packing Machine, and the whole machine is composed of two parts: the control system and the operating system. The components used for processing are made of materials that meet food hygiene standards and are safe and hygienic. The shape design is smooth and reasonable, the equipment maintenance is simple, and the production problem is solved. Like most packaging line equipment, this equipment uses multi-axis automatic servo (plc) control for packaging. This benefits cutting and cutting the product as it goes through, saving time and material. Suitable materials include PVC, pe, pa, aluminized film, etc.

When packaging, the length of the packaging film can be changed arbitrarily without manual adjustment, and the maximum speed can reach 75 packs per minute. Use high-sensitivity photoelectric eyes to colour track products, i.e. as they pass through the conveying steel plate to the table position. Immediate cutting tool for reciprocating cutting, one step is accurate. The packaging is beautifully cut, and there are no sticky knives or hot film in the bag. It has a Chinese and English display screen with a friendly human-machine interface. Various equipment parameters can be adjusted at a glance, and fault diagnosis functions are provided to better manage production. In addition to food packaging, it can also process various industrial products.


The main reasons for roast packing machine failure are installation, improper maintenance, insufficient lubrication, natural wear and tear, environmental factors, personal qualities and other reasons.

  1. Improper use and maintenance of Toast Packing Machine: violation of operating specifications, operation errors, over pressure, over speed, over time, corrosion, oil leakage, overheating, etc., beyond the functional scope of the equipment, improper maintenance and repair, spare parts, qualified, local modification error etc.
  2. Poor lubrication of Toast Packing Machine: damage to the lubrication system, improper selection of lubricants, deterioration, insufficient supply, improper use, etc.
  3. Human factor is one of the important factors affecting the failure factors of Toast Packing Machine.
  4. Although I saw it, I still ignored it and turned a blind eye to it.
  5. Such problems do not exist and are considered to be ignored
  6. The skill level is not enough to see the existence of defects


Toast Packing Machine fault classification:

  1. Electrical and gas failures;
  2. Failure of instruments and control systems;
  3. Pipeline failure;
  4. Unit system failures: wear failures; abuse errors; inherently weak faults.



The impact of Toast Packing Machine on the market?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, diversified packaging is very attractive to consumers, which greatly promotes the continuous development of the packaging machinery industry and allows Toast Packing Machine to bring more different product packaging to enterprises. In such a development environment, the Toast Packing Machine brings you various functions and packaging, making you more automated and intelligent, making the Toast Packing Machine a new target that more manufacturers urgently need to develop. Pay attention to product quality and development, bring more different packaging effects to enterprises, and become the machinery and equipment that enterprises love.

In the fast-growing market, the Toast Packing Machine insists on its efforts to gain a firm foothold, constantly develop and grow for the commodity market, and make the Toast Packing Machine the core of market development, focusing on the development of commodity production. Brings you a more important status. Continuously following the development of the commodity market to follow commodity market to bring more markets, pay attention to the development of the commodity market, and bring a reasonable market plan to better solve the development of the Toast Packing Machine, and focus on the market positioning to bring unique growth. To have a better future for themselves. Pay attention to the commodity market and new technologies, continue to do your work, meet the development of the commodity market, and bring you better growth.

In this ever-developing market, Toast Packing Machine can better play their characteristics, solve various problems encountered in production, meet the development and needs of the commodity market, and constantly follow the needs of consumers to make changes, make yourself the best product in people’s minds. Pay attention to the product market development, the Toast Packing Machine has more and more development in the market, pay attention to the commodity market and technology improvement, and pay more attention to the product quality so that the products have better sales in the market.


How to reflect the innovation of Toast Packing Machine?

Efficiency is the pursuit of today’s packaging machinery. Without efficiency, there is no market. Consumers’ desire for high-end equipment is ultimate to improve production efficiency. The emergence of Toast Packing Machine has automated the quantitative packaging of various foods, with higher packaging efficiency, more refined and beautiful effects than traditional packaging.

It has made important contributions to food packaging. Scientific and technological innovation is the top priority of the current development of Toast Packing Machine. Toast Packing Machine have successfully passed the barrier in this aspect, and the market scale has expanded, becoming the high-quality equipment pursued by major industries.

The food packaging machine has stable performance, powerful function, high efficiency and reliable quality. It is manufactured by advanced national technology and has advantages that other equipment does not have.

The food packaging machine not only has a large output but also the quality of the equipment is even better. We believe that consumers need not only beautifully designed equipment but also pay attention to the quality of the equipment. The quality of the food packaging machine must not be rushed;

only in constant exploration and experimentation can we truly develop! Innovation is the core part of the development of Toast Packing Machine.

Today’s society pays attention to the application of technology by enterprises, especially technological innovation. The food packaging machine has a strong independent innovation ability, and the market sales volume has increased significantly. It has become very eye-catching equipment in the food packaging machine industry! It is also successful in innovation.

Dare to challenge yourself to constantly surpass yourself. For enterprises, there is no limit to pursuing the quality of packaging machines. We must transform the equipment step by step in combination with the requirements of modern society for Toast Packing Machine.

The design is integrated into the production and manufacturing of the equipment to realize the exquisite upgrade of the equipment. The food packaging machine broke through the innovation barrier and became the leader in packaging machinery!

What is the development direction of Toast Packing Machine?

With the continuous improvement of water quality in China’s economic development, the food industry has also developed rapidly, and people’s living consumption has increased. The food industry has gradually become an industry with more circulation in the market.

After the impact of the economic crisis in 2008, The development of the food industry was somewhat slow, which directly led to a decline in the sales of food packaging machine equipment. It was not until 2009 that the economic crisis improved, and the food industry and food packaging machine industry gradually developed. Although the export ratio has increased, but affected by the financial crisis, and the overall demand in the Chinese market has declined.


Most of China’s Toast Packing Machine use traditional stand-alone operations, which are relatively backward, with relatively few advanced technologies, a low degree of machine automation, and a lack of advanced technology, which cannot meet the needs of current Chinese food production enterprises.

By 2010, China’s food industry has developed rapidly. To meet the market’s needs, some large food manufacturers have to increase investment in production equipment and introduce some advanced food packaging machine production equipment from abroad to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. As a result, the Chinese market has been occupied by foreign brands.


The development of Toast Packing Machine in China started relatively late. Due to the impact of the economic crisis, the development of Toast Packing Machine was a lot worse than the predetermined plan. Compared with developed countries, there are still some gaps. To shorten the gap, it is necessary to improve production and product quality and constantly accelerate the innovation system to develop China’s Toast Packing Machine in the direction of excellence.


Today in 2011, the production of Toast Packing Machine pays more attention to the development and use of science and technology. It is believed that shortly, China’s food packaging machine equipment will achieve internationalization. Pikelong food packaging machine manufacturers have formulated a development plan for the development of the enterprise, continuously accelerated technological innovation, improved product quality, and occupied the market through technical advantages, thereby continuously promoting the development of China’s food packaging machinery industry.

Toast Packing Machine play an important role in society, but this does not mean that Toast Packing Machine can be relaxed. On the contrary, the greater the attention, the more requirements users put on them. To meet the market demand, we do our best to help users solve all the problems encountered in the packaging process.

In addition, the number of companies engaged in the production and processing of packaging equipment in the market is increasing, and the market pressure is also increasing.

Toast Packing Machine need to face more challenging opponents. Always start from the user’s point of view, really care about the vital interests of users, and at the same time carry out detailed inspections on every detail of the equipment to ensure that after the equipment enters the production of the enterprise, with its stable performance and high-level packaging technology, Bring more benefits to users.

Although Big Food has created gratifying achievements with its strength and favourable development environment, these achievements do not mean forever. Because of the continuous progress of the times, users’ needs will also change slightly.





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